There are a ton of elite point guards that will be taken in the first three rounds of your draft. From Russell Westbrook to Mike Conley, there are not enough guys to go around for everybody. Okay, maybe there are, but nobody in any league I’ve ever been in was into sharing. There are even elite wings that will get you point-guard-like assists. This is mainly Giannis Antetokounmpo and LeBron James, but can even apply to guys like Kevin Durant and Jimmy Butler.

But what happens if you’re picking in round 3 and you haven’t gotten an elite assist getter yet?

Do you panic? No.

Do you reach? Not for a point guard, but maybe for your beer (unless it’s Bud Light– if it’s Bud Light you throw that shit in the trash and re-evaluate.)

This is where you can adopt the “punt assist” strategy. This punt strategy often gets overlooked by more common punting strategies such as punting free throws, but it’s very helpful if the assist dominoes don’t fall in your favour the first few rounds. Here are some guys to target if you decide to go down the punt assist route, and how your team should shape up by the end of the draft.

Rounds 1-2:

Obviously, if you draft a guy in the first two rounds that’s elite in assists, or elite in assists for their position, deciding to go punt assist is a waste. Basically anybody who averages around five assists or more from the wing, forward or centre position should not be on a punt assist team. Any point guard averaging more than six assists does not belong on a punt assist team either.

There are many combinations of guys in the first two rounds that won’t get you assists and could fit well on a punt assist team. The three first round guys are Kawhi Leonard, Anthony Davis, and Rudy Gobert. Given that you’ll be picking at the turn if you take Gobert, where there will be assist getters, we can rule him out of the equation. I had Leonard ranked at five, but with his recent injury news he’s probably moving to my “do not draft list”. If he’s available at the turn I’d probably grab him, but I doubt that happens. That leaves Davis, who I now have ranked at number five.

In a 12-team league (and assuming that you took him around five) that puts your second round pick at around 20. I would be hoping for Damian Lillard or Kyrie Irving there, but assuming they’re both taken, I’m going with the best player available. I’d most likely be getting Hassan Whiteside or Kristaps Porzingis here (who I have ranked 19 and 20). With one of those guys paired with Davis, you should dominate big man stats. I would rank Porzingis over Whiteside in this instance since Whiteside’s blocks would be slightly less valuable with another huge shot blocker in Davis.

Round 3:

Your next pick will be around 30, where you’ll be hard pressed to find good value on a point guard. Unless you want to reach for Eric Bledsoe (which I would not do), this is probably what you’re looking at.

If you took two bigs in the first two rounds, another one would be overkill. Therefore, I’d be grabbing the best player available between Klay Thompson, Bradley Beal or Gordon Hayward. CJ McCollum would be the GOAT pick for a punt assist team, but it’s unlikely he’ll be available.

If I’ve made it three rounds and don’t have a big assist getter, I’m not going to reach to get assists. Every major assist getter past this point comes with an asterisk, and trying to fix your assist issues by committee is going to weaken your team in other stats. I wrote in my draft guideline to stack up on point guards early, having at least two by the end of round five. If you’re punting assists, however, the only reason to draft a point guard is to fit eligibility issues.

I also wrote to value point guards and bigs significantly over wings like Otto Porter and Trevor Ariza. On a punt assist team, however, these guys are knights in shining armour. As long as you don’t fall behind in points, you should be excited about grabbing guys that can get you threes and steals, since these are two stats that are typically found in point guards. What I’m basically looking for on a punt assist team, is a team that dominates in big man stats without flopping on free throw percentage, as well as dominates threes without flopping on field goal percentage.

Rounds 4-6:

These are exciting rounds as a punt assist team. While everybody else is trying to secure their second point guard, there is great value to be had on bigs and wings. A guy like Otto Porter is very intriguing. He was a top 30 fantasy basketball player last year, and I don’t expect that to change. What’s even crazier, though, is he was the 11th-best player in fantasy last year if you don’t count assists. He was also the only non-big-man in the top 12 of being positively ranked for punting assists, according to Basketball Monster. Take a look:

On second thought, I’d probably rank this guy right after Klay Thompson on a punt assist team.

If you somehow miss out on him though, you can grab a guy like Brook Lopez in the mid-forties. His lack of rebounds should be negated by the other bigs you’ll have around him, and the threes and blocks that he gets you on solid percentages are b e a utiful. Serge Ibaka is also a good option in round 4, for the same reasons as Brook Lopez. He was also another player that was helped a lot by the punt assist strategy.

