Rankings are helpful because they give a general view of the landscape. For fantasy basketball, though, drafting strictly off of a rankings list is not ideal. Think of it like this. I rank my articles of clothing as such: 1) OOFOS slippers 2) Razzball Hoops Tshirt from Rotowear 3) Basketball shorts 4) Blue tshirt 5) Boxers 6) Socks. Now, say I’m in a two-person draft with my wife. Her number one pick is boxers. She definitely reached and didn’t get value on that pick, but whatever. I’m going OOFOS slippers. If you have a pair, then you know what I’m talking about. I don’t mind free balling and walking around naked isn’t a problem for me. Since it’s a snake draft, I’m adhering to my rankings and selecting the Rotowear shirt. With her second pick, the wife doubles down and selects the basketball shorts then goes with socks. What was she thinking? Now, here is where the conundrum happens. If I go with my rankings, the blue tshirt is my next pick, but I selected the Rotowear shirt earlier. That wouldn’t make sense to grab another shirt. But what if I was sick and needed to double layer? Then doubling down on the shirts would be a fantastic idea. In fantasy basketball, there are so many avenues to conquering the puzzle. Some punt a category or categories, others go balanced, while a few double and triple down on a category. As a result, it’s good to know where players are ranked and drafted, but it’s more important to know which players produce in certain categories. Below are lists of players who provide certain stats.

* All numbers are based off of my projections and the percentages are weighted for volume

** For more extensive lists, go to the Sortable Projections Table


Field Goal Percentage

NAME 50% and OVER
Rudy Gobert .575
Clint Capela .565
Montrezl Harrell .549
Deandre Ayton .543
JaVale McGee .539
Mitchell Robinson .535
DeAndre Jordan .534
Steven Adams .533
Jakob Poeltl .532
Thomas Bryant .528
Dwight Powell .523
John Collins .522
Giannis Antetokounmpo .518
Jonas Valanciunas .518
Jarrett Allen .518
Robert Williams .518
Hassan Whiteside .517
Karl-Anthony Towns .516
Boban Marjanovic .516
Zion Williamson .515
Ben Simmons .514
Kevon Looney .510
Bam Adebayo .508
Derrick Favors .507
Domantas Sabonis .507
Andre Drummond .505
Enes Kanter .503
Anthony Davis .500
LeBron James .500
Mason Plumlee .500


Free Throw Percentage

NAME 80% and OVER
Damian Lillard .858
Danilo Gallinari .858
Stephen Curry .852
Kevin Love .841
James Harden .836
Lou Williams .832
Devin Booker .830
Kyrie Irving .824
Trae Young .821
Chris Paul .821
Malcolm Brogdon .821
Jimmy Butler .820
J.J. Redick .817
Isaiah Thomas .816
Jamal Murray .814
Khris Middleton .813
Kawhi Leonard .812
Kemba Walker .810
Karl-Anthony Towns .807
Jeremy Lamb .807
Lauri Markkanen .807
Buddy Hield .804
Tobias Harris .804
Ricky Rubio .804
Reggie Jackson .803
DeMar DeRozan .802
Paul George .801
LaMarcus Aldridge .801
D.J. Augustin .801
Nikola Jokic .800
Zach LaVine .800


Three Pointers Made

NAME 2.5 and OVER
Stephen Curry 4.9
James Harden 4
Buddy Hield 3.4
Damian Lillard 3
Eric Gordon 3
Terry Rozier 2.9
D’Angelo Russell 2.9
Paul George 2.8
Kevin Love 2.8
Kemba Walker 2.6
Kyrie Irving 2.6
Kyle Lowry 2.6
Klay Thompson 2.6
Bradley Beal 2.5
Devin Booker 2.5
Blake Griffin 2.5
Landry Shamet 2.5



NAME 20 and OVER
Stephen Curry 28
James Harden 27.5
Anthony Davis 27
Joel Embiid 26.2
Giannis Antetokounmpo 26
Damian Lillard 26
Devin Booker 26
LeBron James 24.8
Karl-Anthony Towns 24.7
Bradley Beal 24.1
Blake Griffin 24
Donovan Mitchell 23.7
Kyrie Irving 23.5
Kawhi Leonard 23.5
Trae Young 23.4
Zach LaVine 23.2
Russell Westbrook 23.1
Paul George 22.1
Jrue Holiday 21.3
Nikola Jokic 21.1
Nikola Vucevic 20.9
LaMarcus Aldridge 20.8
Kemba Walker 20.7
John Collins 20.7
C.J. McCollum 20.7
DeMar DeRozan 20.4



NAME 10 and OVER
Andre Drummond 16.1
Karl-Anthony Towns 12.7
Joel Embiid 12.6
Hassan Whiteside 12.3
Rudy Gobert 12
Giannis Antetokounmpo 11.6
Nikola Vucevic 11.5
Kevin Love 11.4
Anthony Davis 11.2
Clint Capela 11.2
Nikola Jokic 11.1
Deandre Ayton 11
Steven Adams 10.9
DeAndre Jordan 10.4
John Collins 10.2



