Things move fast in Hollywood!  After Dwyane Wade sold the sitcom rights of his life to Fox, he’s already been casted to star in Alexander Payne’s sequel Sideways.  Apparently it’s about an over-the-hill basketball player who chugs four bottles of wine before playing the Bulls….

Twas a rough one for D-Wade hitting only 4-20 (420!) from the field, putting up 9/3/3 with 5 TO last night.  Awesome defense by my boyfriend Tony Snell!  Played 38 minutes of fantasy-awfulness, but his D was smothering!  While I’m usually good with learning from pictures, from what I gathered in the playoff picture the Heat are now 1.5 games out of the playoffs.  I may have seen the picture wrong, I mean that mother F dress was blue!  Oh great, we’re back on that again…  Anyway, Wade might only have one game left in him if the Heat get knocked out of the playoff picture, and I think is expendable in Roto and H2H leagues running through Wednesday.  No reason to keep some dead weight from winning your title, and keeping you from that Sandra Oh-face!  Here’s what else went down last night in fantasy hoops action:

Hassan Whiteside Rebounding machine!  19/16 with a swat, nearing the Goro.  Had some ups and downs during the game, but love the 38 minutes and the fact his hand didn’t bleed all over the place.

Michael Beasley – Well, when Whiteside is your leading scorer it’s easy for someone else to look like they have a pulse, and that pulse last night was Beasley for 13/2/1/0/1 on 5-8 shooting with three of those treys.  Scraping the bottom of the barrel to talk about positive Heat things!

Pau Gasol – 16/15/1/0/1 and is going to get into the high-70s games played this year with a career-high in boards and near a career season overall.  Just insane.  So insane I feel like the ground is spinning…

Taj Gibson A monster off the bench for 14/12/2/0/1 in a whopping 34 minutes.  That means that…

No Minutes Mirotic! – …yup, he’s back!  Nikola Mirotic for only 17 minutes of usable 9/3/1/3/0, and it helps he made 2 treys, but sheesh.  No bueno.

Derrick Rose Got to 20 minutes of 12/4/3/0/0 with no threes.  Started driving a little more in the second half, but sat the whole 4th to keep the minutes in check.  But Tibs is going to have to start upping the ante to get ready for the playoffs around the corner…

Stephen Curry I just had a feeling after about a quarter this was gonna be a nutso game…  45/2/10 on an absolutely unbelievable 17-23 FG (8-13 3PTM 3-3 FT).  Dem video game numbers!  Warriors are ready to roll through the Western Conf. playoffs.

Draymond Green Feels like it’s been a while since we’ve #OccupiedDraymondGreen, but it’s because greatness is assumed!  11/14/3/1/2 with a trey.

Aron Afflalo – Ruh roh.  Said he might’ve torn something in his shoulder.  Time to pick up Mr. Yiddish!  Mr. McCollum!

C.J. McCollum That’s “McChhhhoollllum”, with extra Yiddish phlegm!  Keeping up his solid play for 17/2/1/2/1 off the bench last night and in line for assured minutes if A-Aron is out for an extended time.  Well actually it’s A-R-Ron, but that doesn’t have the same comedic value…

Nicolas Batum Dayum!  Just like MCW on Wednesday, Batum used his Razzie for worst non-injured bust as bulletin board material for a monster line!  7/10/8/1/1 with no TO.  We could put up with your anemic scoring, Nico, if you did that every night!

Thabo Sefolosha – Not that any leagues really care, but he’s got a fractured leg and ligament damage in the aftermath of that nightclub thing.  People call the Hawks the “Spurs of the East”, but ya know what?  Nobody on the Spurs would be at a night club at 4:00 AM in NYC, or at least, not dumb enough to confront cops and break their leg.  Hey Plaxico, you have a friend from the NBA!


Streamers/Cheap Daily League Picks:

Tyler Hansbrough (1% owned) – You laugh, but it’s been two straight games of quality fantasy goodness, with a 15/10/0/1/1.5 average slash with Amir Johnson out.  A good matchup for some more boards and D stats against the Magic lies ahead for Psycho T streamers, as long as they can handle getting laughed at by their leaguemates.

Rodney Hood (11% owned) – At this point virtually anyone is a streamer, but I like Hood a lot to close out the year and would roll him when I can if that means holding past tonight.  Gordon Hayward is playing less minutes as he’s banged up, and Hood is averaging 20.7/5.3/2.7/1.7/0.3 in a great 3-game run.


I hope everyone is closing their season strong, Peter Kap will be recapping injuries on Monday and I’ll be back with the Daily Notes on Tuesday.  Have a great weekend Razzball Nation!