“Hey JB G.”

I feel like I’ve played this song and dance all year.  “I love KCP!”  “KCP is dead to me!”  “He’s a usable ThrAGNOF!”  “He’s worse than month-old stroganoff!”  And on and on and on like a never clean addict.  “Why can’t I quit you?!”

In what was a great game until the 4th quarter, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope had maybe one of his best games as a pro.  It didn’t show up in any glaring numbers on the stat sheet, but this new backcourt with Reggie Jackson is mad fun.  KCP for 21/2/1/2/0 hitting 7-13 FG (5-7 3PTM) including two ridiculous threes in transition.  Both would’ve been near-cringeworthy if he missed them!  Lead the break in unfavorable numbers (more or less was just KCP vs. 2 or 3 defenders) and pulled up leaning forward burying them both.  Then in back-to-back plays, knocked the ball of LeBron James‘ leg for a TO then drew a charge, both in transition where LeBron is his best.  Just the overall confidence and swagger was there that I haven’t always seen.  Then again, I am always biased due to the addiction!  I was brushing my teeth with my finger and hopping around like a madman this whole game…  Here’s what else went down last night in fantasy basketball action:

Derrick Rose Yikes.  Came out after I had already written the open that he’s having yet another meniscus surgery and is likely out for the year.  Yup, why I own Rose nowhere.  Tough, tough blow to the Bulls and Rose owners.  I imagine Kirk Hinrich would play some PG, and an expanded role for Aaron Brooks, who is worth a spec add where you can get him.  Also for the semi-deepers, Hinrich moving to PG minutes would likely give Tony Snell some consistent run at the 2, but not 30 minutes or anything most nights.

Stephen Curry Welcoming Curry back to the elite fantasy hoops diet!  32/0/8/2/0 hitting 5 treys and no TO.  No lingering effects from Das Fus.  But make that “S” one of those fancy German ones…

Marreese Speights – The ace of Speights!  He’s kinda like a mid-range Charlie Villanueva or Charlie Sheen.  Never met a shot he didn’t like!  As in Hot Shots OK, I’m sure Sheen is a fine upstanding citizen!  Keeps making this mess of big men unownable…

Paul Pierce – I can’t remember the last time I had him in a Daily Notes…  2008?  25/5/1/1/1 with a crazy efficient 7-11 FG (2-4 3PTM 9-9 FT).  Efficiency is da Truth!

Bradley Beal Still out with the stress reaction in his leg.  Tons of stress reactions this year.  Need some leg and foot meditation.

Kevin Love Glorified PF ThrAGNOF!  Kidding of course, but scored all 24 points on 8 treys.

LeBron James Quaddub alert!  19/7/11/3/1, with a splendid 9 TO.  He’s now a good bit over 4 TO a game now, but what’s interesting is his last career high TO rate was 3.6 the first year in Miami.  Takes time getting used to the new team!

Reggie Jackson Beast.  22/8/9/0/1 hitting 7-8 FT and a trey.  I wish the steals would come, but not too much to complain about.

Tayshaun Prince – Started at the 3 and got a whopping 31 minutes!  7/4/0/2/1 and still someone to ignore in virtually all leagues.  Breaking news!

Serge Ibaka As I mentioned when Enes Kanter was brought in, look at that shiny new FG%!  9-11 FG (1-1 3PTM 4-4 FT) 23/10/0/0/3.  The 3 TO was about the only bad thing, but my frontcourt is certainly a Serge-ing Enes right now!

Russell Westbrook Without Kevin Durant, Westbrook is like Oscar Robertson out there.  Pretty much expect a tripdub every night!  20/11/10/1/0 in only 28 minutes while the Thunder routed the Pacers.

D.J. Augustin Got 7 assists without doing much else, but I highly doubt he gets 25 minutes very often.  Although he did pick up a few with Westbrook on the court, so there’s that…

C.J. Miles – 21/2/0/1/0 hitting 9-14 and a couple of treys.  ThrAGNOF!

Rodney Stuckey – Well, when ya hot ya hot, and when ya not, ya not!  Followed back-to-back 30 points games with scoring 5 last night.  Yes, 5.  5/4/5/0/0 with 3 TO shooting 2-8.  Yikes.

Monta Ellis – Glad to see he’s finally hip!  20/1/3/3/1 leading the Mavs to a nice win over the Craptors.

Al-Farouq Aminu Wooooo, nice stream call!  Richard Jefferson got the start for the kankled Chandler Parsons, but Al-Ami for 9/12/0/1/2 hitting 4-9 FG…  Unfortunately took a doodie on your TO with 4 giveaways though…  Streaming isn’t always a clean and sterile game!

Devin Harris – But it was for my two last night!  14/3/5/4/0 with no TO and continues to be so much better than Rajon Rondo.  Geez, if you traded Rondo worried about the numbers moving to Dallas, you’re making out like a horny 15-year-old right now!  Rondo only played 18 minutes and got into a fight with Rick Carlisle in the 3rd and never got back into the game.  What in the hell could Rondo be using in his argument?!  “I used to be good at basketball in 2011, Rick, lemme try!”

Tyson Chandler – Hurt his hip flexor but played through it and probably won’t miss any time.  That said, lots of bumps and bruises as he is wearing down…

James Johnson 26 minutes of a near-rainbow, but 6/4/2/3/1 is a little yawnstipating.  Flanked by 3-4 FG (nice!) and 3 TO (booo!), I still caution he’s a little bunchy.

Patrick Patterson Returned from a game off with a knee sprain for 12/7/1/0/1 and a couple of treys.  Deep leaguers are like, “Pit-Pat, I love you!”  Thanks Globo-Chem!


Streamers/Cheap Daily League Picks:

Kevin Garnett (13% owned) – I’m going crazy with it, wooooo!  Hey, crazier names have had big streamer nights and in his re-return debut to Minnesota, he’ll be in the starting line-up and I think get involved.  I guess what I’m saying is, “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!”

Alexis Ajinca (6% owned) – I don’t think Ajinca is going to be consistently usable while both Anthony Davis and Ryan Anderson are hurt, but against a Nets team that plays some really big PF, I think Ajinca gets some good run.


I hope everyone is staying warm and safe out there with all this snow pounding the east coast, and we’ll catch you tomorrow Razzball Nation!