Ain’t no telling when Brandon Roy will return this season, but the Blazers announced it won’t be anytime soon. My guess is, if the franchise doesn’t shut him down for good, they’re only not doing so in case they need him to make a Willis Reed-like return at some desperate time late in the season, long after owners dropped him from their rosters. But what most people don’t remember about that classic moment from 1970 is that the Captain sank two field goals and sat the rest out. Fantasy-wise, performances like that only help out those around him. Even if Roy comes back, it won’t be to impact the game itself, but to impact his teammates. The play here is to cut out the middleman. See what you can get for Roy, or if no one in your league is biting (and make no mistake, no one in your league should be biting), drop him and move on. So far with Roy out, Rudy Fernandez and Wes Matthews have traded big games. Matthews is already heavily owned and the announcement that Roy will be out indefinitely served only to tighten the grip Matthews owners already had, but RuFer is still out there. Still unowned in over 80 percent of fantasy leagues. There isn’t a player in the NBA who wasn’t valuable last week that is more valuable this week than Fernandez. In the time that Portland has been without Roy, Fernandez has played nearly 30 mpg, shot .515/.882 and averaged 2 3ptm/14 pts /3 rbd /4 ast/1.5 stl. Start the New Year off right. Grab him.

Here’s what else I saw on the last Thursday of the year:

Wes Matthews – 30/3/3 with four steals and four threes. I still think Dorell Wright or Michael Beasley‘s got an edge on Most Improved Player, but I wouldn’t scoff like an Upper East Side Yuppie if Matthews got it.

Shawne Williams – Sank 15 points in 22 minutes along with a trio of threes. Unfortunately, he had 16 points total in the three games before that, so for now, I’m not recommending you pick up any Shawnes with e’s at the end of their name.

Landry Fields – After two straight 14/10 dub-dubs, Fields has hit a wall going 1.5/5.5 and shooting .111 in his last two.

Raymond Felton – Speaking of cold guards, being one of the Buckingham Palace guards on outdoor duty in January has to be one of the worst jobs in the world. Even in a down economy, I’m not sure that standing out in 15 degree weather while tourists pretend to hump my leg as I stand stone-faced and frozen in order to protect a queen that will almost certainly never actually die seems futile. Almost as futile as Felton’s attempts at shooting threes last night (1-for-6 from the arc). Add six turnovers to the total, you’ve got yourself Raymond Felton’s worst game of the season last night.

Ryan Anderson – Coach Stan Van Gundy is still monkeying with the Magic rotation, still trying to find the magic rotation and in his wake, he’s left Brandon Bass and Anderson in a pseudo timeshare. I say ‘pseudo’ because a) Bass has technically averaged about five minutes per game more than Anderson, b) Hedo Turkoglu has seen some of their minutes and c) I’m not completely sure what pseudo means, but it makes me sound smart. It’s close enough to a timeshare that if you have Bass and you need an uptick in threes, rebounds, assists and steals, Anderson has outplayed Bass for two weeks in those categories. If you own Anderson and his .410/.692 percentages are killing you, grab the .531/.889-shooting Bass.

Jason Richardson – After a few solid outings, J-Rich played poorly on Thursday (9/7/0). Although Richardson is one of the most streaky players in the league and will likely turn it on for an extended time at some point in the next 50 games, the pattern of Richardson, Arenas, Nelson and Turkoglu all rotating on and off nights is a disturbing – if not altogether surprising – trend that has developed in the last 10 days.

Kevin Garnett – Cagey will miss the next two weeks with a strained calf. Meanwhile, you can still see him on the bench ready to pounce on Jermaine O’Neal whenever it appears he’s about to fall asleep.

Mehmet Okur – DNP-CD with a sore back. Andrei Kirilenko also has a sore back, but I’m pretty sure the injuries are not related because I wouldn’t know how to explain that. Both are day-to-day.

Gary Neal – He’s averaging 2.8 threes and 16.5 points over his last six games including last night’s 21 points. Quiet points. For a Quiet Man. “Now I want all of yous to cheer like Protestants.”

Jason Kidd – 12/10/13 triple-double. The first of his season. He also played 38 minutes, which he’s only done three other times this year and each of the other three games were played with Dirk in the lineup, so enjoy this while it lasts, because it won’t last long. Yeah.I’m kind of a Kidd hater. No, that’s too harsh. I don’t hate the guy. I’m more of a Kidd H8R. There. That’s better.

Jason Terry – Staying with the Dallas Jason theme, dude shot 3-for-16 from the field and promptly threw himself on the mercy of the court, which literally involved himself splayed on the half court line, hoping DeJuan Blair wouldn’t step on him.

Caron Butler – Scored a season-high 30 points against the Spurs and has quietly put together a nifty back-half to the month, averaging 19.9/4.4 including 3 stl+3ptm. Might be the most quiet top 100 fantasy option of the season.

  1. Taki says:

    Hey Adam,

    What’s going on? Okay so Chuck Hayes (Houston – PF,C) went down in practice on Thursday and is expected out for a good 3-4 weeks. Is Jordan Hill or Brad Miller worth an add??

