The Razzball Elite League has it’s first champion!  And not to spoil who won the inaugural year, but I think a certain Razzball staff member might finally be able to shave!  Congratulations to Slim for winning the REL league and keeping some respect for our staff players in the league.  Pete Nice had injuries and I had awfulness!  Tough hurtles to overcome in 20-teamers.  So without any more ado, Slim and his opponent weigh in on their thoughts of the season and the championship battle:

Champion: Slim – Razzball (Regular Season: 112-64-4)

I’ve written many words about this team, this season, this league.  Here are a few of those moments, screen captures in time if you will, that stand out to me.  When this team was drafted the playoffs weren’t being considered.  However one thing I said, on the day after the draft, stands out above all others, “… I have desired trade pieces at nearly every position.”  Then some months later began the run of D.J. Augustin and my ascent to the top.  And finally the trade that got me into the playoffs, Tobias Harris and Marcus Morris, 2 keepers with championship caliber impact.

The Draft

I can remember it like it was 6 months ago, I was using Star Wars cliches and spouting off like I had all the answers.  I wrote about 8 preseason sleepers and 6 of which I drafted on my REL team only days earlier.  Players like Alec Burks and Terrence Ross who although weren’t guaranteed any playing time in the beginning, turned out to be a bargain at a mere $14 combined.  Sure it looks good now but way back in the beginning the days were much darker.  Questionable picks like Larry Sanders, Otto Porter and Anthony Bennett should have been a deep, dark abyss that would have seen my team never see the light of playoff hope.  In those days my team was lost in perpetual despair.

But then, in my blackest hour, I was given a  guardian angel who took the human form of Jordan Crawford, or as he was known then, JC Superstar.  He descended and said unto me, “fear not my son, even the sun shines on a dogs ass some days.”  With these words now the focus of my every waking hour I began my fantasy metamorphosis.  I pounded on my chest like McConaughey and repeated my mantra over and over, “It’s time for my ass get some sunshine?”

The Waiver Add

In mid-December and after doing nothing with his 1st 2 games for Chicago, I threw $1 into the waiver wire well and out popped a D.J. Augustin.  Back when I was attempting to lure in Bigfoot with my hypnotic didgeridoo, I would try just about anything to give my fantasy team a boost.  Getting anything from the $1 Augustin doesn’t feel like such a mythical feat anymore but back then there wasn’t much else to hope for.

What happened was nothing short of a miracle.  Augustin reincarnates his career and my fantasy team gets the boost it needs to start winning close match-ups in 3s, points, and assists.  Without Augustin…  I wouldn’t be here with you today.  I would have given up on my team, continued my search for Bigfoot and when I would have found him who knows what atrocities he would have done to me.

The Trade

In early February, while JB was icing down his knees and looking utterly ridiculous in spandex, I was out making trades for my fantasy team.  Tim Duncan had served his purpose and I needed some fresh legs.  Along with losing Jeremy Evans I acquired Tobias Harris and Marcus Morris.  With more games when I needed them the most coming from my newly acquired players and JB still unable to ball at the local YMCA all I could do was sit back and watch the final weeks of the season unfold.

And did it ever…

As I sit here writing this, admiring my virtual trophy, dusting off just the one spot on my computer screen where the trophy resides, I can’t help but wonder…  did I accomplish this herculean feat alone?  Is there anyone who I owe allegiance to for making this glorious day possible?  It turns out there is.  Psst, you, come here.  Closer…  It was you.  This hard fought victory was because of you, my smart, sexy, sometimes even sassy, reader.  Thank you for reading my ramblings and I can’t wait to do it again next year.


Runner Up: Barking BassetHounds (Regular Season: 111-65-4)

I have felt for a while that in this league the deciding factor come playoff time would be the relative health of the two teams involved. This proved true in the REL finals as a relatively depleted Barking BassetHounds team (sans Pekovic, Varejao, and Lowry for 2 of 4 games) was convincingly trounced by a relatively healthy Slim team. But I really shouldn’t be whining because the only reason I made the finals in the first place is because my team was relatively healthier than a superior Kap’s Team during the semifinals.

Anyway, a tip of the hat to Slim for his brilliant in-season management of his team. When I compared his roster at draft time to his roster during finals, I concluded that he must possess the Midas touch because all of his moves just seemed to turn to gold.

But at any rate, I am glad that I joined this league and think I learned quite a bit this year, both from the stuff I think I got right and from my mistakes. I am still bitter because if I hadn’t wasted my wad ($60) on stupid Xavier Henry, I might have outbid him for Ryan Kelly and this whole thing might have been different. But then again maybe not, because then I would not have had Lucas Sims.

At any rate, now I have an offseason ahead of me to plan my strategery for next year. I will be looking forward to next year.


Thanks again to all the fans playing the Razzball Elite League and we’re looking forward to year two!  A few owners were inactive most of the year, so there could be a few openings.  Stay tuned through the offseason!

  1. A Hill O' Beans says:

    Congratulations Slim! Who could have seen this coming when we were in trade negotiations early in the year and you were thinking it might be better if you played for next season? Good thing you stuck it out and went for it. And thanks for having little old me in the league JB/Slim/Pete, it was fun, and hopefully will be even more so next year when my team actually competes.

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @A Hill O’ Beans: Slim is going to brag about this around the office for years to come… AHHHHHH

    • Slim

      Slim says:

      @JB Gilpin: Wait… we have an office?

      @A Hill O’ Beans: No one is more surprised than me. I had a pessimistic outlook all year and I’m pretty sure it was warranted. The run my team went on in the 2nd half was unlike anything i’ve experienced. From week 10 on the win percent was greater than .750. Basically averaged a 7-2 win every week.

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