Jason Richardson stepped out of his Delorean in a Phoenix uniform and dropped 24 points on 9-for-14 shooting (six threes). Dude hasn’t cleared 20 points since January 15 and hasn’t scored 24 since December 15. S’what happens when you go from being a team’s no.1 offensive option to another team’s no.4 offensive option. Actually, I’m not sure where he ranks on Orlando. They’ve got Howard and six no.4 scorers.

Heeeeeere’s Thursday:

Ryan Anderson – As soon as I called Anderson dead and gone from fantasy value he dropped 16/5, with four threes and 15/5, with three threes. Thank Christ I don’t write a fantasy basketball advice blog.

Mike Bibby – 3/3/1 in 19 minutes. Although if you listened to Reggie last night 2011 Miami Bibby = 2004 Detroit Rasheed. Yay! The Heat are saved now!

Chauncey Billups – Billups is burning one of his floating vacation days tonight, which means all cars go for Toney Douglas. Don’t debate, just do it. Things don’t work out optimally for Douglas when he involves himself in debates.

Stephen Jackson – Likely to play tonight despite that nagging hamstring. As I can’t name anyone else playing for the Bobcats this season, might as well make sure he’s plugged into your roster. Where’s Melvin Ely these days? Is he on the Bobcats? D.J. White?

Brendan Haywood – Starting for the next two games in place of Tyson Chandler. Mingle in a quick little trip to Bed, Bath & Beyond and it should be a nice little weekend for Breywood.

Corey Brewer – Signed with Dallas, which is great because I was just thinking that the Mavs could use another two-guard.

Josh Smith – I’ll start with the good news first: his MRI came back clean, which means he isn’t likely to miss much time. Now the bad news: He’s not playing tonight and might miss a game after that. So there. I like to leave you drained of all joy.

Glen Davis – Speaking of tests coming back clean … Big Baby doesn’t have herpes! Also, his MRI showed that he’ll only miss 3-5 days. Wait. Since when do MRIs test for herpes? Creepy. Prop bet! Who returns first, Smoove or Davis? I’ve got Davis.

Baron Davis – Sticking with the Davis-with-humorous-nicknames-theme (suck it, Ricky), Boom-Dizzle will likely to debut off the bench tonight. If ever there was an example of someone you might want to start eventually, but not immediately after returning from injury … this be it. Don’t make me tell you twice, now.

Ty Lawson – The first two games went to Felton, the last two went to Tyny. If you must own one, own Lawson, but note that the two guards played a handful of minutes together last night.

  1. barker says:

    what do u think of trading gay for kirilenko and felton

    18 team keeper — kid wants to do 2 for 1s because he is out of it and is building for next year (he already did amir and manu for dwade with someone else)

    i am in 1st and i own lawson

    i would wind up keeping deron horford randolph possibly augustin but prolly not
    was originally planning to keep gay

  2. All of those players make me sad.

  3. Adam

    Adam says:

    @barker: Who would be keeping instead of Gay? Also, will Kirilenko help you in 20 games more than Gay will in 10? ‘Cause I’m not sure Felton is worth anything these days.

    @ChrisV82: Ha. It feels like only D-Leaguers and members of the Heat are healthy these days.

  4. hakasan says:

    need to sit one for tonight… what’s your recommendation??


    hedo’s been horrible lately, if he decides to show tonight and the rest of the team is tired, he might have a good game… harden seems like he would get pt w/o kd… did frye recover from kg’s elbow?

  5. papafrog says:

    Hey Ad, just got offered SJax for my Beno. Normally, I’d be all over it like white on rice but Beno playing very well without Tyreke and SJax, well, he’s being SJax. Still worth a gamble? 14 team league, rotiss. I’m obviously taking a hit in FG here assuming SJax plays, that is. Thanks in advance.

  6. Adam

    Adam says:

    @hakasan: I’ll list ’em in order: Turkoglu…

    Now, I want you to notice the distance between Hedo and the rest of your benchslap candidates.

    @papafrog: I’d take it. Jackson’s not totally healthy, but they wouldn’t run him out there if he was flat-out injured. Also, between Thornton, eventual Evans and Udrih’s hot and cold snaps, it’s not much less risky declining the offer.

  7. @Adam,

    word, point taken

  8. Larry says:

    Put Deron and Calderon up as trade bait as i’m more than set for dimes. Got offered Monroe/Lawson for my Scola/Calderon. What do make of this? I can use the steals. Would you consider giving Deron with his injured wrists and potentially being shut down inplace of Calderon? Thanks man i appreciate your time.

  9. @Larry…
    those trades sound seriously bad for you… if you want stls, you should be targeting like cp3 with the 2 for 1s or monta ellis or stephen curry….

  10. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Larry: I’d skip it. I like Monroe … a lot … but I wouldn’t prefer him over Scola. And with the shakiness of Lawson, you wouldn’t be doing your team any favors by switching out Joe Kettle. A combo of D-Will/Calderon should net you a ton more than your Scolas and your Lawsons.

  11. @Adam,

    even though chase b had that clunker last game, dropping hedo to pick him up is still a good move? seems like he’ll get as much playing time as he can handle till the end of the season?

  12. Travis says:

    U Got me with B Diddy on my bench!…I had him starting till I read your post! lol

  13. Phil says:

    Alright, here’s the situation. I’m killing it most cats besides FG and FT%, 3’s and TO’s. I can still make up some ground in blocks, but it might make take a miracle. I’m thinking of dropping some fellas and grabbing some other fellas. Tell me what you think.

    G: Wall, Eric Gordon, Thornton
    F: S-Jax, Hickson, David Lee
    C: Monroe, Gortat
    Util: Blopez, Scola

    Bench: J-Smoove, Collison, Troy Murphy, Lawson

    Waiver guys:

    Delfino, Tyreke (someone just dropped him), Budinger, Landry (if David West is out for a couple weeks)

    I’m thinking I should drop Murphy for Tyreke in case the Freak comes back earlier than expected. Just trying to gain any ground I can at this point.

  14. Adam

    Adam says:

    @hakasan: Honestly, I don’t think Hedo has more than five noteworthy games left in him this season. Budinger isn’t too far off from my projections earlier this week and sadly, Hedo’s not too far off my projections from the preseason.

    @Travis: Sorry, Travis. It goes that way sometime. The odds were against Davis having that good of a game from the jump. If I had to make the call again, the odds tell me I should play it the same way. Look at it this way, had he had a clunker, he’d just be taking up space on your bench the next time out too.

    @Phil: I’m not sure what Evans does for you FG%, FT%, 3ptm, and TOV. Those are his weakest categories. Go Landry.

  15. Howie Met Your Mother says:

    Adam, should I be owning Lawson or DarCo right now? Or both and drop Fields?

  16. Fletch says:

    @Adam: Would you rather have Sessions or Budinger for the rest of the season? Wes Johnson, Ty Thomas or S. Samuels?


  17. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Howie Met Your Mother: Lawson. Collison looks like a JV player accidentally playing with varsity; a particularly sad statement considering the Indiana Pacers are the varsity team I’m referring to.

    @Fletch: Thomas, Budinger, Sessions, Johnson and Samuels in that order.

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