At number 13 on this list is the one, the only, Lord Robert Covington. He is basically made for a punt assist team (or a punt field goal percentage team). The elite steals will make up for the lack of point guards (who typically get the most steals) on your roster, and that’s not even mentioning the threes and blocks he will also average. You could make the argument that you should take Porter in round 3 and Covington in round 4 to make sure you get both, but I’d be weary of that given how many wings there are that should give you similar stats.

By the end of round 6, I’m hoping to have at least three bigs, and the rest of my picks will be wings. My team would probably look something like this.

  1. Davis
  2. Porzingis
  3. Thompson/Porter
  4. Porter/Lopez/Ibaka
  5. Covington/Vucevic/Nurkic
  6. Ariza/Harris/Gordon/Booker

Rounds 7-9:

At this point, I’m basically gonna keep going big and wing heavy. Punt assist is quite a beautiful strategy, since it lifts you of the burden of having to pick point guards. That being said, I’m going to want at least one PG eligible player by the end of round eight, and will probably take my second in round nine, just to make sure I don’t get too carried away and have nobody to fill the spots on any given week. I will take the best available player from Avery Bradley, Patrick Beverley, George Hill and Malcolm Brogdon in round eight, and grab Allen Crabbe or Lou Williams in round nine if one is available.

It’s hard to really give many tips beyond that, since most wings and bigs get a boost when not having to worry about assists. Basically just go with your gut, but try to make sure you have your fourth big by round seven. Other than maybe the punt FT guy, you should have the best big man rotation in your fantasy league. Try to stay away from major punt FT guys like Andre Drummond or Dwight Howard though, since you should be able to dominate big man stats without having your FT percentage suffer.

Rounds 10-13:

Time to fill out your roster. I would want to have three point guard eligible players by the end of the draft, simply for eligibility issues. You don’t want to be picking up point guards throughout the year just to fill the point guard position. Marcus Smart, Derrick Rose, and Austin Rivers are all options as you wrap up your draft; try to grab one as your third point guard. Seth Curry would’ve been perfect, but he’s hurt now.

On top of this, I would want my fifth big in the 10th round. If you feel one of your big man stats is lacking (maybe rebounds if you got Lopez, or blocks if you got Vucevic) you can even take a sixth. With four bigs in the first seven rounds, however, you’re probably more than fine. Other than that, you know what to do: take wings. I’m very high on Wesley Matthews and Taurean Prince this year, but take whoever your heart fancies.


The punt assist strategy is probably the easiest punt strategy to adopt. That being said, there are a few stats you should make sure you don’t also fall behind in.

Steals and threes are often found in point guards, so make sure you get some “3 and D” guys. Don’t just get guys like Devin Booker or Danilo Gallinari. If you go too hard on the “3 and D” guys, however, you may suffer in points. For this reason, I try to target bigs in the middle rounds that offer points like Lopez or Vucevic. For one, they help keep your field goal percentage solid, but they also allow you the luxury of going heavy on wings like Porter and Covington.

This is probably what my punt assist team would look like. You can also adopt the strategy with a first round pick like Kevin Durant or Steph Curry, but it’s slightly less desirable.

  1. Davis
  2. Porzingis
  3. Thompson/Porter
  4. Lopez/Ibaka
  5. Covington/Ariza
  6. Harris/Gordon/Booker
  7. Julius Randle/Thaddeus Young
  8. Beverley/Hill
  9. Crabbe
  10. Robin Lopez
  11. Wesley Matthews
  12. Smart/Rose/Rivers
  13. Terrence Ross or any other wing (will become a stream position)

Obviously, this team would struggle with assists. It may also struggle with points, but shouldn’t be too bad. Given that points are the easiest category to stream, I wouldn’t be too worried. Other than that, it would most likely be near the top of the league in every other category, especially turnovers. Fantasy basketball drafts tend to overrate point guards as there are very few players outside of that position that can get you assists. Use this to your advantage, and try the punt assist strategy.







  1. Puddle Stomp says:

    I pick 4th in a 10-team league. The smaller league obviously leads to different targets. I’m leaning Towns over Davis at #4.