  2. Taki says:

    Oh and with KG going down and Glen Davis off waivers, is Jermaine Oneal worth a look?

  3. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Taki: Miller, probably. But neither are going to be very good for your team. RE: J.O. – how deep is your league?

  4. AnotherFalstaff says:

    @Adam – I’m contending but am left with the steaming piles of the Magic deal (Jameer and JRich) and the Nuggets-Nets undeal (Murphy and JR). Also have Afflalo which is generally a good thing. Trades are next to impossible in my league. Mike Miller and Roddy (when ready) are my best options on our WW. They worth picking up for Murphy, JR or AA at the right time? Thanks and Happy New Year!

  5. PB&J says:

    @ Adam

    I need some trade evaluation help:

    Team A gets Chris Paul & David West

    Team B gets Dirk Nowitzki (or Blake Griffin) & Chauncey Billups


  6. THC says:

    Rudy rather than Batum? Because Batum is owned more than

  7. Who do you like better, Harden or RuFer? Also, happy new year.

    1/1/11 never forget.

  8. Tony says:

    darren collinson or Blatche as a keeper? same price

  9. Adam

    Adam says:

    @AnotherFalstaff: Maybe for Murphy. At this point, it’s a race to see who hits the court first. But it’s a slow race. Like a group of elderly racers riding Rascals.

    @PB&J: I think the Paul/West side is the better duo.

    @THC: I’d rather have Rudy today. Tomorrow? Who knows.

    @ChrisV82: And a happy 1.1.11 to you too. Go with RuFer.

    @Tony: Blatche, unless he’s traded to a team that doesn’t play him.

  10. Adam –
    Happy new year, fella.

    I’m sure you heard / saw caron butlers injury to his knee tonight. Looked pretty heavy… You think jj barea worth an add? I’d really like to snag roddy buckets off the wire as it’s a perfect opportunity for him to make a huge splash, but I hear he’s STILL not ready. Any word on an eta? I’m reading everything I can on Roddy, but all anyone is saying is that he’s “conditioning” and eta is still ?


  11. Tony says:

    @Adam: thanks man, ended up dealing my Cousins $33, Glen Davis $7, and nick Collinson $10 for Brandon Roy $52, haywood $10 and rasual butler $10….. i also acquired a 1st round draft pick and $6 of draft cash, which was the ultimate goal. I’m not trying to flip ROY for another $2 cash and another draft pick. 20 man league, very complex, but this leaves me with keeps of Stephen Curry, David Lee, David West, and Darren Collinson….. plus extra good picks now and more cash for the auction portion.

    I hate giving up a guy like cousins tho, ya just never know…

  12. Tony says:

    oh and “nick” collinson was supposed to be “darren” collinson, so the guy wasnt too happy about that, but hey he offered it, i accepted, done deal, too late now!

  13. Adam

    Adam says:

    @El Burro: Marion, Barrea and Beaubois are the adds, in that order. Rodrigue doesn’t even have a timetable for his recovery, which suggests he won’t make return anytime soon.

    @Tony: Good deal for you. What the hell was that other owner doing with Nick Collison for $10?

  14. Tony says:

    @Adam: well i owned nick collinson and dealt him lol, BUT…. any guy you grab off waivers is automatically $10…. when we do the initial auction and draft you buy your first 8 players with $200 of auction cash, you can keep 4 and you subtract their salaries from that $200. Then there’s a 5 round reserve draft after the auctioning is done. First round guys go for $10, 2nd are like $9, 3rd is $7, then $5, and $1 i think…. so the only way you get a guy really cheap like $5 is get him in the reserve, but if you drop him and pick up anyone else off waivers, they are now $10…. and throughout the season with trades, pickups etc you have to keep it under a $300 cap.

    20 man league running for 16 years i think? wildness

  15. Tony says:

    like i mentioned above getting roy is nice, but $52? too much, so i’ll either A) toss him back to the draft next year or B) sell him for $2 of draft cash hopefully and maybe swap a pick if i can find a taker.

  16. Cary says:

    Happy new year, Adam! In light of recent injuries, would you rather have J.J. Barea/Toney Douglas over Biedrins or Pietrus?


  17. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Tony: Oooo. That makes much more sense then.

    @Cary: I’d prefer Pietrus above all others, followed by Biedrins, Barrea then Douglas.

  18. barker says:

    H2H 18 team league trade i m in 1st hes in 2nd by 14.5 games

    i give okafor arenas and afflalo i get rudy gay lawson shannon brown

    my team deron afflalo augustin ilyasova webster randolph C hayes horford okafor marvin williams arenas teague vujacic splitter morrow budinger
    real short on blks w/o okafor but it seems alright on my side

    his team lawson jr smith turkoglu LBJ gay garnett shaq haywood courtney lee jermaine o’neal james jones shannon brown childress devin harris boykins kurt thomas

    should i pull the trigger or stand pat

  19. Adam

    Adam says:

    @barker: Pull the trigger unless you can’t afford the drop in blocks and boards.

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