I did okay last time I posted my picks here, so why not try again yeah? I won 24% of my bet on 1/5, but I didn’t take my own advice and faded Jarrett Allen. Woof.

No sweat, there’s another chance tonight my dudes and dudettes. It’s another five-game slate that starts at 7:30 ET. Keeping an eye on Anthony Davis’s status would be advisable. If he sits you can find some really great value in Montrezl Harrell, and then LeBron James becomes a more viable play obviously. It’s possible LBJ sits too as the Lakers have a back-to-back, but I would wager if AD sits he’s a go.

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With pivots, we’re looking for two things: low ownership and the ability to put up 6-7x value. If your low owned player puts up big numbers, you automatically jump all the people who chose the popular option. People are still going to flock to Kyrie Irving after his stellar performance last game and with Kevin Durant still out. For the $10,000 price tag, he’s definitely viable and should be rostered as much as possible.

Point Guard

Damian Lillard – $9,200

Damian Lillard is exactly the same price as last time I wrote this type of article. He hasn’t had that big, big game yet but he gets one of the juiciest matchups in this one against the lowly Minnesota Timberwolves. His shot hasn’t fallen the last few games, so he may be due for a hot game which could see him top 60 FanDuel points. I’m likin’ it.

Jamal Murray – $7,600

Jamal Murray posted a dud in the last one, which was no bueno, but for $7,600 I’ll always roster a dude that has put up 50+ FanDuel points already this season. Luka Doncic isn’t exactly a defensive dynamo, so I’m rostering Jamal Murray everywhere I can.

Shooting Guard

Caris LeVert – $6,500

I wisely faded Caris LeVert in almost 2/3 of my lineups because his big game came with both Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant on the sidelines. He still achieved 6x value and what I like is that people may come off of him now because he didn’t really blow their tops off. He was a bit over 50% owned in my last tourney, so I’m hoping this comes down to around 30% to make this pick make sense. He’s capable of putting up 50 FD points.

Dillon Brooks – $6,000

Eventually, those shots are gonna fall. Dillon Brooks has shot a putrid 28.6% from the field the last two games, so when that turns around he’s going to produce value. 35 FanDuel point is easy and he’s not going to be owned a lot due to his duds. Get him in your lineups.

Honorable Mention: Collin Sexton ($6,900)

Small Forward

Tobias Harris – $7,900

It’s hard to imagine many people spending up on Tobias Harris on this slate with so many high priced guards and centers that look chalky. I like him as a true pivot and contrarian play. His floor is great and he’s put up nearly 60 FD points just recently.

Kyle Anderson – $5,900

Yes, you’re seeing a lot of the same names. That’s what happens when you mostly hit on slates and this one is very similar to the last one. Kyle Anderson’s price came down from his latest mediocre performance against the Lakers. I wasn’t quite contrarian enough to roster him, but I like him here at this reduced price point. He gets a great matchup in the Cleveland Cavaliers, just don’t roster him with Dillon Brooks.

Power Forward

LaMarcus Aldridge – $6,200

If you’re feeling a minutes increase for LaMarcus Aldridge, this price point is low and that makes it a value. He hasn’t topped 28 minutes in a game just yet, but it’s possible he does tonight after seeing 25 minutes in the last one. He only shot 37.5% from the field last game and still put up 26.2 FD points. Without shot-blocker Anthony Davis in the mix, I like him even better, so keep an eye on that situation.


Andre Drummond – $9,200

He’s the third-highest price center on the slate and people are going to flock to Jarrett Allen, so he will be contrarian enough to make your lineup unique. Andre Drummond has been putting up a shade under 40 FD points consistently so he’s a safe play as well as having massive upside, so I like him a lot against a weak Memphis squad.

Jonas Valanciunas – $6,500

As mentioned above, people are going to flock to Jarrett Allen after his most recent outburst so I like the pivot to Jonas Valanciunas. JV gets a somewhat tough matchup against Drummond, but all he needs to do is outproduce Jarrett Allen to be a valuable play. You’ll immediately hop over 40-50% of the field in all likelihood.

Value Plays

No time for value plays today, but follow me on Twitter (@G1nsbergB3ats) and I’ll hit you with them at some point today! Players $5,600 and under who have a chance of hitting 7-9x value.