The 2013-14 RCL season is in the books, and congratulations to High as Greg Kite!  Great, now I have to shave that into my head… Ugh!  Which sucks because I’m tall too.  People are going to think it’s some statement or something…  I really hate I made this the grand prize!  Of course Greg also wins a championship jump suit and Razzball T-shirt as we went over in the launch.  And second place Slippery Squirrels also gets a T-shirt as well.  Huzzah for prizes!  Updated in the Master Standings are the league champions in bold, but High as Greg Kite went in the #1 RCL team, and came out with the league title and overall RCL Championship as well.  You two lucky winners shoot me a comment or e-mail (jb at to claim thy prizes (well, I have yours Squirrels).  And I’ll post the video of my haircut and public shaming sometime over the summer, but it will be done sooner rather than later.  Here’s how the rest of the leagues shook out:

JB’s Random Commenter League.  You did it Your Mom Says Hi!  You made it to the championship of your league!  Only to be Cronos-sed up by Crono’s Team, who won the inaugural RCL.  Well done Mr. Cronos!  I am just happy that my head won’t display something that could get me into fights and/or bridge clubs.  They’re so innocent there!  Winning by a score of 5-3, Cronos snuck by with 5 fewer TOs and a .003% advantage in FG%.  They call that one a doozy!  Mr. Hill of Beans looked like a favorite, but hats off Cronos!

All Country Ball Club.  We all bow our heads to High as Greg Kite, our overall champion.  And beat a Kevin Durant team on top of it!  Able to get over the IT2 injury with the McCallum pickup, and a solid stream of Shaun Livingston as I kept pushing secured the win over runner-up Moscow Bears.  So by recommending Livingston, I am taking all the credit.  Hah!  Congrats again Mr. Kite and we all look forward to bringing you down a peg or two next year!

JB’s Random Commenter League 2.  Last year’s champion with another title!  Nice work Slippery Squirrels, but I gotta say, you sure snuck your way to the 2nd overall spot!  Dare I say, “squirreled you way to it”?  I totally had you in the semis, but injuries late in the week after I had made all my moves crushed me.  Lost 4-5 by 4 steals.  Wahhhhh!  I rescind your winnings.  Haha just kidding.  Slippery overtook our league leader Durant’s World 5-4 in the championship as well, eking out nail biters of matchups.  Congrats to the Squirrels, and if you finish #1 or #2 again, I am going to be asking you for fantasy advice!

Razzball League 3 the Ringers.  From the mist of Appalachia come the juggernaut of The Appalachians to secure the title 5-4 in the Ringers league.  Well done mountain men!  Topping Drunk On Homebrew in a 5-4 grinder, the ghosts of Appalachia won by 2 blocks and a measly 17 points.  Power of the Manimal!  A great year from the Ringers and looking forward to seeing if Appalachia can get back-to-back RCL League Titles.

Razzball Hardwood Classic.  Another title bout that went straight down to the wire, Mayo Clinic came out with the victory over Murder Castle to win the Classic.  You’re about the only basketball related Mayo to be good at anything, Clinic!  The matchup came down to FG%, which to the thousandths was actually a tie!  Both at .451%, but Clinic beat it out going into the deepest of deep fractionals for the title.  I don’t think fractionals is a word, but I’m still so in awe of how close this one got that it’s jacking up my English!  Great work to the Clinic and a great year in the Classic.

The Double Bonus Fan League. Thanks again to our friends from The Double Bonus for hosting their fan league in the RCLs, with the title going to that finger-waggin’, shot-blockin’ DIKEMBE SAY NO!  Pounding up on the Draft Dodgers for a 6-3 win, I do take offense that Diekembe didn’t win blocks in the finals!  What is going on out here?! 9 from Serge Ibaka wasn’t enough?!  Coming in as the 3 seed, Dikembe upset the first seed Dodgers for a fantastic title run.  Thanks again to and be sure to check them out!


It’s been a great RCL season, and I hope the best Razzball Hoops Nation has seen.  Mostly hoping we blasted 12-13 out of the water!  Be on the lookout for my shaved head-shaming and great content through the offseason.  We’ll be looking forward to having you again next season!

  1. High as Greg Kite says:

    Razzball Nation- I humbly accept my RCL crown and that sweet-ass sweatsuit. I will wear it with pride until my wife “accidentally” puts it in the goodwill at some future date.

    You guys by far have the best resources for drafting and maintaining the roster throughout the year. Razzball Baseball gets most of the attention, but you guys know your sh*t on the Basketball side- thanks JB, Slim, Dan and Pete. I got pretty lucky in my draft (Ibaka at 12, Brow at 13, Dragic at 61, Derozan at 84, IT2 at 108 and Hawes at 109) and some key in-season pick ups based on your recommendations (Ariza, G Green and then Asik, McCallum and Livingston in the playoff push).

    Kudos to the league-mates in All Country Ball Club- had some tough challenges in the playoffs from WrongSideOf30 and Moscow Bears. Hope we can keep the league together for another year.

    Can’t wait to see the team name immortalized on the back of JB’s head- you’re really going to get some good looks walking around town.

    If there’s any openings in the REL for next year, count me in!

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @High as Greg Kite: Haha well done man! Glad our ranks/pickups help fuel a winner! Oh man, I’m nervous about finding a good barbershop to do it. Hoping to film the whole experience.

  2. A Hill O' Beans says:

    So frickin close….

    Oh well, as it turns out the 22 teams ahead of me in the standings didn’t all get upset in their playoffs, so even had I won my matchup I wouldn’t have won the overall championship. I’d like to say I just noticed that on the final Sunday, which is why I told Ty Lawson to take the night off since it turns out he wasn’t needed. So that’s what I’ll say, unless Cronos asks in which case I will say fine job sir!

    Great job by you this year JB, it’s like last year never happened, which is good because, well, if any of you played last year you know it wasn’t pretty. See you again next year JB, or much much sooner if you’re perusing the baseball side of things.

    Let’s go My Mustache Has a Mustache, gonna bring home the title in the RCL Champions League!!

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @A Hill O’ Beans: Haha, Lawson just needed a breather. Glad this year was a big step up, was good being able to start and run the whole thing instead of the bad handoff last year. I plan on being here a while! Yup see you on Mondays in baseball

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