It’s a veritable Ron-a-thon in the FA pool. Derrick Rose returned after a couple games off and tagged out Deng for what looks to be at least a week. The first thing you need to know is Luol Deng came into Monday night leading the league in minutes played through the first quarter of the season. The second thing you need to know is that Deng and his 38.3 mpg are having wrist-issues (wristues?) and there ain’t no telling exactly how long he’ll miss. In his place? Ronnie Brewer. Brew (no one calls him “Brew”) had 9 pts/3 rbd, with a three after one quarter (he played all 12 minutes). Had he ended the game with that, you deep leaguers would consider picking him up. The fact that he played 27 minutes, scored 11 points, blocked a shot, and ended with five rebounds on an off night against a team the Bulls were never excited about playing, bodes well for Brewer’s value. This is why the Bulls are so damn good. Their reserves come in, fill up the stat sheet for a couple games and slink back to reserve roles when the starters return. For as long as Brewer is starting for Deng, he should be owned across all leagues. I don’t think it will be long, as Deng was expected to try to gut it out even a half-hour before the game and the injury is on his non-shooting hand. But even if you get one more game out of Brewer, he’s going to play big minutes (last night excluded, due to the New Jersey’s sucktitude). No player playing that many minutes shouldn’t be owned. Rip Hamilton and Kyle Korver are the other Bulls most likely to benefit from Deng’s limp wristedness. Hamilton is the major add, but he’s owned in the majority of leagues. Brewer isn’t. In other Ronnie news, Phoenix doubled-down on Ronnie Price remaining the starting SG in place of Jared Dudley. Last night, he went 3/0/1, with 2 stl and a 3ptm. /sarcasm Good thing they moved Dudley’s weak line out of the starting lineup \end sarcasm I don’t like a Price pickup nearly as much as a Brewer pickup, but production is gold and minutes are gold and mares eat oats and does eat oats and little Price is gravy. Below are some kids who’ll eat ivy, too. Join us, won’t you?

Rip Hamilton – Double-doubled for the first time in almost exactly two years (January 27, 2010). That means he’s not likely to start double-doubling all over the place. So settle down about it.

MarShon Brooks – Out with Achilles tendonitis. Yeah, THAT’s why the Nets lost by 50 points. It was only 15. Not in spirit, it wasn’t. Anthony Morrow took his place and hit 15 points with little else. They’re basically the same player. Now that I think about it, have you ever actually seen Brooks and Morrow in the same place? Yes. They’re teammates. We’ve seen them together often. Ehhhhh, I’m not so sure. Isn’t Marshon Brooks just an anagram for Anthony Morrow? No. Clearly not. There’s no “s” or “b” in Morrow’s name. Dammit, Mr. Italics! What’s WITH you today!?!

Rodney Stuckey – Good enough to play in place of the more-injured-than-Stuckey Ben Gordon. Not good enough to help his team avoid getting blown out of the Chesapeake Energy Arena by 20 points.

Kirk Hinrich – He’s set to make his season debut on Wednesday. But don’t get it twisted (or betwixted, if you’re reading this from the 16th century), Teague is your starter and Hinrich really isn’t worth more than, say, Udrih, Cole or Farmar. Don’t freak out, Teague’s your man (For now!) Ignore my doom-and-gloom parentheticals. I’m just kidding (Or am I?) I am. (Probably.)

Ryan Anderson – 0-for-8, three fouls. Easily the worst shooting performance of his career. Before tonight, Anderson had never gone more than six shots without making one. His previous worst: November 11, 2009, 2-for-14. He and Orlando deserve each other.

Brandon Bass – Coming into last night’s game, Bass had amassed 37 pts/24 rbd with 3 blk in his last three. 19/8/0 last night. Put your abacus away. He’s averaging 14/8, with 0.8 blks this week and he’s still widely available in most leagues. Jrue story.

Eric Gordon – After a scare most of yesterday that he may have had a fractured kneecap, reports stated that his knee is structurally sound, but that he’ll miss another three weeks. Still, my guess is he’ll miss more than three weeks worth of games. Adjust your Marco Belinelli personalized calendars accordingly.

Elton Brand – 11/2, with a steal in the first 8:30 minutes = good. 6/7  in his next 20:30 = bad. Good + bad = 17/9, with a steal = still good! This is why I hate math. On another note, I have no statistics to back this up, but it seems pretty clear to me that playing sick makes people better at basketball.

