Hello and welcome back to the latest edition of Buy/Sell, the most anticipated Wednesday column that starts with Buy here at Razzball. I’m fairly happy with the calls I made in last week’s piece and hope your fantasy teams benefited accordingly. Let’s dive straight into our latest buy and sell candidates.

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TJ McConnell: He does not pass the eye test and seems like he will be a forgotten man in the Sixers rotation with Bayless back from injury and Fultz taking the reins at the PG position. Still, Fultz is hurt and has never looked right all season long, Bayless is just average, and Tj is taking advantage of the opportunity like he has done time and time again in his career. In the three games without Fultz, he is averaging 28.3 minutes with  10.7/1.3/4.0/7.3/2.7/0.7/2.3 on 56% from the field with no free throws. All that while Bayless still gets 32 minutes. I think he represents excellent value until Fultz returns and should be added in all standard leagues (13% owned at Yahoo).

Damian Lillard: If you can ever have the dynamic Lillard for even a slight discount, this is the time to try and trade for him. He began the season ice cold and is shooting just 39.7 % while taking two fewer shots than the 20 per game from the last two years. He is too talented not to get hot soon and, even if he does not improve to 44% like last year, he will still produce early second round value for the rest of the season.

E’Twaun Moore: If you need 3’s and above average points E’Twaun is your man. He is not the kind of add that will win you the championship by himself, but he is producing under the radar stats in his last five games. 32.6 minutes with averages of 14.2/2.2/2.6/1.6/1.2/0.2/1.4 on 60% shooting. He is kinda THRAGNOFy but can be valuable to certain team builds (14% owned at Yahoo).

Jamal Murray: Finally, after a brutal shooting slump he has turned it around in his last two games. Granted these games were against the Nets and the Knicks, but still he is worth a look if an impatient owner dropped him.

John Henson: Greg Monroe is out for the next 2 weeks so Henson will have the opportunity for extended minutes. We know he can block shots and with more playing time I hope for more points and rebounds. He seems like a nice streaming option at least while Monroe is recuperating.


DeMarcus Cousins: Let’s get this out of the way, Cousins is a good basketball player. He is also a very good fantasy basketball player when he is playing, as evidenced by his eighth place in the per game player value standings. If we examine the total value he jumps to fourth overall as he has played all seven games for the Pelicans. He is good and that’s a fact. Another fact is he won’t be that good going forward. His stats are inflated due to the two games he played without Anthony Davis and he is always a danger to pick up technicals and getting suspended by the League. Plus, I’m not that optimistic that the Pelicans can make the playoffs in the stacked Western division and, if they are out of the race early, they might be tempted to trade him to a worse fantasy situation, as his contract is expiring. My point is if you like to play it safe like me, this is a perfect chance to maximize Boogie’s trade potential and get a proven consistent player in return.

Evan Fournier: Evan Fournier finished last year as the number 126 player in fantasy. He shot 44% from the field and 80% from the line and played 33 minutes per game. Fournier is currently the number 10 player in fantasy. He is shooting 54.5% from the field and 96% from the line while playing 33 minutes per game with the exact same usage rate. Need I say more? Ok if you insist I will…The Virgin (as nicknamed by JB) is operating with an unsustainable 63.5 Efg% and his best span last year was also with Elfrid Payton out, who is nearing a return. Sell high, sell high, sell high. Enough said…

Jae Crowder: After a promising debut Monsieu Crowder and his dreadlocks have seen his playing time drop along with his production. Cleveland is a mess right now, having started the season 3-4, and he is not helping them. He holds little trade value right now and I suggest swapping him for a hot free agent, while still keeping him in your watchlist in case he starts getting consistent minutes again.


As always let me know in the comments your thoughts and your suggestions about players I have not included and of course all your fantasy related questions!


  1. Mina G says:

    Yo I was wondering if you can spare some of your wisdom and help my team, o wise and noble!

    Currently my team is not shaping up how I would have loved, yet again..

