People love dates that you can write consecutively. How many people were married on October 10, 2010? Exactly. To commemorate today, I defecated at 12:12 p.m. (EST). I know you can’t really share that moment with me, so how about we check in with the Razzball Commenter Leagues? Yes, let’s. The RCLs have been in full swing for a while, so we may as well check in and see how everyone is doing. As a reminder, you can always peek at the overall standings here, especially if you are gambling on the outcome.

Taking Our Talents to South Beach – Clever Internet Meme has been leading the pack, but has slowed down recently. Lisbon Razz has been gaining ground, but is still pretty far back. Meme has been trying to move some guards, probably for a big man. No biters thus far. A while back, Meme moved Anthony Davis for Raymond Felton. It worked out well for Meme, as Emilia Clarke had to wait until yesterday for Davis to return.

Kissing Cousins – My own Gasol Brothers, Inc. was atop the league for a long time, until I was recently ousted by Jackie Moon. I’m not back on top, but for how long? Four teams are within 5 points of the leader. Naturally. Why make it easy for me?

Pocket Full of Suns(hine) – There is a two man race for the top between Jrue Hollywood Story and Nashed Potatoes, as NP edges closer due to Jrue‘s recent dip. They are well ahead of the rest of the pack. Gotta kick it up, everyone else. A month ago, Nashed Potatoes tried to send Kris Humphries and Dwyane Wade to You can’t milk those for Deron Williams, but it was vetoed. I’m not really sure why, but I guess NP didn’t need Deron, anyway.

Wide Eyed Wizardypwangsta stays ahead of the back, his closest competitor mr basketball, who fell back recently. It seems the key to success in this league is avoiding the shift key. There have been no trades; I guess everyone is happy where they are.

Anthony Davis Bidding War LBJ & The Blue Notes keeps pace ahead of Triple Double D‘s. Back on November 23, JB Time traded Roy Hibbert to Grit and Grind for Ty Lawson. Looks like G&G  got the better end of that deal, but maybe Dr. Hibbert will do something to redeem himself.

The Unibrow – I thought my league was tight, but this one has five within 5 points. Dime Store rests on top thus far, but Wake & Blake is only half a point behind. Feel that warmth on the back of your neck, Dime? That’s Blake breathing down your back. A big trade went down a few weeks ago between Wash Your Hansbrough and Curse of the Warriors. Wash sent A.J. Price, Glen Davis and DeMarcus Cousins to Curse for Roy Hibbert and Jamal Crawford. People are anxious to move poor Dr. Hibbert, while others are willing to gamble on him. It’s no secret I love Cousins. Good show, Curse. Too bad the trade didn’t move either team into the upper tier…yet.

Ain’t No SunShine When It RainsSlippery Squirrels is comfortably in first place, but Gangnam Skiles sent David Lee and John Wall to We Be Wall’n for Deron Williams and Andrew Bogut. It should be an interesting contest to see who returns first, Wall or Bogut. We’ll see.

  1. Rosta Monsta says:

    Governor Ed Davis or Ricolaaa Vucevic? Who is the better pick up

  2. Clever Internet Meme says:

    The RCL Commentator Jacket Trophy or BUST. I will hang that up in my workplace for everyone to bask in my basketball data metric glory.

  3. Dime Store says:

    This league is tighter than my last girlfriend. Unlike her, Wake and Blake is going down.

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