Well, there’s a reason standard H2H leagues end 10 days early!  Sheesh it’s just a mine field out there…  Did you ever play that game Minesweeper in the 90s?!  Man that game got annoying…

Anyway, it was a crazy weekend across the NBA highlighted by Jrue Holiday returning from his leg issues over the weekend.  Even in this final month of rest, The Lord needed a Holiday!  It really surprised to see him return this season, but I guess with the Pels in it, he’s persevering.  Jrue was rusty in Friday night’s return (1-7 FG), but caught fire Sunday night for 7-9 FG, 17 Pts and 3 treys.  Since he had to sit last night and had to be abandoned months ago by the unfortunate souls who drafted him, he still might be out there in your league.  In a pivotal final game tomorrow hosting the Spurs, Jrue should get a good bit of run as an offensive sixth man.  He’s a risky play since we don’t know how many minutes he’ll get, but if you need some Pts and Ast as a final stream, he could deliver.  Jrue works for you!  Here’s what else has gone on since the weekend in fantasy hoops action:

Tyler Hansbrough – Wooooo, hit on a good stream last Friday!  Kept it up with a 16/7/1/2/0 line and no TO.  But then the Psycho Tease was over with an abysmal showing Saturday, even with Amir Johnson still out with the kankle (although he said he should be back for the playoffs).  You know what they say, outlier games come in threes! (no one says that)

Giannis Antetokounmpo Returned on Friday after that weirdo DNP on Wednesday, and went full Olive on the Knicks for 23/9/1/0/1 last Friday night.  Flirted with a tripdub on Sunday too for 13/9/7.  Maybe Kidd’s kick in the pants, or should I say, kick in the toga really worked.

Dwight Howard Rainbow alert!  Wow, Dwight surprising with his ol’ rainbow ways for 12/14/2/2/2 last Friday night…  Oh wait, it was again the notoriously-bad-against-bigs Spurs!  Also had 4 TO…  But SuperDwight was usable again on Sunday for 19/11/0/0/3, but then pulled the 5-11 FT and sat last night.  Ending the year again the Jazz tomorrow, against Rudy Gobert….  Monsieur elbow to the nose!  Gotta hate it… That’s assuming he even plays, but the Rockets could be the #2 seed in the West, so they might go for it.

Danilo Gallinari I hate you more than ever Galo!  Why couldn’t you be quiet and be a sneaky sleeper for me next year!  All I have to hope for is that people aren’t paying much attention to fantasy and the Nugs right now…  I mean, they’re paying a ton of attention to fantasy and reading the quality work here at Razzball!  An unreal 47/9/2/1/1 line against the Spurs in a whopping 46 minutes of 2OT ball.   15-23 FG, 7 treys, and didn’t commit a single TO to go with 10-10 FT.  Probably a top-10 line of the season.  And wasn’t too shabby Sunday for 12/6/6 and two treys before being rested last night.

Marc Gasol Suffered a bad kankle over the weekend, but was able to gut it out last night against the Warriors.  Alas, his brazenness was fruitless.  Whoa, my thesaurus got a workout there!  The. Cat. Is. Red.  Mike Conley didn’t end up playing though, as he’s missed the last few with a sore foot.  Maybe he can start an offseason cooking show called Sore Foot Contessa.  Cooking show jokes!

Gordon Hayward After some real clunkers, finished his season on a high note with a 27/7/3/2/0 line against the Grizzlies in a tough 1-point loss.  Hayward is now officially shut down with shoulder and Achilles issues, so let’s hope he holds together a little better next year.

Andrew Wiggins Oh dear lord, Omer Asik got pooed on!  This dunk was fantabulous.  Didn’t shoot too well otherwise last night with a 5-16 game, but last Friday had a 29/10/6 line.  If I have a lot of Wiggins/Gallo teams next year, I’m gonna be mad excited.

Tarik Black – After an absurd 19 rebounds Sunday, went back to blah last night.  Still crazy he was a pivotal player in our REL championship!

Jabari Brown – Whoa, look at the D-League all-star plowing through the league!  18+ points on Friday, Sunday and last night, with 7 dimes in two of them and some high-volume 21-27 combined FT.  Even on a full Wednesday tomorrow, might crack your starting unit.

Jordan Clarkson Got a kankle once then kankled again, having to leave early last night after two sprains.  Brown is even that more appealing tomorrow if Clarkson has to sit.

Dwayne Wade – Like we’ve seen a lot this year, used Razzball for bulletin board material!  Bounced back from a terrible game last Thursday for 30/6/5 on Saturday and 22/4/5 last night.  The Heat need the Pacers to drop two straight, so if Indiana wins tonight, Wade is probably hanging them up for 14-15 and the final game tomorrow.

