I wonder what the public opinion really is on Anonymous, the computer hacking collective… I like them, they expose top-level greed – a mix between Russell Crowe in Robin Hood and in The Insider.  OK so he wasn’t a hacker in The Insider, but did the same type thing Anonymous does.  Anonymous hacked Bank of America last month and found they were using worthless Social Media searches to profile activists and their salary information was on a server in Tel Aviv.  Say what?  I thought it was Bank of ‘Murica not Bank of Israel!  Well the Orlando Magic knew they needed some hacking to try and beat the Lakers with Dwight Howard returning to Orlando last night.  With the crowd booing Howard from the moment he stepped on the floor, the Magic tried some psychological warfare, fouling Dwight every opportunity and giving him 39 free throw attempts.  Thirty-nine!  I don’t think I’ve taken that many free throws ever.  Now imagine 15,000 fans yelling at you every time.  Dwight made 25 of em, capping a 39-16 and 3 block night in his return to O-Town.  One of the best returns to a former team in NBA history, but the Magic just plain handed him 25 of those points.  The Magic are terrible (minus Tobias Harris – read below) and the Lakers, while a soap opera, I think make the playoffs.  A good career move for Dwight.  Just hope he doesn’t store his salary on a server in Tel Aviv.

Here’s what else went down last night across the NBA:

Ricky Rubio – Triple Double!  Or according to Google Translate – ¡Triple Doble! That’s the kind of Spanish I like to do.  Why couldn’t it be that easy in high school… 21-13-12.  ¡Ay-yay-yay!  ¡Caliente! OK so I had to look up how to do the upside down exclamation point and I’m getting carried away.

Tobias Harris – No longer a mere mortal.  I was on the Harris bus right away (from the moment he got traded!), and feels good to get a call right!  Well I didn’t think he’d be starting and playing 40 mother f minutes.  But glad he’s on all my teams!  Went 7-17 FG (3-5 3PTM) 17 Pts 15 Rebs 2 Asts 1 Stl and 3 Blks.  One of those blocks was a big one on Dwight.  Love it.

Gerald Henderson – Had an explosion of awesome with 35 Pts in a shocking 26-point win against the Celtics.  Went 12-12 at the free throw line.  Don’t hack a Henderson, Orlando!  If he continues to get to the line like he has the past 3 games, he can be a consistent scorer.

Paul Pierce – Doc gave Pierce a rest.  Gotta do what the Doc says.

Byron Mullens – Played 11 minutes then strained his back.  If you haven’t dropped him yet like I suggested, do it already!

Josh McRoberts – Will be the biggest benefactor with Mullens either out or off the bench, and went 13-10 with a 3 last night.  Deep leaguers need to keep an eye on him.

John Wall – Had his best game of the season last night going 27-7-14.  13-14 from the line as well.  Attack the bucket and good things happen!

Trevor Ariza – Tweaked his knee and probably will miss at least one game.

Emeka Okafor – 18-11-1-1-2.  I’m gonna start calling him Old Ironsides.  Dependable for a good game in the paint.

Greivis Vasquez – 15 Pts and 14 Asts.  Continues to facilitate for the young future Pelicans.

Brook Lopez – 10-15 FG 26 Pts 5 Rebs 1 Stl 3 Blks, and one posterization of his twin brother.  Sounded like Brooklyn then went into a soccer chant.  Robin Lopez is such a tosser!  Is that even a British thing?

Andray Blatche – When he gets the minutes he can contribute, scoring 18 for the second time in three games.  Show me the minutes!  Show me the Carfax!  Show me the Car Fox!  Show me the Star Fox!  Man I miss that game.

LeBron James – Two straight meh games from the NBA’s best fantasy option.  15-7-7 and 3-11 from the floor last night.  Need to start getting it together for the playoffs, Bron Bron!  Not like your team has won 19 straight or anything.

Shawn Marion – Missed his third straight game with the calf injury.  Gave Jae Crowder the start who played a whopping  36 minutes.  They showed him the minutes!  Went 14-8-3.  Marion should be back soon.

Tiago Splitter – Started at center and went 1-10.  Sheesh!  It’s hard to believe the Spurs lost with a starting lineup of Matt Bonner, Stephen Jackson, Splitter, Cory Joseph and Danny Green.  OK so that was sarcasm.  I guess when you have the most wins in the NBA you can punt a game or two.

Chris Johnson (MIN) – Played 22 minutes off the bench and racked up 6 blocks.  Well when the opposing team’s starting front court are those first three mentioned above with a total vertical of 19 inches, you’re gonna be able to swat a few.  11 blocks now in his last 3.  If you need a few blocks, might be worth a spot start in very deep leagues.

Zack Randolph – Returned after missing 4 games with an ankle injury to go a vintage 19-10 in 28 minutes.  Welcome back, Z-Bo!  Welcome to the bench Ed Davis!

Eric Maynor – Wasn’t huge going 8-4, but in deep leagues, he’s gotten 20+ minutes in the last six and can get 8 assists on any given night.  Worth a look if you’re strapped for assists, like I am in a league where I lost Rondo.


Game Tonight: I’ve got highlights for the Jazz at Thunder tonight.  I still think the Thunder play angry after getting beat up by the Spurs Monday night.  As always shoot your comments below, thanks for reading Razzball Nation!


  1. Zandy says:

    After last night’s debacle – drop Ariza for Jason Thompson, CJ Miles, Shawn Marion or Vince Carter?

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Zandy: Yea he tweaked his knee, and will miss at least a game. Thompson has been playing great lately, I make that swap.

      • Zandy says:

        @JB Gilpin: Thanks if Pekovic is back healthy this week, drop Thompson for Martell? Thinking Martell for 4 games is better than Danny Green for 3 going fwd. Thoughts?

  2. chillmodious says:

    Good day!

    Would you drop Avery Bradley or Dorrell Wright for Jonas Valanciunas, or just hold the line where I am, based on the below roster? (note that I’m in 2nd place in my ESPN H2H and playoffs start on Monday):

    PG – Russell Westbrook
    SG – Marcus Thornton
    SF – Thaddeus Young
    PF – DeMarcus Cousins
    C – Larry Sanders
    G – Goran Dragic
    F – J.J. Hickson
    PF/C – David West
    Util – Damian Lillard
    Util – Kyle Lowry

    Bench – Martell Webster
    Bench – Jermaine O’Neal
    Bench – Mo Williams
    Bench – Dorrell Wright
    Bench – Avery Bradley


    I think Dorrell Wright can hold his value when Nick Young comes back, but it’s a risk and we’re in the money time of the season. Avery Bradley has been solid, but not at all sexy. And Valanciunas looks like a shiny new add for the stretch-run, especially with Bargnani now out for good, but I can’t decide on what to do. Please help! 🙂


    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @chillmodious: No skip overs!

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