    What strategy would you recommend for 17, 24, 37, and 42? There is a host of players like George, Whiteside, Porzingis, CJ, and Turner available for 2nd and 3rd picks, I just don’t know the best combination of three.

    What is the best case scenario for a player dropping to 17… Gobert / Cousins / Irving / Lillard?

    • Ringer

      Ringer says:

      @Puddle Stomp: God, I just realized I completely forgot about Towns in this article. I would definitely take him over Davis; my top 4 are Giannis, Durant, Curry, and Towns. I think Turner could be available at 17, probably the most realistic guy that could fall. I would take him over Lillard or Irving, but if Turner isn’t available try to grab one of them. Cousins might fall as well, but I haven’t seen him drop to 17 in any of my drafts yet. If I had Towns+Turner, I would go for Lowry, Walker, Conley or McCollum at 24. If you want to punt assists, McCollum is the best bet.

      • Puddle Stomp says:

        @Ringer: Perfect! So my new plan is KAT + Turner + CJ to start.

        Porter + Vucevic + Covington for 3-6.

        Noel (or Ariza) + Chriss + Noel for 7-9.

        Thoughts? What stats do I need to improve?

        • Ringer

          Ringer says:

          @Puddle Stomp: That team would be very solid! Noel in round 7 would be good value, but he may not be available. I would take Trevor Ariza or Aaron Gordon (counts as a big to me) if they were available. If you get Ariza in round 7, look for a big in round 8. One of Dieng, Valunciunas and Gortat should be available.

          • Puddle Stomp says:

            @Ringer: If I get Noel in 7, what guards should I target? I wouldn’t have a SG at that point.

            • Ringer

              Ringer says:

              @Puddle Stomp: You might get lucky and have either Harris, Booker, or Russell fall to you. Jamal Murray and Avery Bradley are other options.

  2. Pong says:

    I was in the same situation as you described and ended up punting assists. 12 man, 9 Cat, h2h, with the 5th pick. I ended up with:

    Kat, Turner, Klay, Dragic, harris, ariza, noel, pat bev, chriss, kanter, warren, crabbee, mkg.

    After picking Kat @ 5, all the elite PGs were gone so I decided to go with Turner at 20. Whiteside was still available (who was picked right after) but I didn’t want to hurt my FT% (yet). As the draft unfolded I decided to emphasize fg%, steals, blocks, 3s, and TOs while being decent in FT% still.

    Noel and Ariza are 2 players many teams are passing on this year for some reason. I’ve seen this in a number of leagues and I was glad to pick them up at 68 and 77. They help solidify my steals & blks.

    • Ringer

      Ringer says:

      @Pong: @Pong: That team looks great! Towns works just as well as Davis for punt assists, I had a complete brain lapse not mentioning him in this article. I agree on Noel and Ariza. Anywhere after 60 for them is great value.

  3. Puddle Stomp says:

    H2H 10-team 9-cat. Punting assists, does this team look dominant in the other categories?

    1. Karl-Anthony Towns (Min – C)
    2. Myles Turner (Ind – PF,C)
    3. C.J. McCollum (Por – PG,SG)
    4. Otto Porter (Was – SF)
    5. Nikola Vucevic (Orl – PF,C)
    6. Robert Covington (Phi – SF,PF)
    7. Lou Williams (LAC – PG,SG)
    8. Gary Harris (Den – SG,SF)
    9. Marquese Chriss (Pho – PF)
    10. Zach LaVine (Chi – PG,SG)
    11. T.J. Warren (Pho – SF)
    12. Derrick Favors (Uta – PF,C)
    13. Allen Crabbe (Bkn – PG,SG,SF)

    Any players you’d avoid or target to improve that team?

    • Ringer

      Ringer says:

      @Puddle Stomp: Definitely a bit high on Lou Williams, I would take Gary Harris over him and target a big in round 7. Noel or Cauley-Stein are options. Your last three picks are all doubtful to fall to you there, but would be good picks if you can get them.

  4. Puddle Stomp says:

    Gotcha. Are there any categories that I need improvement or is that a solid punt-assist team?

    • Ringer

      Ringer says:

      @Puddle Stomp: Looks like a good team to me!

