“Persistence can change failure into extraordinary achievement.” (Matt Biondi)


On May 22, 2010, Laszlo Hanyecz, a software developer bought two pizzas using 10,000 units of an unknown currency called Bitcoin. He talked someone into accepting the 10,000 Bitcoins he’d “mined” on his computer in exchange for two pizzas. “It wasn’t like Bitcoins had any value back then, so the idea of trading them for a pizza was incredibly cool,” Mr. Hanyecz told the New York Times recently.

The price of one Bitcoin has now reached the landmark milestone of $18,000. Well, nobody wants to be the guy who paid over $180 million for lunch.

Is Bitcoin a bubble? How about Nikola Vucevic in fantasy? Or Victor Oladipo? Or LeBron James? Don’t sell them, just in case. The managers that were able to pick LeBron James with a late first round pick, or Vucevic and Oladipo in the middle rounds, have been enjoying a wonderful profit.

This week, LeBron has passed Larry Bird for 6th all-time in triple-doubles.

1 Oscar Robertson 181
2 Magic Johnson 138
3 Jason Kidd 107
4 Russell Westbrook 88
5 Wilt Chamberlain 78
6 LeBron James 61
7 Larry Bird 59

(source: Basketball-Reference)

Kristaps Porzingis became the first player in NBA history to record 30-plus points (37), 10-plus rebounds (11), five blocks, and five 3pts.

Clint Capela (with 13.7 points, 11.0 rebounds, 1.8 blocks, and 67.7 %FG) is on pace to average at least 13 pts, 11 rebs, and 67 %FG over a full season. Only Wilt Chamberlain and DeAndre Jordan have accomplished the feat.

On Monday night, James Harden became just the third player since the 1963-64 season to record a stat line of at least 26 pts, 17 asts, and six stls.

John Stockton 1988-89 26 24 6
Michael Jordan 1988-89 34 17 6
James Harden 2017-18 26 17 6

(source: Basketball-Reference)

Here is how the action went down in Week 9 across our 12 RCL Leagues:

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Experts League: Great victory by Dream Killers over Dynasty Deep Dive, who is now the new leader. Well done Mel, adding Nikola Mirotic. Over the last two weeks, he is averaging 20.0 pts, 6.2 rebs, 3.0 3pts with 53.8 FG%.

Straight Cash Homie: Connor’s Cool Team and SON were victorious, but Pikachu remains the overall leader. He has two first-round values this season in Victor Oladipo and Damian LillardHe also has two players who have been hot over the past two weeks. Josh Richardson is averaging 16.7 pts, 1.5 stls, 1.5 blks, and 3.3 3pts with strong percentages and Jamal Murray is averaging 23.7 pts, 2.0 stls, and 3.7 3pts.

Straight Cash Homie 2: Slack-Jawed Daps is now at the top with a 7-2 victory. Cronos Black Metal moves down to second place, while jasper’s Team jumps to third place. Ricky Rubio was traded to porno4mumu and Beamer acquired Rudy Gay and Milos Teodosic. Seems like a win-win situation, but Rubio usually starts cold and explodes in the second half of the season.

Straight Cash Homie 3Another league with a new leader, Onions! won 5-4 and takes over the top spot. Smart move by Barry McCockinner adding Derrick Favors. With the injury to Rudy Gobert, he will be the primary beneficiary. Favors averaged 18.1 pts, 9.0 rebs, and 1.3 blks over a seven-game stretch when Gobert was injured last month.

Straight Cash Homie 4:  get picky with it takes the lead with a strong victory over Nevitt’s Polyester (8-1). The league remains highly competitive, with the last player only six points out of playoff contention.

Straight Cash Homie 5: Hals’s Team continues to lead. All the matchups finished 5-4. Klark Shark made a mistake dropping Buddy Hield for Andre Roberson, the same for Team Blitzball, who dropped E’Twaun Moore for Bismack Biyombo.

Straight Cash Homie 6My team, TonyRP 4, won 8-1 and is now only one point behind the overall leader, Evil Empire, who won 7-2. SON, with two stratospheric wins in a row, jumps into playoff contention. Being patient with Jamal Murray, Kent Bazemore, and Kyle Lowry has paid dividends.

