The Bird is the word this week, gentle reader. I know that Thanksgiving themes are played out, but if you’ve ever read any of my previous articles, you will know that I can’t resist the low hanging fruit. My vertical won’t really allow for anything but the lower branches anyhow. So what are you thankful for good reader? Jrue HolidayKristaps Porzingus? Donald J Trump? Whatever it is that makes you thankful, we all remind ourselves that in fantasy there is a yin and then there is a yang. (Stat)Stuffers, and Turkeys, as the title suggests. So loosen your belt, Fantasy GM, pass the gravy, and let’s take a hearty serving of both on our plates:


John Wall PG

Wall has been stuffing the stuffing out of the net, going off in his last 3 games (after missing one), going 28/3/8.3/.7/0 with a scorching 3 treys per game, shooting over 500% shooting during that stretch. So I can’t really suggest that Wall is a buy low, but you may be able to pry him away from his fantasy GM due to injury concerns. He has missed 2 games this season so far, and he had surgery on his knee in the off season. You will pay, but he may just be had.

Emmanuel Mudiay PG

He came with crazy turnover baggage, and was shooting poorly, but in the last 3 games, he has been trending upwards. He is the dude there, Jameer Nelson is clearly the mentor. I think Mudiay is a good buy low opportunity, albeit with a cap on his value. Still he went 16.8/6.3/7.6/1/0 with no threes over the last 3 games. The lack of production from outside curbs his value, but the almost 4-1 assist to turnover in those 3 games is appealing. Do with that what you will.

Alan Williams PF

Here is my black Friday gift to you: Alan is 10% owned, and he has only played 2 games, but he has averaged 13.5/13/.5/2/2.5 with a ridiculous 700%ish field goal percentage, and he got 24.5 min over that time. I don’t know what else will happen, if anything, but he is worth picking up just to see. At these prices, you can’t afford not to!


Enes Kanter PF, C

Wait for it… he’s a big Turkey, amirite? You know, cause he’s Turkish… Sorry, moving on. Kanter topped 25 minutes last game, and has had 2 blocks per over the last 3 games, adding a trey in 2 of those three games. But in the two games prior, he only played 13 and 15 minutes, respectively. I worry that Jerami Grant will further steal minutes from the Big Turk, so he’s on a bit of a sell high watermark at the moment for those looking for blocks.

DeMarre Carroll SF, PF

Carroll had a great game in Sacramento, going 17/4/0/2/0 shooting 3 treys with a 500%. I know he isn’t a pillar of your team, but he isn’t the same defender he once was, and his shot has been dodgy all season. In addition, he will likely not play back-to-backs. It ain’t a sell high, but he ain’t gonna get much higher in value, IMO.

Tim Frazier PG

So Jrue Holiday is back in the fold, and working towards reclaiming the starting Point Guard spot. Some might say that Frazier is a buy or at least a hold, as he played 15 minutes alongside Holiday last game, and 8 minutes the game before that, so the optimists of the world think that Frazier might keep his minutes up if he can figure out how to play constantly with Jrue. I am rarely accused of being an optimist, so consider that, but I think that the minutes will dip lower once Jrue gets his sealegs under him. There is E’Twuan Moore, Langston Galloway and Buddy Hield all crowding that backcourt with Tim and Jrue as well. Not sayin’, just sayin’…


Ok Folks. Short week, short article. Enjoy the Turkey, and until next week, may all your shots be nothing but net!


  1. Javale4MVP says:

    Sell high on Capela? Or do you think he continues the efficiency?

    • Matt M says:

      @Javale4MVP: I see no reason he can’t keep up this production but if the price is right sell him. Or if you can get someone to fill your needs, do it. He has no competition for minutes and D’Antoni is still their coach. As long as Harden is healthy he’s ok.

    • Dan A

      Dan A says:

      @Javale4MVP: I think his production is tied to his minutes, which is to say I don’t think he’s exceeding his ability. If you are ok with the miserable FT%, hold onto him. If you drafted him at his ADP of around 100, you can get a top 55-65 talent in return, I would wager, and that’s a great return. It really depends on your needs. If you need guard stats, for example, I don’t think you can sell any higher.

  2. Lasandro says:

    Nah I think Frazier is a solid hold in all leagues. Gentry has come out and said that Hield is likely not gonna play much, now with Jrue back in the fold. Don’t see any way Frazier wont get 26+ min per ROS. He and Jrue work great together, too. He’s by far their second best guard on that roster and Jrue is big enugh to guard most of the L’s SGs.. I think it’ll work. It’s certainly too early to let him go, considering he’s had a nice couple of games with Jrue back.

    Williams is a BEAST in PHO. Hoping dude breaks out as the season wears on. @JB Gilpin seems to think that Chandler’s guaranteed 3yr deal is going to stifle his PT going forward. Perhaps. But next year, Tyson’s gonna be that one year older and Williams is gonna be beastlier (?).

