Danny Granger didn’t score his first two points until 7:16 in the second quarter. By the time he sank his first shot he had already bricked seven – four of which were from downtown – and I had long ago hurled my plate full of Hot Pockets at my TV. Yeah, that’s right. Plate full. I had a plate full of Hot Pockets. Not one. A whole damn plate. Stacked ’em like Lincoln Logs. Why? Because I hate myself. Why? Because I picked Granger with the seventh pick in this year’s draft. Why? Because Kobe’s knee and finger and Gasol and … bah! By the end of the Granger’s run, he was 2-for-19, with nothing to show for nine attempts from the arc. There’s nothing quite as infuriating as a cold shooter trying to warm up from 25 feet away from the basket. Scoot up, Daniel! Drive on Beasley. He won’t mind – hell, he won’t even know! Every lethargic game the Pacers limp through clarifies that Granger is closer to Kevin Martin than Kevin Durant. He’s a solid player, a multi-tooled player that can come in handy, but he’s not an elite player. Elite players don’t shoot .400-or-worse from the floor 31 times in 63 games. Elite players don’t attempt 6+ treys in 27 games and shoot worse than .333 in 11 of them. Elite players don’t see their PER average slip from 21.8, to 19.8 to 17.6 in three consecutive years. Elite players don’t have 17.6 PERs. Granger’s treated like a star in Indy, which is at least half the problem. He’s slightly better than Luol Deng, perhaps slightly worse than Andre Iguodala and on par with players with a lot to offer, but so much less control than you can afford to be without after one round in your draft. He’s not improving in Indiana, he’s getting worse.You can’t drop Granger, can’t trade him now.

Here what else went down in fantasy basketball’s busiest day of the week:

Roy Hibbert – 0-for-6, with no points. Sonuvabitch!

Tyler Hansbrough – Started. Made something of it (21/9, with three steals).Will likely be a headliner in the offseason’s sleeper posts.

Paul George – Also started. Made little of it (6/3, with three steals). Less likely to impact those same sleeper posts.

Anthony Randolph – 14/7/2, with a steal in 19 minutes. Next year, kids. Next year.

Tyrus Thomas – There was a setback, he didn’t play. Your disappointment in his performance will have to wait at least one more game. On the bright side, your disappointment that he didn’t even play enough to disappoint you with his performance got its day in court.

Gerald Henderson – Scored 20 points and eight assists against a tough Bulls squadron. For those keeping score at home, in the seven games Henderson has played since taking over for the other Gerald, he’s scored 16 or more points in four of them and nine or fewer points in the other three.

Kyle Korver – 20 points on the shoulders of four treys in what had to be the most obvious blowout of the night, even though it wasn’t really a blowout until the fourth. The Bulls actually blowing out the Bobs was a formality – like actually saying the words, “I think we should break up” after you catch him screwing your sister.

Jordan Farmar – Shot 2-for-10 and threejerked his way to an 0-for-5 mark behind the arc. Jor-dash didn’t think he’d see 25 minutes in a one game for the rest of the season, stayed up to watch all three screenings of “Yogi Bear” on the flight back from London and still hasn’t recovered from the jetlag. Blame him for loving the movie, but trust that he’ll improve next time out.

Sasha Vujacic – Deep leaguers in a pinch might consider adding the Machine while he’s starting (uh, he’s starting in place of Damion James, whom you also were probably unaware was starting. Damion James was starting. Then he got concussed. So he ain’t startin’ no mo’. Good. Now we’re all caught up), but he runs too hot and cold for me. He shot okay last night (7-of-16 in 32 minutes), but when he’s not shooting well, he offers nothing else. Nothing. I’ve been over to his condo twice now and neither time did he offer me a vodka. Did he fix himself one? Oh, sure. But me? Nooo.

Dorell Wright – Averaged 18.9 points on .481 shooting from the field and .422 shooting from the arc in January. In February, he averaged 15.4 on .396/.338 shooting. So far this month he’s averaging 10.7 and shooting .365/.174. If we could just combine Wright’s first three months with John Salmons‘ last three months, we’d have one player who actually meets the expectations fantasy owners have for either. Also, we’d call it the Dorell Salmon, grill it, slather it in lemon juice and sell it to Long John Silvers.

Baron Davis – Left due to the death of his grandmother. He’ll miss at least two games, maybe more. Ramon Sessions is … well, you know.

Amir Johnson – Left with an ankle injury near the end of the first quarter, or should I say, amir eight minutes into the game? Which is a delightful lead-in to …

Reggie Evans – Returned for the first time since November. You remember November, don’tcha? That’s where Milwaukee was probably going to beat out Chicago for the Central Division title, John Wall was running away with the Rookie of the Year award and Evans was neck-and-neck with Kevin Love for the rebounding title because Love was playing 25 minutes a game. Anyway, he grabbed 11 boards last night in limited minutes. Minutes that won’t be as limited if a) Johnson misses time and b) he shakes off the rust. Teams in need of boards, need not look further.

