So we’re through my top-50 and now getting into the mid-rounds.  We’re taking this through the whole top 100, but some of these are going to be gold and some fool’s gold.  As in, Larry Sanders‘ gold.  If I got to the end of a rainbow and Larry Sanders was there, I’d ask for a refund…

Through the Top 20 and Top 50, I think I’ve done the rankings pretty well.  They tell you towards the end of high school, “the smart ones get the As, but the most successful get Bs.”  I might have made that up since I never studied for virtually anything and got Bs…  But a 3.00 GPA thus far sounds about right!  Rankings are based on my final updated top 200, comparing them to the FantasyPros aggregate Draft Day Rankings along with Basketball Monster’s Total Value for 9-cat leagues on the season.  Slim then grades me.  I asked him, “will you give me As if I show you my double-Ds?”  He then flunked me…  Here’s a look back at the Top 75 for the 2013-14 Fantasy Basketball Season:

51. Monta Ellis

FantasyPros Draft Rank #41

Basketball Monster Total Value Rank #41

I think this one was fine, a little surprised he was all the way up at 41 in aggregate ranks.  Nothing too bold or special here.

Slim’s Grade – B

52. Jrue Holiday

FantasyPros Draft Rank #39

Basketball Monster Total Value Rank #209

Yeah, I mean I don’t want an injury to ever prove me right, but the low rank for Jrue ended up working out.  I had him at 42 earlier on in the preseason but kept passing when available, so moved him down.  He was playing well until the stress fracture, but who knows what would’ve happened down the stretch.

Slim’s Grade – B We were a little too down on him. Before the injury Jrue was playing like a top 10 PG. I bet he’s going to be undervalued and on most of my teams next year.

53. Greg Monroe

FantasyPros Draft Rank #53

Basketball Monster Total Value Rank #60

Looks like a win across the board, and while Monroe’s per-game wasn’t exemplary, playing 82 games with decent returns is going to boost your overall value.  I think he’s a pretty good player, but that is a toxic team that takes terrible shots and Andre Drummond is going to gobble down a ton of the boards.  Going to hate him next year.

Slim’s Grade – C – Didn’t work out and I don’t think it’s ever going to. Monroe is barely a top 100 fantasy player and it’s going to get worse for Monroe as it get’s better for the other big in Detroit… Where is he JB? #91?!? That’s days away.

54. Tobias Harris

FantasyPros Draft Rank #71

Basketball Monster Total Value Rank #132

Obviously this was a bummer of a pick, but that bad ankle injury early on derailed his whole season.  And to my credit, before opening night I said  “Lots of red flags popping up against my boy.  Dealing with an ankle sprain, there’s also a chance Vaughn brings him off the bench based on reports.  I love the guy, but feeling iffy on his rank right now.”  Too bad that all came out last second!  I rode Tobias to some titles in 12-13 then he flounders as an upside pick… Dunno what I’ll do next year, a lot will depend on what the Magic do.

Slim’s Grade – B – This was such a good gamble but the early season ankle injury lingered for far too long. I’d blame it on the injury but at the end of the year Tobias was ceding too many minutes to role players.

55. Chandler Parsons

FantasyPros Draft Rank #70

Basketball Monster Total Value Rank #35

Man, Parsons was under-the-radar fan-friggin-tastic last year!  I had him in 1 or 2 leagues, and enjoyed the steadiness.  Looks like this was one of my more solid calls.  I think seeing him ranked this high while he didn’t really “go off” will have him a great value next year.

Slim’s Grade – B – I’m Belieber when it comes to Parsons. A Parlieber, no, that’s not quite it. I promise I will put way too much time and effort into finding just the right way to express my love for Chandler.

56. Brandon Jennings

FantasyPros Draft Rank #42

Basketball Monster Total Value Rank #91

Not gonna lie, the weird tooth injury thing scared me a bit coming into the year, and I was just passing everywhere.  I also didn’t like the crowded backcourt, but it was just a horrific season for Jennings, whose total value at 91 is atrocious given his 80 games played and over 34 minutes per.  I’m not touching Jennings next year.

Slim’s Grade – A – A round later than most and you kept us away. Shamefully I must confess, that I traded for him but I then immediately traded him away.

57. Paul Pierce

FantasyPros Draft Rank #61

Basketball Monster Total Value Rank #63

I hated this rank for a bit, but it could’ve been a lot worse.  Pierce wasn’t really too hot for any particular stretch, but gave you pretty good multi-cat.  Slow and steady wins the race!  Or at least, keeps you in the race…

Slim’s Grade – C – Yahoo ranked him too low but this is too high. In the 70s would have been about right, you know, the decade Pierce was a rookie. I’m pretty sure it’s been that long.  I’ll look it up.  Yep, 1978, Pierce has been playing in the NBA for 36 years.