  5. Brent

    The Fantasy Dick says:

    Just did a 12tm money league draft. I had the 5th pick. No positions, No turnovers. Roto. Where do you think I can improve? What is my strength? I lack a true point guard, so assists could be my weak spot. This isn’t quite a punt assist team, but do you think I’ll be competitive? But I’m pretty happy with my team:

    UT – Giannis Antetokounmpo
    UT – Jimmy Butler
    UT – Kevin Love
    UT – Al Horford
    UT – Victor Oladipo
    UT – Avery Bradley
    UT – Gary Harris
    UT – Danilo Gallinari
    UT – Jeremy Lin
    UT – TJ Warren
    Bench – Dwayne Dedmon
    Bench – Rodney Hood
    Bench – Josh Richardson
    Bench – Yogi Ferrel
    Bench – Norman Powell

    • Ringer

      Ringer says:

      @The Fantasy Dick: I like the team quite a bit. Might look for other options over Yogi Ferrel and Norman Powell (even though he’s my favourite player, I’m a big Raptors fan).

      • Brent

        The Fantasy Dick says:

        @Ringer: What about Swanigan on this team for Powell or Ferrell.? I grabbed Ferrell for some assist potential since I’m a bit light there. but i’m also a bit light on boards and blocks.


      • Brent

        The Fantasy Dick says:

        @Ringer: Or any other suggestions? it’s 12team with 15 players per team, so kinda deep. Larry Nance is out there, Swanigan…or I can just save my waiver priority and see what happens

      • Brent

        The Fantasy Dick says:

        @Ringer: Donovan Mitchell is available as well….rookies are always a risk tho…I like Powell better because of that…but Yogi…he seems expendable…

        • Brent

          The Fantasy Dick says:

          @The Fantasy Dick: Or Oubre is intriguing in his 3rd season…could break out…man…lots of end of bench options…Tyler Ulis…I could go on…Diallo..

          what do you think?

          • Ringer

            Ringer says:

            @The Fantasy Dick: All of those guys are question marks with definite fantasy potential for this year, so it’s hard to say. At the moment, I like Larry Nance the most, but Donovan Mitchell may be the most intriguing long term.

            • Brent

              The Fantasy Dick says:

              @Ringer: Yogi, Jerian Grant or Ish Smith as bench guy on an assists needy team?

              • Ringer

                Ringer says:

                @The Fantasy Dick: Hmmm.. I don’t love any of them, but Ish Smith is probably my favourite.

  6. Rich says:

    H2H 12-team 9-cat. Tried to punt assist..not sure if I feel super confident about the outcome? Who do you think I should target to improve?

    1.Anthony Davis
    2. PG-13
    3. Klay
    4. Paul Millsap
    5. Victor Oladipo
    6. Avery Bradley
    7. WCS
    8. George Hill
    9. RHJ
    10. Pau Gasol
    11. Moe Harkless
    12. Seth Curry
    13. Crabbe

    Any players you’d avoid or target to improve this team?

    • Ringer

      Ringer says:

      @Rich: I like the team. I’d really like a guy like Porter or Covington on the team, but wouldn’t overpay. Oladipo for Porter is roughly even value to me, but Porter’s owner may not see it that way.

  7. Jake says:

    Should I pick up monk, dejounte, jerian, oubre, or Jonathan Simmons?

    • Ringer

      Ringer says:

      @Jake: My vote would be for Simmons.

  8. Edge says:

    Thanks a lot for this Ringer. Much appreciated.
    If you remember, I was the one who requested for this article in your punt FT write-up, 🙂

    H2H 9-Cat and I am picking first of 12 teams

    I will take Durant at number one
    For pick 2 –> #24 I doubt any good PGs will remain on board but I am confident CJ McCollum will be there
    For pick 3 –> #25 I doubt Myles Turner, Kristaps, Whiteside will be available…. So who should I take as my first big?? Love, Millsap or others (please recommend)

    Assuming I have Durant, CJ and a big as my first 3 picks,
    who would you suggest I take for picks 4 & 5? (pick 48 and 49)
    – Two more bigs like you recommended? (Brook, Ibaka, Vuce)?
    Or a big and a wing? one of (brook, Ibaka, Vuce) with one of (Porter, Cov, Ariza)?

    and what to do after… round 6 & 7 — picks 72 & 73?

    I think it is a bit different if we have Durant at number one

    Thanks in advance. Great work as always, love the insights to the game.

