There’s a few players who throw my drafts off course every year for no particular reason. Wesley Matthews. Jose Calderon. Al Horford. Regardless of where it happens, or whether it’s a good pick or not, when I end up taking one or more of these players, the wheels start to come off.

The three aforementioned players actually pale in comparison to my ultimate draft killer: Andre Iguodala. I really have a hard time rating him – either I see him as so overrated he’s underrated or so underrated he’s overrated.

Obviously I’m feeling self-conscious about my first RCL draft. It’s kind of like taking your shirt off at the beach after you’ve spent the winter gorging on pizza and ice cream.

All right, time to suck it up and show off my man boobs:

Round 1, Pick 8 – Paul George – I hyped PG from the end of the Eastern Conference Finals to the last thing I wrote for Razzball. I couldn’t even listen to The Beatles without thinking of him. But when I drew George’s spot at No. 8, I was kind of hoping he’d be off the board already and I wouldn’t have to draft him. I still foresee 20 ppg, 7-8 boards per game, a block per game and 2-plus three’s per game. But before the draft started I also saw his abysmal FG percentage, and I started thinking George might be better in real life than in fantasy. Love me do? Not so sure.

Round 2, Pick 17 – Ricky Rubio In years past I would have almost definitely gone big here with a LaMarcus Aldridge, or a Larry Sanders, or maybe I would have even reached to get my beloved Nikola Vucevic. But something made me want to zag here instead of zigging, so I went with the potential magic of Rubio over something else surefire. I stand by the pick even if he busts.

Round 3, Pick 32 – DeMarcus Cousins I started going ga-ga for DeMarcus while writing this little slice of insanity. I always loved his potential but never bothered with him during his crazy days. While I’ve been projecting he could and should start moving up to the fourth round, I was thrilled to get him here to go along with Rubio and George.

Round 4, Pick 41 – Brook Lopez Another pick I was psyched about. If he can start rebounding, Lopez is at the very least a poor man’s Tim Duncan, if not a middle class man’s Tim Duncan. That might just make him a younger Tim Duncan. Anyway, I was sold on Lopez even before I read this article where Kevin Garnett said he was “in awe” of Lopez. Now I’m all in.

Round 5, Pick 56 – Andre Iguodala Man I hate having this guy on my team. Makes me think of the squandered (and probably overly optimistic) promise of the Doug Collins era in Philadelphia, makes me think of Iggy trying to be a scorer even though he’s not and, most of all, makes me think of the worst moment in 76ers history: The Andrew Bynum Disaster. Iggy, of course, was part of that deal, going to Denver while Bynum came to Philly and never played and literally blew up the franchise. This seemed horrible at the time, but then again … Iggy is having a great preseason, and even racked up 14 assists, 7 rebounds and 5 steals in limited action in a game in China. He’ll have plenty of scorers to pass to, most notably Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. He could get some triple doubles. Even though this could end up being a solid pick, at the time it drove me nuts and led to …

Round 6, Pick 65 – Andrew Bynum – So my reaction to getting pissed about the Andrew Bynum trade is to take Andrew Bynum? Yes, yes it is. I did this knowing full well that he is a head case who can barely move and probably doesn’t even want to play basketball. At first I felt OK about it because I saw JB also took Bynum in the sixth round of his draft. Then I remembered JB was autodrafting [editor’s note – emergencies happen!] and probably ended up with Bynum by accident. So basically I picked nothing in the sixth round. But then again … turns out Bynum can move around, and he’s starting to play in scrimmages, and is actually talking about playing in preseason games. So maybe this isn’t the worst thing at the world, but at the time it drove me nuts and led to …

Round 7, Pick 80 – Evan Turner I told myself I was going to draft Turner in one of my leagues. But after getting Iguodala and Bynum I didn’t want it to be here. Then I remembered that Turner was the No. 2 pick in an actual NBA draft, and although he’s been a pseudo-bust, he’s no Bo Kimble, and those 20-point preseason games sprinkled with ample assist and rebound numbers show some promise.

Round 8, Pick 89 – Gerald Henderson – I’m noticing a trend here, and I’m realizing that it was totally subconscious that I picked yet another guy with a 76ers connection. But enough whining. The son of the three-point shooting whiz who played for Philly in the ’80s has a nice makeup and the Bobcats appear to finally be serious about competing. Note that I said competing, not winning.