58. George Hill

FantasyPros Draft Rank #67

Basketball Monster Total Value Rank #77

Ugggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh.  This one sucked.  But because he never turned the ball over and got through 76 games, he still got a decent total value rank.  We all know he wasn’t worth a top-100 rank with the terrible season he had.

Slim’s Grade – B  Probably dropped in most 12ers. I don’t think anyone saw it coming though so you’re being graded on a curve here.

59. Eric Bledsoe

FantasyPros Draft Rank #57

Basketball Monster Total Value Rank #164

Played in 43 games, but when he was playing, he was pretty awesome.  Half the season you liked the ranking around here, the other half you didn’t… I think he’s too dynamic with too many fans to be ranked unfavorably next year, but I’ll like him about with the masses I’d assume.

Slim’s Grade – B  You kept us away and that’s worth an ‘A’ but that was due to an injury and you were far too low on him.  For that you get a ‘C’.

60. Jose Calderon

FantasyPros Draft Rank #74

Basketball Monster Total Value Rank #45

It’s weird what Calderon turned into, as the dimes disappeared for career high 3s.  But the real value for 9-cat is he just plain never turned the ball over for a PG.  I mentioned numerous times at face value he kinda looked like a bust, but underneath the numbers was a real quality season going on.  I think he’s going to be a value next year in like the 90s ADP-wise.

Slim’s Grade – B  Where did the assists go? Does Calderon really pass the ball to Dirk that infrequently?

61. Ryan Anderson

FantasyPros Draft Rank #65

Basketball Monster Total Value Rank #241

Obviously crushed by injuries, but Anderson was #18 in per-game output according to Basketball Monster.  I’m rooting for the guy to get healthy ASAP.

Slim’s Grade – B  Anderson looked much better for the 22 games he played though.

62. Klay Thompson

FantasyPros Draft Rank #48

Basketball Monster Total Value Rank #34

The total value rank is a little misleading as I doubt anyone who drafted KT at 48 was really that happy.  His utter lack of any other stats I think has me right – you take out those threes and replace with daily streaming and my ThrAGNOF principles and you could’ve picked someone a lot better in the 5th round.

Slim’s Grade – A  The ThrAGNoF coverboy. JB kept us away and he was right.

63. Goran Dragic

FantasyPros Draft Rank #64

Basketball Monster Total Value Rank #25

An incredible year for Dragic.  I liked him a fair bit and ended up with him in a few leagues, but I can’t say I was particularly bold.  Well, definitely not bold enough.  I will say that I think a full season of Bledsoe might hurt the numbers, so could be overrated next year.

Slim’s Grade – B  This ranking looks to be around the industry standard. Will you be scared to draft Dragic in the 2nd round next year? I won’t be.

64. David West

FantasyPros Draft Rank #59

Basketball Monster Total Value Rank #46

I thought he’d be fine, looks like the aggregate thought he’d be fine, and his numbers were fine.  The 80 games played really did the damage – and one missed was when Vogel benched everyone – so I think you were fine.  I will say his range of 32-82 was weird, who woulda ranked him 32?!

Slim’s Grade – A   It looks like you once again kept us away from a declining vet. Actually that reminds me…  My dog doesn’t look well I think I should tweet David West and see what he thinks I should do.

65. Zach Randolph

FantasyPros Draft Rank #60

Basketball Monster Total Value Rank #84

Wow, a little surprised how low he fared on Basketball Monster.  Played 79 games, gave you your dub-dubs, but 2.3 TO from your big man who does nothing else ain’t gonna cut it.  He’s probably out of my top 80 next year.

Slim’s Grade – C  The points and boards aren’t worth it. I’ll learns ya. It may take some fuzzy math but that’s my favorite kind.

66. DeMar DeRozan

FantasyPros Draft Rank #84

Basketball Monster Total Value Rank #42

Woop, there it is!  A big sleeper call that worked out, and a guy I liked early last Summer.  Paid great dividends if you grabbed him when available in the 7th or 8th round.  One of my gold stars this past season.

Slim’s Grade – A  Good call! But a word of caution. I still don’t believe DeRozan is a top 50 player. In the 60s is perfect.

67. Gerald Henderson

FantasyPros Draft Rank #98

Basketball Monster Total Value Rank #149

Well, I swung for the fences with DeRozan and hit it out of the park, then whiffed bad here.  I’m like Pedro Alvarez!  Hendo’s huge second half last year translated into a bottomless pit of nothingness this year.  I’m going to send him an Elijah Dukes text – “you dead dawg!”

