This year’s fourth overall pick, Tristan Thompson, has some growin’ to do. He’s going to need to learn to distribute the ball at least a little better. In five games, he’s amassed two dimes. Two dimes in 10 days. That’s less than my great grandfather made selling a day’s worth of newspapers. Ah, the 1900s. So many outdoor toilets! Admittedly, I’ve now forgotten what we were talking about. Thompson! Got it. It’s games like Tuesday’s that show how capable he is of doing damage. In just over 24 minutes, he was the Cavs’ third-best scorer with 16 points. He also added nine boards (five offensive, which was three more than the entire Bobcats’ starting roster had), two blocks and no turnovers. He’s still super rough, but he’s averaging over two blocks a game and doing it quite efficiently. Give this rookie your time, then give him your minutes if you’re pickin’ up what I’m puttin’ down. Now put it back down. It’s there for a reason. And don’t pick up any of the rest of these players. Unless you want your fantasy team to improve, that is.

Josh Howard – Left the game early with a left quad injury. In other news, water is wet.

Devin Harris – … Then Harris left the game with a left calf injury. Grab Earl Watson for as long as Harris is out (or Alec Burks, for as long as Watson is owned) and then draft a letter to Utah’s training staff asking them to stop massaging just the right sides of all the Jazz players.

Wes Matthews – Started the season solid enough, averaging 15 pts/5 rbd/ 1 ast, with 1.4 stl and 1.8 3ptm, but he’s taking too many off-balance shots and long twos and shooting .431 on the season.

Boris Diaw – 5/2/3 in 23 minutes on Sunday to go along with 0/5/2, in 18 minutes last night. More like BOOris DiAARGH! You didn’t really think he’d average nearly a triple-double all season, did you?

Byron Mullens – 14/4, with 2 blks in 18 minutes. I wouldn’t own him. It’s not like fantasy rewards owners who can piece together the most random hot streaks from unknown players. … What’s that? That’s very much whom fantasy basketball rewards? Well, still. Not this fella.

Kemba Walker – Played 11 minutes through the first three quarters, missed all five of his shots. Played an extra two minutes in the fourth and went 1-for-1. Progress! Just kidding. This rookie is certainly not making progress.

Bismack Biyombo – 8/5, 2 blk in 21 minutes. Dude could use a few more mpgs and the Bobcats could stand to follow the Buzz Lightyear-inspired gameplan: “to fit-in-em-pee-gees … and Biyombo!”

Mike Conley – Returned. Say goodbye to Pargo

Richard Hamilton – Sat out his second game with a groin injury. Hamilton dressed for last night’s game and Ronnie Brewer has produced about as much as an adult man with a 13-year-old’s name possibly could be expected to. Stand pat. Rip will be back soon.

Isaiah Thomas – 15/5/3 in garbage minutes, which makes sense seeing as how garbage minutes are otherwise defined as “minutes in which Isaiah Thomas can be found on the floor.”

Jimmer Fredette – 17/3/1, with a quartet of threes. See Thomas’ blurb about 1/8 of an inch above, but scrape off some of the snark. This is Jimmer. Respect.

DeMarcus Cousins – Showed up to the gym before the rest of the team left the hotel. Came off the bench and ended with 4/8, with a block. I can see this situation gradually dying down and Cousins returning to the starting lineup, but probably not for at least a few more games. Remember last season when DMC started the first five games of the season, then came of the bench or the next 12, returned to the starting five for nine games, came of the bench for three more, and then basically started for the rest of the season? Yeah. There’s a precedent.

Chase Budinger – Sank four treys on his way to 14 points. He’s averaging 15.5 and 3.5 3ptm in his last two. Just in time for me to have announced him dead. Now Budinger is dead to me twice.

Courtney Lee – Hurt his Achilles and was hauled off the court. He was a deep league stash only, so it doesn’t really matter for anyone except Terrence Williams, who stands to gain from the scraps not taken by Lee.

Andrew Bogut – Missed the game for personal reasons. Drew Gooden stepped in for personnel reasons. Considering Gooden went 24/12 in 36 minutes, monitor how many more games Bogutron will miss and stream accordingly.

