Hey Razzball nation! We’re getting towards the end of the sleeper stream, so I hope you’ve enjoyed so far!  There probably will only be one more sleeper article from me after this one, so look out for that next week.  My first RCL league draft is coming up on Saturday, so I figured I would just help everyone out and post some of the obvious early ranking screw-ups in Yahoo’s NBA projections.  With no prep you can get screwed over by these ranking problems, but with a little knowledge you can abuse their rankings harder than DeAndre Jordan posterizing Brandon Knight!  At any rate, lets dive in!


PJ Tucker

PJ had a very under the radar breakout last year as he put up solid mid-round value after the break.  Tucker isn’t a flashy player by any standards, but his consistent contribution across the board, with solid percentages, make him a valuable fantasy commodity.  Plus, with Markieff likely on the way out, PJ’s workload could get an even bigger boost.  The main advantage with Tucker is the guaranteed minutes in 30+ range, and this almost guarantees his consistency.  JB has him ranked 90th overall right now, and that’s a fair spot, but I like him a touch higher. He should be an easy draft day steal.

Enes Kanter

The Thunder re-signed Kanter for 4 years $70 million this off-season.  This definitely shows the confidence they have in him, and for good reason!  Kanter’s play was nothing short of elite for the Thunder, and while this was with Kevin Durant off the court, some of the numbers are sustainable.  While it’s not a stat reason, a new team, for a player that has been stifled, means a lot.  The passion Enes played with while in OKC was obvious to anyone watching.  This translated to averaging nearly 20 and 11 after the all-star break.  With KD healthy this year, the scoring will obviously come down, but the boards should continue to hang around 10, and KD is a willing passer as well.  Plus, many looks for Kanter came off offensive rebounds, averaging about 5 a game.  Serge Ibaka is a perimeter oriented player on offense, so the paint belongs to Enes.  He doesn’t provide much in the other categories, but his percentage contributions are very welcome from a big man.  Definitely a mid-round target with a high floor to keep in mind.

Ryan Anderson

This is a tough one since Anderson has struggled with injuries in his career.  That being said, Ryan Anderson has been undergoing a high intensity strength and conditioning program, and word out of camp has it that he has leaned out, and is in great shape.  If he can manage to stay healthy, he fits in great with Alvin Gentry’s fast paced perimeter oriented offense.  Plus, Gentry said that he is going to try to get Ryan a lot more involved on offense, so all signs point up if he can stay healthy.  On the positive side, he is only 27, so a breakout with a healthy year is not out of the question.  If he’s on the board after the 100th pick then grab him.  If you have the guts to take him earlier, then I wouldn’t be against it, it’s simply a high risk/high reward pick.

Ersan Ilyasova

Ersan is a very similar case to Ryan Anderson, and I would value the two similarly.  The plus side to Ersan is the fact that he shot 39% from three last year.  He also has the starting PF job locked down in Detroit, with very little competition.  On top of that, he’ll be playing for Stan Van Gundy, meaning treys galore!  However we have another case of a high risk/high reward player based on injury history.  He’s another risk I’d be willing to take after we get out of the top 100, based mostly on the system and guaranteed starting gig.


Yahoo Early Targets

Before I show you the list, I just briefly scanned the rankings for my own prep, so if I missed anyone, feel free to share in the comments to help everyone out.  I’m simply going to put up the list of players and what pick they can be found at in a Yahoo draft.  The majority are, at the very minimum,  a round lower than where they should be taken.  If you want a better idea of their values, feel free to check JB’s in depth rankings here: Official Razzball 2015-2016 Fantasy Basketball Rankings

One more thing! These rankings constantly change throughout the preseason as more Average Draft Position (ADP) data comes in, so the numbers may not be exactly correct if you wait too long.  However, most of the players listed will still come at heavy discounts for the foreseeable future.

So here we go! (I apologize for being too lazy to put them in table form, but again, this is just my personal rough prep)

John Wall  – 16

Rudy Gobert – 25

Draymond Green – 27

Eric Bledsoe – 33

Andre Drummond – 40

Chris Bosh – 41

Rudy Gay – 43

Derrick Favors – 59

Kemba Walker – 65 (Borderline laughable)

Isaiah Thomas – 75

Deron Williams – 78

Andrew Wiggins – 82 (Definitely laughable!)