Round 9, Pick 104 – Robin Lopez Well winner-winner chicken dinner – I ended up with the Lopez brothers! OK, he looks like a dope with that hair. I showed a picture of him to my wife during the draft and asked “How would you like this guy on your team?” and her answer was “I wouldn’t.” But Lopez has actually looked strong with the Blazers so far, and I think you could do worse with a later-round center.

Round 10, Pick 113 – Maurice Harkless Yep, he was involved in the Bynum trade. Just going to leave it there. This guy’s game is still raw but I like it. It looks like he’ll get a chance to start at small forward, and even if he ends up coming off the bench he’ll still get as ton of minutes.

Round 11, Pick 128 – Gerald Wallace – Hard to believe this is Wallace’s 15th year in the league. Even though he’s long in the tooth, highly combustible and hasn’t had a great preseason, I was pleased with snagging Wallace this late. His most recent preseason game was solid, as he scored 16 points. Plus, he’ll start for the C’s and have the green light to shoot all year.

Round 12, Pick 137 – Anthony Bennett – There’s clearly something wrong with the NBA when the No. 1 pick in the real draft falls this far in a fantasy draft. I’m kind of wondering if he would have been picked at all if I hadn’t grabbed him here. This of course speaks to the fact that college kids are coming out way too early and therefore arrive as projects instead of dudes who can help right away. However, I think Bennett can and will contribute right away. The Cavs frontcourt will be a revolving door all year, with Varejao and Bynum taking turns missing time.

Round 13, Pick 152 – Bismack BiyomboI went out on a limb for this guy on Razzball, so I had to take him when he was there at the end of the RCL. Prepare for the Big Smack!

Pete Nice – HUMAN
Position    Player Round Pick
PG    Ricky Rubio



SG    Paul George



G    Evan Turner



SF    Andre Iguodala



PF    DeMarcus Cousins



F    Gerald Henderson



C    Brook Lopez



C    Andrew Bynum



UTIL    Gerald Wallace



UTIL    Robin Lopez



BN   Maurice Harkless



BN   Anthony Bennett



BN   Bismack Biyombo



I’m not thrilled, but I’m almost never thrilled with my drafts unless I end up with LeBron or Durant. I’m ready to roll with my first three picks and we’ll worry about the rest later. As for the rest of you, rip away…

  1. James Redacted

    James Redacted says:

    Cousins has become one of those guys where I just stay away till he proves something. I let someone else take the risk. Can’t blame you though.

    • Pete Nice

      Pete Nice says:

      @James Redacted: Here’s what really sells me on Cousins: His preseason gamelog. Dude is having some big games: In 27 minutes of work in a game last week he piled up 31 points, 11 boards on 8-11 shooting. A few days later he had 29 and 9 with 6 steals in the same amount of minutes. The guy’s busting it when the games don’t even count. Scary!

  2. john says:

    bynum, really?

    • Pete Nice

      Pete Nice says:

      @john: I know, I know. He is actually close to playing though.

  3. Mopo says:

    Solid first 5 rounds. The wheels definitely came off after that.
    Bynum in the 6th is gross. I think you needed another PG more than the SG/SFs you were getting.

    • Pete Nice

      Pete Nice says:

      @Mopo: Agreed although I think Wallace and Harkless could be nice snags back there. Haha yeah I guess I needed a backup PG huh.

  4. Danny says:

    nice man boob team draft. i too just had my 2nd league draft. it’s not as solid as i wanted it to be.. from the looks of it.. i am punting blocks.. i feel like having one more solid big would do my team solid. what are your thoughts?

    Pau Gasol
    Joe Johnson
    Caron Butler
    Nick Young

    Thank you

    • Danny says:

      @Danny: 14h2h btw 🙂

      • Pete Nice

        Pete Nice says:

        @Danny: Teague and Rose are nice. I like Monroe. People slagged Boozer last year as usual and he had a pretty solid year. I think Johnson will have a better year. But yeah some bleh there. Maybe when Kobe comes back you dump Swaggy P and get someone nice.

        • Danny says:

          @Pete Nice: Thanks for the input sir!

  5. Pavel says:

    Aye in a dynasty league just been offered Rondo for my Monroe.

    This is my current team (standard cats):
    pg: lawson/nash/foye
    sf:lebron/jeff green/barnes/caron butler
    pf:nowitzki/nene/morris/ed davis

    • Pete Nice

      Pete Nice says:

      @Pavel: If it looks like Kobe is coming back sooner rather than later, definitely roll the dice. Otherwise you might be left thin at both SG and down low.

