What a wild first week it was! Players were dropping like flies and no one knows what to do with Deandre Ayton! Each week I will present a list of players who can be picked up from the waiver wire in order to help ease the pain. Note that I will only list players who are widely available at the time of writing, so that you actually have a chance of getting them.


Rodney Hood: He’s received 30+ minutes for three straight games, and there’s no reason to think they would decrease. So far, he’s been contributing all over the board and looks like his role is solidified. He’s only 16% owned in Yahoo, so grab him if you need a wing.

Isaiah Thomas: He’s back! I know we’ve all heard it before, and have had our hearts broken many times, but he actually looks like he’s good to go this time. It’s only one game, but he went for 16/3/5 with 4 triples. Someone’s gotta score in Washington, and he’s the perfect candidate. Pick him up now before he explodes again.

Davis Bertans: Another player flying under the radar that is stepping up in DC. He’s averaging 3.3 triples a game with solid percentages. If you need an efficient 3-point shooting big then he’s your man. Looks like he’ll be able to get enough minutes to be an asset for your team.

Bryn Forbes: It blows my mind that Forbes is available in most of the leagues I am in. He’s cleared 30 minutes for two games in a row, and is in the starting line up until further notice. Sure, he may need to take a step back once Dejounte’s minute restriction is lifted, but for now he’s an excellent source of points and triples with great efficiency. He’s only 19% owned in Yahoo leagues, so pick him up if you need some guard stats.

Markelle Fultz: He was running circles around Sexton and Garland in the season opener, and it should only be a matter of time before he wins the starting gig. He will still need a bit of time and patience, but so far so good.  If you have someone to cut, get ahead of the curve and give Fultz a chance while you still can.

Frank Kaminsky: One of the clear beneficiaries of Ayton’s suspension. He’s been hovering around 30 minutes a game the last few nights, and has been making the most of it. He won’t get you a lot of big man stats, but he’ll score, rebound, and make triples. Well worth a pick if you need to fill the C position.

Dwight Howard: I can’t believe I’m actually writing this, but yes you should consider picking up Dwight Howard. He’s been looking good, taking the game seriously, and is in fantastic shape. Even in limited minutes, he can still get you boards and blocks. The FTs still suck, but you knew that. If you’re starved for a big, pick him up and hope for the best.

PJ Tucker: He’s perennially underrated every year, and always manages to be useful in standard leagues.  He’s off to a blazing hot start, and is still only 52% owned. He won’t blow you away, and don’t expect his hot start to continue, but he should still be worth a roster spot.


That’s it for now! I didn’t include guys like OG Anounoby, Devonte Graham, or Taurean Prince because I’m going to assume that they’re already gone. If they are still somehow available in your league, pick them up immediately and then considering joining a more competitive league. Until next time!

  1. Trader says:

    Good stuff. My team below in a 12 teamer, h2h league. 9 cats. Best on the wire: Baynes, Forbes, Gasol, Elfrid, Sato. Any swaps?

    Harden, Jrue, IT, VanVleet
    Covington, Oubre, BogBog, Huerter
    Nance, Love, Crowder
    Bryant, Vucevic, Myles,

  2. Phamtastic

    Phamtastic says:

    That’s a beautiful team! I’d prob stay put if I were you, but you could drop Huerter and pick up either Forbes or Gasol. Keep an eye out for Sato, but at this point he’s safe to leave on the wire.

    Hopefully Jrue comes back healthy, but otherwise I’d say you are a favorite to win the league.

    • Trader says:

      Thanks! Appreciate the work and the compliment. Very hard to repeat in our league but I hope to buck tradition!

      • Phamtastic says:

        Hopefully that’s a money league lol I think you’ll definately cash in with that team

  3. Matt says:

    10-Team ESPN Rotisserie (FG%, FT%, 3PM, REB, AST, STL, BLK, PTS)

    I’m a fantasy basketball noob. Sitting in 9th right now. Not sure what I’m doing wrong. Any tips would be appreciated.

    PG: Kemba Walker
    SG: Rodney Hood
    SF: Kawhi Leonard
    PF: Anthony Davis
    C: Mitchell Robinson
    G: Devonte’ Graham
    F: Robert Covington
    UTIL: Otto Porter Jr.
    UTIL: Myles Turner
    UTIL: Al Horford
    Bench: Paul George
    Becnh: Larry Nance Jr.
    Bench: PJ Washington

    • Phamtastic says:

      That’s actually a very nice roto team, even if it’s a 10-team league. You have some guys who are underperforming like Otto, Robinson, and Roco. Hopefully they will turn it around soon. I assume you put Paul George on the IR and picked someone else up?

