There was wide speculation yesterday afternoon that Baron Davis would make his season debut against the team that released him five weeks ago after he told them he wouldn’t be healthy for at least eight. Whoops. Davis didn’t show his mug last night, but all signs point to this weekend. If you haven’t added him yet, what are you waiting for? The Knicks have had the easiest schedule up until this point and they have a losing record. So of course, New York’s answer is to add one of the most troublesome players in the league. If he’s not hurt, he’s fat. If he’s not fat, he has a terrible shot selection. If his shot selection is under control, well, Lord help y’all ’cause that means he won’t be passing much. Barone “Sanitation” Davis (for you Sopranos fans) is far from a sure thing, okay? Keep that in mind. But sure thing or not, the Knicks need a facilitator. Not someone who will take an unending series of bad jumpers (Iman Shumpert) or a guy just as likely to hand the ball to the other team than his own (Toney Douglas). So, yeah, Davis is a must-add, much the same way Greg Oden would be a must-add if he was scheduled to start for Portland. Being a must-add doesn’t guarantee anything except that the upside is high and the price is low. Even in his four worst statistical seasons, Boom-Dizzle averaged 13 pts/7 ast/1.8 stl and 1.2 3ptm. This is more or less what I’m expecting for as long as he can stay healthy. Eventually (if not immediately) New York will move Davis into the starting lineup. Fields will likely stay at the two, moving Shumpert to be the first guard off the bench and Douglas to spend most of his time on the bench playing “Is She From Jersey Or NYC?” Here’s what else I saw in a jam-packed night of fantasy basketball.

Amar’e Stoudemire – Double-doubled for the third time in four games while surpassing or matching season-highs in both rebounds (14) and turnovers (6). Grab a Powerade and maybe take a breather on the desperation trade offers you’ve been sending since December trying to rid yourself of the guy.

Antawn Jamison – Dropped a hot 13 points at the half and ended the game having scored a significantly less hot 15 points. Significantly less hot like buying a Starters jacket in 1988 when it was okay to do that and walking around with it today like it is still okay to do that. Your 15 points are pretty old, ‘Tawn!

Al Jefferson – The injury gods thought it’d be funny to swap Jefferson for a healthy Josh Howard. Thus proving that the Gods are about as fond of the Salt Lake City area as most Democrats.

Derrick Favors – Took the open starting lineup spot left by Jefferson and ended with 16/12 and a block. It was his third double-double of the season, but most of his other games have been utter cowpies. As long as Jefferson is a center on this team, Favors will always be the second-prettiest girl in the clique. The second-prettiest girl is always just as pretty as the prettiest girl, except for one flaw, like a flat butt or a wonky eye. Favors has a wonky eye compared to Jefferson. *Note: Derrick Favors does not have an actual wonky eye. However, I DO believe he had a flat butt as a teenager.

Tyrus Thomas – Started. Ended with 13/9, with 4 steals and 9 blocks. Nine blocks!?! Oh! Em! Gee! EVERYONE BETTER RUSH TO PICK HIM UP OR TRADE THEIR SECOND-BEST PLAYER FOR HIM BECAUSE THIS IS THE START OF A CAREER YEAR. Settle down, Mr. Capital Letters. This was against the Washington Wizards and Charlotte was running without Mullens for much of the game, Augustin, and Henderson. Also, this was against the Washington Wizards. I may have already mentioned that.

Matt Carroll – All season-high everything as Carroll ended with 17/3/1 on 7-for-10 shooting in 35 of Gerald Henderson‘s minutes. Henderson pulled himself out of the lineup complaining of a bruised tailbone. Even if Henderson misses another game or two, Carroll shot .700. I’d bet Thomas gets 9 blocks in the next 10 games before I bet Carroll does that again this season.

Byron Mullens – Left with a hand injury, but came back to be just as ineffective as he was prior to the injury. Time to grab your Diaws, kids, as Mullens’ time in the spotlight is probably nearing its end. Nope. Not those Diaws. Grab your chubby French Diaws. Not those, either. Where did you get those? That’s terrible.

Andrew Bogut – He “boguted” his ankle, so you just know that shizz was gross. He was helped off the court and never returned, which means that Drew Gooden just became your new best friend. Or if not your best friend, the person you invite over to your house to watch “The Bachelor” (because watching it alone is soooo pathetic).

Shaun Livingston – 6/0/2, in 18 starter’s minutes. Stephen Jackson – 20/1/3 in 30 reserve minutes. So that’s where that’s at.

Jrue Holiday – Came into last night’s game shooting .397 in his last four. Then he shot 5-for-13 last night. He finished with seven assists for only the second time in his last 10 games. So suddenly, I’m thinking a little bit less from column A and little bit more from column B and we’ll be straight.