Slim’s Grade – F  Bad call! You had a good stretch. Did Henderson go to UNC? Nope, JB gets burned by a dookie! JB takes a big ‘ol bite of the 5 star General Hendu’s and 2 hours later… I’m sorry, the rest is between JB and his witch doctor, me.  You didn’t know I was a witch doctor?  It’s true, I’m licensed in 2 states and specialize in proctology.

68. Thaddeus Young

FantasyPros Draft Rank #55

Basketball Monster Total Value Rank #26

I didn’t like Young coming into the year, but he had some absolutely phenomenal stretches for the tanking 76ers.  The trade possibility was a big part of my hate, and if he indeed got shipped off, his fantasy value would’ve disintegrated.  I don’t feel too bad I was well below the average on this one.

Slim’s Grade – B  Thaddeus played much better than this ranking but JB gets the ‘B’ due to the constant trade uncertainty that could have destroyed his value.

69. Rajon Rondo

FantasyPros Draft Rank #77

Basketball Monster Total Value Rank #272

Hmmmm, interesting.  I thought I was a little lower on Rondo than most, but memory fades eight months later.  He was solid for ya when he got back, but sat on back-to-backs and was out longer than most expected.  Not too happy with this one.  I will say his range on FantasyPros was 32-133, so there were some crazy opinions out there.  At least I wasn’t too high like the top range!

Slim’s Grade – C  Too much time missed and we knew it was going to happen.  Rondo wasn’t worth drafting in the 6th round in a 12er.

70. O.J. Mayo

FantasyPros Draft Rank #73

Basketball Monster Total Value Rank #246

And then O.J. Mayo happened.  Obviously no one saw this coming, and while I was right with the consensus, I thought Mayo was going to flourish offensively for a terrible team with no scorers.  Instead, he flourished on the DNP-Coach’s Decision leaderboard.  Hopefully you didn’t reach.

Slim’s Grade – D  At his ADP fine, but a round or 2 earlier hurts.

71. Bradley Beal

FantasyPros Draft Rank #54

Basketball Monster Total Value Rank #87

Well, I was way right!  But I can’t lie, injury concern was the name of the game for me, and he was able to get through 73 games despite a scary leg injury early on.  Beal’s a good player, don’t get me wrong, but I think too many rankers got the upside fever.  Which isn’t quite as bad as hay fever, but close.

Slim’s Grade – B

72. Luol Deng

FantasyPros Draft Rank #66

Basketball Monster Total Value Rank #138

Well I was right on this one!  I wasn’t really high or low on him, but I’ve never been a fan and would’nt have drafted him.  The trade to the Cavs sunk his value – a concern I had going into the ranks.

Slim’s Grade – B – Is it just me or did Deng age 5 years in about 2 months?

73. Greivis Vasquez

FantasyPros Draft Rank #85

Basketball Monster Total Value Rank #170

Hmmm weird.  Definitely don’t remember being high on Vasquez, but he was brought to SAC to start then they quickly shipped him off.  Obviously was droppable right then and there, and while he had a few nice streamer stretches, tough to know the Kings were going to get rid of him so fast.

Slim’s Grade – B – Another guy that was probably dropped in most leagues. It’s not JB’s fault. Toronto should have played him more when they got him.

74. Andre Iguodala

FantasyPros Draft Rank #58

Basketball Monster Total Value Rank #110

Some people lovvvvvvvvvvved Iggy.  Wasn’t me!  Cough, Pete Nice, Cough.  I just didn’t think he had any upside and indeed thought he had a pretty deep floor, hence me sinking him.  Rough season fantasy-wise for the vet.

Slim’s Grade – C – It’s late enough in the draft at this point but I’m done with Iguodala, his best days are long past.

75. Jimmy Butler

FantasyPros Draft Rank #81

Basketball Monster Total Value Rank #74

Not going to lie, I waffled a little bit with Butler throughout the year, as I thought his foot injury early in the season was going to linger.  Turns out he was great in the second half, owning the Stls.  Almost got his value dead on.

Slim’s Grade – A – The gamble payed off pretty well here. I’m such a sucker for high end steals, but Butler gave much more and I know I’ll be all in again next year.

  1. A Hill O' Beans says:

    I think you are too down on DeRozan Slim. He’s gonna be top 50 next year (AGAIN, you know, like he was this year). He’s gotten too ISO heavy here in the playoffs instead of playing within the teams system, but this is a guy that has done nothing but improve every year and he will learn from this year and continue to get better.

