The most recent week of fantasy basketball felt like every scene in the movie “300.” Except that Dwight Howard wears more armor, LeBron is more ripped and the losers wear fewer facial jewelry than Xerxes. (I’m pretty sure that’s true, right? As far as I can tell, none of the Wizards wear an earring that attaches to their nose rings. Please correct me if I’m wrong.) Everybody’s team was hit with injuries this week. Some more than others.

Consistently Mediocre, went from no. 8 after week one to no. 25 to no. 6. this week. The largest two-week swing and the largest rise in the last seven days, based heavily on Ricky Rubio’s outstanding play. The flip side of that coin lies with Rain Maker who is certainly falling to Earth having started the season at no. 14, then dipped to no. 33 last week and again to 52 this week, the steepest drop of Week 3. He lost the Manu shuffle, but also has DeMarcus Cousins, Tyrus Thomas and the underperforming Joakim Noah. I will resist the urge to remind Mr. Maker that he’s also rostering the Marcus Camby ticking timebomb.

Here are the current leaders in each category:

.4796 FG% I POSTERIZE MOMS, Wall’s Dougie League (Ranked No.22)
.8134 FT% Teach Me How To Gortat, All-Star Dance Off (No. 3)

119 3ptm (1.280 3ppg) Team Wheeln n Dealn, Big Ball Dance (No. 8 )
1581pts (15.653 ppg) Teach Me How To Gortat, All Star Dance Off (No. 3)
702 rbd (6.882 rpg) Significant Otter, Chili Shimmy (No. 13)
381ast (4.053 apg)The Velvet Hoop, Dream Shake (No. 15)
154 stl (1.328 spg) Fear the ‘Stache, Wall’s Dougie (No. 3)

88 blk (0.880 bpg) Team Miller, Dream Shake (No. 32)

Below is a slope graph of this week’s movement. All RCL scores and averages are stored on this spreadsheet here or download the full thing here. All scores and stats count up to and including Wednesday’s games (Jan. 11).

Good luck in week four.

  1. thegrave says:

    hey. I’m in a 9 cat – 14 team league..

    My team:
    PF/C – Serge Ibaka/Chris Kaman/Tyson Chandler/Dejuan Blair/Byron Mullens
    SF – Kevin Durant/Richard Jefferson/Dorell Wright/James Johnson/Jon Leuer(Just dropped Jerebko for him)
    PG/SG – Raymond Felton/Brandon Jennings/Tyreke Evans

    I’m relatively well-rounded right now I think… since I have a lot of guys that contribute in a lot of categories.

    I’m thinking about trading either Chandler/D.Wright or Ibaka/Wright for Monta. Or perhaps Chandler/Tyreke or Ibaka/Tyreke for Monta.

    I’m leaning towards Ibaka + Wright right now… because I’m a little fed up with Ibaka’s minutes… but Ibaka definitely has more upside than chandler right? Chandler has also been doing very well. Tyreke has played very well in his past few games… while Dorell has only had 1 good game.

    The guy who owns Monta has a team that is decimated by injuries so he would def go for a 2 for 1 or a 3 for 2 deal I believe.(Maybe Ibaka + Wright + Dejuan for Monta + Dalembert?)
    His team:
    PF/C – Pau Gasol/Samuel Dalembert/Chuck Hayes/Derrick Favors
    SF – Andre Iguodala/Manu Ginobili/Jason Richardson/Nick Young/Corey Maggette/Wes Johnson/Omri Casspi
    PG/SG – Monta Ellis/Jason Kidd

    What would you recommend?

  2. thegrave says:


    Sorry, forgot to mention its a H2H League.

  3. Jeremy says:

    I usually like to keep a roster spot open for makin moves during a matchup but at this point I don’t really have a player that I feel comfortable dropping. Thinking about either Kemba, Hansbrough, or afflalo. Thinking it might be Kemba, just not getting consistent minutes

  4. Adam

    Adam says:

    @thegrave: With something like this, I would send him an offer that you’d be happy with if he accepted it, but make it clear that you’re flexible. Feel out what it is he wants, because though it may be true that his injury-plagued team could use more bodies, I’ve found that owners in those instances are LESS likely to get rid of their elite players because they already feel they’ve lost so much.

    @Jeremy: Yeah. Of those three, I would drop Walker.

  5. AnotherFalstaff says:

    @dam – Another frustrated Kemba owner. Hurting at SG with EGordon out. Does Mayo make sense for him? Thanks!

  6. PB&J says:

    The waiver wire for bigs is pretty slim in my league. Do I drop Horford for Ed Davis, Omer Asik, Kendrick Perkins, Taj Gibson, Tristan Thompson, Tiago Splitter or Vlad Radman?

  7. Tbone says:

    OK, so Blake (with LBJ’s help) has officially started to tank my FT%…luckily he only shoots a ton of them a game to dig the knife deeper.

