Everythang we do is funky up in heaaah! I love how so many cats have been laying down the nasty funk these first few weeks in the N.B.A., and not your regular humdrum contributors! It makes for interesting fantasy trade bait, you dig? Ok, I may not be able to lay down the fresh jive in the caliber of the late great host of Soul Train, Don Cornelius for you, but I appreciate the art form of weaving sexy soul into speak. And some of the early season performances from our fantasy faithful have been nothing short of artisanal. But are these performances going to endure like Jay-Z, or be a flash in the pan like Kris Kross? Let’s take a look at a few cats that are Big Pimpin, and the wannabes who fake the funk, and come off wiggity whack: (I realize that I jump from funk to hip hop analogies, but you get the gist, leave it be, good reader, I’m on a deadline here.)


George Hill PG, SG

So there are some cats who are over-achieving, and I believe George is not among them. He has been a fantasy stud, in an ideal fantasy situation in the Jazz capitol that is Utah. Hill was brought in to stabilize a PG situation with Shelvin Mack and Dante Exum, in what many thought was to be more of a “mentoring” role than a “bring the funk to the Jazz” role, but it has been all funk thus far. Hill has averaged 20.4/2.9/5/1/.25 blocks, with a healthy 2 3pts per, and brilliant percentages. You may be able to parlay his recent sprained thumb into a slight discount, if you’re lucky, but I would focus on his career arc that shows him to be lower than this current output in your negotiations.

Kyle Lowry PG

The window is probably just about closed on a buy low for the two-time all star, as he had his first double double last Sunday posting 15/4/10/2/1, with 3 threes and no turnovers, after posting 13/8/5/3/3 with 2 treys on Friday . Lowry did shoot a poor percentage in both games, be aware of that, but he has thus far not achieved his expected numbers this season, and I believe he will round into form very soon, so even a buy at market value is a good get, IMO.

Lou Williams PG, SG

Sweet Lou has been extremely productive for the Lakers thus far in the season, averaging 15.3/1.4/4.1/1.9/.1, shooting in the high 40s and dropping almost 2 treys per. He’s only 56% owned, Williams is more of a streaming recommend while he’s hot as opposed to a trade target, as there is a glut of guards that could cool him down. Do with that what you will.



Rodney Hood SG, SF

Hood has been a very exciting, and more importantly, productive, averaging 17.4/4.9/1.7/1/.2 with 2 treys per so far. But Gordon Hayward and Derrick Favors are being eased back into the fold after sitting out due to injury, and will steal touches from Hood. If you can, move him while his stats show his solid production.

DeMar DeRozan SG, SF

I am a Raptors fan, full disclosure, so this pains me to write this, but while DeMar has been white hot thus far, leading the league in scoring, I am doubtful that he can keep the pace up. While he is doing what works for him in the real game, taking the shots that come to him, he is a slasher and mid-range guy, with no reliable 3pt output (only 2 makes in 6 games). His outstanding shooting percentage at over 50% thus far will also dip, and how far is a concern for a guy averaging over 20 shots a game right now. His trips to the stripe, points, and shooting percentage will make him a fine trading chip at the moment. Sell high, and may Jebus have mercy on my turncoat soul.

Rudy Gay SF, PF

The greatest current player never to make the All Star game is a straight murder right now, plain and simple. He is ranked 17th in Yahoo fantasy thus far, and that’s with missing a game in Milwaukee, with a stat line of 22.6/5.1/2.3/1/.75 with 1.5 3pts per.  But like his former teammate DeRozan, he can’t keep it up. Additionally, his name has been swirling in the trade rumour winds, which may mean nothing, but that uncertainty is disconcerting for risk-adverse fantasy GMs. Will a trade increase or decrease his fantasy output? I’m not sure, so I’d move him for more certainty in production.


Ok, gentle readers, that’s all I have for week 2. Until next time, may all your shots be nothing but net!