Shawn Marion – The Matrix took the blue pill (left the game) and bent (bruised) the spoon (his ribcage). Or did he take the red pill and deja vu means there’s a glitch? Eh. Who can remember the ’90s?

Tyson Chandler – 16/13, with a block. He’s back and he’s back!

Jarrett Jack – 21/6/7 in place of the injured Chris Paul. As long as Paul’s concussed, Jarrett Jack’s a must.

Trevor Ariza – Returned to a depressed N’Awlins crowd silently wishing Ariza was concussed and Paul had returned.

Al Jefferson – Doing his December Amar’e impression averaging 28/10/2 in March.

Paul Millsap – He worked out with the team, but wasn’t well enough to play. These knee injuries tend to linger – and in Millsap’s case have lingered – but the Jazz are fighting for their playoff lives and he was well enough to practice, so I’d be surprised if he misses another game. Neither Derrick Favors nor Jeremy Evans made a compelling argument to keep Millsap benched either.

Blake Griffin – Shot 4-for-14 from the floor and finished with a dozen points, as Garnett put a scare into him. It’s not the good kind of scare, where Griffin would play harder and fight nastier. It’s more the kind of scare that made his manhood shrivel back up into his body cavity.

Serge Ibaka – 8/8/2, with two blocks. He’s going to be the Jeff Green in 2012 that many hoped Jeff Green would be in 2011.

Daniel Gibson – In his second game back since missing a week, Boobie dropped 13/2/7 in 24 minutes. Those minutes will continue rising along with Gibson’s output, especially since we’re approaching the one month anniversary of a game in which Gibson didn’t suck.

Marc Gasol – Has looked winded lately. He’s shooting much more efficiently in March than he has in any other month this season, but he’s playing almost seven fewer minutes a game. In other news, Darrell Aurthur has looked like friggin’ … well, like Marc Gasol in the last week taking up Gasol’s minutes. So if you’re into Gasol, try Aurthur.

Ronny Turiaf – Returned after a long layoff (0/2/1, with a block), but Jared Jeffries has taken over the starting role (2/2/3, with two blocks). Still, you get the feeling whoever has the hot hand will be placed into the lineup. “Hot hand,” in this instance means something like 6/7, with two blocks.

Andray Blatche – No structural damage to his shoulder. Day-to-day until Saturday, when he’ll either play or people won’t really notice that he didn’t play.

Tracy McGrady – Started! Toss the TNT in your surprise hole! 15/7/9, with two steals and a block. And now we’re starting to see Kuester’s genius. Tell the whole world that McGrady’s shut down until he gets into shape, even though T-Mac is secretly fine and training in isolation, all so that when the Pistons visit the league-best Spurs  – KaBOOM! They surprise the Spurs to the tune of a seven point loss instead of a 17 point loss. Brilliant. Grab McGrady, hang onto Stuckey and see where the wind takes ’em both. If Kuester is this team’s coach on November 1, I’ll buy an XXXL Villanueva jersey and wear it to church with no pants on.

  1. Josh says:

    Do you know Baron is missing Sunday’s game for sure, or just speculating? I’m in the playoffs and due to it being a shallow league and needing 3’s/pts badly over the next few days I’ll need to drop him if he is.

    I can’t find anything confirming it though, and he’s got 3 days until their next game : /

  2. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Josh: Just speculating. Everything I’ve read says he’s out indefinitely. But I wouldn’t count on him playing on Saturday given how close he was with his grandmother and how bad the Cavs are. Especially with Ramon Sessions, I don’t see Davis rushing back to play if the team doesn’t have anything to play for.

  3. Paul says:

    Hey Adam,

    I picked up Farmar hoping he could make a splash with Deron out for the week. I’m planning to drop him at the end of the week and I can’t decide who to pick up in his stead.

    I had CJ Miles for a few games in November/December and his streakiness always killed me, but he seems to have a hot-hand of late. Jodie Meeks has put together a decent string of games but I wonder if that’ll last.

    Also, how do you feel about Ed Davis and Reggie Evans? Think either are worth taking over Kenyon Martin?

  4. Tony says:

    adam- i have a $7 psycho-T, a $16 darren collinson….. and a $32 David West, in the end I’ll have until like next sept/oct to make my decision, but if Hansborough keeps playing like this would he possibly be a better keeper than collinson or perhaps even west?

  5. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Paul: I’d prefer Meeks to Miles, but both are going to run hot and cold on you in the next month.
    I think Evans will chip into both Davis and Amir Johnson’s playing time, but it may be a moot point depending on how badly Johnson hurt himself last night.

    @Tony: Yeah, a $7 Hansbrough is a way better value than DarCo at more than twice the cost. I’d have to see what the Pacers do in the offseason before comparing his value to a $32 West.

  6. Adam says:

    Tracy McGrady or Daniel Gibson as a pick up?