Russell Westbrook 10
Trae Young 9.2
LeBron James 9
Kyle Lowry 8
Ben Simmons 8
Chris Paul 7.9
Luka Doncic 7.8
James Harden 7.5
Nikola Jokic 7.5
Devin Booker 7.5
De’Aaron Fox 7.5
Jeff Teague 7.5
Draymond Green 7.2
Kemba Walker 7
Ricky Rubio 7
Damian Lillard 6.8
Jrue Holiday 6.5
Ja Morant 6.4
Stephen Curry 6
Kyrie Irving 6
Giannis Antetokounmp 5.8
Lou Williams 5.8
Mike Conley 5.7
Bradley Beal 5.5
Eric Bledsoe 5.4
Blake Griffin 5.4
Lonzo Ball 5.3
Tomas Satoransky 5.2
DeMar DeRozan 5.1
D’Angelo Russell 5
D.J. Augustin 5
Dennis Smith Jr. 5



NAME 1.5 and OVER
Paul George 2
Jimmy Butler 2
James Harden 1.8
Kawhi Leonard 1.8
Russell Westbrook 1.8
Robert Covington 1.8
Chris Paul 1.7
De’Aaron Fox 1.7
Andre Drummond 1.6
Jrue Holiday 1.6
Eric Bledsoe 1.6
Larry Nance Jr. 1.6
Dejounte Murray 1.6
Anthony Davis 1.5
Bradley Beal 1.5
Ben Simmons 1.5
Donovan Mitchell 1.5
Kelly Oubre Jr. 1.5
Zion Williamson 1.5
Ricky Rubio 1.5
P.J. Tucker 1.5
Thaddeus Young 1.5
Marcus Smart 1.5



NAME 1.5 and OVER
Mitchell Robinson 3.1
Myles Turner 2.7
Anthony Davis 2.5
Hassan Whiteside 2.5
Rudy Gobert 2.3
Robert Williams 2.3
Brook Lopez 2.1
JaVale McGee 2
Joel Embiid 1.9
Brandon Clarke 1.9
Jaren Jackson Jr. 1.7
Kristaps Porzingis 1.7
Karl-Anthony Towns 1.6
Andre Drummond 1.6
Clint Capela 1.5
Derrick Favors 1.5
Zach Collins 1.5
Jakob Poeltl 1.5
Wendell Carter Jr. 1.5


1/1/1 Club

Jaren Jackson Jr.
Al Horford
Jonathan Isaac
Nikola Vucevic
Kelly Oubre Jr.
Robert Covington


3-and-D (Steals)

P.J. Tucker
Marcus Smart
Kent Bazemore
Lonnie Walker IV
Josh Richardson
Mikal Bridges
Gary Harris
Patrick Beverley
Danny Green
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope
Jaylen Brown
Jeremy Lamb
Kevin Huerter
  1. Trader says:

    Nine category league with TOs added to the ESPN standard. Harden is going to be sketched first. I have the second pick….AD, Kat or Giannis?

    • Son says:

      Between AD and KAT for me. I think AD has the higher ceiling, but lower floor. KAT is safer. Depends on your philosophical approach

  2. Justin says:

    in a 10 person. 9 cat h2h league. i got the 10th pick. and i have been thinking of doing a combo of kyrie and beal. what would you recommend i do with my 3rd and 4th pick. i tend to be left with choosing between: buddy, tatum, aldridge, sometimes john collins, middleton, siakam, mitch robinson, fox, mitchell. loaded question. but just trying to see what the best strategy is after i go kyrie and beal

    • Son says:

      Gotta get bigs there if you start with Kyrie and Beal, unless you’re punting. Ayton and Jaren Jackson Jr. if they are there. I love Bam and I’d probably reach for him, but that’s just me.

  3. I Just Wanna Kawhi says:

    Whoa this is awesome!

    Just finished drafting in our 10T league, here’s how it went for ya boy

    (6) Jokic PF,C
    (15) Ayton C
    (26) Booker PG,SG
    (35) Turner PF,C
    (46) Irving PG,SG
    (55) SGA PG,SG
    (66) Robinson C
    (75) Bledsoe PG,SG
    (86) Richardson SG,SF
    (95) Wright PG,SG
    (106) Oubre SF
    (115) Powell PF,C
    (126) Anunoby SF,PF

    I don’t really know what direction my squad is heading at. Lol

    • I Just Wanna Kawhi says:

      Btw, I think I’m gon swap Dwight Powell with Taurean, what you say?

      • Son says:

        I’m good with that move

    • Son says:

      Nice! I like the squad.

      Strength is big man stats. Lightest in tres.

  4. NY Bricks says:

    Yo Son, major props for all the top notch writing you and the other writers produce at Razzball. Any thoughts on my team, drafted in a 10-team 8-cat roto format?

    G: Curry, Conley, Delon, Sato, Smart
    F: Tatum, JRich, Miles, Bagley
    C: Ayton Turner Robinson McGee

    Just wondering if it’s a trainwreck or can I set out on salvaging it through some trades.

    • Son says:

      Much appreciated.