    Anyway, if I can get a straight up of Blake for AlJef do I run to the bank? It isn’t like Al is stellar there, but he has a better % at a lower number of attempts…plus I add BLK and lower my TO.

    Also, trying to figure out a way for the other owner to package Teague into it. Nick Young enough?

    9 cat, 11 team roto, with 66 game positional max
    Strengths – FG% (10), PTS (10), REB (8) , AST (8)
    Who knows – STL (7)
    Weaknesses – FT% (5 and dropping), TO (5), BLK (3), 3PM (1 by a mile)
    PG – Parker
    SG – Harden
    G – Shump
    SF – LBJ
    PF – Gay
    F – Blake
    C – Monroe
    UT – West
    UT – Hawes/N. Young
    BN – Dudley, James Johnson, Brook Lopez

  8. Nick says:

    Is dropping JJ Hickson for Byron Mullens a good move or am I crazy? I could use the better FG% and I figure the points and rebounds will just about be the same.

  9. A Hill O' Beans says:


    Nice to load up Razzball and see my team leading off the second paragraph! Although, it almost pains me to read, “The largest two-week swing and the largest rise in the last seven days, based heavily on Ricky Rubio’s outstanding play”, the day after I traded Rubio away for A. Bynum. Do you think I did alright?

    My roster once the trade goes through:
    PG – Nash, Irving, B.Knight
    SG – E.Gordon, DeRozan, Redd (flyer)
    SF – Durant, C.Butler
    PF – A.Varejao, Am.Johnson, M.Morris
    C – M.Gasol, A.Bynum, A.Bogut

    ~ Consistently Mediocre

  10. Adam

    Adam says:

    @AnotherFalstaff: Nah. Seems like a lateral movement.

    @PB&J: Perkins, Tiago, Vlad, Davis and Tristan in that order.

    @Tbone: If you’re punting threes, the Young/Griffin for Jefferson/Teague sounds okay to me.

    @Nick: A fine move considering how those two guys are playing.

    @A Hill O’ Beans: Given your team makeup, I think that was a very solid move. Good luck!

  11. Charles says:

    Should I trade Billups for Teague? Here are my current stat ranks in a 12×14 H2H league:

    FG% (5th), FT% (7), 3PT (7), REB (1), AST (9), STL (T-1), BLK (2), TO (4), PTS (9).

  12. J Ko says:

    I have been offered dwight howard and jrue in return for bynum and a guard (options: lowry/K Mart/augustin/calderon) is this good for me? What are your thoughts on bynum’s potential compared to howard cause i know howard is surrounded by trade talk, etc do you see howard’s game slowing down? what would you do?

  13. Lou says:

    I’m running away with blocks and looking to move some pieces around. Who should be the first to let go: Favors or James Johnson. My Deficiency is 3’s but Johnson hasn’t been helping much in that cat anyway.

  14. ringo says:

    I was talking with my buddy and we got to talking who are the most exciting young players to watch right now and we both settled on Rubio & Griffin. Then we started talking fantasy and we tried to figure out who would finish with a better fantasy rank this year. I was very surprised by my answer but I went with Rubio. Considering Rubio is a stat stuffer and Blake is a really one dimensional player is it conceivable that Rubio outpaces Griffin?….. Every time I though of Delonte West and Misirlou I just kept transplanting him in certain scenes I remember from the movie. Delonte West driving, high out of his mind like John Travolta. Delonte West having a wallet that says Bad Mother F—– (seems more and more plausible the more you think about it). And my favorite, Delonte West explainimg how he had to hide a watch in his rectum.

  15. ringo says:

    In my main, 16 team league Thaddeus Young & DeJuan Blair are on waivers until tomorrow morning. I am going to make a claim for Thaddeus (#4 priority) but I doubt I will make one for Blair. I am conflicted on who to drop though. Candidates include PF/C Chuck Hayes & PG/SG Nate Robinson. We have 6 starting spots and 6 bench spots thats why it is not costly to hold onto injured players such as Chuck. My question is who should I drop? and if DeJuan Blair possibly makes it through waivers is he better than either of those 2?

  16. Tbone says:


    Thanks for the insight…I’m used to roto baseball and am still unfamiliar with some of the nuances of these players.

    So he wants the deal to be Big Al/Billups for Griffin/Dudley…am I missing something? This seems to be better for me than swapping Young for Teague, though Teague is better than Billups.

    I think I’d then either drop James Johnson for Kidd or Nate Robinson…Robinson for short term, Kidd for long…smart or hold?

  17. Jleeishere says:

    so someone dropped wesley matthews for zaza. Can you justify this?

  18. mindicohn says:

    drop Speights for K.Leonard?