    • Ringer

      Ringer says:

      @Edge: First off, my first overall pick would be Giannis, it’ll definitely lighten the stress of getting a big at the 2/3 turn since he offers blocks. Whiteside, Porzingis, Green probably won’t be available at 25, and Millsap is a reach IMO. Going Giannis and point guard+McCollum is a good start, and if you grab two bigs at 48 and 49, you should be well balanced. I have bigs around that area ranked as Lopez, Griffin, Ibaka, Vucevic, Nurkic, in that order. If you end up getting a big in round 2/3, look for point guards like Rubio, Dragic, Teague and Holiday at the 4/5 turn. You can look for wings in round 6/7, maybe a guy like Ariza will be available then.

  9. Bux says:

    In my 8-team 10cat(9Cat +DD) 5th pick

    I accidentally ended up with punt AST team

    My picks in order: Curry, Cousins, Butler, McCollum, Love, Embiid, Porter, Ibaka, Gary Harris, Capela, Lin(Dropped for DSJ) and Noel as the last pick.

    What do you think about this team, and what moves should I make to make this team better for a punt AST build

    • Ringer

      Ringer says:

      @Bux: Man, 8 team leagues make for some pretty sick teams! DSJ’s value is hurt quite a bit on a punt assist team, maybe an owner in your league is high on him? That being said, your first 3 picks all provide decent assists. If you can trade Porter for a point guard (Ricky Rubio maybe), that would help make you elite in the category.

  10. Chris says:

    Thanks Ringer,

    i Have the 10th pick in a 12 man league 9 cats h2h. First of all why is cousins ranked so low in most league. His number are insane. he gives you elite pts and rebounds contributes in 3’s stls blocks and is above average for a big in the percentages. I get that he beats people up and gets ejected though. That being said I was thinking about punting assists, but the mock drafts have been tough. I’m thinking on eof a few different ways. This is what I’ve been doing in a lot of mock drafts. 10 Cousins 15 Lillard ^+ assists however he gives you sooo much. 34 Love-42 Booker(upside). I have had later combinations of Gordon-Redick-Bazemore-Randolph. Ilyasova.

    I was also thinking this: 10-Whiteside 15 Turner. I don’t have to worry about Blocls for the rest of draft. I’m solid in pts-Rebounds-Turnovers-FG% and elite in blocks. I also have F/C eligibility which I think is big do you?

    It’s hard not to go Cousins Lillard if they are there. that’s a great start in pts-3’s rebounds Lillard decent for a guard) FG and FT %and decent in stls.

    Let me know your thoughts! This is tough!

    Thanks Ringer!

    • Ringer

      Ringer says:

      @Chris: I have Chris Paul, Jokic, Wall, Gobert, and Butler all ranked above Cousins personally, but if you’re high on him, 10 isn’t too much of a reach. There’s honestly a chance that you could get him at 15, though. If you have Cousins and can pair him with a point guard in the first 2 rounds, I would definitely not punt assists. Some of Cousins value comes from his assists, if you were planning on punting the category you’d be better off with bigs like Gobert or Turner. I think 42 is a bit high on Booker, he has scoring upside, but it’d take a leap in other categories for him to even be a top 50 pick. I wouldn’t take him until the 60’s, but if you want him, he probably won’t be available there. I don’t know if this helps at all, but just some of my thoughts.

  11. Puddle Stomp says:

    One last time (I hope!). Thanks for all of your help so far.

    How’s this?

    1. Karl-Anthony Towns (Min – C)
    2. Myles Turner (Ind – PF,C)
    3. C.J. McCollum (Por – PG,SG) — backup: K.Thompson
    4. Kevin Love (Cle – PF,C) — backup: Millsap
    5. Victor Oladipo (Ind – PG,SG) — backup: Middleton, Vucevic
    6. Robert Covington (Phi – SF,PF) — backup: Aziza
    7. Nerlens Noel (Dal – PF,C) — backup: Capela
    8. Gary Harris (Den – SG,SF) — backup: A.Gordon or A.Bradley
    9. Zach LaVine (Chi – PG,SG)
    10. Allen Crabbe (Bkn – PG,SG,SF)

    11-13 is open. I’ll take whatever is available! I’m hoping for some of Warren, Holmes, Favors, Seth Curry, Mirotic, Kidd-Gilchrist, Dedmon, Mills, Harkless, and Hield.