Stephen Jackson – Caught a case of the “can’tshoots” and went 5-for-17 from the floor and only 1-for-7 from the arc. Eesch, it just doesn’t get much worse than that … /takes a sip of water

Brandon Jennings – … /Watches as Jennings shoots 4-of-19 and misses all seven of his three-point attempts, then swallows the sip of water because spitting it out in surprise is a child’s comedy convention.


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  1. Steve says:

    Morning Adam,
    would you drop some of Kemba, Jo.Crawford, Ja.Johnson, Turner (Kemba was a backup pick for DJ at the beginning) for Neal/Anderson, Rush, Morris or Thompson? Thanks.

  2. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Steve: Drop every/anyone besides James Johnson for Morris (Markieff?) and/or Thompson.

  3. Steve says:

    Yo, it’s Markieff. Thanks.

  4. Dan Pants

    blairtch says:

    “to fit-in-em-pee-gees … and Biyombo!”

    WOw. You are funny.

    NEED a SF. Thinking of snatching up Paul George (Marion, Dudley, M. Williams also FA.

    Should I drop Jameer Nelson, Varejao Varayho, Ibaka, or Ben Gordon.

    These guys seem too good to drop and too bad to trade.

  5. Adam

    Adam says:

    @blairtch: Hehe. Thanks. I bled a little trying to make that joke work. I’d prefer any of the four SF-eligible players you mentioned over Jameer. Go for the one that best suits your category needs.

  6. Eng says:

    G morning. Drop Favors and add Fridette?

  7. Eng says:

    I basically have one spot to speculate on a potential starter.

  8. Adam –

    Which of these 4 fellas do you like best? This is end of bench speculating based on what you’ve seen year to date for my 14 team league. Wire is thin, so these are the options I’m dealing with… Currently, my roster is under- performing as a whole, so just looking for some lightning in a bottle.

    Austin Daye – currently getting zero run. Frustrating and apparently, he’s forgotten how to shoot.

    Anthony Randolph – Still think he needs more PT. From what I’ve seen, I’ve actually, really liked so far.

    Terrence Williams – I know Lee went down last night, assuming that means more TWill burn- but Chase has gotten his ‘ish together. does McHale trust him?

    Aminu – Ariza out with groin, not sure that will translate to anything magical, but liked his game on Clips…

    Appreciate your thoughts…

  9. Jeff says:

    Amare + Tyreke Evans for Chris Paul and Pencer Hawes. What do you think?

    Also do you think I should drop Andre Miller for Devin Harris?

  10. Ryan says:

    I am a 14 team h2h keeper league. We keep 5 players. For starters I just accepted a trade where I get igoudala for my George and chandler. After this move, I need to improve my front court. I am thinking of moving melo and cj miles for Kyle Lowry and javale Magee. Is this a good move? He also has rondo and griffin. Why would be a fair offer I should get. Team is below.

    pg stephen curry
    sg dorrell wright
    g jameer nelson
    sf kevin durant
    pf carmelo anthony
    f paul george
    c amare staudamire
    c tyson chandler
    util cj miles
    util evan turner
    bn greg stiemsma
    bn mehmet okur
    bn andris bierdrins

  11. Lance says:

    Blair, Morris or Jerebko the rest of the way?

  12. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Eng: Nah. Fredette got the garbage-time bump last night.

    @El burro: Williams is probably the best immediate add, but if you’re speculating and this guy won’t see burn until he’s needed, go with Daye.

    @Jeff: I prefer Harris, but I don’t know how long he’s expected to be out. Keep ‘Reke and STAT

    @Ryan: If you can get Lowry and McGee for, essentially, ‘just ‘Melo, do it.

    @Lance: There is no “rest of the way.” My guess is that Jerebko ends up with the best overall stats in May, but I don’t think it’ll be a bump-less ride for any of them.

  13. Charles says:

    Random sit/start question: assuming Billups and Curry are both active, I have 3 spots for 5 players. Which 3 players would you start today:

    Varejao, Amir, White, Anderson (SA), Jerebko

  14. Dro says:

    Eric Gordon is a game-time decision. If he plays is he worth a start tonight? My other option is Marcus Thornton

  15. Charles says:

    News alert: just saw that Zach Randolph is out 6-8 weeks with a tear in his MCL. Grizzlies also acquired Speights from 76ers. Any immediate must-adds?