Hassan Whiteside Such a monster, and good to see him ending strong and not getting suspensions.  16/18 and 24/13 on Saturday and last night respectively, with 11 combined swats.

Robert Covington It’s been criminal that RobCov has been benched through most of the second half, so it’s good to see him rack up some big stats in starts down the stretch, with 22/3/5 and 25/7/1/1/4 lines the past two.  But 10 TO last night?!  I guess playing the Bucks and seeing MCW over there sure inspired some butterfingers…

Michael Carter-Williams Speaking of MCW, damn he’s been on fire the last 4!  30/5/5/3/1 last night with only 2 TO against his former Sixers, shooting 11-17 from the field and 8-13 FT.  At least the FT% being bad was a nice throwback for his former fans!

Trevor Booker – I literally went “WTF?!” (except the full words) when I saw his line Saturday night!  And unreal 36 Pts that should’ve been 40 since he missed 6 FT (8-14), but 12-15 FG and 4-4 3PTM in a red hot 36/9/1/2/1 line with no TO.  Followed it up with 13/12/2 last night.  Crazy that in that Saturday game he hit 4 treys when he had made 1 three in his career before 14-15!

Zach LaVine Man, the Wolves really hit the jackpot reaching for the young LaVine last summer!  37/9/4 against the Warriors Saturday and 24/5/7 last night with a combined 11-11 FT and 8 treys.  Sure the Wolves are tanking and they lose most nights, but he’s been really good.  With Ricky Rubio going through a scary ankle cleanup procedure, it could give LaVine another big dose of minutes in 2015-16 if Rubio is still hurt-io.

Noah Vonleh Interesting flash from Vonleh for 16/12 on Sunday night, but was bad last night.  He might be a solid deep league sleeper next year if the Hornets intend to expand his role.  Needs a big helping of Summer league seasoning though…  Sounds like a good chicken wing spice mix brand!

Omri Casspi I think I mentioned at some point last week that I thought DeMarcus Cousins and Rudy Gay might not be making it to the finish line, and alas they’re put to bed in the Sleep Train.  I’ve always thought Casspi was an underrated player (I liked him to play a lot of stretch 4 minutes last year in Houston – but got Tjones-ed!) and has been unreal the past 2 with 22/7/7 and 26/9/6 lines.  A must-play tomorrow against the Lakers in the final game of the year.

Russell Westbrook Yikes that Sunday line was absurd!  54/9/8 on 21-43 shooting.  43 shots!  We call that a Snooki Saturday.  And fortunately RW owners got him again yesterday with that technical foul rescinded so he avoided suspension.  36/11/7 and if your league is going to the wire, Westbrook is carrying you.

LeBron James Tripdub for the King!  21/10/11 after a really bad one the game before.  He’s a rest candidate for sure tomorrow, so be glad you got this one last night!

Langston Galloway Heat check!  Was absolutely unreal as the Poppycockers beat the non-resting Hawks last night in a jaw-dropping shocker, on 10-12 FG (6-6 3PTM) 26/5/6/1/0.  How surprising is it that Galloway is likely the Knicks team MVP this year…

No Minutes Mirotic – When you score more Pts than minutes played, it’s not enough minutes!  Nikola Mirotic for 26 in 24 mins, in a game where the Bulls could play Taj Gibson starting C minutes with Joakim Noah resting.  If Noah sits tomorrow as well, Mirotic might make a solid last-game play.

Justin Hamilton – Man, can’t catch a break!  Got the upside for a ton of minutes, but has battled injuries and hurt his hammy last night after swatting 5.  Arinze Onuaku for tomorrow anyone?!  [cricket cricket]  …no???

Meyers LeonardLaMarcus Aldridge sat with a foot issue (and might sit again tomorrow), giving Oscar Meyers Leonard big run and a big line of 24/4/1/0/1.  Oh yeah, Enes Kanter can’t play defense, so there’s that…


Streamers/Cheap Daily League Picks:

C.J. Miles (35% owned) – I imagine the low-ish ownership is a lot of dead leagues/teams, but Miles has been on fire the past 2, putting up a combined 54 Pts on 11 treys.

Gerald Green (50% owned) – Apparently these stream calls are for ThrAGNOF only leagues!  Hah, I keed, but with only 3 games tonight it’s tough to find two in the streamer class I like more.  Green still has a lot of dead data and is out there in several leagues, and is off a solid 23 Pts on Sunday.  I think he gets a lot of run tonight against the Clips.


Nearing the end, and I hope all of the teams still playing finish strong these last two nights of NBA action!