I’ve never liked Jamal Crawford‘s game. A sharpshooter with a .409 career FG% has always seemed like a headache I don’t need. I’ve never owned him in any league during any season, so perhaps I’m just not used to his charm. Maybe he’s the Danny McBride of the NBA. I keep hearing he’s awesome and he’s certainly well-received by plenty of others, but I’m just not sold. Atlanta still hasn’t signed him, but there haven’t been any rumors that other teams are particularly interested in a sixth man averaging 14 ppg on .429 shooting in almost 30 minutes a game. He doesn’t rebound, doesn’t steal and his 1.1 3pt is the lowest it’s been since Donyell Marshall and Jalen Rose were the Bulls’ two best players. He’s bound to stay in the East for now and his minutes have dwindled to 1.5 fewer a game, making him Eastbound and down, fo’ sho. There’s hope for Crawford if he can add an extra three each game from here on out, but I wouldn’t count on it. Not after seeing the new motion offense that generally helps the team’s bigs more than the team’s backcourt. The 2010 Crawford has made the 2009 Crawford look like a fluke, like a player playing well over his head. Indeed, the reigning Sixth Man of the Year earned the highest per-minute scoring average of his career in addition to the second-highest FG% and 3ptm averages of his career in ought-nine. It’s all going down with little hope of comin’ back up.

Here’s what else went down over the weekend in fantasy basketball:

Josh Smith – He’s attempted 14 threes in 11 games so far this season and every single one of them looked like bad ideas. Turns out 43 percent of those bad ideas went in and his .508 FG% is a career-high. I don’t know what to make of it. Up is down. Black is white. The new Taylor Swift album is mildly charming. My head hurts. I thought it was because my weave is too tight. Now, I’m not so sure that’s it.

Marvin Williams – Averaging 7/6.5 in 29 minutes over the two games since returning from knee injury. Treat Marv the way you’d treat the guy hunched over in his car in the office parking lot who may be dead: leave him alone for now and if he wakes up in a bit, you’re all good.

Kevin Love – Averaged 26.5/24 in about 40 mpg over the weekend. I went from about six to midnight faster than Love went from a top 50 player to a top 20 one.

Sebastian Telfair – Has averaged 11.8/6.5 in 39 minutes taking over for Luke Ridnour four games ago. You’ve got one, maybe two more games before Jonny Flynn mucks up this nice thing you’ve got going. Actually, it hasn’t been that nice. He’s playing 18 more minutes a game and averaging just three more points and assists. Say goodbye without tears in your eye.

John Wall – Left Chicago on Saturday wearing a walking boot. I didn’t see it, but if it keeps him out past his next game on Tuesday, I’m guessing it was an Ugh boot.

Austin Daye – He’s healthy, but sat out the entire game and was replaced in the lineup by someone not averaging a sad 9/4.2/0.7 as a starter.

Tyreke Evans – He’s been pressing in his last three games, shooting .386 over that time, which is more ‘Reek than ‘Reke. Despite this, his averages are shockingly on par with where he finished last season.

Jeff Adrien – Played a season-high 19 minutes on Saturday and ended with a line of 6/8 and two blocks. I didn’t see the performance and I’m glad I didn’t. Instead, I spent the entire game refreshing the box score on my phone imagining Jeff Lynne, the lead singer of Boston, filling in for David Lee, whom I occasionally picture as being Van Halen’s lead singer. You really haven’t played fantasy basketball until you replace all the athletes on your team with musicians.

Jeff Green – Let the Jeff news continue as Green returned after missing the previous three games. He didn’t play so hot (12/3/2), but it was hotter than he played in the last three games. What? Technically, it’s true.

Kyle Lowry – His shot has been as stanky as a used Shaq shoe since his return from injury three games ago. He’s shooting only .296 and averaging 3.7 tovs in that time, but he’s also averaging 5.7 ast/1.7 stl in a little under 31 mpgs. Give his shot a few games and expect Lowry to be a 13/7 guy for the next month.

Toney Douglas – Remember how proud you were for grabbing Douglas? You took a half-day off from work, treated yourself with a mani/pedi (New York orange on the fingers, Knicks blue on the toes), and finished all the en & Jerry’s left in your freezer. … No? C’mon, I can’t be the only one to have done that. Well anyway, after a hot start to the season in which Tone+Tony=Toney averaged .508/2.2 3pt/16.4 pts/2.4 stls in 28 minutes in his first five games, dude’s gone from Knick to brick in his last five averaging .327/0.8 3pt/8.8 pts/1.6 stls in 24 minutes. Anyway, he’ll go in hot ‘n’ cold streaks all season. Let him pre-heat again before he cooks your team.

Robin Lopez – Left in the first half of Sunday’s contest in L.A. with an injured shin (shinjury?). I trust you wouldn’t have known that if I hadn’t told you because RoPez owners dropped him a week ago.

Jason Richardson – Dude sank seven tres on his way to 35 points on Sunday. Most ESPN owners drafted him with the 59th pick. Most Yahoo! users drafted him with their 49th pick. I had him ranked 27th – exactly where the ESPN Player Rater has him ranked today. Damn. I should really start giving fantasy basketball advice!

Channing Frye – Dropped 20 points on the strength of four threes on Sunday. In the previous four games, Frye had a total of 20 points and five threes. Let’s see where he goes from here.

Shannon Brown – 12/2/2 including two shots from behind the arc. Steve Blake missed the game with a case of the flu, so Brown played an  extra couple minutes, but still produced a line that only slightly exceeds his season average. I’m as anxious as you are for him to put three solid games together so I can recommend him. He hasn’t yet, so I haven’t yet.

