Assume for a moment Gilbert Arenas is Eric Stoltz’s “Back to the Future” footage. It exists and has potential, but ultimately, it’s just not gonna happen, man. Kirk Hinrich is Michael J. Fox. He’s there. He’s inexpensive. He can do the job without having to carry the entire franchise. But Fox did carry the entire franchise, you say? Lea Thompson is on her way to kick you in the stomach! The Wizards looked bad enough on Thursday to toss my “don’t panic after one game” philosophy out the window, which I would do if the room I was in had a window that opened, but I’m in a D.C. hotel and Lord knows they don’t want 10th floor windows opening in this town! They especially don’t want that after residents see how easy containing the Wiz iz. John Wall is going to need help and it was shockingly obvious that McGee and Blatche have some adjusting to do. Hinrich isn’t awesome, isn’t flashy, isn’t named “Kurt,” (pay attention Vinny Del Negro!), and isn’t my favorite Jayhawk, but he did average 11/3.5/4.5 and a steal in 33.5 mpg last season as a support system on a Bulls offense that never needed his offense. Hinrich will average 30+ minutes on most nights (more as Arenas continues his absence) and will be needed on offense more in D.C. than in Chicago. Heavy! Here are more players to add or drop (or add then drop) this week in fantasy basketball:


Darrell Arthur – Both Randolph and Gasol will miss Friday’s game and neither player has a timetable for their return. Arthur had 19/3 in 31 (surprise!) minutes on Wednesday and will likely average 35+ mpgs until both of Memphis’ starters return. You could do much worse. Like robbing a bank. That would be you doing worse.

Landry Fields – I still like Chandler over Fields, but because I’m unconvinced Mike D’Antoni feels the same way, Fields is just as ownable. In fantasy hoops, just about anyone averaging 30+ minutes per game is worth a look in deep leagues. For now that’s exactly who Fields is, just anyone.

Ronny Turiaf – As quickly as you could say Timofey Mozgov (which was probably not quick at all) it became clear that he can’t run the “five” for big minutes any time soon. That pretty much leaves Turiaf unless Eddy Curry unwraps his fingers from that turkey leg … No? Okay. Turiaf it is. His back will not likely keep him out of this weekend’s games and in deep leagues he’ll be a great source for blocks, FG% and all the rebounds Amar’e will soon enough be too lazy to go after.

Josh McRoberts – There just isn’t anyone ready to take minutes away from the sneaky athletic McRoberts right now in Circle City. As long as he averages 25+ minutes per night, you’ll fairly steadily get 10/6 with 3 blks+stls a night from him.

Hakim Warrick – Already discussed Warrick this morning. You remember, don’t you? Building on my thoughts a bit, there are two things I know for sure: 1) Steve Nash will be picking and rolling with someone this season, Stoudemire be damned. 2) It won’t be with Hedo Turkoglu.

Gordon Hayward – He’s averaged 23 minutes in his first two games and has shown the effort appropriate for a rookie playing under Jerry Sloan. If Sloan is playing him this much already, just wait until Kirilenko’s straightened locks of hair inevitably scratch his retinas and send him on the shelf for a month. Bee-tee-dubya, who’s gonna be the first guy in the locker room to call Kirilenko Justin Bieber? My guess is Raja Bell. Don’t go dropping Kirilenko for Hayward, but he’s more promising than guys like Brandon Rush or Kelenna Azubuike at this point


Leandro Barbosa – Barbosa has had diminishing returns every season since 2006. His ORtg ain’t what it used to be, his points have dipped steadily despite his USG% increasing steadily and he’s just nothing like the efficient scorer we saw in his salad days in Phoenix. All that remains true, but he’s also playing through a nagging wrist injury that probably requires surgery sooner than later.

Josh Childress – We’ll just call this the “not that great and playing injured” section.

Delonte West – Played “slug bug” with Von Wafer in the Celtics locker room … where there were no VW Beetles in sight and Wafer was unaware the game had started. Only owners in deep leagues should have been taking a flier on the troubled guard. Now, no one should. In other news, owners in deep leagues might want to take a look at Von Wafer!

  1. brad says:

    McRoberts: I agree, I don’t watch many Pacers games, but for some strange reason I was watching the Pacers Spurs and McRoberts was on top of every rebound and loose ball.

    Warrick: Yep. Athletic PF + Steve Nash = high efficiency points and some rebs.

    Barbosa: uhmm, yeah. I’m gonna have to go ahead and disagree with you Adam. Maybe drop him in Roto leagues, where his FG% can hurt you too much, but there just aren’t guys available who get 16 shots in a game, especially one where they played 24 mins. I’m holding for now.

  2. Adam

    Adam says:

    @brad: “Shots per game ain’t worth much if most of them don’t go in.” – John Wall

  3. brad says:

    @Adam: wall makes a good point. and if leandrinho doesn’t start hitting shots fairly soon he’s definitely drop worthy. but after one game seems hasty. but I do agree to some extent, I think he should definitely be on a short leash. I guess (as always) it depends on who you’re picking up.

  4. Adam

    Adam says:

    @brad: You’re right about it depending on who you’re picking up. I’m never for JUST dropping a guy. But, unless you’re in an extremely deep league, there are better guys out there than Barbosa right now, and I’m guessing, for the rest of the season.

  5. Chris says:

    Trade help needed…

    Scoring system is:
    1 point per point scored
    1 point per rebound
    1.5 points per assist
    2 points per steal/block

    I give up:
    R. Hibbert and L. Deng

    I get:
    M. Gasol and J. Hickson

    I have B. Lopez at C and I also have Jamison

  6. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Chris: Skip it. Keep Hibbert.

  7. Chris says:

    @Adam: How about this offer…just got it.

    Hibbert for

    Millsap and Okafor or D. Blair?

    Thanks a lot…these two offers are from my two brothers that I use for advice normally, can’t get real opinion when its a bidding war!

  8. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Chris: Hibbert’s the best player in this deal, so it depends on how badly you need what Okafor and Millsap give you. If you’re weak on bigs, I’d be more willing to do it. If your current bigs are okay, don’t give up a dollar bill for $1.25 in quarters.

  9. Chris says:

    No more questions for me…just wanted to say thanks. My bigs are LeBron and P. Gasol along with B. Lopez (we start 1 C and 4 G/F (must be at least 1 of each) so I really don’t need more bigs.

  10. hmmm says:

    Hey Adam, so one of my leagues I’m playing for fun with my friends. A lot of em are playing for the first time, which would explain why one of them just dropped Jamison. The league is using the FAAB system, $100 to use on waivers. What do you think he’s worth? It’s a pretty deep league, so definitely open to overpaying if I have to.

  11. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Chris: Thanks. Hope it works out.

    @hmmm: Usually in a situation like that, I bid according to whatever I project him to be worth to my team. Never, however, have I ever bid on an uninjured player who was drafted in the first eight rounds! I’d bid triple Jamison’s draft price ($60-80). I wouldn’t recommend this if your league wasn’t deep, but the chances of you finding another Jamison-quality player on waivers is pretty low.

  12. Clyde Prompto says:

    Howdy, Adam. Would you drop Splitter for any of the dudes on your “add list?” I’m not really looking for any specific category, just a best available player sort of thing. Oh, it’s a standard 12 team roto league.

  13. hmmm says:

    Thanks Adam. Yeah this would never happen in most leagues, but this a fun league with a lot of first timers so hey, can’t say I’m shocked either. Yeah I was looking to bet around $80+ cause like you mentioned, deep league and I’m short on SF (Dunleavy and Beasley). If anything, I think I should just bet nearly all in on him considering my SF situation.

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