      • Pavel says:

        @Pete Nice: How about in terms of Rondo’s injury. I’ve been reading that hemight not come back until start of 2014…whats your general outlook on rondo this year (and years in the future)?

  6. Michael says:

    Hey Pete,

    Would like some feedback. Just got done drafting my team last night. I’m in 14team H2H League. JB probably influenced me on a lot of my picks.
    Any stats you think I’ll lose on and if I should punt any stats? Fairly new to Fantasy as this is my 2nd year.

    Btw I didn’t want Steph Curry with his Dorito ankles but I couldn’t pass on it since he was #4 on my rankings.
    Any advice will help.

    (8) Stephen Curry (GS – PG,SG)
    (21) John Wall (Was – PG)
    (36) Damian Lillard (Por – PG)
    (49) Nikola Pekovic (Min – C)
    (64) Jeff Green (Bos – SF,PF)
    (77) Tobias Harris (Orl – SF,PF)
    (92) DeMar DeRozan (Tor – SG,SF)
    (105) Spencer Hawes (Phi – C)
    (120) Cody Zeller (Cha – PF,C)
    (133) Randy Foye (Den – PG,SG)
    (148) Andrea Bargnani (NY – PF,C)
    (161) Corey Brewer (Min – SG,SF)

    • Pete Nice

      Pete Nice says:

      @Michael: Pretty nice draft. If I had to do it over again I would have taken Wall. I’m not as in love with Lillard as some are. Some soft dudes late like Zeller and Andrea. You are missing some beef here. If Hawes and Peko are your beef, that’s a pretty limp burger. You got some shooting though my friend.

      • Michael says:

        @Pete Nice: Yeah I know. I’m missing out on the bigs here. Was offered a trade, Foye for Sam Dalembert. And I got Biyombo on the wire so.. yeah.

  7. L says:

    The only players that I really liked – in relation to where you grabbed them are Paul George, Brook Lopez, DeMarcus Cousins, and Gerald Henderson. The selections of Ricky Rubio and Evan Turner could prove to be very good, but I probably would have gone a different direction during those rounds; I have to admit though that they have tremendous upside.

    • Pete Nice

      Pete Nice says:

      @L: I agree with your analysis. I’m not going to make any excuses. I have some, but I’m not going to make em.

      Here’s the deal: When you get to the late rounds, a lot of times it’s a crap shoot. There’s steals back there, and there’s clunkers back there. You can analyze it all you want but no one knows until we get into the meat of the season.

  8. SteveV says:

    10 team ESPN roto. I was offered George and Randolph for Teague and Favors. Take it right?
    Here’s my team presently.

    pf- A.Davis
    f-W. Chandler

    • Pete Nice

      Pete Nice says:

      @SteveV: Yeah. George is the best player in that deal – it looks like all roads on the Indiana offense will run through him. The breakthrough looks for real.

  9. Eds says:

    Any chance we get one more RCL started up?

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Eds: I sure hope so! You want to commish?

  10. kevin says:

    I have the 4th and 7th picks of the first round. Would I be crazy to take love at 4 and rose at 9?


    • Richo says:

      Surely you take CP3 or Harden at pick 4.. But if you ‘love’ (heyyyy) the guy go for it. I’d make sure I take at least one SG or SF with my first two picks because those spots only have a few elite guys.

      • Pete Nice

        Pete Nice says:

        @Richo: @Kevin: Gotta take Harden or CP3 at 4 man. I don’t know if you even love Love you diverge from that.

        • Richo says:

          @Pete Nice:
          Love is still a chance of going at 9 isn’t he? Do picks 5-9 love (heyyyy) anyone in particular? Westbrook/Rose/Irving/Ibaka/Wall/Curry/George/Rubio.. JB predicts Love going at 10 so I’d take the gamble he ‘slips’ to 9

  11. decaf says:

    Hey guys,

    Joined a 10-team 9-cat H2H Categories Snake Draft last night.

    7- Chris Paul
    14 – Anthony Davis
    27 – Deron Williams
    34 – Dirk Nowitzki
    47 – Brook Lopez
    54 – Jeff Green
    67 – Thaddeus Young
    74 – Goran Dragic
    87 – Wesley Matthews
    94 – JaVale McGee
    107 – Danny Green
    114 – Cody Zeller
    127 – Michael-Carter Williams

    Yeah, CP3 fell to me at 7. I know I’ll probably lose REB each week, but other than that, I think I have a chance against most teams. Thoughts?