Terrence Jones – 91

Reggie Jackson – 102

Bradley Beal – 104

Nikola Mirotic – 123

PJ Tucker – 133

Danilo Gallinari – 128

Jordan Clarkson – 144 (This is a travesty, considering Russell is projected in the top 100…)

Myles Turner – 170 (Another miscarriage of justice!)

Mo Williams – 186

  1. Stro

    Stro says:

    Hope your right on Ryan Anderson, just took him in a draft with JB

    • Adam

      Adam says:

      @Stro: Where did you take him? Like I said it’s really a high risk, high reward proposition. How’d the rest of your roster pan out?

  2. Chase says:

    I abused the rankings like you said hahaha
    but i think i’m lacking on assists and have enough blockers to win it every week…
    any suggestions on who i should trade?
    Round Pick Player Position
    1. (8) Damian Lillard PG
    2. (17) Rudy Gobert C
    3. (32) Eric Bledsoe PG,SG
    4. (41) Andre Drummond PF,C
    5. (56) Reggie Jackson PG,SG
    6. (65) Khris Middleton SG,SF
    7. (80) Danilo Gallinari SF
    8. (89) Terrence Jones SF,PF
    9. (104) Myles Turner C
    10. (113) C.J. McCollum PG,SG
    11. (128) Wilson Chandler SG,SF
    12. (137) Aaron Gordon PF
    13. (152) Jusuf Nurkic C

    • Adam

      Adam says:

      @Chase: Love your team! You really got a lot of value there. I think you have enough good free throw shooters to counter Drummond’s percentage, plus rumor has it that he should be up closer to %50 this year (fingers crossed).

      You may be a touch shy on assists, but I’d rather solve that issue off the wire with a guy like kendall marshall rather than deal anyone right away. PGs are in short supply this year, so I doubt anyone has a huge excess of assists. Plus you may be surprised with the assists you get from other positions. I think Drummond will see a solid assist boost playing in Van Gundy’s inside out system.

      At any rate, I’d stay put unless you can get a good deal, you have 3 solid PGs that are going to have the ball in their hands a lot, so you should be fine. With where you got these players, I doubt your league mates properly value your shot blockers yet, so wait into the season a little bit until they establish value.

      • Chase says:

        @Adam: Thanks! looking to add marshall right away!

        • Chase says:

          @Chase: yahoo made an IL spot for injured players this year, so i’ll add him first and think about dealing or dropping later

          • Adam

            Adam says:

            @Chase: Sounds good, no guarantee on him, but with the free IL spot he’s worth a shot. I think he’s the best PG option in philly, and when he plays he’s a double digit assist threat with 1 or 2 treys

    • Dante Green says:

      @Chase: Is this for real?? U got Bled Drummo and TJones that low?!? Hah Love your team, man

      • Adam

        Adam says:

        @Dante Green: It’s cause the Yahoo rankings this early are awful man! If you don’t prep for em, you’ll get screwed

        • Dante Green says:

          @Adam: Hah same with ESPN! Me and my friends are using ESPN, do you have any idea when they’re going to start updating their rankings? I’m the comish and planning the draft night on the 1st week of october, hoping their rankings’ still awful by that time. Hah

          • Adam

            Adam says:

            @Dante Green: From past experience they usually change right around then, since they alter based on ADP. If you do it before preseason starts, you do have a better shot at getting some steals, since they do change gradually (the more drafts, the closer they get to normal).

      • Chase says:

        @Dante Green: I usually don’t take free throw punt bigs like howard or drummond, but nobody took him till my pick at 41, so i couldn’t pass up the chance lol.

        • Adam

          Adam says:

          @Chase: Definitely have to go with the value there. The good thing with Drummond is that he only averages about 4 ft attempts per game. As opposed to the soul crushing 6 attempts that DeAndre averages lol.