Andre Iguodala – Seven assists in the first 9:30. I could do this for Thad Young and Jodie Meeks and Jrue, but what’s it matter? It was against D.C. Cut all of Philly’s stats by a third and you’d have an accurate idea of what they’d have done against a professional basketball team had they played one.


JaVale McGee – Five total rebounds in two games, because oldasses Jermaine O’Neal and Tony Battie are simply too much for him. Blocks be damned, McGee is awful.

Derrick Williams – Drill put on his big boy pants and took his first turn in the starting lineup. (11/7 in 37 minutes.)

Ricky Rubio – Shot 2-for-10 last night and .386 on the season. Also, I just threw up in my mouth a little … wait. *urp* Just threw up in my mouth a lot.

Kawhi Leonard – Shot (and missed) one shot in 7 minutes. That’s it. That sound you’re hearing is either a sad trombone or Leonard’s ship setting out to sea. Or maybe there is a sad trombone on his ship.

Trevor Ariza – Hey! Will you lookit ol’ Trev’ playing pretty well and averaging .440 from the floor, 14.5 pts/5.5 rbd/4.3 ast, and 2.8 stl in the four games since his return from injury! Ain’t that just prettier than eyelashes on a bull steer? I don’t know what that means.

Luke Ridnour – Ridnour ending last night with a 17/3/8 line three weeks after all of Earth had forgotten all about him is like remembering how hot Tiffani Thiessen still is after all these years. Oh, hey. That’s great. Way to go!

Serge Ibaka – Ten blocks in his last two games, 16 blocks in his last four. Say what you will about him: you wanted blocks, he’s giving you blocks.

Ian Mahinmi – 17/9, as he missed his first double-double by one rebound. … Or seven blocks if you’d prefer to take the long way around. Yahn ain’t a bad stream in deep leagues while Nowitzki takes his extended breather. Odom is the biggest beneficiary in theory, but Mahinmi had a fine game last night.

Marcus Camby – Camby left the game early with mild groin spr … oh, who cares? You saw Camby’s name and you already knew everything you needed to. You just knew. Look at Craig Smith if you’re desperate.

  1. Dimitri says:

    would you drop Batum (probably not, after Camby went down again + wallace is injury prone too; hopefully Batum will get more Playtime now) or Garnett for Ariza? These are my worst players I could drop.

  2. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Dimitri: Of the two, I’d drop Batum before Garnett. I might still drop Batum for Ariza despite Camby’s injury last night. Take a look at Ariza’s stats and decide whether his steals and assists will help more than Batum’s FG% and blocks.

  3. Rob says:

    Adam: am offering Ryan Anderson in trade (first in threes by a healthy margin). Have sent trade proposals out for Jennings, Curry, Conley out. I expect all three to be rejected. In fact one was but was countered with Bynum. My inclination would be to reject (assuming the other 2 offers are rejected) but I may be wrong here.

    Am struggling with what fair value for Anderson would be. Is Bynum too little?

  4. thefonz says:

    Good stuff, Adam. Should I drop Speights for Ronnie, Biyombo or M. Morris? Also, would you recommend holding Hawes? I don’t see his minutes returning with lingering injuries…

  5. Benny says:

    Do you think Kaman is even worth holding onto at this point? He’s not getting any minutes right now. Should I hang on to him and hope he gets more minutes and/or him and his expiring contract is traded to a contending team that could use him? Or do you think Nawlins will just wait him all year?

  6. Rob says:

    Was also offered Jack for Anderson which I probably will decline.

  7. Benny says:

    Also – Delfino has been killing me of late. Would you drop him for any of the following – Farmar, Hinrich, Tony Allen.

  8. booya says:

    Would you rather have Millsap or Gasol right now?

  9. Clyde Prompto says:

    Howdy, Adam. How would you rank Lamar Odom, Mareese Speights and Carl Landry for rest-of-season roto value?

  10. booya says:

    Also, do you like jefferson more than both of them? Roto league btw

  11. Shawn says:

    Hey Adam man, I’m kinda stuck and need some help if you have time.

    My league is h2h, 3 keepers

    Thinking about moving Howard maybe Blake ( anyone really, but I would love to keep Dwilliams) Im getting killed in FT%, Blocks..even FG%

    Right now someone is offering me Wade/Dirk+ someone for Howard/Lowry, the someone could be deng or maybe Dwest

    I Just offered Howard for Rose 1v1.

