A friend of mine got married this summer. None of us groomsmen discussed what we’d wear, but it seemed pretty obvious. After a lifetime of burpin’ and fartin’ and wedgies, it was only appropriate that we’d all wear our tuxedo t-shirts and jeans. I arrived to the church where, lo and behold, I was the only one who looked like a jackass. I was so embarrassed I rushed home to change. I switched out of my jeans and into black sweatpants. Whew. But even though that crisis was averted, it taught me a powerful lesson. No matter how clearly everything seems to be, it’s always a good idea to check with those around you first.

Fantasy basketball is no different. As many hours as I’ve poured into creating the perfect fantasy basketball rankings, I have to admit that nothing’s perfect. Bynum’s out ’til December, Bogut is playing hurt all season, Yao’s minutes are limited and Greg Oden has to exchange his skeletal structure at the Bone Depot for a new set. Not only have I updated the 2010 roto fantasy top 100 list (go look!) according to the ever-shifting developments in the league these last few weeks, but I’ve scoured Yahoo’s rankings to compare the player’s that either I like and Yahoo! does not, or vicey-versey. I won’t nitpick every difference of opinion, just the big ones. But since they’re big, that’s not really nitpicking. I’m using the 2010 roto fantasy top 100 because that’s what Yahoo’s generic rankings are more geared toward.

Here are the big differences between Yahoo’s rankings and Razzball’s:

Jason Kidd – 17 at Yahoo, 44 here. Jason Kidd is the Ichiro of basketball. Fuuture Hall of Famer, solid pick, but nowhere near worth the spot they’re ranked in the preseason. He doesn’t block, he doesn’t score and he doesn’t shoot particularly well from the floor. That’s too many doesn’ts for a top 20 pick.

Chauncey Billups – 21 at Yahoo, 47 here. Denver’s a New Jersey point guard away from becoming a rebuilding team. You know what players don’t thrive on rebuilding teams? Veterans. Don’t take Billups at 21.

Monta Ellis – 29 at Yahoo, 51 here. Quick! Top three things that Monta Ellis had going for him in 2009 – go! Uh, he played a redonkulous amount of minutes? Yup. Thanks to Don Nelson. That’s one. Um, he averaged more points than he should because he played in an unstructured offense that never asked him to pass? Two-for-two. Nellie again. Can you get all three? Well, how ’bout that there was no proven big man to dump it off to last year? Bingo! Now for the bonus question, which of those three aspects will still be true this season? None. Ellis will be the third option on this team.

Nene Hilario – 31 at Yahoo, 60 here. Admittedly, I’m warming to Nene in the wake of K-Mart and Birdman’s injuries. Still, he doesn’t do anything exceptionally. In the first three rounds, I want someone who does at least one thing exceptionally. Like Dirk Diggler said, “everyone’s blessed with one special thing.”

Tyreke Evans – 35 at Yahoo, 24 here. Last season Evans scored more, assisted more, rebounded more, blocked more, stole more, shot better from the floor and is 13 years younger than Chauncey Billups. But by all means, grab Billups 13 spots ahead of Evans.

Rudy Gay – 41 at Yahoo, 61 here. Meh. I’m resigned to the idea of not having Reuttiger on any of my teams this year.

Marcus Camby – 46 at Yahoo, 98 here. When creating these rankings, had I known the dire condition Oden still is in, I would have ranked Camby higher. I’ve righted the wrong and I’m chewing on crow, which tastes a lot like raven. But I’m not eating too much crow, Yahoo! because …

Joakim Noah – 47 at Yahoo, 31 here. … There ain’t no way I’m taking Marcus Camby over Joakim Noah. No, ah don’t think so! With Portland, Camby averaged an extra mpg than Noah and only managed half a block and half a steal more. That’s it.  And that’s not including upside, team role, Noah’s increased mpgs this season and so-on and so-on and et cetera.

Kevin Martin – 48 at Yahoo, 36 here. Yahoo’s scared of Kevin Martin’s wet noodle limbs breaking in half. I ain’t.

Jason Richardson – 49 at Yahoo, 27 here. I’m insulted on behalf of Jason Richardson.

Stephen Jackson – 50 at Yahoo, 28 here. At the very least, Yahoo! also ranks J-Rich and Jax one after the other. Yahoo! just ranked them stupider than I did.

Jeff Green – 63 at Yahoo, 106 here. Show me 20 shooting guards power forwards who are going to have a better season than Jeff Green and I’ll show you my 2010 Fantasy Basketball Top 20 PF list because Jeff Green ain’t on it.

Jason Terry – 66 at Yahoo, 103 here. Cripes, Yahoo! Even Jason Terry is going to have a better season than Jeff Green. Did I mention cripes?!?

Ben Gordon – 126 at Yahoo, 65 here. Yahoo’s rankings remind me of the one guy in your fantasy league that looks at his newly drafted team and declares himself the winner based on the NBA preseason performances of half his team. Hey Yahoo!, history goes back much, much farther than Ben’s uncharacteristically bad season. Damn you, Yahoo! for making me defend a Piston!

Ty Lawson – 202 at Yahoo!, 107 here. Even if Lawson doesn’t play any more than the 20 mpg he averaged last season and in those 20 mpg he doesn’t improve his efficiency one year later, 8/2/3 with above-average percentages 1 3pt+stl is better than friggin’ 202. And that’s more ifs than the Rififi family reunion.

  1. d2bnz says:

    I am very much going to keep my eye on how far Ben Gordon slips come draft day …..take note white shadow league ……but surely we are likely to see more of the same as his minutes are Ripped into ?
    Hamilton’s contract is not going to be easy to move.

