Houston’s Kyle Lowry dropped seven threes last night, making it 24 bombs in six games. That’s a league-high, the current franchise best and a wicked, wicked third-tier keeper option for your team come the fall. Lowry is ranked 16th in the league in assists and 15th in the league in steals per game, which ain’t too shabby considering he was just a seagull on the submarine’s radar during the preseason and was drafted in fewer than 25 percent of this season’s drafts. Among the league’s PG-eligible players, Lowry is a second-tier option easy, assuming Houston doesn’t timeshare Goran Dragic next year. And they might. Houston’s a kooky town. Still though, if you were in a case-making mood, the case for him being considered in the 9-13 rank among point guards could be made. He’s a 16.1 PER player only involved in 18 percent of the plays he’s on the court for. He started slow, and shared a ton of time with Aaron Brooks. That said, his paltry field-goal percentage has increased from .407 in January, .435 in February and .547 so far this month and there just ain’t no arguing with those ever-increasing counting stats.

Here’s what else went down in fantasy basketball:

Patrick Patterson18/5 off the bench. He has the ability to do this more often than he does.Let him start doing it more often before burning a roster spot on him.

Deron Williams – Quick! Grab Jordan Farmar! Don’t ask questions!I’ll explain when you get back … … Get him? Sweet. D-Will’s wife is near-labor (?) and he’ll miss the next two games to be with her.

Andrew Bogut – Returned to the starting lineup to go 14/9/7, just a day before your Federal Express-shipped Larry Sanders jersey arrived in your mailbox. Just tell your friends you’re  huge Gary Shandling fan. That’ll stop ’em from asking any questions, I’m sure.

Carlos Delfino – 15/7/2, with a full house: treys and steals. Delfino has a dozen steals in addition to eight treys. His scoring isn’t great, but now’s not the time to pick nits.

Michael Redd – Saw “Rango” the other day. Said it was “so-so.” That is all for this month’s Michael Redd updates.

Jordan Crawford – 22/4/3, with five tovs and two steals, as I might consider picking this guy up in deeper leagues. He’s played 12, 20, 22 and 27 minutes in his last four games and can score in bunches on any given night. Tonight, for one, being given. Yeah, but Adam – a lot of Crawford’s 27 minutes were garbage time. Yeah, but Mr. Al Talics – a lot of D.C.’s games go into garbage time 13 minutes after the opening tip!

Jamal Crawford – Run on Crawfords! Nine points on sub-.400 shooting in the sixth straight game for this Crawford. Until he shapes up, I’m calling him Crawful.

Joe Johnson – Shot 4-of-14 from the floor. For the record, the Armadillo Cowboy is down in every fantasy stat category except for assists, as compared to last year. Even then, 4.9 last year as compared to 5.2 this year ain’t no great shakes and I’m convinced the Hawks need to blow it all up, build around Horford and see if they can’t get something nice for Johnson’s overpriced contract.

Danny Granger – I own him in one of my leagues and haven’t enjoyed it for the most part. The first-round scorer is averaging 17 points this month on .361 shooting. The good news is that he’s likely to break this slump the next game, or the game after that, or the game after that. The bad news is I’ve been singing this song all damn season like a degenerate roulette gambler riding out red 33 until he turns a penniless pauper.

Tyler Hansbrough – 26/6 in 30 minutes. McBob went 5/5 in 23. Take the hint.

Baron Davis – 19/5/6, with four tovs and three steals still stuck in a reserve position as it feels as if a healthy Davis has been on the bench for half a season and an injured Davis has started the other half. #butthatsjustme.

Al Thornton – 9/3/1 in 19 minutes in his third game as a Warrior. Maybe not so much a Warrior as a Baseball Fury. He’s still working his way through Coney Island. Clink a few beer bottles together and forget picking this guy up.

Chris Bosh – 3-for-11. Oh. Wait. What? Ugh.

Mario Chalmers – Oushot, outassisted, outstole Bibby – and none of that was surprising. Why did Miami need Bibby again? Late game scoring? On a team with LeBron, Wade and Mike Miller? I don’t understand the game of basketball.

Vince Carter – Dropped 32, looks good lately. I’m referring more to his beard than his game. Although that too, has been decent.

Hakim Warrick – Career-high 32 points. He’s been solid all year – especially against teams with no frontcourt such as the Rockets. Unfortunately, he’s only played good minutes in about a third of it. Anyway, he’s a must-own. So go own.

  1. Lou says:

    plug a pg for tonight. actually if you could rank them in case of a surprise return. Pretty Toney @Mem, Farmar v.GS, JJack v.Dal

  2. Grouch says:

    Anthony Parker, Paul George and Jodi Meeks. If you had to choose from this poo-poo platter, which two have the most value going forward? (forced into this waiting for Gordon and Galinari to come back)

  3. Larry says:

    Would you make this swap if your set in 3’s and looking to improve fg%:

    Drop Gordon/Matthews for Derozen/Warrick

    On another team would you replace Scola with Warrick?

    Thx for the insight.

  4. 2nd place team says:

    12-team h2h league

    Here’s my squad:
    Augustin, Hinrich, Sessions, Lawson, Billups, Westbrook, Thornton,
    Budinger, Wright, W.Chandler, P.Gasol, Stoudemire, Bogut

    In you opinion, is there anyone on my team I should swap out for Warrick or T.Thomas?

  5. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Lou: I’d go Jack, Conley, Farmar in that order.

    @Grouch: Parker, but you were right to call these guys pooey.

    @Larry: Yes and yes. The Rockets don’t even play until Saturday. Even if he returns, I like Warrick’s energy right now.

    @2nd place team: Budinger, if anyone. Kinda depends what you’re looking for.

  6. Cory says:

    @Adam: CRISIS MODE.

    my lineup:

    Wesley Matthews

    10 team H2H. I’m sitting in 2nd place, but lately, and especially this week, I am in MAJOR TROUBLE. Boozer is down, DarCo/Granger/Augustin/Matthews are all tanking…I just dropped Sessions for Delfino who went and had a crap line right after I picked him up…I can see my season slipping away! What do I do? Last week I lost to the guy ranked 8th, after winning 10 weeks in a row! I might get bumped out in round 1 of the playoffs! Can you save me!?!

  7. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Cory: Drop DarCo for Sessions, Jack, Farmar in that order.

  8. Cory says:

    Also, someone dropped Gay…and I heard he has a chance to be back by end of next week. Risk it for the biscuit? Go big or go home? It aint like Delfino is gonna win this thing for me, right?

    Thanks for the urgent care.

  9. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Cory: Depends on who you’d drop to get him, but the Grizz are in the playoff hunt and Gay has been a top 20 player for 4/5 of the season. I’d say jump on it.

  10. Cory says:

    Much appreciated. I’ll jump on it like an italian plumber on so many goombas. (dropping Delfino)

  11. the real KG says:

    i actually LOL’ed @ the title

  12. Adam

    Adam says:

    @the real KG: Oh, so you’re the one. I heard I had entertained one person with that title. [/emoticon]

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