Does anyone even remember the Wiz? I don’t know if I’ve ever set foot in one before they went out of business. Bismack Biyombo got busy last night against the Wizards, but it still wasn’t enough to get the win. He might have won you some DFS tourneys last night though, as he went 21-13-4-1-2-0 on 8-of-9 FGs and 5-of-6 FTs, and in season long leagues, he definitely helped your percentages. With Nikola Vucevic still out with a hand injury, you can enjoy at least a few more games of Biyombo starting. If you can sell-high, handle that Bis-ness. If no one’s biting, then mind your own Bis-ness.  Either way, he’s mostly a short-term asset.

Moving right along, here’s what else went down Friday night in Fantasy Hoops:

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Elfrid Payton– 1-27-5-8-1-0-3 on 9-of-12 shooting and 8-for-9 FTs.  His numbers have not really improved since last year, but games like this give you hope.

Jonathon Simmons– 21-0-5-0-0-2 on 8-of-9 shooting and 4-for-4 FTs. He got 33 minutes and might be ready to return to some consistency after suffering back spasms earlier in the month. Remember, the fantasy season is a Jonathon, not a sprint.

John Wall– 1-30-3-9-1-3-4. The Magic have suspect defense and the Stocktonator really liked this start.  Even with all the nice lines from Orlando, the better team still won.

Bradley Beal– 30-3-7-1-0-0. When your two top dogs combine for 60 points, you usually win. Have a nice Beal Parmesan over linguine!

Al-Farouq Aminu– 3-19-11-0-3-0-0. He’s getting around 30 minutes a game and he’s one of those 3’s, steals, and blocks guys. His percentages are garbaggio though.  Still, ownable in 12-ers, but also cut-able.

Damien Lillard– 2-23-2-8-3-0-2. Showing no ill effects from a calf strain. He’s dropped 29 and 23 in his first two games since returning from missing two games. Good Omen.

Shabazz NapierEvan Turner was sick so Napier got the start and went 3-17-6-6-2-0-2 in 36 minutes. With Turner out sick, Napier got ill! Still not enough to beat the Pels though.

Anthony Davis– 36-9-2-0-2-2 as he retuned from a sprained ankle. You know the deal. If you can nab him from an owner who’s worried about his health, and he happens to be healthy for the fantasy playoffs, you could win your league. Yes, that’s a lot of qualifiers, but it takes some good breaks to win in fantasy.

DeMarcus Cousins– 3-24-19-8-0-2-5. Since you’re probably punting turnovers if you own him, this is a slightly above average game from him, which is sick. Is this his best season ever?

Jrue Holiday– 1-25-5-6-4-0-3 on 8-of-11 shooting and 8-for-8 from the line.  The Holiday Season may have ended two weeks ago, but Holiday’s season is only halfway through. Great time of year to extrapolate stats!

Kristaps Porzingis– 3-17-10-2-2-3-3 on 6-of-19 FGs.  Man, he has fallen off since the first two months of the season. The best thing for him might be to miss the All-Star Game so he can a) get some rest, and b) get that chip on his shoulder that players get when they feel they’ve been snubbed.  The kid’s only 22 years old so you have to cut him a little slack, but in New York, the pressure is always high.

Jarrett Jack– 2-18-1-8-1-0-2. The Jack Attack is getting starts and minutes, while Frank Ntilikina (15 minutes) is not developing on the bench as the Knicks chase that dream of getting swept by Boston in the first round of the playoffs.

Tim Hardaway Jr.– 4-16-3-2-2-0-1 in 25 minutes off the bench, as he returned from a stress reaction in his leg.  The buy-low window just slammed shut!

Karl-Anthony Towns– 2-23-15-9-0-1-3. KAT Scratch Fever! He has now abused the Knickerbockers the last two times they played.

Jeff Teague– 1-12-4-8-4-0-3. Thibodeau wastes no time easing guys back into the lineup after injury. Teague got 33 minutes tonight in only his second game back after missing two weeks.

Gorgui Dieng– 10-5-2-2-0-1. Got 21 minutes and has received 20+ minutes in three of his last four.  I wouldn’t rush to add him, but he’s worth keeping an eye on.

DeMarre Carroll– 3-13-4-3-4-0-3. He’s a fringe player in 12-ers as his FTs have always held him back. 0-for-2 last night.

Jahil Okafor- Scored 17 points in just 12 minutes, and maybe this springboards him into more minutes on the Nets. He hasn’t been unleashed yet, and this could be the start of something.

Spencer Dinwiddie– 3-20-9-10-1-0-3. What a breakout year for this guy. He has taken the opportunity and run with it since D’Angelo Russell went down. I’m intrigued to see what will happen once Russell returns.  I would assume Dinwiddie has earned at least minutes in the upper 20’s. Still, maybe a sell-high since you likely got him for nothing.

