Welcome back Razzball Nation! Sit back and take a breath from the Kyrie and Melo dramas. Let’s talk about some NBA rookies and the long-term outlook for a couple of potential gems.

Just about every fantasy basketball site, including us, have been drooling over the high-end guards from the most recent draft class, but what about the big men?

This week we will be comparing two of the premier frontcourt talents and breaking down where they may help (and hinder) your dynasty teams moving forward.


John Collins vs Jarrett Allen

John Collins Name Jarrett Allen
19y 10m Age 19y 3m
Atlanta Hawks Team Brooklyn Nets
PF Position PF/C
6′ 10″ Height 6′ 11″
218 lbs Weight 235 lbs
26.6 MPG 32.2
19.2 Points 13.4
9.8 Rebounds 8.5
1.6 Blocks 1.5
0.6 Steals 0.6
74.5% FT % 56.4%
62.2% FG% 56.6%

*All statistics are representative of the 2016/17 college season.


John Collins


  • Good energy and is a presence in the paint
  • Ability to play through contact
  • Excellent positioning and use of body
  • Good footwork
  • Efficient shooter with the ability to score inside with ease
  • Runs well in transition
  • Very athletic


  • Not much range to his game on the offensive end
  • Can play above the rim, but does not time blocks well, which results in foul trouble
  • Struggles to defend the pick and roll
  • Needs to develop awareness to play within a defensive system
  • Can be too loose with the ball, struggles with easy offloads


Jarrett Allen


  • Elite wingspan (7′ 6”)
  • Aggressive and fearless rebounder
  • Plays above the rim with ease
  • Strong pick and roll defender
  • Able to shoot mid-range jumpers
  • Good speed for a player his size
  • Strong frame, especially given his young age
  • Solid passer, but sometimes a little too ambitious


  • Poor free throw shooter
  • Struggles to move laterally, despite his strong speed
  • Needs to be more dynamic in his decision-making with the ball, often becomes too predictable on offense
  • Can be easily outmuscled, despite his size
  • Careless with the ball


Comparing Allen and Collins is an intriguing excercise. Both have considerable talent and have found themselves in intriguing long-term positions with the rebuilding Hawks and Nets.

Allen oozes with potential and, with some offensive polish, can become a very high-level big man in the NBA. Due to his defensive prowess, the floor is relatively high. The drawback is that hideous free throw percentage, but given the improvements and success achieved in the mid-range game, there is hope that can be improved as well.

Collins is the more refined offensive player. As a result, he should contribute to fantasy teams quicker than Allen. Collins could be a nightly double-double threat with efficient shooting percentages once he receives the minutes.

What excites me the most about both players is their athleticism. Both have the ability to play above the rim and their development will hinge on utilizing that athleticism at both ends of the floor.

Despite the free throw woes and strong showing that Collins had during the Summer League, I have Allen over Collins by an inch. It is important to remember the extra year of experience Collins had in college. I have no doubt that Allen would have seen big strides in his offensive game with another year of experience.

The long-term outlook is bright for both players, but do you prefer a roll of the dice with Allen, or to cash in your chips early on Collins?

  1. Trizzy says:

    Took Allen at 13. No summer league play but seems like a smart kid who has the ability to learn and get stronger. Blast from the past looking center.

    • Craig Bozic

      Craig says:

      @Trizzy: @Trizzy:

      Blast from the past looking in more ways than one with that hair lol.

      I like that spot at 13 for Allen, I have a smidgen higher but same territory.

  2. Saints says:

    Have you updated your rankings ?
    I copied your ranks and there you had dwayne bacon on 40 ( at least i think so). When i check your dynasty Rankings part2 now. You have him on 34 is that right ? or have i made a mistake?
    What do you think about him and why you raised him a few spots ?
    Thanks for the great stuff

    • Craig Bozic

      Craig says:


      Rankings are still the same, Bacon has always been at 34 and no real change of perception.

      Its possible you have confused him with someone else’s rankings (which I whole heartedly endorse, the more perceptions the better to draw your own conclusions from)

  3. Brett Nelson

    Brett says:

    Both of these guys will be better pros than Markkanen #hottake

    • Trizzy says:

      @Brett: Amen, and i’m a Bulls fan, FML.

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