    12 team 8 cat h2h – i wont win Rebs on any matchup…

    C – Hawes,Hickson
    F – G.Wallace, Markeef,Blatche,P.George, Speights
    G – Paul, D.Will,Holliday,Nelson,Afflalo

  19. mindicohn says:

    Or do I add josh howard?

  20. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Charles: Not if you’re the one getting Billups / not unless Billups gets traded.

    @J Ko: Only go through with the trade if you get Lowry or Martin and only if you feel okay with having possibly two of the biggest injury-magnets in the game.

    @Lou: I’d prefer to have Johnson, but I don’t think it’s a huge difference for you, either way.

    @ringo: I agree with you re: Griffin/Rubio. I just hope Ricky don’t lose those numbers! *West gives Rick Carlisle’s wife a foot massage.* Re: add/drops – Drop Sugar Nate. Leave Blair be.

    @Tbone: Yeah, basically he didn’t want to lose Teague, so he downgraded the kickers from both. I’d rather have Billups between the two, especially because of the bump it will give your FT%.

    @Jleeishere: Maybe he’s flush on shooters and needs bigs? I never understand dropping highly valuable players for less valuable players simply because of category needs. TRADE!

    @mindicohn: “i wont win Rebs on any matchup…” Then, yeah. Grab Leonard.Howard is pretty much JUST scoring and nothing else. If you want just points, go Howard. Leonard offers more overall.

  21. Sarah Palin Rice says:

    Standard 6-cat, non-keeper

    I have Kaman and Hickson…Mullens, Pachulia and Radmanovic are available…Who would you drop and pick up?

  22. Charles says:

    @Adam: I’d be getting Teague. Wouldn’t losing Billups hurt my points, 3PT, and FT%? Billups has taken 7 FT per game, so he’s having a big impact.

  23. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Sarah Palin Rice: Drop Hickson for Mullens.

    @Charles: Yeah, but he would help your REB, STL, FG% and perhaps BLK numbers (if Teague sees more minutes than Billups in the next 50+ games), which are four of the five stat categories you’re weakest in.

  24. Lance says:

    What do you think about Anthony Randolph? Better than someone like Parsons?

  25. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Lance: I was smitten two seasons ago. Somewhat enjoyed his company last season. And now, he and I are not speaking. He’s shown some flashes this season, but he’s shown flashes EVERY season. I’m done with him until he strings something substantial together. I’d prefer Parsons.

  26. theguarantee says:

    Who to drop for a waiver request on marcus thornton?

    Turner, Mar$hon or Speights?

    Not really looking for any particular position/stat, just want to drop the worst of them.

  27. Eng says:

    Leuer or Pechulia? Thanks in advance.

  28. Eng says:

    Or, gulp, Kleiza, Barbosa?

  29. Ben says:

    i had an offer
    my mullens for his al harrington

    i lost al horford and i have ty lawson, d-wade, bargnani and noah as injury concerns.

    Im low on 3pts and low on FT%
    i used to be lower in assists but im getting better with 2pg on my lineup to 4: lawson, felton, shumpert, collison.

    thanks in advanced!

  30. Sarah Palin Rice says:

    standard 9-cat, H2H

    Need to pick up a starter for Sunday…Im currently winning 6-3, losing by a good amount in FG, FT, and TO…and winning 3s by 1, pts by 60, rebounds by 6, assists by 8, steals by 10 and blocks by 7.

    Would you pick up Rudy Fernandez (UTA), Josh Howard (@DEN), Brandon Knight (GS), or Kawhi Leonard (PHO) for a spot start?

  31. HotRod says:

    I traded Jrue Holiday & Tyson Chandler for John Wall & KG…Did I win? Your thoughts?

  32. Moses says:


    Who’s the better pickup? Josh Howard, Kawli Leonard, Parsons, George Hill, or Radmanovic?

  33. Adam

    Adam says:

    @theguarantee: Speights.

    @Eng: Bigger upside with Leuer. Go with him.

    @Ben: Harrington was playing way above his head, Mullens may not be. Stand pat.

    @RASHEED WALLACE!: Good luck!

    @Sarah Palin Rice: Knight, Fernandez, Leonard, Howard in that order.

    @HotRod: I think you came out a little ahead. Your percentages are going to take a hit, but your threes, assists and steals go up significantly.
    You received: .401/.753/0.7 3ptm/12.8 pts/5.7 rbd/4.9 ast/1 stl/1 blk
    You traded away:.505/.805/0 3ptm/12.3 pts/6.1 rbd/2.9 ast/1.4 stl/0.9 blk

  34. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Moses: Hill, probably. But it depends on what categories you’re focused on.

  35. Moses says:

    I’d say steals, blocks, assists, 3ptm, in that order

  36. JeffFromTallahassee says:

    Could you rank these possible pickups?

    Kawhi Lonard, Chandler Parsons, Samuel Dalembert, Rudy Fernandez, and Carlos Delfino..