  16. Jay says:

    Who’s the better pg to have going forward: Parker, Conley, or Harris?

  17. Joey the Kid says:


    Drop Jimmer Fredette, or Markieff Morris, or both, for any of these guys?

    -Stephen Jackson
    -Gary Neal
    -O.J. Mayo (will he get more run with Z-Rand out if they move Gay to PF?)
    -Sam Young (same applies)
    -J.J. Hickson

    I do not have any glaring needs, just whoever you think is the best player. Thanks!

  18. Dan says:

    zbo potentially out up to 8 weeks.

    drop shawn marion and add speights or cunningham?


  19. d2bnz says:

    Just a little suggestion for the future. I would very much like to see our Razzball leagues done in the Yahoo format.
    My reason for stating this is that Yahoo encompases a “can’t drop list ”
    This helps to prevent knee jerk reactions such as happened yesterday in the Big Ball Dance league when Joakim Noah was tossed onto the waiver wire.
    This is why if you have the #1 waiver pick ………sit and wait.

  20. the Real KG says:

    Dude wants me to trade him Bogut and Collison for Gay.
    Or Pau for Gay and Landry.

    Your thinks please.

  21. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Charles: Ugh. Predicting specific game performances is a rough request, my man. Johnson, Varejao and White all play against weak defenses. Jerebko is the best player you listed, but he’s up against one of the league’s toughest defenses. Then there’s Anderson. I’d go Johnson, Jerebko and White.

    @Dro: Sit on Gordon and play Thornton. Worst case scenario, Gordon goes off (while on your bench) and has a huge game, the bright side is that your best SG is back and totally healthy. If you start him and he’s full of rust, you lose twice.

    @Charles: In deep leagues maybe. But Speights will still be sharing time with Dante Cunningham and Speights has never stayed on the court for more than 16 mpg so far in his career and he’s lousy on defense. His value certainly rises with this injury, but adding him will be like adding Glen Davis.

    @Jay: Parker. By far(ker).

    @Joey the Kid: Jackson. Keep an eye on Hickson.

    @Dan: Nah. See my comment to Charles three above this one.

    @d2bnz: I hear you. I dislike the ESPN format greatly, but I use it because, unlike Yahoo, it allows the public to view the league. This makes the weekly league write-ups easier (if not altogether possible). A work-around might be be for each of the organizers to send me a screen grab of the standings and point totals each week to make up for my lack of access. The problem with that is, we had plenty of commenters wanting to join a league this year (more than we had available leagues actually) because not many people were willing or able to be organizers. We’ll need people dead-set on helping out in order to move to Yahoo. But if we had those people, I’d be totally happy to move to what I consider to be the superior fantasy site.

    @the Real KG: The guy really wants to rid himself of all signs of Gay. Well, I’m no Gay-basher. I’d prefer him over B/C and Gay and Landry over Pau. But remember, don’t just say no to the offers, say no thank you.

  22. Gerald says:

    This is for a 20 team league that goes 15 players deep, 9 Cats daily lineup H2H.

    Are you high on Brooks?

    Thinking of trading my Harris + George Hill + Carl Landry for Jennings + Marshon Brooks + Derrick Favors

    Thoughts please?

  23. Koot says:

    My centers are all either hurt (Lopez, Nene) or underperforming (Noah).
    I’ve got big Ed Davis riding the pine and taking up roster space, while Spencer Hawes is available on the wires. Would you pull the trigger?

    Also, I’m hurting for a 3pt shooter. Which of the following riff-raff F/As would you advise for a wire pick up?

    Beasley, MarShon Brooks, Chalmers, Batum, Jefferson

  24. Oh, man, I thought you were talking about Isiah Thomas and then I was wondering if you sneaked your classic recap in here, or worse, that Isiah Thomas was actually playing basketball again.

  25. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Gerald: I dig it. High on Brooks, low on Hill. You’re adding a huge injunction of tovs and a lowered FG%. If you’re cool with that, go for it.

    @Koot: A) Yeah, switch up Davis for Hawes. b) I’d prefer Brooks, Beasley, Batum, Jefferson and Chalmers in that order.

    @ChrisV82: Ha. I wouldn’t do that to you. And if I did, I’d give you at least a 48-hour heads up if I was planning to openly talk about Zeke.

