How did the Celtics make the playoffs?!  I mean, I know it’s the East, but sheesh Brad Stevens can grind my gears!  I feel like slamming him in my Peter Griffin voice!

And sinking the game-winner for the Quahog Celtics was Jae Crowder, the unlikely hero in only 21 minutes off the bench.  9/4/0/2/0 last night, and if only style points helped your fantasy line!  Hah, look at Tyler Hansbrough put his hands on his head…  Wasn’t bad defense though!  Boston Clam Crowder just going ham…  Can you have ham in clam chowdah?  I somehow doubt it…  This game as a whole was pretty boring for fantasy, with no one scoring over 16 Pts.  And Stevens said he’s going to run the C’s like a bad chowder – thin – tonight in the season finale with the #7 seed locked up.  So adios Celtics muchachos!  Unlike my hummin’ fantasy baseball pitching staffs – it’s time to move away from the Greene.  Here’s what else happened last night in fantasy basketball action:

Isaiah Thomas – 27 minutes for 11/1/6 with 3 treys, but IT2/3 can be cut in 3/3 of leagues for tonight!

Evan Turner – Time to have Bootstraps’ bootstraps walk the plank as well.  14/7/9/1/1 in a fantastic line – did have the 7 TO – but I don’t trust the run tomorrow.  Luigi Datome time!

Amir Johnson – Came off the bench after missing a few with a kankle for 8/8/2/1/2 on 4-5 shooting.  Geez, twist your ankles a little more Amir!  Tough to expect him to do much tonight though, on a back-to-back coming off the injury.

Greivis Vasquez – Got a spot start with DeMar DeRozan sitting (DNP-mostly rest, with a little groin in there) for 11/5/7 with three treys.  General Greivis might get another start tonight if there’s no DD, and if the case, like him over IT2/3 for example!

John Wall Ugh, the Wiz lose 99-95 in 2OT?!  Brick alert!  7-23 from Wall for 16/2/11/2/0 with 5 TO.  Bradley Beal shot 7-24, in a little bit of one-upsmanship of terribleness.  A combined backcourt of 14-47…  Is that goal regulation size or what?!

Paul Pierce – Slim tried to trick me into picking him for 30 Pts, but the joke’s on him he was so close!  0 Pts in 17:30…  Yikes.

Drew Gooden – A very usable 6/10/2/1/1 line last night, despite hopping on the missed FG bandwagon and shooting 2-8.  Nene sat with a shoulder issue and could sit again tonight, making Gooden an interesting deeper-streamer in a revenge game!  Who could forget that fantastic run in 2004-07 for Cleveland…?

George Hill Mmmmmm, he’s been redonk-u-lous the past few months.  24/9/10/0/1 last night in a near-tripdub, making 2 treys.  Took him 10 tries from out there, but whatever works!

C.J. Miles – Speaking of a ton of 3Pt tries, Miles was 4-13 from deep for 25/8/0/0/1.  24+ Pts and 4+ treys in all of the past 3 games, and should get one more big ThrAGNOFfy game tonight.

Dwyane Wade – The Pacers knocked the Heat out of the playoffs, so I’d be surprised if Wade plays.  Drop city!

Lester Hudson – Sounds like a lovechild of MLB pitchers!  Man, I don’t even remember that 11-12 season he had, averaging 12.7 points for the Cavs.  I think it’s someone else and this is his witness protection name…  Anyway, a 11/2/3/1/1 line last night, hitting 4-5 FG and 3-3 3PTM for the Clips in some junky junk time.  Too bad the Clips are done, no capitalizing on junky junk time for your teams!

Archie Goodwin – After a spot start Sunday, got a legit start last night for 18/3/3 but with 5 TO.  6-11 FG with a couple of treys, and if he ever got a shot somewhere, I’d be intrigued…

T.J. Warren 10/6/1 starting at the wing, but pretty blah given he played 43 minutes (Marcus Morris had the flu – got it from a Phantom!).  I hate the way Hornacek runs his rotations; it’s going to be really hard to put either of these guys top 200 next year unless there’s some drastic changes.


Streamers/Cheap Daily League Picks:

Last two streamers to pick in 14-15!  Let’s hope it goes well!

Omri Casspi (11% owned) – The bar-none, #1 must-play streamer for tonight that will make you go, “him?”  As mentioned yesterday, no Boogie or Rudy and Omri is off 22/7/7 and 26/9/6 games and is up against the Lakers tonight.  Mmmmmm.

James Ennis (2% owned) – Gut check time!  Who’s ready to roll the dice with me?  As above, I mention Wade is likely to sit, and they Heat want to feed Ennis minutes – off 33 on Monday against the Magic.  Now, he didn’t do much with them, but tonight it’s at the Sixers and I could see a big finale.  He’s had some decent games the past 10 with minutes usually in the mid-20s, so I could see a 36 minute type of game with a lot of shots.


Best of luck to everyone tonight in the final slate of games of the 2014-15 season, and the finale of the Daily Notes will be out tomorrow!

(sorry we’ve had some technical issues, hopefully things go more swimmingly today!)