    2012: 145
    2013: 73
    2014: 40
    2015: Top 30??

    I will admit that he still hasn’t got that 3 point shot worked out enough to be useful yet though. So you were right there.

    Also, F#%K Brooklyn!

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @A Hill O’ Beans: Haha effing Brooklyn! I’m cheering for you guys. I think I’ll have DeRozan in my 50s maybe, but I think that will be bold. I’ll definitely have him way above Slim!

      • Slim

        Slim says:

        @JB Gilpin: I think 50s is going to be below most pre-draft rankings. Yahoo will be in the 40s I’m sure. You say he’s a 5th rounder in a 12er and I’m saying 6th. We aren’t that far off. What do you think of my comparisons?

    • Slim

      Slim says:

      @A Hill O’ Beans: The toughest thing for me is when I start to compare him to other wings round the same ‘value’.

      vs Parsons. I don’t think they’re in the same tier. Parsons is a legit 4th rounder in back to back years and only loses out to DeRozan’s a few points and FT%.

      vs Jimmy Butler. I’ll take Butler. High end steals are much harder to find than points.

      vs Gordon Hayward. I take Hayward. 3s/Stls/Blks are significantly better and an extra assist per game.

      vs Klay Thompson. Really really close and after the others for the same reason. Limited upside due to limited 9-cat production.

      For next year I think I would rank Parsons in the 40s, Butler and Hayward in the late 50s, DeRozan and Klay in the 60s. I think Butler and Hayward both take steps forward next year which would make them well into the overall top 50s. I’m concerned we may have just seen a career year from DeRozan.

      • JB Gilpin

        JB Gilpin says:

        @Slim: v Parsons – I’m def taking Parsons up to 2 rounds earlier. I love Parsons. We’re both Parliebers!

        v Butler – I’m taking DeRozan there, I know you like the steals upside, but I think DeRozan is going to fare better by moth aggregate metrics.

        v Hayward – ehhhh. depends on what the Jazz do, I like Haywards mutli-cat but when he’s cold, he’s CCOCOCOCOCOCOCOLLLLD. Prob DeRozan.

        v Thompson – Yeah I’ll go DeRozan but you knew that 🙂

        I agree with about where you have guys, but slot DeRozan to the top of the 50s and JB early 60s prob

        • Slim

          Slim says:

          @JB Gilpin: It looks like DeRozan vs Hayward is the big one. In the rankings they could very well go back to back I think. When Hayward is on he’s a 1st/2nd round fantasy contributor. If I look at it by month Jan and March really stick out… January was borderline top 5 overall.

          Jan – .500/.824/2.0/20.6/6.1/5.0/1.7/0.7/3.3

          Putting it all together next year I think somewhere around…


          Even in what I think is a career year DeRozan can’t touch those numbers and I think they are even a little conservative in places.

          Tristan vs Blatche was terrible and we both lost. This comparison on the other hand is much more useful to everyone.

          • A Hill O' Beans says:

            @Slim: I’m not sure why you think that DeRozan can’t touch those numbers Slim. Once again, I’ll preface with he’s still young, but beyond that he’s already put up close to those same numbers over a full season (notice I said “close”), which is more than I can say for Hayward.

            Your Hayward Projection:
            DeRozan 2014:
            Hayward 2014:

            A couple of other things with this comparison.

            Who do you think shot better from 3 point range? It wasn’t Hayward. Basically they were the same at 30% which is pretty bad.

            DeRozan’s 82% free throw shooting is also a lot more meaningful considering he literally gets to the line twice as much. The only guys who have a better effect on your FT% are probably Durant and Harden.

            The fact that Hayward’s percentages have gone down basically every year is a little worrisome as well. I have a hard time seeing him taking more shots and yet improving his FG% to that extent.

            I’m still not sure why it is that you seem to think Hayward will get better and DeRozan won’t when they are both the same age? Personally I only see marginal improvements for either of them, which I believe would have DeRozan continuing to be better.

            I can see Parsons over DeRozan, but I’m not sure I’d really put any of the others over him after what I’ve seen this year.

            • Slim

              Slim says:

              @A Hill O’ Beans: So I had this big long response but I asked JB about it and we are thinking of turning it into it’s own post sometime this offseason. Not entirely sure what the focus will be but Hayward vs DeRozan is a good start.

