Perennial first-rounder Chris Paul slammed his noggin yesterday, hit the ground with a stillness that silences crazed stadiums, was carted off the court amid extended hush and finally gave a thumbs up to signify … that his hand wasn’t paralyzed, I guess. Several hours after the Hornets captain was lifted off the hardwood, his ailment was labeled a simple concussion. Which is great news in the grand scheme of things, but still pretty problematic in context of how fantasy owners felt, say, this morning. Concussions are tricky and this time of year can be tricky for fantasy managers and NBA mangers alike. Ersan Ilyasova got concussed several times this season (as has Carlos Delfino) and neither have had swift and clean recoveries. Stephen Jackson didn’t have a concussion, but he was rushed back early despite Paul Silas believing he shouldn’t play. Now, he’s going to miss additional games. Eric Gordon? Aggravated the injury he had returned from less than a week prior. Tony Parker returned from a 2-4 week injury less than a week after he received it. What all that means for you Paul owners is that you should quickly become Jarrett Jack owners if you can spare the space. Jack plays well in Monty Williams’ offense and will play 36+ minutes (15/4/4.5 per36 as a Hornet) in every game Paul misses. He traveled with the team last night after he was hurt, which is a good sign, but he’s almost certainly going to miss multiple games.

Here’s what else I saw fantasy basketball-wise last night:

Quincy Pondexter – 6/5, with a block in 44 starter’s minutes spread over two games in place of Trevor Ariza. Don’t blame Q-Pon, he’s doing Ariza a favor. By sucking so bad, he’s making Ariza look like a golden god; like the three ugly girls hanging out with their average friend.

Mike Miller – 0-for-5 from the floor including back-to-back wide open misses from the arc.

Dwyane Wade – 20/4/5, with 7 tovs. This line simultaneously illustrates how great Wade is, even in the face of Chicago’s defense as well as how great Chicago’s defense is, even in facing Dwyane Wade.

Andrew Bynum – Played a foul-plagued 27 minutes. Shot a perfect 2-for-2, grabbed 17 boards and blocked five shots. He looked even better than this line suggests and seemingly single-handedly stopped the Spurs from putting the biscuit in the basket.

Manu Ginobili – Shot 3-for-10, 6/1/3 in 23 minutes. He’s averaging fewer than 25 mpg in his last four after averaging 31 mpg previously throughout the season. His scoring has also drooped almost every month since November, averaging 22 in the season’s first month to just 12 through the four March games.

Tim Duncan – 2/7/2 after he got L.A.-ed low by the Laker defense and shot 1-for-7 from the field. This season should take nothing from his legacy, but as far as next season’s fantasy draft goes, I suspect him to tumble farther than any other player.

Chauncey Billups – Missed last night’s game, but will likely play tonight. Drop the confetti.

Jrue Holiday – Back in August, I predicted Holiday would offer up a line of: .440/.765/1 3pt/13 pts/3 rbd/6 ast/1.5 stl/0.5 blk/3 tov. Seven months later, the Philly PG has brought out a .442/.795/1 3pt/13.7 pts/3.9 rbd/6.2 ast/1.5 stl/0.4 blk/2.7 tov line. Not too shabby, but still should have gone a round earlier than he did on average.

Jordan Crawford – 10/3, with a steal in 22 minutes. He isn’t worth a grab yet, but he’s gone from 12 to 20 to 22 minutes played in each of his last three games and may see more time the closer to the merciful end of the season the Wiz get.

Andre Iguodala – 15/11/10 as it was his second triple-double in as many games. He’s had three trip-dubs all season and they’ve all come in his last seven games. And this is why you drafted him in your second round and held onto him in late December.

Samardo Samuels – The fifth Ninja Turtle ended with an 8/11/1 line, with three blocks. In a tad over 30 mpg in his last four, he’s averaging 14.5/8.3/1.3. Tubular pickup, dude.

Josh Smith – Returned to earn his 26th double-double of the season (17/11/1). He also turned the ball over four times and fouled five times. Still, he belongs in lineups once again.

Kevin Durant – Shot 3-for-14 in 46 minutes including overtime. As the Thunder don’t play today, Durantula took his Casimir Pulaski day early. That’s for my Illinois readers.

Vince Carter – Sank six treys on his way to 29 points after missing Friday’s game with dizziness. Now that Half Man, Half A Daisy reminded us all that he still plays professional basketball, expect him to return to grazing out near the three-point line for 25 minutes a game for the next couple weeks.