  3. kenny says:

    12 team – 9 cat – ROTO

    I feel like I took advantage of the early Yahoo rankings and made out for the most part. Anything on my roster jump out to you? I was thinking I’m a little short on boards and possibly 3’s so it had me contemplating snagging a guard…

    1. (8) Damian Lillard PG
    2. (17) Rudy Gobert C
    3. (32) Eric Bledsoe PG,SG
    4. (41) Rudy Gay SF,PF
    5. (56) Derrick Favors PF,C
    6. (65) Andrew Wiggins SG,SF
    7. (80) Reggie Jackson PG,SG
    8. (89) Terrence Jones SF,PF
    9. (104) Danilo Gallinari SF
    10. (113) Myles Turner C
    11. (128) Jordan Clarkson PG
    12. (137) Jusuf Nurkic C
    13. (152) Aaron Gordon C

    notable FA’s:
    burks, stauskas, mo williams, lin

    • Adam

      Adam says:

      @kenny: You look pretty well rounded to me, Gallo and Clarkson should be solid sources of 3s this year. If you want a safer option, I’d probably drop Gordon or Nurkic for Mo Williams with Kyrie expected to miss time and be on a minutes limit. Just depends if you want to chase a guarantee or upside. You’re pretty well rounded though.

      Awesome draft man!

  4. Dragos says:

    Hi guys, here’s some real abuse of the yahoo draft rankings and poor draft competitors 🙂 : i could not connect to the live draft due to bad internet connectivity (i’m on board a ship), but i was guided by the razzball top 200 and made my pre-draft rankings one day before, and here’s what i got even without being part of the live draft:
    12 team – 9 cat – ROTO (4th pick)

    Dragos’s Team
    1. (4) LeBron James (Cle – SF,PF)
    2. (21) Paul Millsap (Atl – PF,C)
    3. (28) Rudy Gobert (Uta – C)
    4. (45) Jeff Teague (Atl – PG)
    5. (52) Gordon Hayward (Uta – SG,SF)
    6. (69) Tobias Harris (Orl – SF,PF)
    7. (76) Isaiah Thomas (Bos – PG)
    8. (93) Kemba Walker (Cha – PG)
    9. (100) Danilo Gallinari (Den – SF)
    10. (117) Gorgui Dieng (Min – PF,C)
    11. (124) Myles Turner (Ind – C)
    12. (141) Jarrett Jack (Bkn – PG,SG)
    13. (148) Jordan Hill (Ind – PF,C)

    What do you guys think ? IMO Gallinari and Turner are the x factors in this lineup, i’ll probably switch between Dieng and Turner all season long… We’ll see..
    I wish all razzball.com readers and razzball team good luck in the 2015-2016 NBA Fantasy season !

    • Adam

      Adam says:

      @Dragos: Love it! Turner and Gallo are criminally low picks lol. Looks extremely balanced all around. Crazy that that’s what you got based on predraft rankings!

      Awesome job man! Good luck this season! (Sorry my answer was so slow… Didn’t get notified for some reason. )

  5. Benjamin Lee says:

    Hello! Thanks for the insight on all the players!
    I wanted to seek advice and insight myself!
    I’m currently in an ESPN 12-man, 7-Cat league
    The categories are PTS, REB, AST, STL, BLK, 3PM, DD. What do you think? Any suggestions?

    (10) Damian Lillard PG
    (15) Andre Drummond C
    (34) Victor Oladipo SG
    (39) Kevin Love PF
    (58) Monta Ellis SG
    (63) Zach Randolph PF
    (82) Nikola Mirotic PF
    (87) Emmanuel Mudiay PG
    (106) Tyson Chandler C
    111) Wilson Chandler SF
    (130) Jamal Crawford SG
    (135) Maurice Harkless SF
    (154) Ed Davis PF

    I feel like I have too many big men. What do you think?

    • Adam

      Adam says:

      @Benjamin Lee: Looks pretty solid, and with no FT% Drummond is a huge value at 15. Not a huge fan of the Z-bo pick, but with DD factored in, he could be a little better value. I’d try to move him for some shot blocking or 3 ball help. Outside of Drummond, there’s very little shot blocking, aside from the couple you might get from Chandler if he stays healthy.

      You definitely got a steal on Lillard, Drum, and ellis, plus love is a pretty solid pick there, so you should be fine.

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