    If this was your team, what would you do?
    I had rondo but I traded him for Dwilliams
    Howard/Blake/Rondo would of been good but I couldnt pass up on Dwilliams

    The Team is the following:

    Blake Griffin
    Kyle Lowry
    DeJuan Blair
    Ben Gordon
    Spencer Hawes
    Marvin Williams
    Jason Thompson
    Chuck Hayes – on IR

    (I’m not aiming to win this season, thinking about next season and setting my self up for the coming years) Sorry for the long message, I hope you can help!

  12. Rob says:

    Adam: one more silly question..Delfino or Parsons

  13. Ryan says:

    Thanks again for all your help Adam. Anyway McGee’s inconsistency is starting to worry me. I was thinking of trading McGee pierce for al jefferson and al harrington. Does harrington make the trade in my favor or is this still too much to give.

    My team
    14 team h2h keeper

    pg stephen curry
    sg Paul pierce
    g kyle lowry
    sf kevin durant
    pf markieff morris
    f andre igoudala
    c amare staudamire
    c javale mcgee
    util carlos delfino
    util evan turner
    bn lamar odom
    bn bryon mullins
    bn jameer nelson

  14. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Rob: The problem with Anderson is that he’s kind of come out of nowhere. He had a nice pocket of production last season, but generally he was off most radars a month ago. right now, he’s offering top 40 production and you shouldn’t accept anything less than that. Unfortunately, what you’re going to run into are a bunch of other fantasy owners either a) not convinced he’s on anything more than an extended hot streak or b) wary that you think Anderson is on an extended hot streak, which freaks them out and they reject any offer. Bynum isn’t bad. It’s hard to tell you if it’s a good deal without knowing where your team’s strengths and weaknesses are. For 3PTM, PTS, STLs and FT%, keep Anderson. For blocks, FG% and RBD, go with Bynum. Also, yes, decline Anderson for Jack.

    @thefonz: Depends on need, but Biyombo is a nice source for blocks. Also, I would recommend holding on to Hawes. Collins likes Thad coming off the bench and tony Battie just isn’t a quality starter. If Hawes is healthy, he’ll get minutes.

    @Benny: Nah. Drop Kaman. If something happens you can rush to the FA pool, but for now, fill his spot with someone who is producing. Also, I’d keep Delfino. The other three you mentioned aren’t any more reliable.

    @booya: Marc by a hair over Millsap, but Al Jefferson tops ’em all.

    @Clyde Prompto: I’m tellin’ you guys, there is no “rest-of-season” value. 2/3 of the guys you drafted will almost certainly be dropped or close to dropped before this year is out. Right now, I’d rank ’em Odom, Landry, Speights. And I’d expect that to be the case in mid-April. But so much is going to happen between now and then. A month ago, would you have thought that it would even be a question who among Odom, Landry and Speights would be most valuable?

  15. Newt Schrute says:

    I was offered Rose and ‘Reke (who pretty much does) for my Rudy and David West. Love the deal, but it leaves me mighty thin at Forward, pretty deep at Guard, and doesn’t necessarily address my current weaknesses (BLK, 3PTM, TO)…though gives me firepower to do that in the future.

    Do I press my luck and try to add his Garnett for my Shumpert or Hawes? He also has Amare, Bosh, and Carl Landry, but thought Old Man River may be the most likely to get moved (outside of Landry who could be dropped).

    My team is currently:
    PG – Parker
    SG – Harden
    G – Billups
    SF – LBJ
    PF – Big Al
    F – Rudy
    C – Monroe
    UTIL – West
    UTIL – Shumpty Dump
    BN – Hawes
    BN – B. Lopez
    BN – N. Young
    BN – Kidd (who I’m going to drop for any warm turd I can find)

  16. Zebo says:

    we play in espn 9 cat H2H league, keep 6 guys. My lineup is
    PG: Jrue
    SG: Paul George
    SF: GWall
    PF: Aldridge
    C: Al Jefferson
    G: CJ Watson
    F: Millsap
    G/F: Ed Davis
    F/C: Elton Brand
    Util: Parsons
    Bench: Devin Harris and Earl Watson
    IR: Brook Lopez

    I am offered Monta Ellis and Luis Scola for my Aldridge and Harris, what do you think?

  17. Tony says:

    @Rob: @Adam: I’d trust Jarret Jack much more than Ryan Anderson. He’s always been solid when given PT. Nothings going to change this year with that. Eric Gordon can’t get Healthy. He’s averaging almost 17 ppg 7+ apg and 4+ boards and almost chipping in a steal per game…. Personally if that fits your line up and helps you I’d accept Jack for Anderson. Bynum doesn’t strike me as a guy that makes it thur this whole season un-injured with the way things are going.