  7. Kitchenworks says:

    Adam! sup man! funny Article today! I Just traded Danny Granger for Bargnani… I was just fed up with danny! depending how the season ends I might keep Bargnani over Oakafor for my 5 keepers, what do you think? also have Gwallace in the mix.. which would you keep bro? also have nene, keeping him, he should be nuggets rock next season?

  8. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Adam: Eesh. I’m leaning toward Boobie. We know why Gibson hasn’t played much recently. But with McGrady, it’s entirely possible he won’t play in his next game and equal possible that there will be no discernible reason why. Going into the playoffs, that randomness scares the he’ll outta me.

    @Kitchenworks: Thanks! If you’re asking me if Bargnani is more valuable than Okafor, yeah. I’d say he is. If you’re asking me whether you should keep him next year, I’d have to know more about your league’s keeper structure. Make sense?

  9. Kendrick Perkins is close to returning, I’m rostering Samardo Samuels. Is Perkins 10/ 10 / 1.5 blocks potential better than Samuels 35 min worth of 13/7/1 and change he’s been putting up? Who would you rather own?

    Appears Samuels is locked in at PF for Los Cavs. Hey random side fact, did you know Samardo was the 2008 National High School Player of the Year? Beating out likes of Tyreke Evans, Jrue Holiday and Brandon Jennings. Found that interesting….


  10. Kitchenworks says:

    Good call, who would your 5 be?
    ( at the moment I’m tying to trade Joe and Gwallace/Ibaka for maybe another keeper if possible) im thinking next season here.

    Kobe Bryant
    Joe Johnson
    Tyreke Evans
    John Wall
    Devin Harris
    Andrea Bargnani
    Gerald Wallace
    Emeka Okafor
    Serge Ibaka
    Tayshaun Prince

  11. Cory says:

    Awesome post Adam, you’re the Kevin Love of fantasy basketball bloggers.

  12. Josh says:

    Nice call on Baron, it looks like he’ll be out until March 19th against the Clippers. Weaksauce.

    If by chance you see this before 7, if you had to choose would you go with Mickael Pietrus or Landry Fields? I’d get 2 games from whichever one I pick up, and I’m leaning Pietrus since he seems like the better bet for a four 3’s type night. 3’s and points are the main concern.

  13. Where is my surprise hole? *blush*

    Remember when Larry Johnson had those Grandma-ma commercials? I want Danny Granger to do a follow-up, but I want her to be Granny Danger.

  14. ak says:

    amir or perkings ?? thanks

  15. Adam

    Adam says:

    @El Burro: I’d probably go with Samardo, if only because he’s not acclimating to a new system, new teammates, nor is be fresh off his second injury of the season. I’m not sold on Samuels, so if someone has a compelling reason for me to believe Perky will hit the ground running, I’ll be perfectly happy to reconsider.

    Also, I hadn’t heard that fact about Samuels. When it comes to Sub-pro hoops, I know next to nothing. Good stuff.

    @Kitchenworks: Do you have any limits or dollar amounts attached to these keepers or can you just keep whichever five you want? I’d probably go with Kobe, Evans, Nene, Wall and Johnson. Kinda depends on what Portland does with Wallace, but I suspect his top 25 days are over.

    @Cory: Ha! Sweet. I haven’t even finished grooming my boyband beard yet!

    @Josh: I’d prefer Fields overall, but given the stat cats you’re focusing on, Pietrus is the smarter play.

    @ChrisV82: Hehe. That’s fantastic. +1.

    @ak: Probably Perkins.

  16. Josh says:

    Thanks for the input Adam, appreciate it.

  17. Yup; thats my hunch as well on Samardo over Perk – for some reason Samarado’s name illicits elfish nicknames. Samardo “Samwise” Gamgee

  18. Kitchenworks says:

    good idea, Thx man! get a good foundation under me..It’s any 5! 3’s don’t count in this weird league and rebounds count for more than assists, blks and steals.. yep…

    but you really think Joe over Bargs? I know he’s been a flop but I mean his growing pains must be almost over! he’s prob not a hidden gem eh?

  19. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Josh: Hope I helped. We’re in crunch time now.

    @El Burro: Ha. I just have visions of a fifth, gold Ninja Turtle. Michaelangelo, Raphael, Donatello, Leonardo, Samardo. His ninja weapon of choice? Tek9.

    @Kitchenworks: Meh. I don’t like that he’s a big that rarely rebounds, steals or blocks. He’s a great scorer, but so is Johnson. Also, if your league doesn’t count threes and leans heavier on defensive stats, I’d think Bargnani would lose a ton of value.

  20. Dominic says:

    hahaha, hopefully we dont have to see that charlie v jersey

  21. Dominic says:

    I have had:

    Josh Smith, Stephen Jackson, Eric Gordon, Frye, Scola, Boozer and Udrih all go down this week on the same team, how lucky am I.

  22. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Dominic: Not very. Nothing you can do but scrap and try to focus on the categories you’re close in. Just try to stay afloat until you regain full health. Smith, Jackson, Udrih and Boozer are all likely to be back (or are back) in the next week.

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