By now you, you’re undoubtedly getting fat off the meat of yesterday’s trades. You’ve unbuttoned your trousers, leaned back hard in your chair, farted a little (admit it, you did), listened to Grandma asking if you’ve heard about “Carmen Anthony,” all while digesting that which went down and that which still might might go down in the waning moments of the trade deadline. No sense in delaying further, let’s get to the Anthony talk we all came here to ponder …

Anthony Randolph – Uber-hyper forward, playing out of position and never given a full chance at starting, only to see his redemption come in the form of the last-place Minnesota Timberwolves? Yeah, Beasley, that does sound like your old tale from the sea. The problem here is that Wes Johnson and Martell Webster were your competition. With Randolph, Darko and a little fella named Kevin Love are in Randolph’s way. I’m not sold on him. I was sold on him in Golden State and I was sold on him in New York, so if he’s gonna break my heart a third time, I might as well create a solid fantasy forward in the process. He’s get burn, which is a huge step up from when he was Eastbound and Down. I’d be surprised if he does a ton with the minutes this season. The most I’m hoping for is flashes to build on for next season.

Eddy Curry – Really? Is there any chance he and Pekovic won’t be fighting over the last buttermilk biscuit on team dinners at Popeye’s?

Danilo Gallinari – Ugh. I haven’t seen someone so tethered to Wilson since Hanks was stranded on that island for four years.

Wilson Chandler – Ugh. I haven’t seen someone so stunted by the Rooster since Alice In Chains tried to create a second big hit!

Raymond Felton – He went from the 26th fastest team in the league last season to the second fastest this season and his points jumped by five, his assists jumped by 3.5 and his three-point shooting doubled. Now (for now?) he’s on the third fastest team in the league, but he doesn’t have anyone to pass to. His assists are going down, along with his field-goal percentage, while his point total stays relatively untouched.

Timofey Mozgov – At least the Knicks’ core of Felton and Mozgov remains unbroken. He’s averaging 11/8, with almost two blocks a game when he plays 36 minutes. Trouble is, even if Nene goes bye-bye, Harrington, Martin, Andersen, and maybe someone like Troy Murphy will all be there to ensure Mozgov doesn’t see more than 30 minutes a night. Also, remember how winded this guy got earlier in the season. He doesn’t really have a running up the court for most of the game-type of disposition.

Ty Lawson – Remember how you’ve been told over and over to stash Lawson in case a trade was made that shook up the team? Well, it happened. Remember how we said, as long as Chauncey Billups was traded with ‘Melo, Lawson was a no-brainer? Well, that happened too. Remember how we said Raymond Felton screws everything up? Yeah, well, go back and check the tape! Get ready for a bonus round of “No seriously, just hang onto Ty Lawson until this trade stuff shakes out!” Ty Lawson: The most-owned, least-used player in fantasy basketball this season!

Shelden Williams – Remember how he averaged 5/5 in 17 minutes wearing a powder blue Nuggets jersey? Picture that in a dark blue Knicks jersey and you’ll know how the rest of Williams’ season will go.

Corey Brewer – Jesus, these are some fast teams doing the trading this week. The three fastest to be exact. Brewer is getting shipped from the fastest team in the league to the second fastest team in the league, where he’ll shake the shackles of fighting for playing time with Wesley Johnson, Martell Webster and Michael Beasley … to fight for playing time against Toney Douglas, Shawne Williams and Bill Walker. Truthfully, no one will remember that Corey Brewer didn’t start the season on the Knicks by the time June rolls around. If you owned him before, keep owning him. If not, keep not.

Chauncey Billups – I’m fine with this aspect of the trade. Billups has a little life left in him, made all the easier by passing to Amar’e in addition to Anthony. His strength remains in his long-range jumper and his free throw shooting, both will only be enhanced by playing for D’Antoni’s Knicks.

Carmelo Anthony – I’ll say this much about Miami’s Big Three, in the end, those guys aren’t selfish with one another. They may be selfish with the other dozen players on the roster, but not with one another. Anthony and Stoudemire? They are not those guys.

  1. Taki says:

    Sup Adam,
    I scooped up Ty Lawson and JR Smith off waivers yesterday, waiting to see what other trades happen ofcourse. But until Thursday’s deadline, do you recommend starting them tonight?

  2. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Taki: Probably. Almost certainly. Neither Billups, nor ‘Melo will play tonight and it’s unlikely any of he Knicks will be ready in time to play tonight. I’d pay check again an hour or two before tip-off just in case, but it seems as if the Nuggs will be playing with a light roster tonight.

  3. Fletch says:

    @Adam: I was just offered Granger straight up for Sessions. I have D-Will, Conley, N. Young, Wes Matthews, Beno and Mo Will at guard already. I could use another F….would you make this trade?

  4. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Fletch: Sure would.

  5. paul says:

    Adam, I’ve been offered his CP3 for my D Will in my main h2h league. Been thinking it over, and I honestly don’t really know what to do. A healthy CP makes this a no brainer, but he’s not. The knee doesn’t seem right, and his last few games before the break are just bad. Looking at his season, it seems more like an anomaly, but still it isn’t encouraging either. This is my only real reservation about Paul right now. What if this trend continues?

