Ahhhhh, DeMarcus Cousins.  Build like a brick shithouse (did I get that phrase right?), puts up monster numbers, and the Kings franchise is terrible.  We need a change of scenery!  After years of speculation and “Lord give me strength” tweets, it looks like this year might finally be the year.

Boogie went nuts last night against the Wizards, going 36/20/4/2/1 (Goromotaro!), but the Kings still got another kick in the SAC in the OT loss. Cousins tried to put this team on his back!  Scored the pivotal last two baskets to put it into extra time, but the Wizards are like the Borg.  “Resistance is futile!”

Trekkie jokes!  Despite the huge line and burning Marcin Gortat on drives, Boogie still did Boogie things, with 5 TO and 3-10 FT.  I saw he almost got a technical foul by complaining to the rim!  “Is that goal regulation size or WHAT?!”  Even though he has 32+ points in the past 4, the D stats are down, and a looming trade would inevitably hurt his value.  Actually, staying put would hurt too, as he’d be a major DNP candidate.  One Boogie rumor is that he could be playing for last night’s enemy, and reuniting with Kentucky teammate John Wall.  It would probably take Bradley Beal and some pieces, likely some picks thrown in there too, but the Wizards look like they need a shake-up, I think we can all agree there.  Scotty Brooks can manage superstar personalities, and might be the best coach for Cousins.  That said, the Wiz are 4-2 over the past 6, and might be ever-so-slightly turning it around.

With the trade rumor mill churning and the D stats down (giving Boogie a surprisingly-low 19th per-game valuation on BBmonster), I think now is the time to shop him around.  You’re feeling great with your returns if you got him in the second round, so maybe a fantasy owner will want to take on Boogie’s temperamental stats more aggressively than an NBA GM.  That is, if this hypothetical NBA GM isn’t a big fantasy player!  Although if the GM plays in 8-cat, he’ll spend like crazzzzzzy to get Boogie!  Here’s what else went down last night in fantasy hoops action:

Bradley Beal Speaking of Beal, 31/6/3/0/1 with 7 treys.  With a rumor about being traded to the Kings, mayyyyyybe you shoulda tried to be quiet in this one…

John Wall – Tripdub!  19/8/11/3/1…  Withhhhhh, 11 TO.  Wizards willing to give the Kings anything and everything for Boogie, even the ball!

Kelly Oubre Jr. – Also might want to hold off on having good games in front of the Kings…  Ain’t nobody wanting to go to SAC!  10/10/2/2/0 for Oubre, on only 2-3 FG (6-6 FT).  Marcus Thornton, who was playing a 20+ minute role even with Beal healthy, got a DNP.  Keeping an eyebrow raised here.

Rudy Gay – 18/5/2/2/1 with 6 TO.  Playing with one foot out the door makes it tough to maintain your dribble!

Darren Collison – 6/3/3/2/1 in a nice full line given no TO.  We of course expect more.  Given no one “likes” to own Kings and he’s on a little 3-game lull, I might try some bottom-end buy-lows.

Goran Dragic – The Heat went all Pirates of the Caribbean and played with a skeleton crew, but hung in against the Celtics.  Dragon for 27/2/17/1/0 in an epicly efficient night given his surrounding cast, with only 1 TO on 8-15 FG (11-12 FT).  Although when you can lob the ball straight up in the air like a ref throwing an opening tip, it’s easy to get dem dimebags!

Hassan Whiteside – Speaking of Lobmaster Flex, 25/17/2/0/2 on 10-13 FG.  5-10 FT though, I thought this was fixed!  Get me Cousins out here, I wanna yell at the rim s’more!

Josh Richardson With so many guys out – including Dion Waiters – I thought this would be a huge JRich game.  12/4/0/2/0 is all we get, thankfully with 3 treys though…  I’m holding strong in 12ers, but this was supposed to be your game, new JRich!

Kelly Olynyk You big, Canadian jerk!  Every time I stream this sandal-wearing false prophet in RCLs he puts up duds, but he gets a 14/6/4/0/2 line on 5-7 shooting (2-3 3PTM 2-2 FT) line against me in REL to kick off the week.  If he stays strong all week, I might go Biblical on his ass.

Jae Crowder 32 minutes of his roto-orgasm-effective game, shooting 6-11 FG (2-4 3PTM 3-3 FT) 17/4/3/2/0 with no TO.  So good to see The Boston Clam Crowder nice and chunky again!

Tyler Zeller – Got a start with Al Horford being a baby maker, and had a semi-usable 10/7/2/0/1 line.  But it sounds like Baby Al is good and healthy and Big Al will be ready to go for tomorrow.  Congrats to the Horfords!

Russell Westbrook Continuing to play like a man amongst boys, going 27/18/14/2/0.  Gets it up to 30.9/10.3/11.3 on the season.  Let’s do dis, Russ!

Enes Kanter – Instant Turkey off the bench is gonna score at some point!  27/10/0/0/3 on 12-17 shooting.  I watched a portion of this game, and he kept just fighting his way into easy putback layups (6 OREB).  Knicks looked like they were allergic to rebounding.

Victor Oladipo – We’ve been telling you to sell since the HOU/BKN games a few weeks ago!  Also had a nice one @DEN.  Thing in common?  Those are 3 of the paciest teams; it just ain’t happening in normal matchups.  Paltry 8/3/4/1/1 line last night, I mean that’s fine and all – especially with no TO – but not the top-25 guy most of y’all drafted.

Kristaps Porzingis Kristaps…  RAINBOW LINE!  Kristaps…  RAINBOW LINE!  21/5/2/2/5 with 3 treys.  So golden.