  2. there must be some kind of system in which certain players will play on the short schedule days which will give you an advantage in H2H – I hate playing 3 – 5 men short a week – the team with the most players going for them usually wins

  3. Adam

    Adam says:

    @d2bnz: +1 pun point for Rip. The Pistons are going to play whomever is producing. The best case scenario for the team is the worst case for fantasy, being that EVERYONE is producing. No one assumes that will happen. My assumption is that Gordon will be fine, his minutes will be there, even if it means moving Rip to SF for certain rotations. Guys like McGrady, Villanueva, Hamilton and maybe Prince are the ones I’m convinced are going to be in trouble this season.

    @Mr Basketball: Yeah, I suppose you can stream players from week-to-week based solely on how many games they play that week. But the odds of gaining more than a game or two a week on your opponent AND those streamed players being better than whomever you (and the rest of your league) drafted every week is pretty slim. I wouldn’t recommend habitually streaming all season.

  4. Nathan says:

    I love posts like this. I feel like the vast majority of leagues draft by the Yahoo rankings for the most part, so doing this kind of post is extremely useful.

    I was re-reading your “2nd round picks” post from a few days ago. Grey did a similar post at the beginning of the baseball season outlining who he’d go after in the 2nd round based on who he took in the first round. Any plans to do something like that?

  5. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Nathan: Yeah, I think I will. Especially if you guys would find it helpful.

  6. Nathan says:

    Well I can’t speak for everyone, but I know I would.

  7. AnotherFalstaff says:

    @Adam: I agree with Nathan. Thanks!

  8. ETMcgee says:

    I’m not really sure how you have JKidd down there. you say he doesn’t block, doesn’t score, and doesn’t shoot well. But under Nene, you say you want your top 3 rounds to do at least 1 thing exceptionally well. Kidd’s assists are exceptional, he makes a ton of 3s, and his steals are up as well, and has relatively low TOs. He was never a fantasy staple b/c of his points, and his crappy FG doesn’t really hurt b/c the lack of volume. I’m not saying he should be taken @17, but late 2nd round through the 3rd round will still return value. I mean, the guy ranked #5 in overall value last year and #8 the year prior…

    I’m sorry, but if you are taking KvMartin in the 3rd, JRich and SJackson in the 2nd-3rd, and Ben gordon in the 6th, and you are going to leave me JKidd til the 4th, jTerry and jeff green into the 10th, Cambyman in the 9th, then I will beat your team every single time. I don’t really love any of those players, but based on your rankings, there is little to no upside on any of your players that you moved up, and tons of upside on the players you moved down.

  9. ETMcgee says:

    Sorry, Lawson still has plenty of upside where you’ve got him ranked. Noah could end up a top 20 player (which isn’t a big jump from #31), and tyreke might give a slightly better return on investment, but there is little room to work with.

  10. Adam

    Adam says:

    @ETMcgee: I hear you on upside, but Kidd’s downside is why he’s ranked where he’s ranked. He’s not young and Beaubois won’t be injured far into the season. Even Kidd has said he expects to lose time to Roddy at PG.

    And if it’s not Kidd losing time to Beaubois, it’ll be Jason Terry, who will also have to compete with Caron Butler. Terry averaged 34 mpg last season before Butler joined the Mavs and 28 after.

  11. Fletch says:

    @Adam: I drafted 8th out of 12 teams. H2H legue. This is my team…where can I improve, who do you like and will this team get me to the playoffs. Thanks.

    G – Williams, Collison, Wall, Holiday, Augustin

    F – Gasol, Blatche, Scola, Millsap, Hickson, R. Lopez, A. Johnson

    C – Bargnani (a couple of the F I have can play C as well)

  12. Fenris-77

    Fenris-77 says:

    You know why Jeff Green ain’t on anyone’s top 20 SG lists? Because he ain’t a friggin’ shooting guard. He’s a 15/6 SF/PF who’s going to get you 1.5 threes, 1.5 Stl and almost a block a game. What’s not to like?

    Those aren’t traditional PF numbers obviously, but it’s a nice roto line from any position. A certain amount of his value also comes from the production at position too. Anyway, his Y! ranking isn’t as odd as you make it seem.

  13. Kristjan says:

    About Noah you are forgetting, that the injury he had plantar facilities is a recurring injury and it can happen again at any time, it is the same injury that Charley V and Granger had, so risk factor should also be counted for. And also Boozer will not be good for hes reb numbers!
    And Camby needs only 25-30 min to get 10 rebs and 2 blocks and looking at the fact that he can play either C or PF the minutes are there, even if Oden is healthy he will foul out at 25 anyway so if Aldrige plays 38 min than still 33 min up for grabs! So I would put Camby on par with Noah! Thanks for the article dough I totally agree the things said about SJax and JRich!

  14. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Fletch: @Fletch: I do like this team. Love the guards, nice job there. I’m assuming there are three bench spots and you’re planning on filling them with Augustin, Hickson and Johnson. With just a cursory glance, it looks like you’re well above average in FG%, STLs and BLKs. You’ve got enough production to beat most (but not all) teams in TOV, AST and STL. I worry about your 3PT, PTS and FT%.

    Just going by what I see here (without knowledge of how other people in your league drafted) I’d be surprised if you didn’t make your playoffs.

    @Fenris-77: Egads. Now I have to send Sefolosha an apology card.

    @Kristjan: I’m really getting a kick out of how many people are coming to Camby’s defense. Still, I’d rather get stuck with Noah’s injury history than Camby’s. I do agree that Boozer isn’t going to help Noah’s rebounding numbers. I projected him to grab just as many as last year, not more. I think Noah’s natural improvement, plus his extended mpgs will offset the boards Boozer will grab instead of Jo-No.

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