    • Dan A

      Dan A says:

      @Lasandro: I take your point on Frazier as a fair one, we both are trying to anticipate the future, an inexact science at best, and I said I’m not generally an optimist. I will say that the safe money lies with trading Frazier now, as he will likely increase his value with Jrue back. He may continue to produce, but it’s totally possible he may drop off . It comes down to your level of acceptable risk, and how much you move pieces in and out. To support your point though, and thus wear egg on my face, he is murderous tonight vs ATL, having the best game of the season. I’m getting used to that happening 🙂
      As to Williams, I hope he continues to get a chance. Smart money is that he can’t keep that pace up, but he should likely outperform the last guy on your bench, no?

    • Lasandro says:

      @Dan A: Haha if you’re selling Frazier, today’s the day! He’s a beast and still so damn young. Plays on both ends of the ball too. Really like the kid and no one really ever talks about him in the media. Hell, people yap more about Reke and his ass is in a wheelchair!

      For me, I’ve got Willaims in a Dyno league, so I’m not at all concerned about this year. He’ll have his explosions off the bench for now, but yeah, I don’t know if I’d roster him once Tyson’s back. But his rebounding rate is off the charts, a la Ed Davis, and he gets those D stats, even though he’s not particualrly the best on the ball defender. @JB Gilpin made a nice comp on the pod to Dejuan Blair, who was a beastly undersized rebounder in his own right. But I think this guy is not only younger, but more agile. And def has a better offensive game than Blair did (though Blair was a massive hustle-dude, particualrly on the Spurs).

      • Dan A

        Dan A says:

        @Lasandro: Dejuan Blair had knee issues right from out of college. He literally had no meniscus (the spongy pad between the bones that operates as a shock absorber), so his days were numbered, but one tough SOB. But I get the analogy. I also think Williams will be hampered by the return of Chandler a bit, but I’m curious to see how much, he may still have value in 12-14 leagues.

  3. v00dr00 says:

    TyJo is 5/24 in his last 3. Minutes are still there for him and the ship has to be righted any minute now(no pun intended). With all that said, would you leave him for Williams? Here’s the current squad which shows my sad addiction for 4/5’s.

    PG Isaiah Thomas, Bos PG
    SG Avery Bradley, Bos SG
    SF Maurice Harkless, Por SF, PF
    PF Anthony Davis, Nor PF, C DTD
    C DeMarcus Cousins, Sac C, PF
    G Eric Gordon, Hou SG
    F Myles Turner, Ind PF, C DTD
    PF/C Gorgui Dieng, Min C, PF
    UTIL Draymond Green, GS SF, PF, C
    UTIL Darren Collison, Sac PG
    UTIL Tristan Thompson, Cle PF, C
    Bench Marvin Williams, Cha SF, PF
    Bench Tyler Johnson, Mia SG, PG
    Bench Dion Waiters, Mia SG DTD
    Bench Seth Curry, Dal SG, PG
    IR Jared Sullinger*, Tor PF O

    • v00dr00 says:

      @v00dr00: 12 team, H2H, 17 CATs (Stat Junkie)

      • Dan A

        Dan A says:

        @v00dr00: First, your team name is glorious.
        Jebus, 17 CATs? That is impressive. I was wondering, as your team score seemed high even to me, and I am not as much a stat guy, so take my response as such.
        I get your frustration with TJ, but if Williams is your target, you need to feel comfortable with your dime production, as well as the few treys that TJ will give you, as Williams won’t provide either for you. Also, be warned, it’s possible that AW’s minutes are affected by Tyson Chandler’s return. I still like him for his overall upside, blocks/boards/percentages but I guess you’d need to be prepared to stream that spot if it goes south with AW. And TJ can’t shoot this bad for too much longer, can he? the whole backcourt in Miami is subpar ATM, that’s bound to change.
        I know that is a vague answer, so listen to some Celine Dion, and follow your heart. If I had to choose, I’d probably go for Williams at least until Chandler comes back, which could be today, as it’s possible that TJ is still on the waiver for you when you tire of AW, but that’s just me. Near. Far. Wherever you are…

  4. Tyler says:

    Can you rank them for h2h ros outlook?
    Tony Allen, Kaminsky, Carroll, Ilyasova, Bayless, Sergio, Belinelli

    • Tyler says:

      @Tyler: jamal murray also avail

  5. which one says:

    in a 12 team h2h 9 cat league FGM, FG%, PTS, 3’S, FT%, RBS, STL, AST, BLK would you rather have tyson chandler or tristian thompson. I currently have T.C. but thinking about add/drop for tristian… I’m sure tyson will have more boards and FG% tristian seems to be more versatile. Thx for your help !!

  6. which one says:

    in a 12 team h2h 9 cat league FGM, FG%, PTS, 3’S, FT%, RBS, STL, AST, BLK would you rather have tyson chandler or tristian thompson. I currently have T.C. but thinking about add/drop for tristian… I’m sure tyson will have more boards and FG% tristian seems to be more versatile. Thx for your help !

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