Let us begin with the elephant or perhaps the giraffe in the room, and that is Chet Holmgren. The prized rookie out of Gonzaga suffered a season-ending injury during the CrawsOver Pro-Am league back in his home state before his season could even begin. This is a huge downer for real life and fantasy purposes as Chet seemed poised to be a difference maker in both facets. Was Chet going to be the X-factor that brought this young Thunder squad to a play-in scenario at best this season? Almost certainly not. However, he was going to bring energy and excitement to a franchise in need of that type of cornerstone since the departures of Durant, Westbrook and Harden. Still, Chet should be the first rookie off the board in any dynasty or keeper format while in redraft leagues you do not touch him at all.

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Bonjour mon ami.

Welcome to those who are still engaged in their respective leagues and looking for that fine tuning in what could be the last week of your fantasy playoffs in head-to-head leagues. For those of you in roto leagues that go down to the bitter end, there will continue to be value off your wire as teams go into full tank mode like a no-limit soldier.

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Welcome back Razzball Nation to our weekly segment of Underperformer of the Week, where we feature a player who is playing well below their expectations creating a path to extract value on the low. Let me rewind to last week for the people who check for me weekly. I apologize that I did not provide you with a post as your boy got hit with the “out for personal reasons” tag. I am not showing up on the injury report this week so we back in Action Bronson.

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Razzball Nation! Welcome back for another week of uncovering an underperforming player who could do wonders for your fantasy team.

As I mentioned last week, I am completely aware that many trade deadlines have passed but for those that have not, this one is for you. After this week, I imagine nearly all if not all deadlines will be passed so we will be making a slight pivot to the format moving forward. Be on the lookout for a year in review article where I will grade the recommendations I made to you this season.

As for today, though, we find ourselves (well some of ourselves) in a position to take advantage of this circumstance. With some of you on the cusp of the fantasy playoffs, this is the time to be aggressive.

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Welcome Razzball readers to your weekly dose of player profiling that highlights opportunities to take advantage of a player performing below reasonable expectations. Now, let me again be crystal clear, playing poorly is not enough to land you a spot in this post. If that were the case, I would be suffering from a severe case of carpal tunnel syndrome, as there is no shortage of bad players throughout an NBA season. I mean, even the worst NBA player would average a triple-double at your local YMCA but I am not here to compare any professional baller to Carl who plays every other Tuesday. I digress.

In order to make my weekly list there must be a path to value based on a history of said player having shown sustainable value in the past. This week we take a 30-hour drive to find a player who is wearing a new uniform since the trade deadline and might just be ready to show his new city what he is fully capable of.

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With the NBA trade deadline firmly in our rearview mirror, no longer must we speculate on a player’s value moving forward due to a move to a different area code. This year, the shake-up at the deadline registered about a 6.5 on the Richter scale with some teams making a significant impact to their rosters. I hope that you were able to take advantage of any key additions off the wire or via trade in your league to capitalize on the changing values around the league.

No matter if you did or not has no affect here though as we uncover yet another player that has not been playing quite at the level we expect. I expect this young rising star to make a strong run the rest of the way on a team whose sole focus should be player development.

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My friends, we are in the thick of it, as the NBA trade deadline is upon us and we have already had some big names change jerseys and felt the ripple effects across the fantasy landscape. With many moves still yet to come, you will need to keep your head on a swivel as the news will break fast and furious. We live our lives a quarter mile at a time until 3pm eastern time Thursday.

So, that being said, I wanted to be sure not to speculate too much in this week’s post and decided to go with a player who has already been traded and that  will not be jettisoned to another location before the deadline.

With so much drama in the NBA

It’s kinda hard to keep up but that’s ok

Still I, somehow, some way

Keep bringing you a player with value like every single day.

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Welcome to the Underperformer of the Week segment of your fantasy basketball life. If you have been here before then you are aware of what we are all about. Each week we scour the fantasy basketball landscape in search of one thing and one thing only, value. I do all of the leg work in order to uncover a player who may have value moving forward in contrast to what they are currently providing. There are numerous reasons as to why value fluctuates and although I have not surfed in my life I imagine hopping on the right value at the right time is like riding a wave. Paddle on your board as you wait to find value and when you do, pop up on your board, stay balanced and hang ten. (There is plenty of room in the comments section below to enthusiastically criticize the inaccuracy of my surfing description).

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Greetings and salutations my Razzball followers, as we are firmly entrenched into Act Two of the NBA season. Check your watch because it is winning time.

As the legend, Freddie Mercury bellows out:

“We are the Champions, my friends. And we’ll keep on fighting till the end”.

This is the mantra moving forward and, as your running mate, I hope to toss you alley oops weekly by way of a player who is underperforming and should target with hopes of securing at a discount.

This week there is only one question that comes to mind: “What’s so good about Cleveland”?

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Welcome Razzball Nation to another installment of our search for underperforming players in our beloved fantasy basketball landscape.

We have officially arrived at the halfway mark of the season when teams are what they are unless they make changes via a trade or injury. As we move on into the second half of the season, it will become more challenging to unearth gems and execute trades as managers may be more willing to ride out a slump, or they may be looking for too much in return as they attempt to stay competitive heading towards fantasy playoffs. Fear not, though, my avid readers for I continue to rummage through rosters in an effort to deliver to you the best possible players to target in a trade that I believe will provide you with value moving forward.

This week we are in the six with my hometown team where all the 6’9″ players and Fred take home court.

God’s plan, God’s plan.

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“It’s the infamous back in the house once again”.

As always, my goal here is to “drop a gem on em” and deliver to you the opportunity to improve your squad by taking advantage of underperforming players who you will look to acquire at a discount Let me be clear. Not every player highlighted here will be a universal fit for all team builds. It will be important for you to assess the needs of your team and determine if the players I curate for you not only fit your need but also, can afford to give up what it may take to obtain that player. In addition, not only do I look at players who are underperforming but also, that player needs to have a reasonable and attainable path to improving their current situation. We’ve had some misses here (Porter Jr, Dame Lillard), but for the most part if you’ve been able to take advantage of an opposing GM’s frustrations with the players I’ve highlighted this season, you’re likely doing well in your league.

This week we take a trip to the Dirty South for a look at a Hawks player who has not been flying high lately.

“I be on it all night, man I be on it all day. Straight up pimp if you want me, you can find me in the A!”

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