Matt Bonner – Shot 7-for-10 on Sunday, all seven shots were threes (a career-high). And while he’s an okay source for threes, you should focus less on the seven bombs and more on the fact that he’s never hit that many in a game before.

Tim Duncan – 6/4 with three blocks in 23 minutes on Sunday. His 13.4 scoring average this season is 3.5 points lower than last season, which isn’t good. Neither is his career-low 30.3 mpg, a stat that has been in steady decline since 2005. The good news is that nothing else has seen as drastic a dip. This, combined with his career-low 22.3 USG%, suggests more that the ball just isn’t finding Duncan as often as he’s used to, as opposed to Duncan being unable to put down the same stats as before. The bad news is that there’s no reason to see this trend stop anytime soon, as the Spurs have started the season 8-1. I hate ending on bad news, so consider this: if human bodies varied in size as much as dog bodies do, some of us would be no taller than a Barbie doll. See? Things could be worse.

  1. Tony says:

    what about nazr’s 20/20 game?

    how hurt is robin?

  2. barker says:

    drop reggie evans or chuck hayes for matt bonner in an 18 team league??

    im thinking evans

  3. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Tony: It was nice for owners who played him, but probably not nice enough to make up for the nine games before that where he averaged 7/4. It’s also probably not nice enough for those same owners who will run him out there for the next nine games where he’ll revert back to his 7/4 line. RE: Robin – MRI today, but they’re saying they don’t expect him to miss more than tonight’s game – if that.

    @barker: If the 1-2 threes Bonner will give you each game is worth more than the 6-9 rebounds Evans will give you eaach game, then go for it.

  4. Fletch says:

    @Adam: Do you like D. Wright over Hickson for the rest of the year? Bledsoe vs. Mo Williams for the rest of the year?

    Would you trade Mo Williams, Hickson and Jack for Carl Landry and S-Jax? How about for S-Jax and AK47?


  5. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Fletch: Depends. I think we’ve seen what Dorell Wright has to offer, but I wouldn’t be surprised if J.J. Hickson improves between now and May.

    I like Bledsoe’s upside more than I like the odds that Mo Williams returns even to his 2009 form with the glut of guards in Cleveland.

    I’d prefer AK47 over Landry, but I’d consider either. It depends on the other pieces you have on your team. In a vacuum however, Jax is the best player of the bunch and it’s always good to get the best player in any trade.

  6. Taki says:

    What’s going on dude. Apparently Jonny Flynn is coming back sometime this week. Do you think he’s worth it or will produce nice fantasy #s to pick him up ASAP and wait for him to get back to shape and game rhythm?

  7. Tony says:

    @Adam: ya in my league i dropped tmac for nazr, had to take a flyer, with robin lopez and cousins as my centers? i’m screwed haha….

  8. Steve Mc says:

    would you trade Iggy for Bargnani or try to get more?

  9. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Taki: Flynn is the team’s first choice at PG and they’ll give him every opportunity to be that. However, he’s been out of it for months since having hip surgery, so there’s no telling how long it’s going to take him to get up to speed. He’s worth a flier if you can afford not to use him for the next month or so.

    @Tony: Ha. Don’t think of it as screwed. Think of it as “perpetually searching for the right personnel fit.”

    @Steve Mc: More.

  10. Tony says:

    @Adam: ha yep, in my 20 team league with some teams rostering 2 or 3 centers….. im screwed.

    i prepared for the future so i just gotta hope Cousins is the real deal and doesn’t go all Arenas or Plaxico on me and do something retarded.

  11. ThE sHiT says:

    @Adam: Safe to drop Anthony Randolph already? Guys like Lowry, Garcia, Landry, Weems, Blair, and Warrick are available.

  12. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Tony: Yup. In leagues that deep, you can just hope for someone else’s guy to do something stupid so you can swoop in and grab his back-up.

    @ThE sHiT: It’s never safe to drop Randolph. But if you absolutely must, Lowry and Warrick are my favorites in that group.

  13. ThE sHiT says:

    @Adam: It’s a 16 team h2h league and I can’t afford Randolph’s turds in this league with shallow benches. While I really want to hold on to Randolph, I need production. So it looks like I’m going with Lowry since Wall is injured and might miss some time. Thanks!

  14. Adam

    Adam says:

    @ThE sHiT: Turds is a highly accurate way to describe Anty’s game right now. Or, if you were typing it, ThE tUrDs.

  15. ThE sHiT says:

    @Adam: Lol hey it’s just a unique way to type. My handle was my team name for years, but I recently changed it to SWAGGER. I won my 16 team baseball league so ThE sHiT will only be used here for now.

  16. Adam

    Adam says:

    @ThE sHiT: I dig it. It makes me feel drunk, which is a welcome sensation on a Monday.

  17. ThE sHiT says:

    @Adam: Your Monday is my Saturday. So I plan to feel that sensation tonight.

  18. Adam

    Adam says:

    @ThE sHiT: Haha. I gotta figure out how to get a gig like you (but that also still leaves my real Saturdays intact).

  19. ThE sHiT says:

    @Adam: Work for the government where the schedules are unorthodox. I have crappy seniority, so I got stuck with a crappy schedule. But, I start work at 0930, so I can still enjoy the night on a Saturday.

  20. Adam

    Adam says:

    @ThE sHiT: Sweet. Least it’s not a nights AND weekends-type job. I always say never trust a guy who works nights and weekends in the same job for over a year.

    By always, I think I’ve said that, like, four times in my life.

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