  26. DD says:

    hello Adam.

    should i drop lfields for dorell wright, tony allen, or cj miles? they are all on waiver right now.. i think dwright will eventually step up.. 14h2h2

    John Wall:PG
    Darren Collison:PG
    Jrue Holiday:PG
    Jarett Jack:PG/SG
    Marvin Williams:SF
    Landry Fields:SG/SF
    Kevin Durant:SF
    Boris Diaw:SF/PF
    Shawn Marion:SF/PF
    Tyrus Thomas:PF/C
    Andrew Bynum:C
    Roy Hibbert:C
    Mehmet Okur:C

  27. Mike Scobey says:

    Mullens shooting very well.

  28. George Costanza says:

    Adam! I’m working with the following:

    PG: Lou Williams, Rubio, Tyreke Evans
    SG: Jamal Crawford, Harden, Ariza
    SF: Lebron, Gallo, Josh Smith
    PF: Anderson, Humphries
    C: Chandler, McGee

    Another owner has Al Horford on the trade block, and also Conley on his squad. I’m thinking of offering Evans and either Chandler or Humphries for Horford and Conley. Your thoughts?

  29. Adam

    Adam says:

    @DD: Yeah, if you can afford to stash the position, I’d stash Wright. If you need to play whomever you pick up, I’d stick with Fields.

    @Mike Scobey: You and I would shoot at least .500 against the Knicks’ D.

    @George Costanza: If he goes for it, that’s a solid trade for you. But if I were the other guy, I wouldn’t go for it.

  30. J Ko says:

    i have stephen curry and he’s giving me a headache, what do you suggest? and also i have tyreke evans who started doin well last night, but i have an offer of javale mcgee or kevin martin should i do it?

  31. J Ko says:

    henderson (SG)
    lowry (G)
    gay (SF)
    amare (PF)
    bargnani (F)
    bosh (C)
    hawes (C)
    ben gordon (util)
    calderon (util)
    tyreke evans (BN)
    paul george (BN)
    chalmers (BN)

    my roster so far, in what area do you recommend me specializing in if i am in a 9 cat h2h 10 team league? i am farely new to fantasy but have been following basketball regardless over the years. would you say my team has potential? thank you! love you blog!

  32. Adam

    Adam says:

    @J Ko: I probably wouldn’t trade for Martin. He’s great, but you don’t need the categories that Martin tends to fill. McGee, on the other hand is someone you COULD use. You don’t have a whole lot of guys blocking for you. The problem is, Curry is too steep a price to acquire McGee. Can you lean on the other owner and get both Speed Racer AND Javalevator?

  33. Is it time to drop Noah yet?

  34. Lebron, Billups, Nene, Milsapp, Westrbrook, Harden, L. Aldridge, Brand, R. Allen, M. Gasol, Joe Johnson, Lawson & Noah make up the team.

    Drop Noah and pick up Humphries, Tony Parker or Al Harington, or hold on to him and see if his dry/fouling spell pass?

  35. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Everett: It sounds like your league is shallow enough that you can get away with dropping Noah for one of the FA’s you mentioned. That said, I think we’ll see an improvement from Noah.

  36. J Ko says:

    i am getting killed due to steph curry’s ankle, do you think he will ever be 100%? the above trade did not work out but thats ok haha. also, what are your thoughts on bynum? i been offered bynum for bargnani? im stuck as to what/who i should build my team around!

    henderson (SG)
    lowry (G)
    gay (SF)
    amare (PF)
    bargnani (F)
    bosh (C)
    hawes (C)
    ben gordon (util)
    calderon (util)
    tyreke evans (BN)
    paul george (BN)
    chalmers (BN)

  37. Adam

    Adam says:

    @J Ko: Who knows? He’s seemingly got the frailest ankles in basketball, but I simply don’t know enough about his condition to declare anything definitively. Luckily, you’ve got a lot of other solid pieces (Evans, Lowry, Gay, Amar’e, Bosh) to build around. I like Bynum more than Hawes but you’ve already got enough health trouble and I want to see Bynum make it through a season before declaring his health troubles over. Also, with Curry gone, you could use the threes you’d otherwise lose by trading Bargs.

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