    Josh Richardson
    Kent Bazemore
    Buddy Hield
    Evan Fournier
    Giannis Antetokounmpo
    Trevor Ariza
    Andre Drummond
    Myles Turner
    Wesley Matthews
    Eric Bledsoe
    Lonzo Ball
    Chris Paul
    Allen Crabbe
    Jabari Parker (IL spot)

    I’m in a 9-CAT league

    • Kostas

      Kostas says:

      @Mina G: “o wise and noble” huh? i can’t refuse help to someone calling me like that!
      I think you are a bit harsh with yourself, your team looks great! You have the best player in fantasy and players with great starts like Fournier and Matthews. If you have a slow start it’s due to the injuries of CP3 and Turner and both are returning soon.Hang in there until the Suns figure out what to do with Bledsoe and maybe try to sell high on Fournier. The only player who is borderline a drop is Hield. You can either grab a hot free agent or just stream his spot.

  2. hassan_blackside says:

    ingram or warren?

  3. EliasK says:

    Greets from a fellow fantasy basketball enthusiast!
    I am just dropping by to say congratulations on your fantasy writting career debut. Your style and analysis reflects your genuine love for the game itself as well as your uncondintional affection for what binds us all, fantasy basketball.
    As far as your buy/sell candidates are concerned, I couldn’t agree more on Boogie and more or less I get on board with the rest of the predictions.
    The only one I would say I am not buying for any reason is my Canadian friend, Murray. He seems like his game improved thoughout the off season but can’t really see him exceed any expectations yet. Last year he played all 82 games, averaging 22 mins with almost 9 shot attempts/game, marking an average 40.4%. This year so far, his move to the starting lineup has made his mins increase to 26, his shot attempts to go up by 3.5 but still a subpar 41.4% from the field with his 3pt shooting actually pointing downwoards. I know it’s too early to assume stuff but I’d stay he’s worth to keep an eye on only in deeper leagues.
    Anyway, keep it up with such amusing yet helpful contribution and sky is the limit.

  4. Kostas

    Kostas says:

    Thank you for your kind words,it’s always a great feeling making a positive impression to fellow fantasy basketball lovers!
    I am really hopeful that Murray’s struggles from the field are a thing of the past and that by the end of the season we won’t remember his 17/59 start from the field. The main difference for me is his usage rate. Last year he operated with a 21.0 usage whereas this year this number has jumped to 24.9, a pretty significant increase. If he can make around 43-44% from the field he has a great shot to be a top80 player this year.

  5. Renz says:

    Great write-up Kostas!

    I like the Murray part. He seem to have found his rhythm now. Anyhow, I’d just like to hear you on this negotiation I have right now.
    Setting: 16 teams, 9-cat
    Current line-up:

    G: A. Bradley, J. Murray, DSJ, K. Dunn
    F: J-Rich, Prince, Dray, Chriss, Marcus Morris
    C: Jokic, Horford, Turner, Holmes

    Someone offered PG and Millsap for Jokic, DSJ and JRich. Should I have this offer? Thanks and more powers!

    • Kostas

      Kostas says:

      @Renz: Hello Renz,thanks for your kind words. I don’t particularly like the offer. In a 16-team league you are losing a lot of debt and the best player in the deal in Jokic. Also you are definitely punting assists if you give up both DSJ and the Joker. I really like your roster the way it looks right now especially in a deeper league….

      • Renz says:


        Thanks Kostas! I just realized that PG and Millsap has only 3pts, rebs and stls as compared with what DSJ and Jokic has to offer and also JRich is just having off nights. Definitely appreciate your inputs!

  6. Renz says:

    @Renz: or should I trade someone like Chriss or Bradley instead? What’s your thought on this? Thanks!

  7. David says:

    Thanks for the write up!

    I have a trade question, in my 14 man 9 cat roto league, i got offered Harkless and WCS for my Dedmon and Barton, should i take the offer? whats the outlook for the rest of season for these players?

    • Kostas

      Kostas says:

      @David: Harkless and Barton are fairly similar in value,albeit in different categories. The main point of the trade is the bigs. Right now they are fairly similar in value and i think Dedmon will stay around top100 for the rest of the season. Cauley-Stein has a higher ceiling so i think i like him a bit more despite his wildly inconsistent play as of late.

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