    • Ringer

      Ringer says:

      @Puddle Stomp: I’d definitely go Vucevic over Oladipo at 5 if you’re building a punt assist team. Also, Lavine in round 9 is a bit high, given that I don’t think we can expect much from him this year. Even when he comes back, I think it will be painfully slow. I’d take Crabbe in round 9 to make sure you get him, or one of Beverley, Hill or Brogdon.

      • Puddle Stomp says:

        @Ringer: Thanks! I’m picking 4th. If Durant, Giannis, and Towns go in the top-3, should I take Davis (punt assist) or take best available (Westbrook / Harden) and punt FG%?

        • Ringer

          Ringer says:

          @Puddle Stomp: I would rank Curry above all 3, but if you realllly want to punt assists Davis would be the best option for that.

  12. OldNavy says:

    I drafted Drummond in the third round because he has shot 8 for 10 free throws this preseason.
    I had the 9th pick in a 10 team lead and draft 2 PG’s in Lillard in the first and Irving in the 2nd.
    Aaron Gordon in the 4th. Aldridge in the 5th. Wiggins in the 6th. Avery Bradley in the 7th.
    Valanciunas in the 8th. Josh Richardson in the 9th. Kanter, Monk and Alex Len in the 10th, 11th and 12th. Len and Drummond could hurt me with free throw percentage but the way Drummond is shooting free throws I expect a break out, I love Gordon and Bradley I expect great seasons for both and Monk and Richardson.

    • Ringer

      Ringer says:

      @OldNavy: Wouldn’t get too excited about Drummond yet, but yeah, even going up to 60% from the line would be huge for him.

  13. Tino says:

    hi Ringer,

    thanks for the article, good stuff. Can I get some advice on my team? It’s a 12er league with 11 cat (with a/t and OB). My team is, in round sequence:
    Otto Porter,
    Clint Capela,
    Willie Cauley-Stein,
    Danilo Gallinari,
    Wilson Chandler,
    Evan Fournier,
    Jamal Murray,
    Trevor Booker.

    I feel like I dont have enough big man and too many wing players. What should I look to do to improve this team? FAs availanles are: Will Baton, Bazemore, Mudiay.

    • Ringer

      Ringer says:

      @Tino: Definitely a few too many wings, IMO. Even with that being said, I would still pick up Bazemore for Booker. After that, I’d try to trade some wings for a point guard and maybe a big. Maybe Porter for Rubio, Dragic, Teague or Holiday? Maybe Chandler for Jonas, or Dieng? Wouldn’t worry as much about the big men though, since the three that you have will all put up good block numbers and your rebounds will be helped by an abundance of SF type players over PGs.

  14. kuz says:

    Who would be your pick at #2? All these rankings vary so much depending on the writer.

    • Ringer

      Ringer says:

      @kuz: I have my top 4 ranked as: Giannis, Durant, Curry and Towns. There is definitely an argument to put Towns in front of Durant and Curry though, and I honestly have a tough time disagreeing. Basically comes down to the individual, but as long as Giannis is number 1, any order is fine.

      • kuz says:

        How should I be building around KD? What do I punt?

  15. TripleDouble says:

    9-cat H-2-H Money League with 3 Keeper.

    What do you think?

    9 Karl-Anthony Towns, Min C K
    21 Gordon Hayward, Bos SG K
    33 Bradley Beal, Wsh SG K
    42 Brook Lopez, LAL C
    45 Khris Middleton, Mil SF
    50 Otto Porter Jr., Wsh SF
    52 Nikola Vucevic, Orl C
    55 Serge Ibaka, Tor PF
    100 Zach LaVine*, Chi PG
    117 Willy Hernangomez, NY C
    124 Allen Crabbe, Bkn SG
    141 Jordan Clarkson, LAL PG
    148 Seth Curry*, Dal SG
    165 Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Cha SF
    172 Dewayne Dedmon, Atl C

    • Ringer

      Ringer says:

      @TripleDouble: After the Hayward injury.. I don’t know what to say 🙁

      • TripleDouble says:

        @Ringer: I was really happy with the result until the injury took place! I Wish I kept Millsap who was on my team last year instead.