Luc Richard Mbah a Moute – In his first game in a week, he dropped 19/7 in 37 minutes as neither Larry Sanders, nor Jon Brockman have done much in starting positions. I don’t really recommend LRMaM any more than the other two. I recommend waiting a game or two until Andrew Bogut returns. However, Mbah a Moute has done more in this last game than Sanders has done in his last three.

Rajon Rondo – Some points, some assists, a few other things … eight turnovers. Eight. Tied a season-high. Tied. Meaning he’s done this before. Before. I imagine my creating one-word sentences to emphasize the previous sentence’s importance is getting stale. Stale!

Troy Murphy – 2/4/2. Look at it this way, Murphy’s game was on par with Tim Duncan today. So that’s nice.

Brendan Haywood – 5/8, with six blocks. The blocks are well above-average, the 5/8 is slightly below-average. In all, it probably won’t matter for anything more than one game.

Rodrigue Beaubois – 15 points in 15 minutes. He also had 13 points in 15 minutes the game before. His shot is fine, but until he offers something more than scoring, Jason Terry and J.J. Barea will continue to get more minutes. I warned you this would happen. You just watch: his stats will be up across the board by the end of the month.

Eric Gordon – Looks like he’s back on the shelf for another week or so. And Randy Foye has whiplash from being jerked from here to there and back to here so quickly. Just when you thought he was out, they pulled him back in.

  1. @Adam,

    who’s best for the short term? foye, bledsoe, or jarret jack?

    any word on the channing frye injury?

  2. ibaka flocka flame says:

    This is why I hate h2h league sometimes. It’s the last regular season week before playoffs, and I have EG and Reke sitting on my bench while 0.5 games separate me (5th place) from the 2 guys tied for 6th.

    My dilemma is my opponent this week is in 7th, who also happens to be 2 games back, so he’s mos def competing for a spot as well. I guess what I’m asking is are these 2 droppable, especially in my situation? What sucks if they come back next week or so, I’m sure one of the top tier teams will pick em up and I’ll be screwed either way. h2h ughh

  3. Fletch says:

    @Adam: drop S. Samuels for Ty Thomas right now?

  4. Adam

    Adam says:

    @hakasan: Jack is the best option for as long as Paul is out. As far as that goes, however, I don’t expect him to be out for more than a game or two. Foye is probably your best bet as the Clippers are likely to take it slow with Gordon ( since they failed to do so the first time).

    @ibaka flocka flame: Yeah, I feel our pain. I tend to prefer roto hoops myself. Still, I’d avoid dropping Gordon. He’s been worth ab out as much as Evans this season and has more promise of contributing greater value in the remaining 19 games. It’s a tough call. If you think there’s someone out there that can help you win this year, even at the cost of losing a fantasy stud. Do what you have to do to put yourself in a position to win. Ignore name value or what your opponent MIGHT do. Do what’s best for your team.

  5. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Fletch: Not now. A bird in the hand is worth two in the tush. Or something. Anyway, wait until T-Time plays to move on him. If someone snatches him up beforehand, so be it. Let someone else worry about his consistency. I don’t think he’ll show any.

  6. Lou says:

    9 cat h2h. rudy gay or frye? cant stash them both. its crunch time

  7. Paul says:

    How do you feel about G. Henderson and Tony Allen? They’ve both been so frustrating to own recently.

    Also, do you think Vujacic is worth it in a 12-man h2h league with Morrow out?

  8. Djole says:

    Adam, what’s your feeling about dropping SJax, Silas is quoted as saying something like he’s shutting him down. Do you think he’ll shut him back up, or whatever he does? I need his pts and 3s for the H2H playoffs. Any suggestions?

  9. Kitchenworks says:

    Hey Adam, Would you trade Joe Johnson for JJ hickson in a keeper league ( i’m in third) atm lots of depth.

  10. Djole says:

    Too, Murphy or Samardo Samuels?

  11. Kitchenworks says:

    Sorry for the questions, have another.. What do you think about Joe Johnson for Kmart

  12. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Lou: Go Gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    @Paul: Yeah, Allen’s out of gas and Henderson just looks overmatched every time out. Reminds me a little of Teague this season. For every game Morrow misses, Vujacic should be owned.

    @Djole: We’ll see him play again I think, but not until you’re deep into the playoffs. If your team can’t handle that, drop him. Are there any Pistons leftover? I’ve found the answer is almost always yes lately, and any one of them might blow up on any given night. Also, Samardo.

    @Kitchenworks: Depends on who your other keepers are, I guess. But I’d consider it. Johnson is sliding. Hickson looks to have figured some things out.

    Which KMart?

  13. Fletch says:

    @Adam: dump Sessions for Budinger?

  14. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Fletch: I would, but understand that both players will likely remain uneven if things on both teams stay the same.

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