Fantasy Championship!  Some leagues have just wrapped up their finals and hopefully you’ve got a nice Shiva for your mantleplace.  But in other leagues the championship has just begun or it’s the last week-and-a-half for roto.

With a lot of big name players (ahem! Dwyane Wade ahem!) not getting on the court, there’s going to be a ton of new fringe guys getting minutes.  It’s been since Saturday since we’ve had a round-up, so let’s look at the weekend’s action (no games yesterday with the NCAA final):

Will Barton – Had a career game in his rookie season, going 7-11 for 22 Pts 13 Rebs 6 Asts and 3 Stls.  Was all over the place.  Wesley Matthews went down spraining his ankle, and it did not look good at all.  I think Barton will get big minutes with Matthews likely out for the duration.  He needs to be picked up in all leagues.

John Wall – After a ridiculous rainbow line on Saturday of 37-4-5-2-2, followed up with a usable 16-10 Sunday.  Good things come to those who wait! (except if you drafted Derrick Rose)

Kevin Seraphin – Definitely way down there and only for deeper leagues, but two straight double digit games with over 25 minutes off the bench and a block and 4 boards in each.  If you need a deep guy who will play, he should be on your radar.

Metta World Peace – Apparently going to play tonight after having knee surgery only 12 days ago.  Are the stitches even out?  Sheesh!  He was probably cut by most teams keeping up with their squad, so he’s available in some leagues.

Ben Gordon – A huge game Saturday night shooting 8-16 (6-11 3PTM) for 27 Pts in 28 minutes.  Nothing you can really do, as he was scoreless the game before.  All or nothing!

Deron Williams – Saving his best for last.  Tore up the Bobcats for 32-6 on Saturday and is bringing in that 1st round price tag.  Too bad he sunk owners that would’ve already made it this far in most leagues…

Andray Blatche – Playing useful ball off the bench right now averaging 11.6 Pts 3.4 Rebs and 1.3 Blks over the last 6 games.  A useful streamer if you can use unlimited moves in the push to your championship win.

Reggie Evans – 20 Rebs and 14 Pts.  Close to a GOROMOTARO!  But not close enough…

LeBron James – Returned to the court to go 27-4-5 in 30 minutes.  Yeah, he’s “hurt.”  I’m gonna guess he sits out three more games this year.

Mike Miller – Still started with LeBron back.  With no Wade he was at the 2.  If James misses any more games like I’m guessing he will, Miller is a nice add for a spot start.

Brandon Knight – Two straight 20 Pt 5 Ast games over the weekend.  Still available in too many leagues.  The Pistons are gonna give their rook a lot of love in these last few games.

Jonas Jerebko – After a tough Saturday, JJ went out Sunday for 17 Pts and 9 Asts while shooing 7/8 and hitting a 3.  Another deeper guy that can help ya out.

JJ Barea – Not to be outshined by another JJ, Barea get the weekend en fuego award shooting 9-13 Saturday for 20 Pts in 21 minutes…

JJ Hickson – …Getting outshined by the other JJs a little by fading a tad down the stretch.  I could see one big game left in his season as he’s playing for a contract.  Would hold onto him…

JJ Redick – …Totally outshined by the other JJs with only 8 Pts in 24 minutes Saturday.  ThrAGNOFF!  Cuttable.

Rudy Gay – After a huge game Friday, 1-10 Saturday.  Ewwww.  Still got 8 Boards 2 Asts and a Block, but dayum, make a shot!

Johan Petro – After a career-high 15 boards on Saturday in the start at center with virtually the whole Hawks starting lineup benched, left the team to his wife expecting a baby.  Maybe he should get more chicks knocked up as this was obviously his motivation.

Hawks Bench Saturday – With only 8 guys on the bench, the three on the bench, Mike Scott, Shelvin Mack, and John Jenkins scored 57 of the Hawks 97 points.  I think Scott is a good player, saw way too much of him at Virginia as a UNC fan, but I doubt he will have the minutes to do anything like this again this year.  Mack just got the minutes, but Jenkins is interesting to me.  He had missed the previous 4 with a concussion and turned in a 23-4-4 game.  Worth keeping an eye on.

Tim Duncan – Still probably the most surprising thing to me in this final stretch is how dominant Duncan is playing of late.  31 Pts on 12-21 shooting 14 Rebs 3 Asts and 4 Blks Saturday night.  Unreal.

Kawhi Leonard – One of my boyfriends and who would join me in my hot tub across from Nick and David Wilson’s hot tub (if you listened to the football podcast last year you’ll get that), Leonard turned in another solid game going 23-6-4-2-2.  Another rainbow line!  Love this guy.

Corey Brewer – I called him a great guy to have if available after Danilo went down (and pretty much all year), and went 22 Pts 2 Rebs 3 Asts and 1 Stl with 2 3’s Saturday.  Two straight 20+ point games.  Get him while you can!

Anothny Randolph – I didn’t watch this game, but I imagine a lot of his work came late in the 132-114 blowout.  But it counts nonetheless and went 7-10 14 Pts 7 Rebs 1 Ast and 4 Stls Saturday.  Remember when he was a hot up-and-comer then disappeared?  I could see him playing 15-20 minutes a night now, but only usable in deep leagues.