  12. Pavel says:

    Draft Thursday night at 745pm. I might need a few extras. Auction draft with standard cats. Anyone down?

  13. sange_da_man says:

    Thoughts on my H2H points 12 team league draft? Since it’s points instead of categories, I tried to focus on well rounded players that can fill up the stat sheet…

    1. Lebron SF
    2. Anthony Davis PF,C
    3. Mike Conley PG
    4. Monta Ellis SG, PG
    5. Pau Gasol PF, C
    6. Jonas Valenciunas C
    7. Gordon Heyward SG, SF
    8. Brandon Knight PG
    9. Ben Mclemore SG
    10. Cody Zeller PF, C
    11. Patrick Beverly PG
    12. Aaron Afflalo SG

    Probably could have went with another SF somewhere, but think I got a good mix of vets and youngsters, that cover all bases with floor points and high ceiling upside…..I hope…..

    • Oompa says:

      @sange_da_man: IMO thats a pretty awesome team, since you’ve pretty much got a steal in each round, especially up until the 7th. Davis is borderline 1st round, whereas conley is 2nd round material imo, and so forth.

  14. Druss says:

    Hi JB ! 10 team keeper 18 rounds. I can keep as many players as I want for whichever round I took them in last year.A few extra cats are FT attempted , not total rebounds but OREB and DREB separately and Assits/TO Ratio.

    *Chris Paul Round 1

    *Stephen Curry Round 2

    *Rudy Gay Round 3

    *Joakim Noah Round 4

    *Jrue Holiday Round 5

    *Brook Lopez Round 7

    *Kenneth Faried Round 8

    *Mo Williams Round 9

    *Nikola Pekovic Round 10

    *Gordon Hayward Round 11

    *George Hill Round 12

    *Andrei Kirilenko Round 13

    *Omer Asik Round 15

    *Jonas Valancinuas Round 16

    *Jarett Jack Round 17

    Waiver Wire pick ups I keep will be added to whichever round is free starting backwards. Tobias Haris , Corey Brewer, Tristan Thompson.

    Sorry for the long question but I just started playing last year its my first time picking keepers.

    Thank you so much.

  15. Patrick says:

    i got dirk, holiday and vucevic for my dwight, vasquez and kaman

    my team h2h 14 team
    tobias harris
    wilson chandler

    anybody i should try to get? i’m thin on SG and C. i’m trying to sell ersan. i’m letting go of blocks.

    • Pete Nice

      Pete Nice says:

      @Patrick: LOVE that trade. Everybody hates on Robin Lopez but he’s been solid in the preseason and could be a good buy low/ backup guy. If you’re aiming high I’d go for his bro or DeMarcus. D-Wade is reportedly looking good at SG. Good buy low could be E.T. for points and all-around stats.

  16. ThaDeez says:

    16 team league… short bench (3 players)… 9 cat

    Just got offered

    Gordon Hayward (mine)
    DeMar Derozan & Gerald Wallace

    My SGs are Monta Ellis, Ray Allen & Jordan Crawford
    My SFs are Hayward, Mo Harkless & DeMarre Carroll

    Deep league, don’t want to trade Hayward but not sure I can pass this up… Thoughts?


    • Pete Nice

      Pete Nice says:

      @ThaDeez: Sorry it’s taken so long to get to this one. I’m not a big Hayward guy. He’ll give you points and little dribble drabbles in other CATs. Some people are going nutty over him this year. 14-16 ppg seems reasonable, but some are projecting 20 ppg as a ceiling. Eh I dunno. On the other hand, some hate DeRozen. Especially Canadians. Consult with your nearest Canadian before pulling the trigger.

  17. FillyP says:

    Nice squad. Had my first draft last night. What do you think? IMO I probably need to flip one of my big men for a scorer/deep threat.

    10t standard H2H 8 cat

    9 Paul George, Ind SF
    12 Serge Ibaka, OKC PF
    29 Anthony Davis, Nor C
    32 Tony Parker, SA PG
    49 Nikola Vucevic, Orl C
    52 Jeff Teague, Atl PG
    69 Jeff Green, Bos SF
    72 David West, Ind PF
    89 Brandon Knight, Mil PG
    92 Nikola Pekovic, Min C
    109 Kevin Martin, Min SG
    112 Isaiah Thomas, Sac PG
    129 Nick Young, LAL SG

    Also, on the off-chance anybody sees this: I’m looking to play in another cash league if anybody’s got a spot. Peace!