RAZZblueBALLS: No changes at the top. Mamba is first and GasOl(d) Anthem second.  Osama Razz1 added the rookie Jonathan Isaac, a player with high upside.

BBQ MousetrapWith a 9-0 victory, More Sonic Please is the leader. When you have Damian Lillard, Nikola Vucevic, Jimmy Butler and LaMarcus Aldridge, these things happen.

Italy vs Razzball: Stuck in Saigon 2 is now in second with a 7-2 victory and The Wakefield Case falls to third despite winning 5-2-2. Rob’s Team added Ekpe Udoh, an interesting pick with Gobert sidelined. He was named the EuroLeague Final Four MVP averaging 12.1 pts, 7.8 rebs, and 2.2 blks.

No Punt Intended: Newbie, our team of the week for second time this season, has five players in the top twenty this week: James Harden, Jimmy Butler, Kent Bazemore, Joel Embiid and Khris Middleton. Awesome. Good moves by Stuck in Saigon 1 adding Trey Lyles and The Bad Bandidos with Nicola Mirotic.

Dynasty Deep Dive: Craig’s Crazy Team with greats victories in the last two weeks, recovers the tone and jumps to sixth place. He made two interesting acquisitions with Wilson Chandler and Markieff Morris. Big Baller Brand won 6-3 and is the overall leader.



Name: Newbie (No Punt Intended) victory 7-2 and best team with +7 cat win
Key players: J.Harden (26.5 pts / 9.0 asts / 2.3 stls)

J.Butler (23.0 pts / 2.0 stls / 100 %FT)

K.Bazemore (3.7 3pts / 1.7 stls / 1.7 blks)



1  Pikachu Straight Cash Homie 57-22-2
2  More Sonic Please BBQ Mousetrap 54-26-1
3  Evil Empire Straight Cash Homie 6 53-26-2
4  basketballsacks No Punt Intended 53-27-1
5  TonyRP 4 Straight Cash Homie 6 53-28-0
6  ! Italy vs Razzball 52-27-2
7  Stuck in Saigon Italy vs Razzball 52-28-1
8  The Wakefield Case Italy vs Razzball 50-28-3
9  Onions! Straight Cash Homie 3 50-29-2
10  Slack-Jawed Daps Straight Cash Homie 2 50-31-0
10  Hals’s Team Straight Cash Homie 5 50-31-0



Week 1  gesiot’s Team Italy vs Razzball
Week 2  basketballsacks No Punt Intended
Week 3  GasOl(d) Anthem RAZZblueBALLS
Week 4  TonyRP 4 Straight Cash Homie 6
Week 5  ! Italy vs Razzball
Week 6  Cronos Black Metal Straight Cash Homie 2
Week 7  Pikachu Straight Cash Homie
Week 8  Pikachu Straight Cash Homie
Week 9  Pikachu Straight Cash Homie



Week 1  gesiot’s Team Italy vs Razzball
Week 2  Slack-Jawed Daps Straight Cash Homie 2
Week 3  The Wakefield Case Italy vs Razzball
Week 4  The Wakefield Case (2) Italy vs Razzball
Week 5  Newbie No Punt Intended
Week 6  Evil Empire Straight Cash Homie 6
Week 7  TonyRP 5 Dynasty Deep Dive
Week 8  Stuck in Saigon RAZZblueBALLS
Week 9  Newbie (2) No Punt Intended









Thanks for playing and good luck this week.

  1. LeticiA says:

    Hi; time to add Josh Richardson?

    • @LeticiA: Hello, yes of course, over the last two weeks he’s averaging 16.7 points, 4.0 rebounds, 1.9 assists, 1.3 steals, 1.1 blocks and 2.6 3points, this is a first-round value in that span.

  2. David says:

    Hii Tony,

    would you drop brolo for tyler john, wilson chandler,nwaba,bogbog,levert ??

    h2h 11cat (9cat+3%+pf)


    • @David: BLopez has been ruled out for at least the next three weeks with a sprained right ankle, he’s a hold in leagues with injury spot, because he can ramp up his numbers and he’s still an elite blocker. If you choose to drop him wilson chandler can be a good option, helping you in 3pts and steals.

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