    I have one open spot to get the best one. Would you drop Stuckey for whoever is the second best?

  37. Jleeishere says:

    Samuel Dalembert or Mullens? or keep dalembert and drop chase budinger for mullens?

  38. noz says:

    need 2: tony allen, james johnson, trevor ariza

  39. Jeremy says:

    in terms of rebounds and fg% would you play brand or zaza?

  40. JeffFromTallahassee says:

    Come to think of it, is Luis Scola droppable for any of those guys in 10 team leagues? He has been averaging 16.5 points and 5.8 rebounds (both worse than last year) but has been useless in just about every other category. If his FG% regresses, he should put up more points, but I think with Dalembert being on the team he might keep on getting less rebounds than last year. His upside seems to be a return to last season’s production, but that doesn’t seem like too much upside.

    So is Scola a guy you would drop, try to trade for kibbles and bits, or hold?

  41. noz says:

    can james johnson keep producing these huge block numbers or should i drop him?

  42. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Moses: Yeah, Hill, Radmanovic and Leonard in that order.

    @JeffFromTallahassee: Grab Delfino. Keep Stuckey. If Delfino is the best name remaining in the FA pool, don’t drop Scola. You have to at least try to get solid value for Scola, which you should be able to do from someone enticed by name value and a willingness to bet on an uptick in production.

    @Jleeishere: Yup. Drop Budinger.

    @noz: Johnson, Ariza. J.J. is right in his per minute/per36 averages with blocks. I see no reason he can’t keep that up.

    @Jeremy: Brand.

  43. ringo says:

    @Adam: Well I whiffed on Thaddeus Young, but I don’t mind as much. DeJuan Blair also didn’t make it through waivers either, but the league is so deep I am surprised they were even dropped to begin with (oh yeah, who knew ant rand wasnt going to outperform DeJuan Blair). That being said, Chandler Parsons is sitting on Waivers right now and I like his game even more than Thaddeus’s’s’s. Is Parsons’ worth #3 waiver? or should I save it for when a fringy team drops a legit player because they need to make the playoffs late in the season?….. Delonte West during the lockout “I am just gonna walk the earth, walk from place to place, meet people, get into adventures.”

  44. noz says:

    kemba walker worth a speculative add? he put up some good numbers today in the starting lineup…possible drops are james johnson, ariza, and parsons

  45. Tony says:

    Weekly line ups: Start Stephen Curry next week? He only has 3 games to start, but other guards I’d have in would be Collison 3games, Paul George 3 games, Shumpert 4 games and then in a UTL slot Evan Turner, I almost can’t slot him for shump or turner since they’re scoring solid pts, and between collison and george its a tough pick with curry’s health!

  46. fitz says:

    Hi Adam, I’m a fantasy basketball noob. I’m in a H2H league and seem to need rebounding. Would you recommend dropping Landry or Dudley for Haslem?

  47. Dimitri says:


    Jamer Nelson is on waivers, but i have no one to drop.

    My team:

    PG – Lawson, Lowry, Jack
    SG – Gordon, Ginobli
    SF – Batum, Igoudala, Delfino
    PF – Garnett, Frye, Ibaka
    C – Gasol, Stoudamire

    Should I punt blocks and consider even dropping Ibaka and load up on assists, steals, 3’s with Nelson? or stay the way i am? Week 1 i had 53 blocks last week i only had around 20..gasol and stat arn’t blocking like expected ! along with frye and garnett..

  48. Adam

    Adam says:

    @ringo: I’d grab Parsons. That better, more important player may be coming on the waiver wire one day, but with the #3 priority, you probably wouldn’t get him. If you have a chance at Parsons – go for him.

    @noz: Nah. I wouldn’t drop him for any of those three.

    @Tony: Yeah, start Curry over Hill.

    @fitz: If rebounds are all you’re going for, yeah, drop Landry for Haslem. Overall though, I’d prefer Landry. Perhaps try for a trade instead of a drop?

    @Dimitri: Skip Nelson. If you want to punt blocks, shop Ibaka or whomever to other teams. You should be able to get something better than Jameer.

  49. AnotherFalstaff says:

    @Adam – Hold Derrick Williams? Can pick up Marvin to replace. Thanks!

  50. JeffFromTallahassee says:

    Would you trade Josh Smith to get Stephen Curry? It would fit my team really well, but I’m not sure if it is worth the risk.

  51. Moses says:


    Was offered Frye, Ibaka, and Jennings, for my Shumpert, Monroe, and Kawhli Leonard. Whattya think?

  52. Adam

    Adam says:

    @AnotherFalstaff: Right now, I’d prefer Marvin.

    @JeffFromTallahassee: I wouldn’t, but then again, I don’t know how well Smith would fit your team.

    @Moses: Three underachievers for three up-and-comers. I’d skip it unless you think at least two of the three guys he’s offering you are do for a rebound.

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