As LeBron James penciled himself in for a trip to Disneyland after cementing himself as one of the greatest basketball players of all time, let’s ignore the dark cloud over Cleveland and take a look back at our NBA Finals predictions from a few weeks ago.

James Redacted: Heat over Thunder in 6
JashFath: Thunder over Heat in 6 or 7
ChrisV82: Bulls (pre-Rose ACL) over Thunder in 6
Eric: Spurs over Heat in 6

Bulls, huh? I wish I could blame that on some good drug ingestion, but really I just made my picks before the Rose injury. Would I have gone with the Heat over the Thunder instead? Sure, let’s pretend that was the case. Honestly, I don’t know. What we do know is, James Redacted is a genius, and you should always listen to everything he says, no matter what, even if it means sending us pictures of your sister in her underwear. Vavavoom!

“Hey, James said Heat in 6 games, not 5. That’s not flawless! How is he a genius?”
Who said that?!
“Me, the ghost of Dolph Schayes.”
Dolph Schayes isn’t dead.
“Quiet, you!”