So, the playoffs are looming, duh. If you made it this far, looking into the first playoff week, I applaud you. I’m a nervous fantasy owner,  as I’ve never had a Cobra-Kai caliber team, one that looks to absolutely dominate in the playoffs, and gets all the chicks.

So if you’re like me, (fact: the number of Clubber Lang ass kicking teams out there are very few, so don’t get cocky), most of you you need to take a close look at your line up, and try to remove the attachment factor, when assessing your current roster’s talent. The thing that makes most fantasy managers difficult to trade with, myself included, which is over-valuing your current talent. Who is dead weight, who’s a streamer, and who is blue chip? Before you start worrying your pretty head with all that talent evaluation, it is absolutely essential that you first read Slim’s super duper article on the strategy of availability. It puts players in perspective. Not that I would suggest dropping Chris Paul or the other Blue Chippers on the Clippers, just because they play 2 games week 1 of the playoffs; but in the case of CP3, for example, you may need to focus on guard-typical stats from your streamer, as opposed to big-typical stats week 1. Make sense? Good. Here are a few cats you might be able to use off the wire:


Shaun Livingston PG, SG

Shaun has been playing very well for the surging Nets, averaging 13.6/4.3/3.6/1.6/.3  over his last 3 games in 32.5 minutes. While those numbers won’t knock your socks off, he’s only 11% owned, and has 4 games next week.

Alec Burks  PG, SG

Alec seems to be earning solid minutes since the All-Star break. He’ll score, we all know that. What has been intriguing is his uptick in dimes and steals, and more respectable boards in the last 5 games. His line during that period: 16.2/3/4/1.6/0. He’s solid, 33% owned currently, but only 3 games next week, fyi.

Terrance Ross SG, SF

Slim fully endorses him. That should be enough of a reason. For what it’s worth, I do as well, he’s been steady of late, with late mid round value, he’s hitting the 3 consistently – 3 per game over the last 4 games, with a 13.5/2.5/1.25/1/.5 , and is playing 4 times next week. Ross is a good streaming option next week, as he’s only owned 29% at the moment.

Khris Middleton SF, PF

He has no real competition for the spot now that Caron Butler is gone, and in his last five games he’s averaged 16/4/3.8/1.4/.4 with 2 3pt per. He’s 44% owned, and he’s a deer. So go get yourself some venison! Sorry.

DeMarre Carroll SF, PF

Another great recommend from Slim and JB. DeMarre has been playing well of late, is only 47% owned, and plays 4 games next week. He has been averaging 15/4.6/1.6/.6/1, with 3.3 treys per over his last 3 games. He is a very appealing streamer, indeed.

Tim Hardaway Jr. SG

Timmay’s just a dude to keep an eye on. He has been scoring at a blistering rate last 2 games, averaging 25/2.5/0/.5/0, with a mammoth 4 3pts per. Need a shooter? This pistol’s hot! … Sorry.


There is nobody that I will be writing about for you to drop this week. Nope. You’re on your own in that department.

Good Luck everyone, may your shooters tickle the twine this week!

  1. Michael says:

    I was wondering if you can give me some analysis on my team? I don’t have any superstars on my team but my team is quite deep. I am in a 9 cat roto and I am currently second place. let me know what you think

    pg: mike conley , ty Lawson, trey burke
    sg-sf: Gordon Hayward , Demar Derozan , tyreke evans , tobias harris
    pf: Kenneth faried , trenece jones
    pf -c: Zach Randolph , Derrick Favors , Josh Mcroberts , Al Jefferson , Andrew Bogut

    • Dan A

      Dan A. says:

      @Michael: I like your line up, but McBob is the most likely cat to drop, should you need to, maybe t jones. Keep an eye on games per week, take advantage of any blazers in week 2, they have 5 games. t Ross might be a good fit for you, perhaps??
      You also have good balance between guards and forwards, I really don’t have too much to say, except good luck!

  2. Wishing I was Golden says:

    What about the following week?

    • Dan A

      Dan A. says:

      @Wishing I was Golden: I’ll have another article to write about week 2 of the playoffs, let’s see how this week coming shakes out, ok, hombre?

  3. Big Baby Hey Zeus says:

    Entering 1st week of the playoffs in 3rd place. Contemplating dropping Varejao, Ersan, and/or Henson to grab a guy or 3 who play 4 games. Bynum, Birdman, O’Quinn, Wroten are some 4 game options. Have 3 adds to use today if I like and a fresh 3 to use next week. 12 team h2h 9cat yahoo

    Chris Paul
    Eric Bledsoe
    George Hill
    Wesley Matthews
    Kevin Martin
    Danny Green
    Ersan Ilyasova
    Dirk Nowitzki
    Chris bosh
    Marc Gasol
    Channing Frye
    John Henson
    Anderson Varejao

    Big Baby Hey Zeus

    • Dan A

      Dan A says:

      @Big Baby Hey Zeus:Henson has been disappointing lately, Illyasova has been infuriatingly inconsistent but Varejao is probably the first drop.
      Wroten a good add. Bynum looks good, but he will be used sparingly, to keep him fresh, so 4 game weeks may not translate. Terrance Ross still 4 this coming week. Birdman has 4 games as well, but also will be inconsistent. Off chance Markeiff Morris available in your league? grab him, regardless of 3 or 4 game schedule, he’s ballin right now, only owned in 58% of leagues.
      Good Luck!

      • Big Baby Hey Zeus says:

        @Dan A:
        Thanks a million for the insight. Kieff and Ross are long gone. Very active league with my childhood buds. I dropped both Bucks for Birdman and Bynum. At worst they are a stream. Liking Bynum against the 76ers today at home. O’Quinn, Humphries and Wroten are likely my next streams, R Kelly consideration too. Love this blog

        All the best,
        Big Baby Hey Zeus

  4. Daniel Bryan says:

    Sup Dan. Would you drop Matt Barnes in a 14-team 9-cat H2H league? He’s producing really well but the 2 games in round 1 are a major letdown.

    • Dan A

      Dan A says:

      @Daniel Bryan: Look forward through your week, vs your week 1 opponent. Can you cover all the games missed first week at the SF/F/Util positions? He would be great to have in the next week, but if you have more than one day where you are noticeably out gunned, you gotta seriously consider dropping him, I guess. He won’t help you if you don’t make week 2…

  5. Bi-Felicia says:

    Would you cut bait with Petrovic? I’m thinking I need to stream that spot. I’m scared that he’s gonna be on min restricted even if he plays this week. Antic 2 gms Mon/Tues Then get 3-4 more streams at Center. Im 120-20 clearly best team all season. What would you do? Help I need someone to push me over the top! Haha

    • Dan A

      Dan A says:

      @Bi-Felicia: Do you not have a first round bye? You should, most leagues do. If not, I suppose you could afford to drop him, but he is a solid contributor, be a shame for someone else to benefit from him production, but I get that you need contribution now, so follow your heart. If you really are 120-20, you should trust your gut.

    • Dan A

      Dan A says:

      @Bi-Felicia: If you have the bye, I neglected to mention, you don’t have to make any decisions this week, you can wait to see how he comes back.

      • Bi-Felicia says:

        @Dan A: no bye or id hold. Think I’ll hold till his gameday and go from there

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