Austin Daye – After starting the season 0-for-14 from the arc, dude has hit 7-of-his-last-11. His 28/6/3 performance last night was more of what I envisioned than the 4/2/1 he’s averaged so far. Let him string together a couple more solid games before you waste a spot on him, though.

Trevor Ariza – Shot 1-for-8. Ended with 2 points. THERE he is! I missed you, Trev’.

Ronnie Brewer – 20/10/5, with a quartet of steals. I told you two days ago to pick him up. You picked him up, right? Tommy, tell me you got that!

Joakim Noah – Has anyone noticed JoaNoa is averaging 11.8 pts/11.3 rbd/2.5 ast/0.8 blk in his last four games? No? Well, I suppose you didn’t notice that I got my haircut yesterday either.

Wayne Ellington Luke Ridnour was out with a sore knee. Or maybe he and his knee both just stayed in and watched a movie. I’m not sure. Either way, Ellington took his place in the starting lineup and ended with 16/4/3, with a bunch of other fun little stuff to help your fantasy team. It was easily his best game of the season and one that he is unlikely to duplicate anytime soon. Keep any eye on him, just in case I’m drunk, but I’m pretty sure I’m not drunk and I’m positive that under no circumstances should Ellington be on your team. In fact, I’m disappointed in you for even reading this passage because it suggests you were considering putting Ellington on your team.

Linas Kleiza – 25 points, but it took him about five quarters to get there. Kleiza owners have to rollover 20 percent of last night’s stats into Toronto’s next game.

Ty Lawson – Sprained his ankle. If you’re reading this less than seven hours after it happened, I’ll know more and update this blurb in the morning. If you’re reading this more than seven hours after it happened, then clearly I’ve dropped the ball and I’ll be happy to refund every last cent you paid for this service.

Tiago Splitter – 16/8/2, with a block in 20 minutes from the bench. He’s really starting to develop into a solid FA pickup. Duncan finally accepted his Words With Friends invite, that’s why.

Matt Bonner – Drained five 3ptm on his way to 17 points. Bonner Jamz, ’12!

Marcus Thornton – To miss 1-2 weeks with a left thigh injury. Jimmer Fredette is the obvious add, but seeing as how the majority of the West is gaga for JimmyJam, he’s likely taken in many leagues. For you deep leaguers, take a look at Isaiah Thomas. He’ll see a bump in minutes and ended with 13/1/4 last night.

Chris Paul – Returned. His shot was rusty, but he doled out 10 assists in under 16 minutes. A dozen over the course of 26 minutes.

Stephen Curry – 32/6/7, with 4 stl and 6 3ptm. See the Stoudemire blurb about 7 inches above this one.

Brandon Rush – He’s quietly averaging 10.5 pts/4 rbd/2 3ptm, with solid percentages over his last six games. He’s also quietly reading the last book in the Hunger Games series and hasn’t been talkative on team flights lately.


Do you have $100? No? Do you want it? Sure you do. Daily Joust is hosting a $100 prize contest tomorrow night. It’s free to enter, which is nice. And winner gets a cool hundo, which is also nice. Unfortunately, those who do not win will most likely be hunted down and killed for sport. /re-reads the contest rules. I’m sorry, I misread that last part. Those who do not win will not be hunted down and killed for sport. At least not by the fine, fine people at Daily Joust.

  1. d2bnz says:

    Just been offered a trade , My Hibbert, Bass, and Wesley Matthews for his John Wall and Tayshaun Prince
    My inital feel is that I’m getting the best player in Wall although his current FG% is a real worry……but there has to be that period of a honeymoon surge with a new coach
    I have cover for Hibbert , with DeMarcus Cousins and Ibaka,
    The league is a Keeper so essentially I’m giving up Hibbert for Wall which in itself is probably a no brainer ….but a …..wizard
    Good lord how much procrastinating can i do ……Adam , help please.

  2. WuMan says:

    Love your work.
    9Cat 12 teams H2H.
    Jameer Nelson, Jimmer Fredette, or Linas Kleiza?

  3. Benny says:

    Do you think the coaching change will positively impact McGee or Blatche? You see either being good buy low candidates and which do you prefer?

  4. Adam

    Adam says:

    @d2bnz: Yeah, I’d probably make that trade, but I’d think of it more as Hibbert/Matthews for Wall. I don’t know if that changes things for you, but Matthews has more value than perhaps you’re crediting him with.

    @WuMan: Depends on need, but probably Kleiza, Jimmer, Jammer, in that order.

    @Benny: I’d prefer McGee, but I don’t think THIS coaching change will do much to their value either way. Wittman is a terrible coach and the problems in D.C. run deeper than that, anyway.

  5. Rob says:

    With Andrea Bargnani’s health in question, how do you see Kleiza’s stock for the next few weeks? Someone dropped him yesterday morning, worthy of a 5th waiver spot in a 14 team league?

