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Shake Milton lit it up off the bench for Philly, dropping 27 points on uber-efficient 10-of-14 shooting (including 5-of-7 from beyond the arc). That marks the eighth consecutive game Milton has scored in double figures—topping 20 points for the third time in that span. Consider picking up Shake (22 percent owned in Yahoo!) if you need points and threes.

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Welcome to your midweek guidance for week 14, where the goal is to get you the W in your eight or nine-category H2H matchup.

The trade deadline turned a couple of last week’s suggestions into duds, but Alec Burks and Danny Green were among the gems who outperformed over the weekend.  Though it was a relatively quiet trade deadline, there are several players who have an opportunity to fill a productivity vacuum in the wake of a deal.  The Magic are the most glaring example of this after trading away their three highest usage players.

This week’s streaming recommendations are broken down into those who can help you in either three or four categories.  For nine-category managers, it is assumed that none of these highlighted players negatively impact turnovers.  If I view a player as a solid mid-to-long-term option in twelve-team leagues, I will signal that with an asterisk next to his name. In all other cases, I only recommend these players as options for teams with dedicated streaming spots.

These players have two or more games remaining in the current week and are rostered in 50% or less of Yahoo and/or ESPN leagues.

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It’s the bye week for baseball right now, and if you’ve been following my pitching rankings, you’ll know that I’m ankle deep in getting ready for the baseball season. Which has completely messed with my internal calendar, and I was stunned to find out that yes, indeed, it is April. Or March 390th, 2020, I can’t really tell anymore. Point is, there’s only a few weeks left of the NBA season. A bunch of my basketball teams were decimated by injuries this year — my RazzJam team barely made it two weeks before 3/4 of my top picks were out. So, I’m out of the running in all my basketball leagues and I’m more or less OK with that. But you, my friend, are hopefully still in the running. So! Let’s get you the players you need to make your roster whole. 

Enter Bogdan Bogdanovic. Now, that’s Bog with a “G,” the guy on the Atlanta Hawks, not Bojan with a “J,” who’s on the Utah Jazz. The Hawks are competing with about 7 other teams for a playoff spot, which means they’re trying to win. And Bogdan is the starting small forward on the Hawks, and he’s putting up nearly 30 minutes a game. So! Let’s check out how he can help your team. 

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With King James and Tha’ Brow out, we hoped this was the Drummond show.
Unfortunately, after all that time off, his big toe wasn’t ready.
Jrue Holiday: Complete baller, Jrue the Damajah is on point.
Rare for the PG to be the “Glue Guy.”
On this roster, he steadies the ship and makes the tough plays.
Efficiency, rebounding and 5 STOCKS, this guy does it all.

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Welcome Razzball family to our deep dive into a player who can potentially help get you over the hump or support you in maintaining the lead in your respective leagues. As we are on the doorstep of the calendar flip to April, it is likely that some of you have crossed your league’s trade deadline and if not, it is likely fast approaching. For this reason, it becomes increasingly paramount to make a move for this week’s underperformer of the week. Could this be the week you go from zero to hero? Likely not. I mean, there just are not enough weeks left for you to go from the basement to the top floor in a competitive league. However, if you are within striking distance or you are in the top half of your league then this could very well be a move that proves to bolster your chances moving forward. At the very least, you will have the GMs who are currently ahead of you concerned enough to look for a last-minute deal of their own to keep you from gaining on them.

Come take a gander at everyone’s favorite break-out player heading into this season, I give to you…

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The buyout market has always been a contentious topic in the NBA, but especially this year as LaMarcus Aldridge and Blake Griffin went to the Nets while Andre Drummond signed with the Lakers. These moves would normally cost teams current or future assets, but this is not the case in a buyout situation. This is especially a concern for smaller market teams that lack the allure to convince players to join them via the buyout market, essentially widening the margin between big and small-market teams. I am not sure if this is in the immediate agenda of the league but even as a fan I have to admit that it feels a little bit like cheating for a team to get players of that caliber for essentially no cap space hit. Another unfortunate side effect is that trades for these players are unlikely to happen, as rival executives know that the players will be eventually bought out and are reluctant to give anything of value for them. All in all, it seems like a situation that needs to be further explored for potential changes next year.

Getting back to the fantasy talk and regarding last week’s suggestions, I hope you followed my advice on selling Al Horford, as the Thunder announced he will not play again this season as they shift their focus to tank…ahem to player development…Tyler Herro was also featured as a “Buy” candidate and has since improved his shooting and peripheral stats, while Jordan Poole also had a good run but is a drop due to Stephen Curry’s return.

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It is said that patience is a virtue. Prepare my domicile in Hell then, Satan. I want instant satisfaction. Toothpaste oozing out? Grrr. Ketchup plastered to the bottom? Arrgh. Take a long drive to enjoy the scenery? Why haven’t we invented teleportation yet? After missing 25 games due to injury, we’ve been waiting for Bogdan Bogdanovic to start balling out. Drip. Drip. Drip. He played fewer than 20 minutes in two of the first three games back. That’s okay. It was expected and it would take some time to get back into the groove. Then 22 minutes. 26 minutes. OMG, it’s happening! 20 minutes. Sad face. 20 minutes. 30 minutes. Womp woooomp. 22 minutes. SAD face. 32 minutes, that frown turned upside down. This is it!!! He’s getting his first start……drum roll, please……21 minutes. WTF?! Last night, though, it finally happened:

22 4 6 4 0 1 4/8 8/18 2/2

Started his third straight game and played 37 minutes. Oh, yeah! It’s on like Donkey Kong. Entering the season, I thought Atlanta would be one of the more fantasy-friendly teams in the league. Interestingly, they are playing at the 22nd-fastest pace after being fifth last season. Regardless, he’s risen to the top of the depth chart, relegating Kevin Huerter to the bench. As long as he gets the minutes, BogBog can provide points, tres, boards, some dimes, and steals. The shooting efficiency may not be great, though, as he’s a career 43% shooter from the field. 

Here’s what else I saw last night:

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It’s about that time again, isn’t it? The trade deadline has come and gone, the sun is starting to peek out with some regularity, and teams who have had long, dark, unsuccessful winters are beginning to look ahead to a little summer vacay. Even with the expanded playoff format for this season, there are still a handful of teams that are done. We haven’t gotten to “Cancun on three” yet, but if you’re in Orlando or Oklahoma City you can start thinking about it. 

For this week’s Hangin’, I looked at a couple of these lost causes and the opportunities for fantasy help that exist there. It’s not an exhaustive list, but all of the teams featured are 12th or worse in their conference and have gestured toward giving up. But just because they’re done with the year does not mean that the year is done with them. Every game needs to have 240 minutes of statistics accounted for, and we’re in the interest of compiling numbers. 

This is a bigger one, so let’s get to it. 

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Down goes Horford. We all lamented at the recent news of Al Horford getting shut down for the rest of the season, but it came as no surprise to some who have been playing fantasy basketball for going on two decades. The Oklahoma City Thunder have zero incentive to attempt to win basketball games as they try to squeeze the most value of their million draft picks.

The reality of this season is that COVID-19 continues to screw everything up. The second half of the season for every single NBA team this season is BRUTAL, with things like three games in four nights, and multiple back-to-backs. We are about to see a bunch of people sit out games they may have otherwise played.

In that same vein, we will likely see more shutdowns this season than ever before, as teams decide that playing for that playoff play-in isn’t as important as developing pieces for the future. We saw it with Al Horford, and we will see it again with other players.

But who will they be? Here is my best speculation:


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