We are so used to seeing the superstars and the more recognizable names as they progress in their career and become more popular and enamored with the media that we often forget that they also started from somewhere and as some point went through their first interview, their first press conference, etc. Now I’m not saying GG Jackson will become a superstar but he is the youngest player in the NBA currently and his reaction to his first interaction with the legendary Shaquille O’Neale is as wholesome as it gets.

His facial expression and response when he hears that he is indeed talking to Shaq is priceless and puts into perspective that rookies in the NBA are indeed kids and young adults talking to their idols for the first time. It was like a late Christmas present for Jackson, who in a side note, seems like a potentially good NBA player. Bonus points for Chuck for messing with Shaq, as per usual, at the end of the video. I’m not a fan of pre/postgame shows but the crew they have assembled with Ernie, Shaq, Kenny and Chuck will be a benchmark for many years to come.

Regarding last week’s suggestions, the big hit was Vince Williams Jr. who seems like a legit top80 player for the rest of the season, with all the uncertainty and injuries to the Memphis backcourt. I suggested him when he was owned in 25% of Yahoo leagues and he has climbed to 47%, but there is still time to GO GET HIM! Desmond Bane was a “Sell” suggestion as well, before he gets “hurt” by tanking, but it seems like a real injury will sideline him for the foreseeable future. Finally, both Killian Hayes and Nick Richards were as good as advertised in their expertise, with the former accumulating 26 assists in 3 games and the latter 25 rebounds in the same span. Use them as long as Cade Cunningham and Mark Williams are sidelined.


Dereck Lively: Dereck Lively spent 5 games sidelined due to an ankle injury but he returned and played 26 minutes against the Pelicans. His ownership dropped significantly during his absence and since he is currently at 56% owned in yahoo leagues, he is a clear add suggestion due to his rebounding instincts and growing chemistry with Luka Doncic in the pick and roll, so if you are looking for traditional big man stats give him a long look.

Dennis Smith Jr: More of a deeper league for now, but in real life Dennis Smith Jr has outplayed Spencer Dinwiddie since during the last 2 weeks and has gained more playing time as a result. He has transformed from a score-first guard when he entered the league in 2017 with the Mavericks to a defensive menace that can run an offense so if you are targeting assists and steals for your matchup he can provide that needed boost. I also like his outlook for the rest of the season and I think he might overtake Dinwiddie in playing time at some point(11% owned).

Jeremy Sochan: Despite San Antonio’s shortcomings this season and their atrocious record, lately there has been another bright spot that is not 7’4” tall and speaks French. That is Jeremy Sochan’s improved play that has led him inside the top100 in per game value and thus moved him from “streaming only” territory to potentially a regular spot for our fantasy teams. He is not elite in any of the 8 positive categories but can contribute literally across the board, so give him a look if your build is a more balanced one (37% owned).


Spencer Dinwiddie: In direct correlation with the Dennis Smith Jr suggestion above, you just can’t trust Spencer Dinwiddie with a roster spot in standard leagues. He is being outplayed by Smith and is losing both minutes and usage during the last month, when his only positive category is assists. He is overowned at 72% and a clear drop in my eyes as you can get much much more for your team by streaming his spot.