      I would stay the course if I were you. That’s a very strong looking team for roto. Maybe look to trade Robinson once he has a few nice games.

  4. Cole says:

    Hey Pham, 12 team roto, IT or Danny Green?

    • Phamtastic

      Phamtastic says:

      I’d swing for the fences and go with IT. He’s looking good and hopefully the minutes restriction will be lifted soon.

  5. jeff aces says:


    Thank you for your write-ups per usual. Quick Question for a 12 team keeper league:

    This team is looking for a PG, specifically assist

    He wants to know what Isaac can get him…What can i offer? Picks available too

    Team looking for a PG/assist:

    PG: Fultz/Brunson/Irving
    PF:Carter Jr/PJ Washington/Portis/Isaac/Melli
    C:Robinson/McGee/J Allen/Cousins

    My team:

    PG: Fox/Ball/Shai/Rozier/Aaron Holiday
    SG: Harden/Lamb/hardaway
    SF: Antetokounmpo/Hayward/Winde/Oubre/crowder
    PF: JJJ/Nance/ Fernando/Gafford
    C: Jokic/Sabonis/Poeltl/Goga

  6. Phamtastic

    Phamtastic says:

    Hey Jeff!

    I’m starting to sound like a broken record here but that is one hell of a team you got. I think your team is heads and shoulders above that other team. Personally I’d offer Lonzo and go from there. You may have to offer a bit of a sweetener since Isaac’s value is real high right now.

    He just had a monster game though so you may want to wait till he cools down a bit before making an offer. You’d be buying at his peak value right now. Before he had that good game, I was able to get him at pick 84 in a late draft. After that one game, people are treating him like he’s a top 25 guy lol.

    • jeff aces says:

      Thank you!

      Was able to get Jonathan Isaac and a 2020 3rd rd pick FOR Ball and a 2020 4th rd pick!

      • Phamtastic

        Phamtastic says:

        That’s incredible lol congrats!!! I offered Ball for Isaac in one of my leagues and was told to go take a hike. The fact that you got a draft pick upgrade is awesome. I love it!

        How on earth did you get such a monstrous team??? Harden, Giannis, Jokic, Sabonis, Oubre, JJJ, Fox. That should not be possible in a 12 team league lol. I’d be surprised if you didn’t win the league.

        • jeff aces says:

          Everyone in my league is saying i didn’t get enough for Ball though. I think i got Isaac at the right time

          Also i am being offered Frank Ntilikina for a 3rd rd pick – he is protected next year. Do i do it? I have 2 3rd picks?

          I traded curry and markkanen for jokic and ball. Traded KD awhile back for giannis and i drafted harden in our inaugurial league. Also traded for sabonis. Gave a 3rd rd pick and mikal bridges for oubre this year and drafted fox and jjj

          • JEFF ACES says:


            • Phamtastic

              Phamtastic says:

              That’s an awesome team lol. Good work.

              Why would you give anything for Ntilikina? Am I missing something? He’s a waiver wire player to me.

              I think Ball is gonna be great this year, but Isaac is getting a ton of hype too. Honestly in most of my leagues people are treating Isaac like he’s a superstar lol. Ball for Isaac is a good deal, plus you even got the pick upgrade.

  7. B-RAD says:

    Hi Jeff,

    I’m also new to fantasy and found your write ups. It’s been hard trying to find a good source of info on the web but yours have been great. Hoping to get some advice on my roster. Thanks in advance!


    IR – KUZMA

    • Phamtastic

      phamtastic says:

      Hey not sure if you were talking to me, but I’ll reply anyways! 🙂

      I’d be interested in seeing who’s on the waiver wire in your league? I’m not sure you should be rostering Hardaway, Herro, and Marcus Morris in a 10 teamer. I’d say Kaminsky and Baynes are borderline 10 teamers right now too.

      Looks like you need a bit of help with the big men stats, so perhaps focus on improving that? Good picks on OG hopefully he can keep it up!

      • imsuhanim says:

        Right now there’s Rudy Gay, Dwight howard, and Taurean Prince on the waiver right now.

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