      Strength is steals and blocks. Average in the rest.

  5. Ben says:

    Hi Son- in case this doesn’t get seen on the other post…Which of the following are you keeping, 13 team $200 auction roto league:

    Towns, 1 year 76
    Mitchell Robinson, 1 year 6/year or 2 years 11/year
    Bojan B – 1 year 10
    Brogdon- 1 year 11


  6. Leo says:

    I’m torn which money league to join head to head format. Between yahoo pro league this will be a daily add versus Fantrax which is weekly add. This means thT if someone gets hurt I have to wait the next week to sub. The good news is thT I’m not the only one will be in the same boat. So can work both ways.

    Yahoo pro leaguers on the other hand are always on point on adding players. I always get beaten out.

    What are your thoughts?

    • Son says:

      I personally like daily adds.

      As for your primary concern, think of it like this….daily adds is akin to everyone being in the Serengeti competing for prey. You eat what you kill, while the weekly is like everyone in the zoo with the food thrown into the pit at the same time.

      Do you want to be roaming the Serengeti or be in zoo?

  7. Barts says:

    Hi Son,

    I’m in a 9-category, 8-team keeper league with 16 keepers. Rookies are at a premium.

    I’ve got the #1 pick this year. The guy with the #2 pick is offering me his 2019 1st (Ja Morant) _ his 2020 1st round (should be pick 1 or 2) for my 2019 1st (Zion) and my 2020 4th.

    Would you do that deal? Zion’s going to be hella fun to watch and it’s great to watch a guy you have. But his strong categories also come with some weaknesses (FTs, 3s) and song long-term concerns about his body.

    Morant would solve my AST problem immediately, but I wonder if I should take the best players. What would you recommend? And is 2020 a strong draft for a #1 or #2 overall pick?


    • Son says:

      There are some good prospects for next year, but no one that is considered generational. It’s early, though, so someone could emerge. While I have some concerns regarding Zion’s shooting, I do think it can develop. Just look at Julius Randle. With that said, he is such a physical freak and contributes on D, that I personally would keep him.

      • Barts says:

        Sweet, thanks!

        • Son says:

          Anytime. Keep me up to date

  8. dan-o1 says:

    good article,thank you. is there a site i can go to for fantasy playoff days per nba team?.

    i traded booker for mithrob. thumbs up/down/sideways?
    jamal murray
    dejountay murray
    g. harris
    j. isaac
    mitch rob
    jarrett allen

    thanks for your time

  9. John says:

    Hi, Son.

    Good stuff as always. I’d like to know your thoughts on below lineup (H2H, 9 Cat, 12 teams). Seems like I’m weak in assists, rebs and blcks department.

    PG: Donovan Mitchell
    SG: Khris Middleton
    G: Terry Rozier
    SF: Pau George
    PF: Anthony Davis
    C: Montrezl Harrell
    C: David Bertans
    Util: Jeff Teague
    Util: Taurean Prince
    Bn: Derrick White
    Bn: Kyle Kuzma
    Bn: Justice Winslow

    The likes of Batum, Thad Young, B. Clarke, Olnyk, Robert Williams and Zubac are still available.

    • Son says:

      Yes, weak in blocks, dimes, and boards.

      I like Robert Williams and would keep an eye on Clarke if he gets the minutes

  10. Andrew Pontikes says:

    great stuff thanks.

    10 team, 9 cat league. could keep either mitchell robinson or Bam in the last round. Who you taking?

    • Son says:


      • Andrew says:

        Cool thanks. Forgot to mention it’s H2H if that matters. Tough to pass up the blocks from Mitchell’s Robinson but ya Bam is definitely set up for success

        • Son says:

          It’s Bam for me in either format. I lvoe him so much

  11. Dave says:

    Hi there,

    Here is my team for a 12 team, 9-cat draft. Got the shitty 11th pick but I think I did ok? Feel like I got good value with my picks but maybe a bit low in blocks and boards? Not sure how to improve the team through free agents…

    1. (11) Kawhi Leonard SG,SF
    2. (14) Jimmy Butler SG,SF
    3. (35) Mike Conley PG
    4. (38) John Collins PF,C
    5. (59) Eric Bledsoe PG,SG
    6. (62) Al Horford PF,C
    7. (83) Joe Ingles SG,SF
    8. (86) Jarrett Allen PF,C
    9. (107) Delon Wright PG,SG
    10. (110) Dwight Powell PF,C
    11. (131) Joe Harris SG,SF
    12. (134) Kevon Looney PF,C
    13. (155) Goran Dragic PG,SG

    Notable free agents: David Bertans, Reggie Jackson, Tim Hardaway Jr, Zubac, Norman Powell, Cedi Osman, Marvin Williams, Matisse Thybulle

    Anyone to consider from that bunch or to stay pat for now?

    • Son says:

      Team is solid. If you play Powell and Looney in the flex spots, then you’ll be fine in boards and blocks, but the tres will be super light.
      If you play Harris with one of the bigs, then boards and blocks are light, but still not too bad.

      I’d stay pat

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