    • FillyP says:


      Just got offered Josh Smith for Anthony Davis. I have serious concerns with Smith/Monroe/Drummond all sharing the floor and J. Smoove having a terrible mid-range game. Probably best to wait-and-see, yeah?

      • Pete Nice

        Pete Nice says:

        @FillyP: I dunno I think you could do it if you wanted. Smith is a known quantity and I think he’ll be The Guy in Motown. Davis has massive potential. If you feel like there aren’t many question marks on your roster, hold steady. If you feel like there’s too many unknowns, get Smith for the guaranteed stats across the board.

        • FillyP says:

          @Pete Nice:

          What if I counter with Vuc for J. Smoove?

    • Pete Nice

      Pete Nice says:

      @FillyP: I like your squad. You did well getting Nik in the 5th, I like West where you got him and Isaiah is a nice late grab. Don’t love Serge but we’ll see.

      • FillyP says:

        @Pete Nice: Thanks! My initial plan was to go Gasol/Batum, but Gasol was taken 8th. I’m a Hornets/Pelicans fan, so sentimental value says to hold AD.. I think he’s primed for a monster year. I like Smoove, but I think I’m going to hold and see how the first few weeks plays out..

  18. Lemmy says:

    Hey Pete.

    Weekly H2H points. 20 teams. Random snake draft. I had the 1st pick (then the 40th, the 41st, the 80th, and so on so on…). My roster:

    PG: Holiday
    SG:Tyreke Evans
    F:Cody Zeller
    Util:Alec Burks
    Util:Jeremy Lamb

    -Thomas Robinson

    What do you think about? Did i have a good draft? I’m thinking to trade Tyreke Evans, should i?

  19. fitz says:

    Hi Pete, just drafted in H2H with standard cats plus a double double category. Picked 10.

    What do you think my team needs? This is my 2nd season so still pretty new.

    PG: Deron Williams
    SG: Kobe Bryant
    SF: Jeff Green
    PF: Kevin Love
    G: Eric Bledsoe
    F: Nikola Vucevic
    PF/C: Carlos Boozer (didn’t want to take him but he was 5th in NBA w/ 44 DblDbl)
    Util: Eric Gordon

    Bench: Andrew Bynum, Harrison Barnes, Reddick, Sullinger, Olynyk

    Thanks for any help.

    • fitz says:

      @fitz: sorry, meant to type 12 man league 10th pick

      • Richo says:

        K-Love and Deron are great picks with 10 and 15. Hopefully Derons injury comes good and Love stays healthy. You don’t have TO’s as a category? You’d struggle there with Green a focal point at Celts with Kobe, Deron and Bleds. Lots of risks with guys either being great or being injured, I’d try and move some of those guys for top value if they start the year great. Nice team

        • Pete Nice

          Pete Nice says:

          @Richo: @Fitz: Yeah I agree with Richo. Gotta move some of these guys who are banged up, get banged up or will get banged up. Even though it goes against how I roll, try a two or three for one where you’re getting the two or three back. Try and include one of the britte guys.

  20. Richo says:

    Hey, nice read. Never go Iggy!
    Curious to know your thoughts on Tony Parker, I’ve got him in my 9cat H2H league but really not a fan this year, tried moving him for pretty much all guards under pick 30. I’m concerned about him playing lighter minutes and being rested by Pop the miserable old bugger. I’ve got Rondo to protect me if Parker does get rested late in the year and Jackson early. TO’s are my punt category and I’m strong in fg% and points (KD,Kobe,Davis)

    • Pete Nice

      Pete Nice says:

      @Richo: Yeah but if you’re relying on Rondo as backup, are you sure what you’ll be getting if and when he comes back? Some are sensing a Derrick Rose situation, where the return date is floating. He’s 86 percent, but he wants to wait until he’s 100. Meanwhile other guys play at 70 percent all year. I dunno. Sounds fishy to me. So I guess what I’m saying is I’m more worried about Rondo than Parker.

      • Richo says:

        @Pete Nice: He said ‘87%’ mate, c’mon. Surrrely Rondo will come back and not do a Rose 110%. I’m just annoyed that I’ve got these 3 elite/near elite guards (Kobe, Rondo, Parker) that I don’t trust and can’t trade for any of them for anything near their value.