  6. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Rob: Bargnani seems pretty damn healthy to me after his last two games. Still, Kleiza’s seen a spike in minutes his last three games. He won’t score 25 every night, but if your fifth waiver spot is worth a chance at 14/6/1, with 2 3ptm upside, go for it.

  7. bauerspeed17 says:

    Which point guard or big man should I be looking at when I am dangling Kevin Martin as trade bait?

    I’m thinking John Wall.

  8. booya says:

    Baron over Kemba Walker? James Johnson over Gooden? Would you rather have Walker or Gooden just based on value?


  9. Ryan says:

    Hey Adam! Just wanted to see what ya thought of this trade offer. I trade iggy and amare for d howard and caron butler.

    My team
    14 team h2h keeper

    pg stephen curry
    sg Paul pierce
    g kyle lowry
    sf kevin durant
    pf markieff morris
    f andre igoudala
    c amare staudamire
    c javale mcgee
    util carlos delfino
    util evan turner
    bn lamar odom
    bn bryon mullins
    bn jameer nelson

  10. Zebo says:

    Is Ed Davis useless longterm this season?

  11. Eng says:

    Still buying low on Dorrell Wright? Or is Rush a clear and present threat like Harrison Ford of yesteryear?

  12. RD says:

    I am pretty desperate for a second PG after Rondo–do you think offering Pierce for Tony Parker, straight up, makes sense? I have other scorers and guys taking 3s (M. Thornton, Ryan Anderson, LBJ…) but I’m pretty desperate for dimes…

  13. Jeremy says:

    Shit Rondo… kind of desperate here for assists, would you consider adding bradely or dooling for the night? I would also probably have to drop leandro, which i’m not really prepared to do, or i could swap one of those two for foye who is also in my lineup tonight, but would probably rather get as many minutes as possible. Might just have to stick it out and hope he plays (he’s still trying to convince the staff he can play? according to Blakely) …gdamn lockout

  14. Rob says:

    From what I’m reading, sounds like he re-injured much worse this time. Still not sure how that will directly impact Klieza’s PT, and I already own James Johnson, but I need 3s and will be deciding between him and the Jimmer who is also currently on waivers after recently being dropped.

  15. SadRaptorFan says:

    shallow 6 team league
    noah is available, who do i drop?

    ibaka, scola, mcgee?

  16. Rob says:

    Just to let you know Adam that I accepted trade my Ryan Anderson / Noah for Josh Smith / Splitter based on team needs (am well ahead in 3s per game and I figure that 3 specialists are easy to find on WW (crap Meeks and Rush are there now)) and certainty. I do figure that Splitter is 80% of Noah, particularly given my team I need scoring more than rebounds anyway. Thanks for your help here.

  17. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Mr Basketball: Kleiza, especially with Bargnani out.

    @bauerspeed17: Yeah, Wall, Nash, Rondo. Pretty much anyone besides Rose, I would imagine. Deron is only now heating up, Paul and Curry are continuously hurt, you might find an owner willing to part with them at a slight discount.

    @booya: Probably Gooden as long as Bogut is out, but Walker otherwise.

    @Ryan: Nah. Butler doesn’t yield enough production to warrant giving up two top 30 players.

    @Zebo: I’ll put it this way, he won’t be useFUL.

    @Eng: I’m buying low on Wright. But more than that, I just don’t buy Rush’s continued reliability.

    @RD: Under the circumstances, it wouldn’t be ridiculous.

    @Jeremy: It appears Rondo won’t play tonight, nor will Dooling. Bradley’s about the best PG stream you can hope for tonight.

    @Rob: Hadn’t realized Bargs re-injured himself until earlier this morning. Under those circumstances, Kleiza appears to be a solid stream. He’s hot.

    @SadRaptorFan: Scola, unless you’re good on blocks. Then Ibaka.

    @Rob: Awesome. Good luck!

  18. Ryan says:

    His next best players are rondo and noah. Maybe I can change my trade and send curry amare for rondo howard. How’s that?

  19. AnotherFalstaff says:

    @Adam – Had Nene, Varejao and Scola (who was killing me) at PF/C. Swapped Scola/Kemba for Gortat. Still have Rubio, Irving, Kidd, Shump and Farmar at PG. With Gordon my main SG do I go with C. Lee, Kleiza or Rudy for the open roster spot? Thanks!

  20. josh says:

    hey adam, do you think curry can stay healthy? every week i play him i get nervous and sweat a lot.. when healthy he makes me so happy though, and what are your thoughts on Dalembert? He has been a beast, do you think this will last?

  21. josh says:

    also, your thoughts on Lowry and K Mart? (Basically Houston haha) and why doesnt ibaka play more minutes?!

