Jordan Clarkson drops 33 points as Lakers “Breakaway” from the Pacers on Friday night. Clarkson, “Because of You” Lakers were able to win a game while shooting 14.3% from the free throw line; an NBA record for lowest FT% in a win.  Clarkson was the only Laker to actually make any free throws (2-for-3), while the rest of the team went 0-for-11.  Despite this weird anomaly, the Lakers were able to “Walk Away” with a a victory against a pretty good Pacers team. The Pacers were coming off a back-to-back, but the Lakers have now won five of their last seven after a really rough stretch.

Anyway, here’s what else happened on Friday in Fantasy Hoops:

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Larry Nance Jr.– 10-11-3-3-2-0 on 5-for-5 “shooting.” Nance in your Pants didn’t miss one dunk last night! He’s a hold in 12ers.

Brook Lopez– 4-5-1-0-2-1 in 16 minutes. The Lakers have turned him into Channing Frye… He needs a trade.

Kyle Kuzma– 3-13-5-3-0-1-3. His shot’s been way off lately, but he’s been putting up way more D stats, so you’ve gotta believe he puts it all together at some point. He got 32 minutes, so Walton clearly has faith in him.

Damontas Sabonis– 15-14-1-0-2-0. Sabonis is putting in work with Myles Turner on the shelf. Racking up the ‘Bonis Points!

Victor Oladipo– 1-25-5-4-1-0-2. Victor Von Dunkenstein is still one of the steals of the year if you drafted him. Wish I did…

Willie Cauley-Stein– 7-11-0-2-0-3 on 2-of-10 shooting. The shooting is unusual as most of his points come off dunks, but he’s putting together a nice third season.

De’Aaron Fox- 1-16-2-6-0-1-4. Fantastic Mr. Fox has been playing really well since returning from injury a few weeks ago. Hopefully, you scooped him up if he was dropped. I know I didn’t! *Kicks self.*

Bogdan Bogdanovic– 1-15-4-3-1-0-4. He’s been playing really well the last two weeks and I would grab him if he hasn’t been added yet. He won’t bog down your percentages. Wink wink.

Vince Carter– 5-15-1-0-1-0-1. A must add in all leagues while he’s this hot! Seriously, shoutout to one of my all-time favorite players for still doing it at age 40. Not many guys left who were drafted in the 90’s. I think it’s just him, Ginobili, and Dirk right? Okay, Jason Terry too, but he barely plays anymore.

Zach Randolph– Scored four points in 19 minutes… Not a great revenge game in his return to Memphis. He’s droppable in 12ers. Definitely in anything shallower.

Dillon Brooks- Stayed hot, going 3-22-3-0-3-0-2. The Babbling Canadien has scored over 17 in his last three and might be worth a short-term add until he cools off.

JaMychal Green– 6-10-0-0-1-1 in 26 minutes. 0-for-4 from deep. He’s still a hold for me in 12ers, unless there’s a hot FA on the WW.

Otto Porter Jr.- 4-16-7-3-4-0-0. Otto-Mattic! No turnovers, four steals, and four 3’s? My pants just got tight.

Bradley Beal– 4-26-3-3-1-1-2. Solid line, but nothing spectacular for him. Have a Beal Parm sandwich.

John Wall- 2-16-3-11-1-0-5. Another Brick in the Wall. You’re probably punting, so this is nothing damning for your weekly outlook.

Kelly Oubre Jr.– 5-26-5-1-0-0-1. He played 31 minutes and looks to be locked in to 25-35 minutes per night. Eep-Kay Laying-Pay Oubre. Did I do that right?

Andre Drummond– 14-21-8-2-2-5. Eight assists? What the H!? He’s having a great season and his FTs are way up.

Ish Smith– 15-2-7-1-0-1. Should be a viable option at least until R-Jax comes back from injury.

Hassan Whiteside– 22-13-2-0-4-1. His minutes have been down from last year, but his blocks are coming around recently. Could be a slight buy-low.  He shot 4-of-5 from the line last night and is shooting a hair over 73% on the year.

Kelly Olynyk- 2-12-5-3-0-1-1 in 25 minutes. The Missing ‘Lynyk is a hold for me in 12ers and probably 10ers.

Wayne Ellington– 2-10-3-1-2-1-3. With Tyler Johnson out, Ellington was expected to have some huge lines, but it didn’t quite come to fruition.  Heat also took the Ell-ington to the Brooklyn Nets last night.

DeMarre Carroll– 3-26-6-1-2-1-1 on 9-of-12 shooting and 5-for-5 from the line. He’s been red-hot recently and is probably worth owning still in 12ers.

D’Angelo Russell- Returned from injury and didn’t do much in 14 minutes, but owners have to be happy that he’s finally back.  The Nets will likely ease him back.

Caris LeVert– 1-12-4-5-3-1-1 on 4-for-12 shooting and 3-of-4 FTs.  His efficiency will always be a question, but he hit some clutch shots down the stretch and looks to be hitting his stride.  If you can weather the storm of his bad percentages, he’s a fun player to own, and he’s still got a lot of time in his career to improve.

LaMarcus Aldridge– 1-17-14-2-1-2-0 on 6-of-25 shooting.  Raptors did a nice job keeping him at bay last night, but he should be better most nights.

Kyle Anderson– 1-5-11-3-2-3-2. Kawhi Leonard is going to be out a while so adding Anderson isn’t the worst idea.  It really sucks for owners who spent a top-15 pick Kawhi, as their fantasy seasons are probably lost.

Pau Gasol– 15-9-3-1-0-2. Keeps chugging along at mid-round value. The DNP CD’s are inevitable, but he usually comes at a decent value on draft day because of them.