        • Pete Nice

          Pete Nice says:

          @Richo: I have Rondo on one of my teams and I’m worried. I just don’t feel good about it. would rather have The Mamba.

          You mentioned Love earlier….If you had found a way to write 6-9 Love that woulda been rad. Anywho, I don’t think he will be around at 9 unless people jump up to get Rose and/or Wall.

  21. Frank White says:

    Sup Pete… Basketball already!! Good Times.. Well here’s my team, What you think?? 10 team categories..
    Mike Conley
    Gordon Hayward
    Jeff Teague
    Paul Millsap
    David West
    Marc Gasol
    Tyson Chandler
    OJ Mayo
    Paul Pierce
    Danny Green
    Manu Ginobili
    Tristan Thompson

  22. Pete Nice

    Pete Nice says:

    I think you got a nice team here. Millsap and Gasol are two really strong multi-cat dudes. I think Big Paul is going to have a Big Year. I also like the Thompson pick, he’s gonna anchor the Cavs down low while the walking wounded take turns on IR. Not sure about having both Pierce and Manu – that’s two old guys who will take time off. Not sure what you can do about it. Maybe do a 2-for-1 where one of those players are included. I’d give up Hayward, since people are overrating him, along with one of those grayhounds and get another lynchpin. Bet you could replace Manu or Pierce with someone better on the wire.

    • Frank White says:

      cool thanks.. I’m pissed because I went to pick Klay Thompson on the draft and it picked West by accident. Was that a big screw up or is West just as good?

      • Frank White says:

        Oh here are a couple options where I can replace Manu. James Anderson, Lance Stephenson, Nick Young or Trevor Ariza. Any of them you like better??

        • Frank White says:

          Oh or Plumlee

          • Pete Nice

            Pete Nice says:

            @Frank White: I would worry about that if/when you swing a 2-for-1. Otherwise hold em both and see how much they play early on. They’ll probably sit more as the season progresses.

            • Frank White says:

              Yeah but nobody’s gonna want them 2 in a trade I doubt. Especially in this league. So just keep them for now. Thnx.. What abot the Klay West move.. Did I get the short end of the stick by getting West instead of Klay in the 5th round??

              • Pete Nice

                Pete Nice says:

                @Frank White: I woulda gone Klay over West.

  23. Jau says:

    So here’s my team, I think my lack of bigs is going to be a big concern all year, but the draft was going crazy. People were taking Favors in the 3rd, Hibbert in the 4th, Jonas V in the 5th, (guys whom i wanted to target) .. so I didn’t want to panic in reaching for a Center, and instead opted for best available talent.

    Let me know what you think and what I can do to be competitive in the big man categories!

    12manH2H, 9th pick:
    1) PGeorge
    2) Marc Gasol
    3) Conley
    4) Lawson (should I have gone Millsap?)
    5) Chandler Parsons (really wanted to get Hibbert or Millsap here but got taken before my turn)
    6) Goran the Moron
    7) Wilson Chandler
    8) Evan Turner
    9) Tiago Splitter (My biggest regret in taking THIS guy over CBooze)
    10) Robin Lopez (Salute)
    11) Jarrett Jack
    12) Miles Plumlee
    13) Glen Davis

    I’m considering the add of John Henson and possibly Brandon Bass. Let me know what your opinion is.

  24. Pete Nice

    Pete Nice says:

    You got Gasol early, along with George, in a 12 man league. That’s pretty schweet! I hate Parsons, so let’s get that out of the way there. Millsap might have been the pick there. I keep telling people Robin Lopez is not going to be that bad as a backup center. Plumlee will get some run now that Gortat is gone, and maybe he’ll get C eligibility. Between him and Davis you might have another OK center. If all else fails you can deal Parsons down the line and get a nice C.

  25. Frank White says:

    Hey bud.. do you like Patrick Beverley over Manu??

    • Pete Nice

      Pete Nice says:

      @Frank White: I like that Manu is G-F but Beverley is appealing. One is sloping and the other has solid but not overwhelming potential. I just flipped a coin and came out with Pat Bev. I’d go with him.

  26. Frank White says:

    Hey Pete… Is Gordon Hayward a go for tonight or did they not get a deal done??

    • Pete Nice

      Pete Nice says:

      @Frank White: Hayward and his lanky overrated self will be out there whether he gets the overpriced extension or not. it’s just to extend him beyond this year.

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