  18. Kratos says:

    Drop Dudley for Hamilton? 12 team 9 cat

  19. Clyde Prompto says:

    @Adam: Yeah, I get it. It’s a little difficult because riding the hot hand in more than one or two roster spots runs counter to the way I usually play. When I’ve had winning roto teams in the past, shedding depth and trusting the numbers will be there for proven players was how I rolled. It seems the opposite is true this season.

  20. booya says:

    foye or pietrus to stream for thursday?

  21. Newt Schrute says:

    Going further with post #15, he is down with my Gay, David West, Young for his Rose, Tyreke, and Garnett.

    No brainer right???…despite injured foot, and no direct help with weaknesses at this point?

  22. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Shawn: I’m not crazy about the Wade/Dirk/(Deng/West) deal and it doesn’t sound like you are either. If you’re getting killed in percentages and blocks, you certainly don’t want to give one of the league’s best blockers and two solid FG% guys away for an uptick in FT%. You also don’t want to trade away two solid keepers in Lowry and Howard for two terrible keepers (banged up Wade and banged up/old Dirk. Frankly, Griffin is your best trade chip (big name, solid stats, young) who will hurt your team the least to give away (not as multi-dimensional as owners would like, doesn’t do anything extraordinarily well like Dwight). Focus on Blake and some secondary kicker for one or two guys that can really help you in the areas you most need it. Think guys like Nene, Marc Gasol, etc.

    @Rob: Parsons.

    @Ryan: I like that deal for you and think there’s a decent chance the other guy goes for it. Offer it up. See what happens.

    @Newt Schrute: If you like the deal on the table, take it and figure out what to do about your frontcourt later. If nothing else, your surplus of guards allows you to trade one or two away for the forward you most prefer – as opposed to the forward on this one guy’s roster that fits the most. You’re less limited by shopping guards around to everyone. Re: Rose/Evans/KG – that’s a keeper. Pull the trigger if you haven’t already.

    @Zebo: I like this, especially when you plug Brook Lopez back into the mix in the next few weeks.

    @Tony: @Rob: Out of curiosity, Tony, do you have something against Ryan Anderson? I guess I mean, why do you prefer Jack over Anderson?

    @Clyde Prompto: Man, you ain’t lying. Way opposite. Didn’t Mark Cuban warn recently, that the numbers mean nothing? Seems dead-on in every context.

    @booya: Pietrus. Although I haven’t heard about Chris Paul’s status for tonight. If he’s out again, I’d go Foye.

  23. Lance says:

    Adam, is it worth stashing Diaw or picking up James Johnson? Your daily player stat recaps are freaking hilarious! Good writing!

  24. microwave donut says:

    welp, my season’s over:

    Top 6 picks:


    Daily with no IR and 3 bench slots, I’m finished. I also have Afflalo (have to drop) and DJ Augustin, FML

  25. fitz says:

    @booya: Pietrus missed yesterday’s game with shoulder soreness. Haven’t heard if he will be ready for Thursday or not.

  26. Eng says:

    New coach gonna be able to help old Rashard or am I better keeping Barnes?

  27. fitz says:

    Rondo/David West for Steve Nash and Paul Milsap. Which side do you like better? Do you think it’s a fair trade?

  28. George Costanza says:

    How much faith do you have in Lopez/Randolph/Ginobili being productive shortly after their returns? I’m contemplating pulling a 2-for-1 and dropping my only scrub (Speights — I knew I should have held on to my beloved Trevor!) so that I can add two of the above.

  29. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Lance: Thanks! I like Johnson more than Diaw for now. As evidenced last night, one is getting fewer minutes and the other is getting more. When in doubt, always go with more, unless you’re in doubt about James Bonds, then skip Moore and go with Connery.

    @microwave donut: Whoa. The statistical probability of your draft luck, is, like … whoa.

    @Eng: New coach is terrible. Stick with Barnes.

    @fitz: I like Nash and Millsap better. I suppose it depends on your team’s needs, but I’d rather own Nash and rather own Millsap.

    @George Costanza: Firstly, Trevor is unbeloved-able. Secondly, I believe all three will be productive upon returning. Randolph is the meat of this team and run a ton of offense through him. Memphis is playing real well, but they played real well when Gay was out last season, too. And the other two are both on teams that are banged up and rely on them for a lot of production. As long as those guys are healthy when they return, they should produce accordingly.

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