The Hart family was one of extraordinary magnitude. Don Corleone would traverse up north and cross the border to pay his respects and kiss the ring of Stu, who had eight sons with Bret and Owen wreaking havoc on the WWF streets for many of years. There’s Smith, Bruce, Keith, Wayne, Dean, Bret, Ross, Diana, Owen, Teddy, Tyson, Mike, Hart, Helen, Martha…..Someone go get Son a ventilator! On Monday, a Hart from another mother represented the family name well, despite not being a part of the family yet I’m sure he’d be welcomed with open arms because of this:


“That’s my boy,” Stu proudly said. After being told that Josh did not come from his sperm, Stu grabbed that person, flipped him upside down, then piledrived him to China. With no Brandon Ingram on Monday, Hart saw a slight uptick in usage to 21.5%. It was the sixth time he scored at least 20 points this season and 11th time pulling down at least 10 boards. He’s racked up a steal in six straight games and has four games with three steals on the season. He’s a top 90 player for fantasy on a per-game basis. I. Hart. You.

Here’s what else I saw last night:

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Garrett Temple


Got the start for Ingram and played 29 minutes. When entering this Temple, praying is not enough for production. There must be sacrifices made. What should you sacrifice? Well, you have to pray on it! See what I mean?! This Temple averages a measly 0.68 fantasy points per minute so you are literally praying for production.

Herb Jones


I love Herb. Acapulco Gold. Blue Dream. LA Confidential. These we all smoke. The Herb that I’m referring to you is the one on the Pelicans who has been smoking hot all season. He’s a low usage player (13%) but he contributes in every category and shoots efficiently from both the field and the line. He’s a top 90 player right now and could finish near the top 50. He has a chance to be a 1/1/1 player if he averages 0.3 more tres because he’s racking up 1.5 steals and one block. He’s shooting 50% from the field and 80% from the line. This is some good strain of Herb.

Nickeil Alexander-Walker


He’s shooting 36% from the field on the season. Yuck. NAW, mean? That said, he’s garnering a 27.5% usage rate as the main offensive weapon off the bench. A Nickeil for your thoughts? If I had a Nickeil for everytime I rostered Nickeil, I’d have a Nickeil. He played 34 minutes off the bench last night and sees an increased usage rate when Ingram is off the floor.

Caris LeVert


Poor Pacers. No Brogdon. No Sabonis. No Turner. That means another L, the 31st on the season, as they fell to the Pelicans 113-117. Poo Poo Pacers. Without those players on the court, LeVert has garnered a 30.8% usage rate. Last night, that number was 34%. He is the Alpha and Omega in that situation. Unfortunately, he is far from being a God.

Chris Duarte


He’s too old they said. He’s not athletic enough they said. He doesn’t have much upside they said. We need to revolt against “they.” Viva la revolucion!!! All he does is get buckets. On the season, he’s outside the top 150 but over the last six games, he’s been a top 40 player. He will likely finish close to the top 100 but he’s showing that he can score, provide tres, grab boards, dish out a few dimes, and rack up steals. The efficiency isn’t great at 44% but I’ve seen worse and he’s still only a rookie. The free-throw shooting is only 71%, though, but he has a good stroke and was an 80% shooter in college.

Duane Washington


Duane. On Monday, he made it….class? Rain!!! The answer to your question is no.

Nerlens Noel


Mr. Robinson’s neighborhood was closed as the potholes (ankle) needed to be repaired. As a result, Noel got the start and played 29 minutes. He’s a 71% shooter from the free-throw line so last night was an aberration. Over the last two seasons, he’s finished as the 82nd and 70th player for fantasy. He’s dealt with a myriad of injuries this season and maybe ends the season in a groove. Noel will provide steals, blocks, good percentages, and some boards.

Kemba Walker


Got the start but only played 20 minutes. Remember when Kemba played 43 minutes and put up 44 points back in December? Those were good times.

RJ Barrett


RJ has scored 24 and 28 points in the past two games. “Yo, Julius. Look at me. LOOK AT ME. I’m the captain now!” Knicks fans are pleading, “Please sink my battleship!” RJ doesn’t provide defensive stats and has terrible percentages (41% from the field and 68% from the line).

Kevin Love


Jarrett Allen was out as he came down with an illness. Ed Lover Davis got the start but only played 17 minutes. He was just there to make sure Love didn’t get hurt, as Love hurts when exposed too much. What Love does is make it rain. Sometimes with arrows that blot out the sun. Other times with shots that tickle the twine. Love is a top 100 player despite playing only 21 minutes per game. Trade him to a contender. Oh, snap. The Cavs are a contender, sporting a 29-19 record and sitting fifth in the Eastern Conference. What a time to be alive.

Darius Garland


A poor shooting night but he’s been converting 46% of his attempts on the season. The usage rate is 26.3% and he’s averaging 8.2 dimes to go along with 19.7 points. That’s been good for top 50 production. There’s a chance he ends up in the top 40. To all of you who believed and expected a big leap this season, kudos.

