It’s playoff time in the NBA and we here at Razzball would like to share our picks.  Please feel free to comment and/or mock (strongly encouraged) our picks and share your own.  NOTE:  The selections were made before Derrick Rose tore his ACL (and Iman Shumpert but if you picked the Knicks to beat the Heat then you either are 1.) from New York or 2.) a huge LeBron/Heat hater)

James Redacted:

Eastern Conference Finals (ECF): Heat/Bulls – Heat in 5

I made this selection before Rose tore his ACL and I’m keeping it.  The Heat did it last year in 5 without Rose missing significant playing time so I didn’t see much reason to pick the Bulls this year (What about Rip Hamilton you say?  I say, what about Rip Hamilton?).  Even with Rose being out I think the Bulls defense is too good for the aging Celtics or Hawks to overcome.

Western Conference Finals (WCF): Thunder/Grizzlies – Thunder in 7

Love them Grizzlies.  The best defensive team in the western conference is going to be hard to take down.  They match up well against the Clips (who have liabilities on defense… sorry Blake Griffin) and the Spurs (see last year).  Ultimately I think the Thunder have too much talent to succumb to the Grizzlies’ defensive prowess.

Finals: Heat/Thunder – Heat in 6

Heat win and Chris Bosh wins Finals MVP just so everyone can further ridicule LeBron James.

JashFath (CAPS = WINNER):

BULLS – sixers
*D-Rose’s health could limit the Bulls from making a deep run, but the Sixers are a mess right now.

HEAT – knickerbockers
*May be closer than most think, but gotta roll with the Heat on this one.

PACERS – magic
*Big Baby can’t do it all

CELTICS – hawks
*Hate picking them, but they have experience and a real point guard on their side, don’t think they make it out of the next round though.

SPURS – jazz
*Chance for upset, but I don’t see it happening.

THUNDER – mavs
*No contest here, I’d be shocked if this wasn’t a sweep or a five-game series.

LAKERS – nuggets
*I would have went Nugs if they didn’t make that boneheaded trade at the deadline. Andrew Bynum will eat JaVale McGee for breakfast, no milk.

CLIPS – grizzlies
*Pretty even, but Chris Paul has been money in the clutch this season, and it is hard to bank against that.

THUNDER – heat (big surprise, huh?)
*Everyone and their momma, and momma’s mommas are picking this finals matchup, but these two teams are clearly the best. I would put the Bulls in, but not having Rose at 100% will hurt them. Thunder are the most complete team, I see them winning in 6 or 7.


ECF:  Heat/Bulls – Bulls in 7

WCF: Thunder/Clippers – Thunder in 6

Finals: Thunder/Bulls – Bulls in 6 (reminder:  pre-Rose ACL injury)


East 2nd Round:  Bulls over Celtics in 6 (I’d much prefer the Heat for my rebound-deficient squad)

East 2nd Round:  Heat over Pacers in 7
West 2nd Round:  Spurs over Grizz in 6 (revenge)
West 2nd Round:  Thunder over Lakers in 6 (too old)
ECF:  Heat over Bulls in 7 (Bron on Rose = goodnight!)
WCF:  Spurs over Thunder in 7 (Spurs aren’t losing to a team of 22 year olds)
Finals:  Spurs over Heat in 6 (2 and a half man team can’t beat the Spurs)
The man is putting together the final results for the RCL’s and is probably in mourning over Rose’s injury.  Let’s give him a break! (Editor’s Note: The NBA Playoffs are dead to me! Go Cubs! /looks at the Chicago Cub’s 8-14 record.   What I meant to say is, “Go Thunder!”)
It’s going to be a fantastic playoffs, enjoy!
  1. ChrisV

    ChrisV says:

    Yes, I made my picks pre-Rose injury. The Bulls are a good team without Rose, but I don’t think they’re beating the Heat. I’d say Heat in 6 over the Bulls, and then Heat in 6 over the Thunder.

    • Adam

      Adam says:

      @ChrisV, Yeah. I tend to agree with your assessment. I’m actually convinced Chicago could get out of the second round without Rose. But, assuming Chicago meets Miami at some point in the playoffs and both James and Wade are still healthy when that happens, I’m hard-pressed to imagine a scenario in which Chicago leaves victorious.

  2. JashFath

    JashFath says:

    I thought D-Rose would get banged up and eventually miss some time, not blow out his knee in game 1. I still stand by my predictions. Bulls move past round 1, but can’t beat the heat without an AC…… L.

    • Adam

      Adam says:

      @JashFath, Is there an emoticon for “boooooo!” ?

  3. James Redacted

    James Redacted says:

    Is a Heat/Hawks ECF realistic now? Wait! What am I saying?! Nah….

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