  16. TOwns says:

    what do you think ?? 12 teams Where do you think I can improve? What is my strength?
    Round 1, Pick 6 (6th Overall)
    Karl-Anthony Towns Min – C
    Round 2, Pick 7 (19th Overall)
    Kemba Walker Cha – PG
    Round 3, Pick 6 (30th Overall)
    Blake Griffin LAC – PF,C
    Round 4, Pick 7 (43rd Overall)
    Carmelo Anthony OKC – SF,PF
    Round 5, Pick 6 (54th Overall)
    D’Angelo Russell Bkn – PG,SG
    Round 6, Pick 7 (67th Overall)
    Robert Covington Phi – SF,PF
    Round 7, Pick 6 (78th Overall)
    Dwyane Wade Cle – PG,SG
    Round 8, Pick 7 (91st Overall)
    Dario Saric Phi – SF,PF
    Round 9, Pick 6 (102nd Overall)
    Reggie Jackson Det – PG,SG
    Round 10, Pick 7 (115th Overall)
    Dion Waiters Mia – SG,SF
    Round 11, Pick 6 (126th Overall)
    Ryan Anderson Hou – PF,C
    Round 12, Pick 7 (139th Overall)
    De’Aaron Fox Sac – PG
    Round 13, Pick 6 (150th Overall)
    Jamal Crawford Min – SG,SF

    • jay says:

      Point system : Fg%, FT%,3ptm, Pts , Reb, Ast, St, Blk, TO

      • Ringer

        Ringer says:

        @jay: A few guys stand out as reaches to me, mainly Carmelo and Saric. Your team should be strong in points, but I would recommend trying to get another big man to pair with Towns.

  17. Puddle Stomp says:

    I’m done! Here’s the team:

    1. (4) Karl-Anthony Towns (Min – C)
    2. (17) Hassan Whiteside (Mia – C)
    3. (24) Kyle Lowry (Tor – PG)
    4. (37) DeAndre Jordan (LAC – C)
    5. (44) Trevor Ariza (Hou – SG,SF)
    6. (57) Gary Harris (Den – SG,SF)
    7. (64) Robert Covington (Phi – SF,PF)
    8. (77) Marquese Chriss (Pho – PF)
    9. (84) Thaddeus Young (Ind – SF,PF)
    10. (97) Allen Crabbe (Bkn – PG,SG,SF)
    11. (104) T.J. Warren (Pho – SF)
    12. (117) Nikola Mirotic (Chi – SF,PF)
    13. (124) Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (Cha – SF)

    I went a bit further. I punted Assists + FT%. Points are so low that it looks like a punt too. I’m dominant in FG%, rebounds, blocks, turnovers, and steals. Average in 3P.

    Is there anything I should change to increase 3P? The top available 3P players are Young, Anderson, Korver, Miles, Ross, Mills, Bogdanovic, D.Green, Morris, and Ingles.

    Are there any trades you’d target instead?

    • Ringer

      Ringer says:

      @Puddle Stomp: If that’s Thaddeus young that’s available, I would pick him up for sure. Mirotic would be my favourite to drop. Other than that, look’s good.

  18. Edge says:

    Here’s my team

    16 teams, 9-cat; H2H
    12 players per team

    5 – KAT
    28 – K Love
    37 – P Millsap
    60 – R Covington
    69 – A Gordon
    92 – JJ Redick
    101 – James Johnson
    124 – A Crabbe
    133 – TJ Warren
    156 – Patty Mils
    165 – J Collins
    188 – PJ Tucker

    Suddenly, a few FAs have become / are still available
    Here are the notable names
    – T Ross, J Lamb, J Bayless, J Simmons, C Swanigan, T Snell, Stan Johnson

    Any of them would you recommend adding and who would you replace?

    Thanks in advance

    • Ringer

      Ringer says:

      @Edge: Looks like a solid punt assist squad! I would drop Tucker for Ross or Simmons.

  19. nba17 says:

    Please rate my team in 9 cat H2H – 10 teams 13 players per team (10 starters + 3 bench) – auction draft

    Kristaps Porzingis
    C.J. McCollum
    Klay Thompson
    Brook Lopez
    Serge Ibaka
    Trevor Ariza
    George Hill
    Marvin Williams
    Gary Harris
    J.J. Redick
    Marcin Gortat
    Jonas Valanciunas
    Patrick Beverley

    • nba17 says:

      @nba17: punting assists but not FT%

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