    Deron has been dealing with his own injuries, but he’s maintained consistency in his strengths, minus the fg% lately. Deron’s scoring is also important to my team, but man CP’s steals is just hard to get away from. Ahhh yah, def need help on this one. Thanks.

  6. Lou says:

    RIP Layne Staley

  7. Adam

    Adam says:

    @paul: Yup. I’d stand pat too. I can’t figure out how injured Paul is. He doesn’t seem all that hurt, but his stats have been more wonky than is customary. Switching Williams for Paul when both are healthy is only a minor upgrade. Ditching Williams for Paul if CP3 is hurt is a huge downgrade. The risk isn’t worth the reward.

    @Lou: Ha. Or is that inappropriate to say “ha?” My next door neighbor once gifted me an Alice In Chains cd. She had no idea what I was into. She asked the guy at the record store what kids my age were into and that’s what she came back with. That was back in 1995, so I guess I should be happy I wasn’t given a Des’Ree album.

  8. matthole says:

    @Adam: 10 team h2h….im in first and have a handful of valuable middle tiered PGs (Holliday, Conley, Calderon, Lawson, Sessions) and can only start so many…..I could use a boost in 3PTM, BLK, TOs

    core of my team is:lbj, kobe, lma, bosh….expendables: deng (unheralded this yr), hibbert, amir johnson, camby, mike miller….

    An opponent struggling in assists and steals has melo, Rose and amare

    What would be a fair but beneficial trade offer for one of those 3 players…..melo would be nice if u think there will be an increase in 3’s….

    the entire league is knicks fans

    Who would you stash for the playoff run: batum, kaman, troy murphy, Mozgov, ant randolph, mcroberts


  9. paul says:

    @Adam: Thanks Adam. Good point on the downgrade argument.

    So Reke out 3 weeks huh, I don’t even want to stash him. But what can you do. I sorta wish the Kings would shut him down so I can move on.

  10. Adam

    Adam says:

    @matthole: Honestly, if you’re in first, why make a deal? You’ve got solid players like Deng and Hibbert that will bring your team more value than they will in trade offers.

    @paul: Agreed on Evans.

  11. Travis says:

    @Fletch: Can I play in your league next year? hopefully it’s a big buy in!

  12. Brade says:

    Whoa whoa whoa, I have to defend my boys in AIC here. They followed up “Rooster” and the rest of “Dirt” quite nicely with “Jar of Flies” which actually contained their highest chart single, “No Excuses.”

    Best rock band of all time deserves more love πŸ˜‰

    Alrighty then, as you were.

  13. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Brade: Best rock band of all time? I’m not even sure it’s the best male rock act with Alice in the name.

    School’s out, snitches!

  14. Bryan says:

    Hey Adam…I am leading my roto league in assists by alomst 300 right now, so can afford to give away some…should I deal ROndo for Kobe ? I have Nash still to get me those assists among others give me a few/game…also then would try to deal Ellis and toss in guy like Biedrins for Horford and Collison (or HInrich)…
    so…1 – should I do rondo for kobe…and… 2- if that trade goes thru, should I trade Monte ellis and toss in guy for Horford and Collison or Hinrich…thanks for thoughts!

  15. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Bryan: If you don’t need assists, then I’d definitely trade up for Kobe. Are you going to be okay on steals?

    Why do you want Collison if you just got rid of assists? If you’re targeting Horford, why not just trade him straight up for Ellis?

    Also, how many teams are in your league? How deep are the teams? I ask to figure out how far +300 assists will get you. Can you punt assists for the remaining 23-25 games?

  16. Bryan says:

    I am in a 12-man roto league with 10 categories. The trade deadline is coming up (next Wed, 3/2).

    I have 2429 assists and the next closest is 2122. In steals I am getting 11 of 12 points…currently have 630 steals (10th guy is at 609 and leader is at 668).

    League Categories (my pts)
    FG% (11), FT% (5), 3PM (3), OREB (9), REB (12), AST (12), A/TO (11), STL (11), BLK (9), PTS (11)

    My players: Steve Nash, Rajon Rondo, Randy Foye, Monta Ellis,
    Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony, Josh Smith, David West, Andrew Bynum, Antawn Jamison, Marcin Gortat, Chris Kaman, Kendrick Perkins, Josh Howard, Jason Thompson, Andris Biedrins.

  17. Bryan Showalter says:

    Adam – What do you thing of trading Melo form Horford straight up ? Or even Durant and Bidrinis for Horford and Collison…let me know thoughts on both. I really could use Horford’s all around value and I have good depth at SF spot (Melo, Durant, Jo Smith, Jamison)…so can afford to lose one of them, but do you think I would be gettin good deal


  18. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Bryan Showalter: ‘Melo for Horford wouldn’t have been crazy at the start of the season when Anthony was the No. 1 scoring option on his team. Now that’s he’s matched with Amar’e, I’d prefer Horford. That said, I would never trade away a top 3 fantasy option under any circumstances other than a) getting a top 3 fantasy option in return, b) a lopsided dead involving several top 20-30 players for your top 3, or c) there is no c. Keep Durant.

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