              When I say I think I’m going to rank DeRozan in the 60s, 6th round in a 12er, I feel like I’m giving a positive outlook for next season. He’s not a shot blocking big or a 6+ assist PG, those are usually the top 50 players for me. In order to pass one of those types it takes 3s/stls/blocks to combine for 3.0 or more. Like Parsons or Kawhi. In the 2nd half this year DeRozan combined for 1.6. That’s very far away from my top 50 baseline. Points are useful, points on poor FG% is much much less so. So far in the playoffs he sits at 0.6/24.2/4.2/3.0/1.0/0.4/3.0 and 37% FGs on 17.4 shots per game and a very good FT%. Those numbers are not in what would be the top 50 and very close to what I would project for him next year. Except less FT attempts and I would hope a better FG%.

              I also did the math for the effect of Hayward vs DeRozan in FT% for an average week. I think I’ll do a percent effect post eventually. I almost did one last year for Calderon, who by the way was useless for FT%. What I found was that DeRozans FT% (8 attempts) helps by about 0.0025 per week over Haywards (5 attempts). If anyone on DeRozans “team” misses ONE additional free throw then Haywards “team” would take the lead. My interpretation then was that the difference is negligible and winning or losing the category will not be due to DeRozan taking more shots than Hayward.

              • A Hill O' Beans says:

                @Slim: Thanks Slim. Really we’re splitting hairs here because they are all in the same area as far as value goes. I’m actually not a crazy DeRozan supporter, although it may seem that way sometimes. I see some incremental improvements coming for him. His playoff numbers are a bit of a step back IMO, but that’s to be expected in his first playoff appearance with the defense focused on him like never before.

                Anyways, I look forward to the off-season post guys.

                Did you see that Raptors game last night? MADNESS!!

                • JB Gilpin

                  JB Gilpin says:

                  @A Hill O’ Beans: Andray Blatche with the horrible mistake, means my bet of Tristan Thompson being better gets the final nudge for a win for me!

                  • Slim

                    Slim says:

                    @JB Gilpin: I couldn’t believe that Blatche pass when it happened. I must admit I was laughing though.

                • Slim

                  Slim says:

                  @A Hill O’ Beans: Yeah they could very well wind up going back to back in the rankings but I think those are the best comparisons because during the draft someone could very well have to choose between one or the other.

                  And I really should say that depending on the first 4/5 picks what DeRozan gives could very well turn out to be what is needed for the team.

  2. Michael says:

    Hey JB! How you been? Haven’t been on here for awhile.

    Iggy or Dunleavy for daily tonight?

    Also playing Perkins just because he seems like a good value/playing time.

    Here’s my lineup for tonight
    Wall, Conley, Iggy, Gasol, Nene, Taj, TAllen, Perkins

    Really wanted Serge or Ariza but with Wall/Conley/Gasol taking up most of my salary I can’t afford him. Unless I go with like Jamal Crawford/Kirk.

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Michael: Hey man! Ugh sorry I missed ya before they locked! Yeah I woulda gone Iggy. Interesting on Perkins.

      Wall’s doing well! Nene killin it. Gasol a little slow, but looks like youre doin aight! Glad to see ya droppin by!

      • m1chael says:

        @JB Gilpin: Thanks JB! Yeah I’ve been lurking around here since my league ended. After that I hopped onto daily. Can’t get enough of fantasy basketball LOL! Anyways, I set my lineup for tomorrow. Which one would you go with? Any sleepers/must-haves you recommend?

        Troy Daniels, Batum, Mo Williams, Dirk, Duncan, Carter, Howard, RoLo
        Troy Daniels, DeRozan, Pierce, Aldridge, RoLo, Parker, Wes Matthews, Deron Williams

        By the way.. Westbrook/DeAndre Jordan went APE SH*T in my daily league and Conley was a disappointment.

        • JB Gilpin

          JB Gilpin says:

          @m1chael: Awesome, we can’t either man! Despite the baseball distraction 🙂

          I think I like your top one more, but I know I was too late! Played hoops myself today which took up my time til work!

          Who’d you end up with?

          • m1chael says:

            @JB Gilpin: Ended up taking the top team.

            • JB Gilpin

              JB Gilpin says:

              @m1chael: Niccccccccccccce!

  3. Slim

    Slim says:

    Adios D’Antoni. Fantasy basketballers rejoice everywhere. For some reason a song from the Wizard of Oz keeps playing in my head. “Ding-Dong the witch is dead”.

  4. Wutang says:

    So glad D’Antoni is gone!!!! I can stop boycotting Pringles and monopoly!!!
    Who do you guys think the coach will be? Heard rumors it’ll be Byron Scott to lure kyrie? No way from me. They might iterview thibs.. I would love my life

    Raps game last night was UNREAL. Who needs a 22pt lead in the 4th anways…

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