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I’ve spent a ridiculously stupid amount of time debating whether it’s better to be lucky or good. So much weed. So much time. Wasted. I never go to Roscoe’s and debate the merits of chicken or waffles! It’s both! Always both! The Celtics reiterated that simple concept last night at the NBA Draft Lottery, where the balls bounced up-and-down, side-to-side, and all-around to give them the No. 1 pick in the 2017 NBA Draft. Is that going to be Markelle Fultz? Did you know that Fultz’s wingspan is longer that Josh Jackson’s? Crazy. Anyways, must be nice Celtics fans. Must be nice…As a Lakers fan, it pained me to put that logo up top, but I give props when props are due.

Speaking of the Lakers, they truly lucked out by getting the second pick. We all know about the possibility of losing the pick if they fell out of the top three. Who knew that a trade made back in 2012 would have a potential crippling effect on a franchise? This is another lesson to NOT mortgage the future, which is exactly what the Celtics did this year. Geez, I have to give more props to the Celtics. Can I move to a parallel universe, please? On a side tangent, if the Lakers acquired Chris Paul, like how it was originally set up, (THANKS STERN!) instead of Steve Nash then we may not be even be talking about this. So is it BBB time in LA?

For the 76ers, imagine if they got two of the top three picks! That didn’t happen, but the No. 3 pick is still a beautiful haul…

I think this is the perfect spot for the Sixers, actually. Assuming that Ben Simmons is healthy, you’d want him to be the primary playmaker and facilitor right? If you bring in Fultz or Ball, that would relegate Simmons to a spot-up 3? Not feeling that.

Anyways, I just wanted touch on the lottery a bit. Craig Bozic will be pumping out some more in-depth content on the Draft and prospects, so keep an eye out for those.

Here’s the order for the upcoming draft, if you haven’t seen it already:

  1. Celtics (via Nets)
  2. Lakers
  3. Sixers (via Kings)
  4. Suns
  5. Kings (via Sixers)
  6. Magic
  7. Timberwolves
  8. Knicks
  9. Mavericks
  10. Kings (via Pelicans)
  11. Hornets
  12. Pistons
  13. Nuggets
  14. Heat
  15. Trail Blazers
  16. Bulls
  17. Bucks
  18. Pacers
  19. Hawks
  20. Trail Blazers (via Grizzles/Nuggets/Cavs)
  21. Thunder
  22. Nets (via Wizards)
  23. Raptors (via Clippers/Bucks)
  24. Jazz
  25. Magic (via Raptors)
  26. Trail Blazers (via Cavs)
  27. Nets (via Celtics)
  28. Lakers (via Rockets)
  29. Spurs
  30. Jazz (via Warriors)