The injuries are starting to pile up as fantasy-relevant players are dropping left and right.

Here are the major injuries lingering around the NBA, some suggestions for which replacements to target, and whether you should Stash, Drop, Add, or use an I.R. spot (if your league allows it):

Myles Turner – Neck/Head – Any day now? – Stash duh!

Turner is still out. He can’t be out much longer, so hang in there. In the meantime, Domantas Sabonis has been giving fantasy owners Saboners.

Tristan Thompson – Calf – Early December – Stash I guess? Ugg

Do I make a “Kardashian curse” joke? Do I make a “Cavs player hurting his calf” joke? No, I will make a seafood joke…wait for it… The Cavaliers put his recovery time at 3-4 weeks. Jeff Green and Jae Crowder will get a bump in minutes, but I would rather eat Green Chowder at Red Lobster than own either of those guys. Ok, I should have gone with a Kardashian joke, live and learn.

Kevin Love will get more minutes at center, which may hurt his 3 point attempts, but could increase his rebounds, and will definitely have no effect on his inability to block shots.

Elfrid Payton – Hamstring – And day now? – Stash duh!

Payton is out Friday as the Magic are not trying to rush him back. DJ Augustin went down with his own injury, however, so the Magic’s patience will be tested. These injuries can only mean one thing: the return of the Shelvin Mack.

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist – Personal – Day-to-Day – Stash in most leagues

MKG was supposed to be back ASAP but now he is MIA with more family stuff. Jeremy Lamb will get more time and should be owned. Malik Monk has also looked good if you are in need of 3’s. THRAGNOF!

Nicolas Batum – Elbow – Thanksgiving-ish – Stash I guess

Cleared to practice in the next eight days and should be playing within 2-3 weeks. His return will hurt Lamb N’ Monk, which is a distant second to Steak N’ Shake.

Zach LaVine – Knee – Late November-Early December – Stash I guess

LaVine has said that he should be cleared for contact any day now (he must of spent his recovery time studying medicine). The Bulls look terrible, so they will not rush LaVine back. I believe we won’t see him on the court until the beginning of December at the earliest.

Isaiah Thomas – Hip – Targeting January – Stash duh!

Still out.

Seth Curry – Leg – Mid-November – Stash I guess

Curry will have another MRI soon to see how his recovery has gone and to also check for a nickel he swallowed when he was two. His return date keeps getting pushed back, meaning more minutes for J.J. Barea and Yogi Ferrell. I’d target Barea before Ferrell.

Chris Paul – Knee – Mid-November – Stash duh!

No new information this week, but mid-November is his target return date. He would have made it back sooner, but State Farm is taking forever with his injury claim.

Milos Teodosic – Foot – Out Indefinitely – Hope you have an I.R. spot

After being seen riding a stationary bike last week, he has now been spotted in a walking boot this week. Today he took a 45 minute shower, had an egg white omelet for breakfast, and binge watched the seventh season of Game of Thrones.

Larry Nance – Hand – 1-2 Months – Hope you have an I.R. spot

Larry Nance fractured his second metacarpal, which is the bone in his palm that connects to his index finger. He hurt it while pointing and laughing at Lonzo’s jump shot. Nance is going to be out a while, opening up more minutes for Kyle Kuzma, Julius Randle, and Brook Lopez. KOOZ!!!

Michael Conley – Achilles – Day-to-Day – Stash duh!

Conley is questionable for the games this weekend, opening up minutes for Mario Chalmers. So quickly go add Chalmers to your….hahaha, sorry, couldn’t even type it with a straight face. Pick up Tyreke Evans.

Jabari Parker – Knee – Targeting February – Stash only if you have an I.R. spot

Still out.

Greg Monroe – Calf – Mid-November – Stash I guess? Ugg

At some point every season I need to add John Henson. It always ends the same way, with me dropping John Henson. Monroe’s injury opens up playing time for Henson and he immediately had a good game, so I picked him up. Check back in on next week’s article where I talk about dropping him.

Markelle Fultz – Shoulder – Out Indefinitely – Stash I guess

In a surprise to nobody with eyes, Fultz was more hurt than the 76ers let on and will be shut down for a while. He can be cut in most leagues, with Jerryd Bayless and T.J. McConnell getting more minutes.

Kawhi Leonard – Quad – Sometime Between Tomorrow and Next Season – Stash duh!

  1. Hey I’m in a 16 man fantasy points league…. Keeper. Some guy impatiently dropped Donovan Mitchell a week or so ago…. He’s available on the wire and our FAAB pick up is SUNDAY NIGHT….

    I have $98 of FAAB left, how much would you throw at him?

    Terry Rozier and some other bum were snagged earlier this season and someone spent $51 on them! Not sure what to go for to get Donovan…. I am rostering Jarell Martin, so easy drop there, we keep 4 each year, I dont know if Donovan pans out to a keeper, which I am pretty stacked already, he probably won’t figure in, but his value is looking solid……

    thoughts? What kind of $$$number would you invest in him?

  2. Brent

    Brent says:

    If someone put 51 on rozier then I’d value Mitchell at 70. Mitchell is the real deal. He can score. His assists could be better, but he’s gonna be a top 70 player at least. I value guys who score 20 or more regularly higher than other players, so if you’re already stacked then I’d bid at least half of my FAAB, maybe even 3/4s. Especially in a really deep league..I mean, how many 20ppg guys are gonna be out there in that deep of a league the rest of the way? Probably none. Bet the farm

    • @Brent: thanks…… someone might unload their entire $100, this will be interesting… I’ve got a solid number in now, might bump it though….

      • Brent

        Brent says:

        @TROPHY TONY: I could see that. Let me know how it goes

  3. Mike says:

    ok, I’m confused. what is the picture about? well i know what its about, but why is it there?

    • Brent

      Brent says:

      @Mike: Halloween Thompson on the injury report, so a picture of Tristan Drogo and Cowleesi

  4. hassan_blackside says:

    crabbe or mitchell?

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