Kyle Lowry– 4-24-3-3-1-1-2 on 50% shooting.  The Bad Boy had a nice night in a very low scoring game. His scoring has been way, way down since last year. The one thing I could attribute it to is the addition of…

Serge Ibaka– 4-7-2-0-0-1. Not a great night for the Congolese blocks and 3-point shooting guy.  He should pick it up, but that’s based on pure conjecture.

Devin Booker– 4-30-5-5-1-1-3. He’s improved his shot from last season and had another efficient game last night shooting 11-for-23 from the field and 4-for-4 from the free throw line.  The Suns need to build around him.

T.J. Warren– 25-3-1-2-1-1 on 11-of-17 shooting.  No 3’s, but that’s no surprise.

Tyler Ulis– 3-1-5-2-0-0 in 22 starters minutes.  Strictly an assists specialist at this point, but he’ll chip in some steals and 3’s occasionally.

Isaiah Canaan– 4-16-1-6-1-0-4 in 26 minutes off the bench. It looks to be a pretty even split between him and Ulis.  If you own both of them, they form a pretty decent point guard, but if you’ve gotta pick one, it’s Canaan for me right now.

Josh Jackson– 2-16-1-0-0-0-1. I saw this line and thought, “Hey, he’s finally putting something together!” Then I saw he only got 14 minutes and that took some of the luster off of it.

Nikola Jokic– 2-14-17-5-0-0-6. Not exactly a great assist-to-turnover ratio, but an overall decent line. It wasn’t enough to beat the lowly Suns at home in Denver though.

Jamal Murray– 5-30-5-2-1-2-1 on an efficient 10-for-17 shooting and 5-for-5 FTs.  He missed the last game with a concussion and had been in a bit of a shooting slump before that, but he came back strong on Friday.  He’s been having a strong sophomore season, so hopefully, you bought in.

Trey Lyles– 1-15-7-2-0-0-2. Trey-Bay-Bay! Got the start and got 28 minutes.  Worth a hold in 12ers, but in anything shallower, you could probably do better.

Gary Harris– 4-16-5-4-3-0-2. Dirty Gary made your day once again and is tied for fourth in the League with 2.0 steals per game. I have a feeling that this was the last year you could draft him at a great value.

Kristaps Porzingis– 1-18-2-1-1-3-1 on 6-of-14 shooting. He doesn’t get many rebounds for a seven-footer, but that’s just a minor quibble.

Tim Hardaway Jr.– 6-31-5-3-0-0-2. Give me 31 the Hardaway!  You like that awesome craps reference! I Almost made hime the lede, but Clarkson’s line seamed more special. Still, Hardaway has been good since returning from his injury and he’s a big part of what the Knicks are doing, whatever that is…

Courtney Lee– 2-18-5-1-2-0-0. It’s Courtney! It’s Courtney!

Rudy Gobert– 23-14-1-0-3-3. He got 30 minutes which is a good sign, but you’ll have to check if he’s starting tonight on the second night of a back-to-back.

Derrick Favors– 7-7-1-0-0-2. I want to drop him so badly, but this was his first game back with Gobert, and he still got 27 minutes. He also has a good chance of being traded in a few weeks, so it might be worth it to see how this all plays out for him.

Rodney Hood– 2-18-5-0-1-1-4. Last night, his owners were Hood-Rich.

Joe Johnson– 2-15-5-1-0-1-1. Wasn’t drafted in the 90’s, but 2001 is 90’s adjace. Something in the air last night had the old men fired up. Did AARP lower their rates? Actually, Johnson should have a decent sized roll moving forward with Thabo Sefolosha out for the season.

That will do it for the Friday Daily Notes! Drop a comment or question and as always, thanks for reading!

  1. Michael Pan says:

    I was wondering would you trade for Kawai leonard. I will be trading away Damian Lillard.
    This is for next years keepers. Lillard is awesome but I think Lenoard is buy low right now and he is young.

    • Joel

      Joel says:

      @Michael Pan: if you’re safely in first or not looking to compete for a championship this year I could see doing that.

  2. 2rule says:

    Hi joel,

    My beal for his kemba?

    • Joel

      Joel says:

      @2rule: if you really need the few extra assists, but all things even I’d hold or try to get a throw in.

  3. Jake says:

    Drop ryno, brolo or dejounte Murray for Tyler johnson?

    • Joel

      Joel says:

      @Jake: Murray

      • Joel

        Joel says:

        @Joel: Damn, sorry I was thinking RoLo… BroLo has been pretty unownable and I don’t know if he can be traded.

  4. Katsuyuki says:

    H2H, Punt Assist team, no IR:
    Towns, Turner, Whiteside, Kanter, Ibaka
    Gary Harris, Middleton, Porter Jr., Ariza
    Mitchell, Conley

    Would you drop Ibaka or Conley for BogBog?
    Ibaka has been invisible often, and Conley is still out indefinitely.
    Or, stick with what I have?

    Thanks in advance.

  5. Joel

    Joel says:

    I guess it depends on what place you are in. Your league has a tiny amount of bench players haha. I really like Bogdan. If you can wait a few more weeks for Conley, I could see losing Ibaka, but there’s about 6 weeks left in the fantasy regular season, so it’s getting to do or die time. I would strongly consider trying to convince your commish to add more bench depth next season. I think you’re limiting the amount of roster flexibility you can have especially with no IR spot, and then you’re not really playing the game, you’re just just drafting players and setting lineups. Just my opinion.

  6. Wen says:

    Hi Joel, I have some tough decision to make and need your help.
    I am interested in FA Tyler Johnson and Danilo Gallinari (perfect playoff schedule).
    Would you replace any of the following with them?
    Taurean Prince, Ersan Ilyasova, DeMarre Carroll, Dewayne Dedmon, Rondae Hollis-Jefferson

    Thank you for your advice!

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