Derrick Rose 30/7/4/0/0 with no treys.  10-20 FG and 10-10 FT were nice – love to see dual powers of 10 – but if someone in your league is dumb enough to think scoring is the be-all, end-all of fantasy basketball, then now is the time to unload!

Andrew Wiggins Speaking of that dogma, no one better bring up last year!  Like being frustrated with a smart kid in middle school, Wiggins just failed to ever apply himself!  13/2/4/0/0 and fouled out against the Jazz last night.  The Wolves broadcast crew brought up a great point on one of his drives, where he went 1 on 3 and got swatted by Rudy Gobert, with LaVine wide open on the perimeter.  Ohhhh, I actually found the highlight!

Great slo-mo camera work – LaVine is like, near league-leading with 3PT% and had a great game, and Wiggins still tries to hero ball.  I think that’s a good microcosm of the Wolves issues right now.  Good players, not enough team play.

Zach LaVine Speaking of LaVine, his most complete game of the year, going 28/8/8/1/0 with 2 treys on 9-17 FG and 8-9 FT.  Got the full Tibs treatment of 44 minutes.  Good thing LaVine is delivering and not getting minutes spliced like at PG!

Ricky Rubio – 11/2/3/2/0 on 4-5 shooting with only 1 TO, and gets rewarded with only 25 minutes again.  Tyus Jones and Kris Dunn in 23 minutes had 4 AST:4 TO on 1-4 shooting for 3 points.  I don’t expect this Rubio noodling to last.

George Hill – Playing with this huge thumb brace on, but it ain’t slowing him down!  24/8/4 with 10-11 FT.  Man you’re loving life if you fell into a Hill!

Gordon Hayward Sooooo fortunate he fell in an RCL draft for me in one league.  24/5/2/2/0 with no TO, as his giveaways are at a 4-year low.  Keep it efficient, Gordon’s Fisherman, I keep trusting you!

Robert Covington Lord Covington is like the full moon, comes out just once a month!  Then gives you some slivers, then completely disappears…  20/5/2/2/0 with 6 treys.  Only took 11 shots too, not like Joel Embiid resting really gave him that many more opportunities!  Just sank em this time…

Jahlil Okafor – 15/5/0/0/1 as the starter.  Yawn.

Sergio Rodriguez – Returns as a starter with Jerryd Bayless getting a game off with his wrist still limp.  Sounds like it’s just a maintenance night on the mend, so I would still own JB.  No bias!

Terrence Ross – Game against the awful Sixers resting their best player?  ThrAGNOF!  Too bad this wasn’t at the end of the week, or else I mighta streamed him heavy…  22/3/0/0/0 with 3 treys.

DeMar DeRozan Oh I bet this pissed off DeRozan owners!  Game against the Sixers and gets 31 minutes, and only scores 14 points?!  At least he went 14/5/5/1/1 with 6-6 FT in a full line…  Just conceded more rock to Kyle Lowry, who went offfffff with his efficiency!  7-9 FG (6-6 3PTM!!!!!!!!! 4-5 FT), 24/4/8/1/0.  Word is the Raptors widened the rims to try and help the Sixers get to at least 90 points this game.  It’s like throwing a hot dog down a hallway!

Jeremy Lamb – We recorded this morning’s Podcast before the Hornets game last night, and Slim crapped all over Jeremy!  Thankfully I stood by his side, and we got a 21/9/0/1/1 game in 23 minutes.  I don’t think the production will be “that” great, but Marco Belinelli had a bleh line with a gimpy hammy, and there’s minutes to be had while Marvin Williams is on the mend.

Kemba Walker – 34 minutes on 7-14 shooting.  Saving his 30 point game for tonight for me 🙂

Frank Kaminsky – 12/6/3 and missed all his threes.  He’s a 7-foot streamable wing in 12ers.  If that makes any sense…

Troy Williams – My bad for not putting him in the Daily Notes yesterday (there was a ton to cover over the 5 game break!), but Troy looked good-ish again as a starter, going 9/2/3/2/0.  I still think it’s purely in the streaming class, but Slim likes him more as a 12er option than I do.  4-9 FG, missed his treys, and FT look like they’ll be an issue – only 1-3 in this one.  Has a few weeks to spread his peacock feathers and attract the Grizzlies staff, so we’ll see…

JaMychal Green – Ugh.  2/5/2/0/0 with 5 fouls in 28 minutes.  Grizzlies really have an uphill climb to try and maintain a winning team with all the injuries, as they’re somehow still 11-7.

Kevin Durant Mannnn, I missed a good game late last night!  Down 1 after 3, the Warriors rallied in the 4th to hold off the Hawks and go 16-2.  So unfair.  Anyway, KD for 25/14/3/1/2 and maintaining his elite status…

Stephen Curry It’s still been good, but dayuuuum I need him to get the AST to come back!  25/3/3/2/0 with 4 treys.

Draymond Green All the dimes ending up at the hands of #Occupy, going 4/3/7/1/4 coming off an ankle bruise.  Glad the ouchie is OK!  Not like you got hit in the balls or anything!

Dennis Schroder Been bumpy, but look at those steals coming around!  24/1/6/2/1, but with his typical “Nein Nein Nein!” 5 TO.

Dwight Howard – I guess Dray was on him a good bit this game, as Dwight still got 37 minutes against the Warriors who play small ball most of the time.  14/16/0/1/1 with 3 TO and 4-8 FT in a very prototypical Dwight game.  I’d love to see how many games Dwight would win his teams if he was a 100% FT shooter in his career.  An extra…  60?  I know this one would still be 1 short, but that would be HILARIOUS to know what the answer was…


I hope everyone had a fantastic start to their week, and got some strong production to kick it off!  Pete’s got the notes for tomorrow, and I’ll catch you with em Thursday morning!