Dennis Schroder– Set a career-high in points, going 3-34-3-7-3-0-3, and shot something like 1/3 of the Hawks total shots.  The Dennis System dictates that you shoot a lot when the rest of your team sucks.

John Collins– 5-10-0-0-1-3 in just 15 minutes.  Now you’re starting to piss me off Budenholzer! Unleash the beast!

Kevin Love– 1-21-10-0-3-1-2. This was with Isaiah Thomas out and I’m starting to think you should have sold high.

Domantas Sabonis– 1-22-2-4-2-0-2 on 9-of-11 FGs.  ‘Bonis points! He’s who Bobby Portis wishes he could be.

Darren Collison– 1-22-2-4-2-0-2. Nice improvement from last season, and hopefully, you drafted him. Of course I’ve had him the last two years, but not this year…

Lance Stephenson– 3-16-11-4-1-1-2 and he got LeBron to get a tech. If being a pest was a fantasy stat, he’d be a specialist.

Donovan Mitchell– 5-35-5-0-2-0-5 (10-of-11 FTs) Mitchell and Yess! ROY or naw?

Royce O’Neale– 1-11-10-1-0-0-2 in 19 minutes and the most unlikely double-double of the night. Maybe worth monitoring if his minutes increase, but I doubt it.

Derrick Favors– 5-7-4-0-2-0 in 29 minutes.  Derrick doing you no Favors…I think he’ll fall off once Gobert comes back, as he’s proven when they’ve played together this year, but there’s been talk of a Favors for Mirotic trade getting pretty serious, so it might be worth holding on until then. Although the Bulls front court is pretty crowded.

Frank Kaminsky- 1-16-3-1-0-0-1. Maybe a hold in 12-ers, but meh…

Draymond Green– 1-21-10-7-1-0-0. No Curry gave Draymond a little more scoring opportunity.

Patrick McCaw– Disappointed owners who might have streamed him going 6-1-2-2-0-0-0 in 23 starter’s minutes.

Eric Bledsoe– 3-21-4-3-4-0-3. He’s not having the year owners have hoped for, but he’s been healthy and not killing you, and that’s all you can really hope for.

Malcolm Brogdon– 2-17-2-4-1-0-1. He’s quietly improved on last season even with the addition of Bledsoe. Something tells me that might have motivated him.

JaMychal Green– 1-5-7-0-0-1-3 in 21 minutes. Been a hot add, but cooled off last night.

Marc Gasol– 1-22-11-2-0-1-1. FG% has been way down this year, but still putting up solid numbers. There have been trade rumors, and he could be a huge piece for a competitive team.

Trey Lyles– 16-5-1-1-0-2. Still getting minutes (29) and still producing. He’s been a steal off the waiver wire. Hopefully, you snatched him up. Trey-Bay-Bay!

Gary Harris– Was not with the team last night for personal reasons. He’s likely out tonight as well. Not sure what the issue was, but hopefully, he’s okay as he’s been having such a great season.

Jamal Murray– 11-4-3-2-0-2. 1-for-7 FGs, but 9-of-10 FTs.  If you need FT help I’d make some offers. Even with the disappointing line, the Nuggets still handled the Grizz last night.

Ryan Anderson– 4-18-7-1-2-0-0. Solid night for him as he’s been in a bit of a slump lately. The Suns are usually a good elixir to cure shooting woes.

Trevor Ariza– 4-18-7-1-2-0-2. In a weird statistical anomaly, had an almost identical night to Ryno. Shot the same percentages too.

Clint Capela– 17-16-3-2-1-4. Having an awesome year and the ESPN guys were talking about him being the Most Improved Player. Without looking at all the candidates I’d have to say he’s pretty high up on the list.

Chris Paul– 2-25-8-6-0-2-0. Almost made him the lede mostly because of the zero turnovers and two blocks. He’s been straight ballin’ sans-Harden and he should keep it up even when he returns.

Dragan Bender– 3-14-8-2-0-2-0 in 32 minutes. Marquese Chriss was out, but this is encouraging for the Suns. If he can maintain a decent role, could be worth monitoring. If not, you can bite his shiny metal ass!

Tyler Ulis– 1-3-2-9-1-0-1 in 32 minutes. He’s been getting minutes with Canaan out, but he’s been a letdown overall. I know I had high hopes for him after the end of last year. If you need to stream assists, he could be your guy though!

Devin Booker– 3-27-6-9-2-0-9 and was very efficient, (50% FG, 6-of-6 FTs) minus the nine TOs. Other than that Mrs. Lincoln how was the play? Actually, it was pretty good, but those TO’s John Wilkes-Booth murdered your chances at winning that category this week.

On that note, that about wraps it up. Leave a comment or question. Thanks for reading!