Zach LaVine


Returned to action and played 35 minutes. The efficiency was off a bit but that was to be expected after missing the last five games. Hey, even robots need time to recalibrate. With all of the injuries for the Bulls, the return of LaVine was a welcome sight.

DeMar DeRozan did not play in this one as…..coaching staff looks at the schedule. Oh, it’s the Thunder. Let’s give DD a rest. Ain’t no thing especially when…..

Ayo Dosunmu


Got the start and played 35 minutes. He started the game 9-of-9 from the field! AYO! He’s started six straight games and, in the prior five, he averaged 39.2 minutes, 13.2 points, 5.4 boards, six dimes, 1.4 steals, and 0.6 blocks. He had two stinkers in which he scored five and seven points but he’s been very impressive. The defensive contributions are there, he has ball-handling skills, can create his own shot, has been draining the spot-up Js, but I’ve been most impressed with his vision and passing ability. When the Bulls are completely healthy, how will he fit in? That said, Alex Caruso and Lonzo Ball are out for a while so Dosunmu will get to show how he meshes with Vuc, LaVine, and DeRozan.

Nikola Vucevic


Vuc is tied for fifth in dub-dubs with 49. Nikola Jokic leads the league with 60. Once again, Vucevic is stymied by Jokic in his quest to sit on the pantheon of the Nikola throne. That said, there is no shame in just being a god, instead of a GOD.

Coby White


The shooting efficiency is always an issue as he’s at 43% for the season. He did play 31 minutes in this one as Javonte Green was inserted into the starting lineup for DeRozan. That may be a better role for him as he will garner most of the usage as the main guy leading the second unit. With the injuries in the backcourt, White should continue seeing over 30 minutes of run.

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander


Shai is so freaking Gilgeous. He’s great like Alexander. The usage rate is 30%. The efficiency has been poor at 42% but he posted numbers of 47%, 47%, and 50% over the last three seasons. He’s 0.2 blocks from being a 1/1/1 player. I’m getting a little too excited for my liking since I have to go to bed soon. Someone get Son that ventilator again! Shai is a top 40 player for fantasy. At some point, he’s going to crack the top 25.

Let’s see. No Donovan Mitchell. No Rudy Gobert. No Joe Ingles. No Bojan Bogdanovic. No Royce O’Neale. Despite sending out the B-Team, Quin Hannibal Snyder almost lit the cigar as the plan almost came together with the Jazz falling 109-115 in Phoenix.

Jordan ClarkSON


Got the start and played 34 minutes while garnering a massive 33.4% usage rate. A professional hucker and chucker who I am tempted to disown when he lays bricks but he’s Asian, an ex-Laker so I will always have love for him no matter what. He will always be my ClarkSON.

Danuel House Jr.


Played a team-high 43 minutes. I like the thinking. One must deploy a House in order to get maximum protection from the Suns. That was the third time in his career that he racked up at least 2 steals and 2 blocks in a game. He has scored at least 20 points seven times in his career so he’s viable if given the minutes.

Hassan Whiteside


Got the start and played 33 minutes. It wasn’t a Mt. Whiteside explosion but those don’t come often. They usually happen when least expected. All one can do is go there and hope the volcano explodes.

Trent Forrest


Got the start and played 36 minutes. If a Forrest scores but no one was there to see it, did it really happen? Thank goodness for modern technology! If you’re asking the question I think you’re asking, can you tell the Forrest from the trees?

Devin Booker


What a sexy f’ing line. It’s crazy. Booker has a 32% usage rate. He’s averaging 24.5 points per game and can go for 50 on any given night. He drains tres, grabs boards, and dishes out dimes. He even racks up some steals. The field goal percentage isn’t great at 43% but he’s shooting 86% from the line. He’s a top 35 player. That just shows you how f’ing dope the guys in the top 25 are.

Chris Paul


When Elon Musk gets Space X up and running, we are finally going to find the planet that Paul comes from. At age 37, he’s still putting up top 20 production, with no height, no hops, and no quickness. Just handles, guile, vision, and a shot. Man, I’m about to go YouTube clicking and play old New Orleans Paul highlights. When he was lightning quick. I quit smoking but I think I’m going to have to drive to the store to get a pack. Bring back that ventilator for Son!

Bismack Biyombo


Played 31 minutes off the bench. JaVale McGee has been starting but it’s been Biyombo who has been getting the majority of the minutes and producing without Deandre Ayton in the mix. Bismack Biyombo Brovides Blocks Boards. It’s so appropriate that Bold is with a B. It will be interesting to see how much run Biyombo gets when Ayton returns.

Cameron Johnson


Got the start and played 38 minutes as Jae Crowder was out. This Johnson may not get you ultra hard but he stiffens you up with the 3-and-D capabilities. He’s a top 100 player despite playing only 25.7 minutes per game. He’s averaging 11.8 points, 2.5 tres, 4.3 boards, and 0.9 steals. He’s scored at least 20 points five times this season.