  22. Dimitri says:

    Adam, give me your opinion on this team: 10 teamer h2h

    PG: Lowry, Lawson, Jack, Kemba
    SG: Harden, Ginobili
    SF: Igoudala, Ariza, James Johnson
    PF: Amare,
    C: Gasol, Ibaka, Brook lopez

    Past 2 days I dumped Batum and KG for Ariza and James Johnson..I think I’ll end up regretting those moves..felt like i was going to end up losing blocks even with ibaka, so I got rid of garnett for JJ..KG was only good for fg% and rebounds and had 0 steals and 1 or 2 blocks in his past 10 games, but beasting tonight.. i still think this compressed season will get him injured..and Iggy/Ariza/JJ are almost the same type of players that contribute across the board?

    I just hope to win: FT%, 3PM, PTS, BLKs, STLS, and ASTs, and maybe TO’s.

  23. David says:

    drose p millsap and b lopez for durant and r anderson, ill be picking up hawes is this worth it?

  24. SmokeTNT says:

    Was this a good deal? Traded Ty Lawson and Andrew Bogut for David Lee. Daily rosters with no IR slots, so Bogut being out would hurt, also I hate Bogut. Have Curry, Wright and Ellis so my box score watching that I mentioned before just got even easier. All that aside, did I come out alright?

  25. Steve Stevenson says:

    Everyone seems to be in on Gooden as Bogut’s replacement, but it seems Ilyasova’s been better. Who do you like more?

  26. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Ryan: Yeah, that’s better.

    @AnotherFalstaff: Too bad, about Gordon. I’m sure you’ve gotten used to not having him (assuming you mean Eric and not Ben). Anyway, Kleiza, Rudy, Lee in that order.

    @josh: I’ll make it simple: 1) You’re right to be constantly nervous about Curry’s health. But he’s healthy now, so ride the white swan. 2) Everyone in Houston is legit. Even the non-legit players are legitimately not legit. 3) Ibaka amasses a ton of blocks, but he has trouble keeping guys in front of him. Nick Collison is much less of a deficit on defense and saps minutes away from Ibaka. Also, it isn’t unheard of for Serge to catch a little early-game foul trouble as a result of struggling to keep guys in front of him.

    @Dimitri: On paper, it’s a fine, well-rounded team. Clearly, a lot will depend on how succesful Manu and Lopez are upon their return and if Amar’e can pump up the volume a bit in the next 3/4 of the season. Also, I don’t mind the Batum/KG switch. I’m worried about Batum’s frustration with his team moving forward and about KG’s weary bones. He had to take so many more breathers guarding Dwight last night than I remember him having to take any other time I’ve seen him play.

    @David: Seems fair.

    @SmokeTNT: Well, considering Bogut is out indefinitely … yeah. That’s a good deal for you.

    @Steve Stevenson: Gooden’s a bit more physical than Ilya. Also, from a fantasy perspective, Ilya’s owned in a higher percentage of leagues than Gooden and so isn’t as noteworthy of a pick-up.

  27. Circa says:

    Hey Adam,

    With Bogut out who do you think is more valuable — Harrington or Gooden?

    I’ve got an even mix of big men and guard but I could also drop Brooks/Felton for Gooden.

  28. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Circa: Probably Harrington. I certainly wouldn’t drop either of those guards for Gooden unless you’re flush on guard stats and could use some rebounding and a bump in FG%.

  29. farcus says:

    but democrats love salt lake city. . .

  30. farcus says:


  31. Dimitri says:

    thanks adam. keep up the great work.
    btw nba tv had a classic game of the wolves vs the kings in KG had a 30/20 game..crossed up chris webber and went in for a nasty dunk. now father time has caught up to him and i see him only shooting mid range 2’s from top of the key! one of the reasons i decided to drop him along with his low steals and blocks this season, even tho he had a nice line last night

  32. jdiesel says:

    Gotta drop Bogut since I’m already nursing Manu with 1 of bench spots. Notable F/C FA’s:

    Tiago Splitter
    Channing Frye
    Ed Davis
    Udonis Haslem
    Bismack Biyombo

    Also have Marcus Thornton who’s out for 1-2 weeks now… I gotta pick up Baron and hope he gets 13ppg and 5ast, right?

  33. SadRaptorFan says:

    shallow 6 team H2H league

    would you do pau gasol for dirk straight up?

  34. Adam

    Adam says:

    @farcus: Hehe. I believe it. The most underrated city for beautiful women.

    @Dimitri: I never liked KG, but I hate seeing once-great players get old. Duncan moreso than Garnett.

    @jdiesel: Grab Splitter. Also, 1 3ptm/5 ast from Baron is a safe expectation.

    @SadRaptorFan: I’d prefer Gasol to Dirk, no question. Not sure I’d drop Dirk straightaway. Surely there’s a better move than that, no?

  35. Ian says:

    Would you trade All Jefferson for Danny Granger in dynasty league? Weekly lineups in case that helps.

  36. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Ian: I’d prefer Jefferson.

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