Eric Gordon – After getting his minutes limited in Utah in a blowout and getting into a confrontation with coach Monty Williams, played 31 minutes and went 17-1-6 and 2 Stls and 2-2 from deep.  Good to see him still playing until the finish.

Luis Scola – Remember when he was benched?  The Suns are a joke right now.  34 mins 8-12 FG 17-10-2-3-1 on Sunday.  After that whole benching episode, may still be out there.

Russell Westbrook – Narrowly missed a huge triple-double going 37-11-8 on Sunday in a loss to the Knicks.  Great year for Westbrook, he’s gonna be right up there at the top of drafts next year.

Carmelo Anthony – Pushing for the scoring title with 36 Sunday.  167 Pts in his last 4.  Pretty nasty.

Jeff Green – With both Pierce and Garnett in the starting lineup, dropped down to only 8-3-2 in 27 minutes with 4 turnovers.  Yikes.  It’ll be interesting to see where he will end up going in drafts next year.

Tobias Harris – Continues to be the best Orlando Magic player since… Glen Davis?  Haha I dunno.  Playing unreal still.  Loving this run since I was on it early!

Nikola Vucevic – GOROMOTARO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tyler Zeller – 2-10 5 Pts 6 Rebs and 2 Blks, but looked terrible in this game.  I don’t think he’ll ever be a good NBA starting center.  Love ya Z.

Quincy Pondexter – Tied a career high with 17 on Sunday.  Not playing consistent minutes, but with no Jerryd Bayless on a sore knee, might have some deep deep value as the top scorer off the Memphis bench.

Mo Williams – A huge game for Mo, going 25-4-5-2 with 3 3’s.  Another loss on the road for the Jazz who are 12-27 away from Utah.  That’s no so good as they won’t have home court ever in the playoffs if they make it.  But hopefully you picked up Mo when you had the chance!

Klay Thompson – Finally broke out of his slump this weekend with 20+ on Friday and Sunday.  If a panicky or streamy owner cut him, snatch him back up.

Chris Kaman – I watched this game and it was pretty unreal that he got so many shots, but they were all good looks.  Went 12-21 in 25 minutes for a 26-11-1-1-2 line.  Easily his best on the season.  Not much you can do, he won’t replicate that again down the stretch, but could be a stream start for boards.


Games Tonight: 76ers @ Nets then Hornets @ Lakers.  Nothing too big, but if you have any guys you want me to keep an eye on let me know.  Sorry if I missed anyone important you’d like some info on, but shoot your comments below and let’s win those titles!

  1. timmy riggins says:

    Hello, how would you rank these guys up to next Wednesday (ROS) in a H2H 11-category format. Daily lineup changes with max 5 subs: Josh McRoberts, Chris Kaman, Jonas Jerebko, MWP, Will Barton, Wilson Chandler. Any Must haves? Have 2 spots and will rotate too if down. Thank you.

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @timmy riggins: Hey man, I like Barton as a must have right now, just for the upside. I would rank Barton, Chandler (starting with Danilo out), McRoberts, MWP, Jerebko, Kaman. Thanks for reading!

  2. timmy riggins says:

    Also, currently rostering McRoberts and W.Chandler (those are the two “open” spots). planning on waiting till after tonights game to cut McRoberts if he disappoints again. (get his stats w/o wasting a sub too).

  3. timmy riggins says:

    Thanks for the quick response!

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @timmy riggins: Yea I def stick with McRoberts tonight and you can switch in Barton tomorrow unless McRob goes off (which I doubt haha)

  4. Prezii says:

    Ughh.. i hate this time of year. Drop wes matthews for barton, str8 up?

    10 teamer. Points league.

    • Prezii says:

      And i have Deng… You think he misses more than they lead on? It is the Bulls… Bulls got a nice schedule so one game i would hold, but other than that i need the points and would consider cutting him. Can they really rest their WHOLE sqaud? Even Euthopian warrior Deng?

      • JB Gilpin

        JB Gilpin says:

        @Prezii: I think Deng misses maybe one more but has a few tune up games. Definitely would drop Matthews for Barton the injury didn’t look good at all and reportedly Matthews was in a boot and crutches. Your team will be led by a rookie and Ethiopian warriors to the victory!!

  5. Thibs Sore Throat says:

    Would you drop Wilson Chandler or Jeff Green to add any of these names…? Barton, DeRozan, Scola and Knight…

    Thanks JP

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Thibs Sore Throat: I think you gotta hold onto Green, but I would take DeRozan and Scola over Chandler. Probably DeRozan

  6. Zandy says:

    JB! I Wont my league and owe it all to you! Limped in to the playoffs and then clean sweep! Tobias!!!!!!!!

    I mean it really was my PG monopoly of Wall, Rubio, Conley and Teague but still Tobias!!!!!

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Zandy: Thanks man!!!!!! So glad I could help, I’m really looking forward to a whole season next year with my rankings the Razzball rankings. I have won and currently winning my main 2 leagues, with Tobias there on both of em 🙂 Paul George has been huge too, he’s on virtually all my teams. Tobias FTW! Hope to see ya lots next year!

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