Vince Carter is one of my all-time favorite players, mainly because of his ability to execute dunks that look nearly impossible, even for NBA standards. Just ask Frederic Weis.

Good lord…One of, if not, the greatest dunker in NBA history and I have to admit I miss this kind of energy dunk in today’s NBA. That was until Miles Bridges did this to poor Clint Capela.

Mind you Capela is a strong rim protector, which makes the dunk that much more impressive. One of those plays that make you grimace just by watching it. Loved it. Also, note the reactions of the other players on the court in both videos.

Regarding last week’s suggestions, Malachi Flynn was the most successful one as he continues to take advantage of his opportunity with great performances and was a top 90 player last week. Bobby Portis was ok, while Deni Avdija fizzled with only nine minutes in his last game and can be safely dropped again. Both the “Sell” candidates Derrick Rose and DeAndre Jordan did nothing to improve my view on them so they will remain as such.


Jalen McDaniels: His brother, Jaden McDaniels was featured in the “Buy” section in previous weeks but today we take a look at the other brother, Jalen, who has claimed a regular spot in Charlotte’s rotation and is producing some head-turning stats. 16.3/2.0/5.8/2.8/1.5/0.8/0.8 on 61.4%/75% shooting. Bet it would be almost impossible to connect Jalen with this stat line, but this is exactly what he is averaging in his last 4 games while playing 33 minutes on average. Both McDaniels brothers are really long and can be very disruptive defensively while hitting the open triple and working within the flow of the offense, hence the minimal turnovers. Go get him from the wire while you still have a slim chance to find him available (40% owned).

Facundo Campazzo: Being an avid watcher of European basketball I watched Facundo Campazzo long before he joined the NBA. He is a prime example of how far hard work can get you, as he managed to step by step establish himself from the last roster spot of Real Madrid to arguably the best playmaker in Euroleague in his last seasons. The move to the NBA looked tough in the first months with many DNPs but the unfortunate injury of Jamal Murray will surely give him increased responsibilities and playing time. Already before the injury, he had carved a 22-minute role from the bench but as a starter, he has great triples and steals potential with minimal turnovers for a point guard (11% owned).

Marcus Morris: Not the usual name to pop out from the Clippers roster in terms of fantasy value, Marcus Morris has taken advantage of rest days of both Paul George and Kawhi Leonard to turn his season around. His fantasy contribution is focused on triples, points steals, and lately fg% and he can be a useful streamer as the rest days of the two superstars start to pile up closer to the playoffs (28% owned).


Montrezl Harrell: The arrival of Andre Drummond via the buyout market has destroyed Harrell’s fantasy value, which was already borderline (113th for the season). During the last 2 weeks, he is ranked 250th in per-game value, even with Marc Gasol injured for some of those games, so with the fantasy playoffs already here or right around the corner a swap of him for a hot free agent is in order (85% owned).

Paul Millsap: The years of fantasy dominance have long gone for Paul Millsap but he was still a useful fantasy contributor for the first part of the season. However, his playing time has shrunk lately and he even started collecting DNPs, with two in his last four games. There is zero incentive to still have him on your team. Fun fantasy fact though, Millsap was the 20th, 15th, 10th ranked player for three consecutive seasons (2013, 2014, 2015) and was the go-to guy to draft in the second round if you wanted to focus on stocks (steals and blocks for you youngsters out there).