Narrowly holding onto the #1 spot, HateUsCauseTheyAnus is still getting the league’s hate!  Putting yourself on a pedestal, Adam!  It was a fairly quiet week on the FAAB front for adds – minus a big-name veteran acquisition who is out for the year – but the fireworks happened on the trading block.  It’s always shocking to see a team’s namesake get traded, forcing the owner to change their team name!  The Freaks are no longer Greek…  Here’s how week 12 went down in the REL:


1. HateUsCauseTheyAnus  (69-37-2)

FAAB Remaining: $27  FAAB Moves this week: n/a

2. Yappers  (68-37-3)

FAAB Remaining: $49  FAAB Moves this week: n/a

My 6-3 victory last was probably the best I could realistically expect. I lose Turnovers and FG% almost every week and this week was no exception. My opponent is the 3s leader so I expected to lose there. But I expected FT% to be close and by resting Plumlee and Chandler two games we won that category narrowly. Points was unexpectedly close but we also won that.

But that is not what I want to talk about. Instead I want to talk about what I will learn this week and what I have learned already in a trade last week.

This week I play Slim. At this point he is the clear favorite in this league, and I expect to lose this matchup best case 3-6, most likely 2-7. But I will learn how much I have to makeup to have a good shot at winning this league assuming this is even possible (which I will also learn). Now I am of the philosophy you either win or go home (second doesn’t count), and if in a month or so I conclude the chances of me winning this year are not realistic, I will be in sell mode (much like what Slim did last year).

The good news is a big part of the expected loss may be that Slim traded his two $1 keeper prospects last week for help this year while I have not yet done so with my three $1 keeper prospects. The other good news is that I learned what I should expect to receive should I decide to trade these prospects and it is not insignificant. Slim received rentals of Larkin and Bogut, and the upgrade from Sullinger to Hood (check the ranks, it is an upgrade and their keeper prices are the same). I figure that Dekker is about equal to Rashad Vaughn is about equal to Bogut (100 ranked player) and Hunter is about equal to Tyus Jones and is about equal to Larkin (150 ranked player). Now maybe one can argue that my $1 prospects are very slightly less than Slim’s (but they are in comparable tiers) so I will ignore the upgrade from Sullinger to Hood here.

Now I am also ignoring Jordan Mickey, the D league MVP of December. The reason is one little D league stat.

Hassan Whiteside 2014-2015 – age 25 – 5 blocks per game (small sample size of 4 games)
Jordan Mickey 2015-2016 – age 21 – 4.6 blocks per game (21 games – second place 2.9 blocks per game)

…well actually two stats

Hassan Whiteside – 2015-2016 FT%: 0.527
Jordan Mickey – 2015-2016 FT%: 0.778

Yes I love him enough to risk losing this year to hold. Jordan Mickey will be available only if I am in full go for it now mode and if he is not receiving minutes for the Celtics after the NBA trade deadline. He will cost a ransom (think Marc Gasol of last year or close to it). Yes I love him that much.

3. JB Gilpin – Razzball  (66-37-5)

FAAB Remaining: $1  FAAB Moves this week: n/a

Man, finally got out of this 7-2 rut I was in for an 8-1 victory this past week.  All hail a healthy team playing the easier stretch of my schedule!  This is my first time having such a good team, and at only 1.5 outta first, you can excuse my humbleness.

A lot of the success in an REL is luck – I’ll admit it.  I managed to trade Joakim Noah mere days before a season-ending injury and have stayed relatively healthy otherwise.  On top of that, I managed a 27-44 FG shooting (61.4%) shooting day yesterday (benching some players, but it’s still a huge day nonetheless) to take my 8th cat.  I undervalued how much IT2/3 would help my FT volume, as I thought I had a punt Ft team yet I’ve won it almost every week the past two months.  It’s all falling into place!  Mannnnnn, I like my team.

No moves this week for me on the FAAB market, and it was gorgeous to see Jonathon Simmons shine with PT last night.  I get High as Greg Kite this week, who has a strong team especially at G with the Curry/Harden combo.  I’m really worried about my treys and FT% (and TO, but that’s almost always a loss for me), but I think I can nab the rest of the cats.  Good luck this week, senor Kite!

4. Slim – Razzball  (64-43-1)

FAAB Remaining: $9  FAAB Moves this week: n/a

There’s just no other way to put it.  My team is cursed.  I knew what I was getting into with Kobe and if I had no other injury issues I’d be doing just fine but Nurkic is down with a knee and certainly won’t be rushed back, Beverley is down again an ankle, Booker has a concussion, and Gerald Green went down with a knee.  I’m just trying not to overreact at this point.  I’m playing to win now but it’s getting increasingly harder as I tend to finish each week with more guys injured than I started it.

In that win now vain I made another trade.  Sullinger, Vaughn, and Tyus Jones for Hood, Bogut, and Larkin.  Sure there’s no shortage of risk with the new guys but it appears to me like I got significantly better right now and basically just swapped out Sully for Hood as far as keepers go.  The trade is pretty low end considering most of the fireworks this year but as they say, “it’s not the size of the trade that counts, it’s how you use it.”  At least that’s what she keeps telling me.

This week I’m up against the #2 team.  I don’t have much of a chance with all of my injuries but who knows, stranger things have happened.

5. Kap’s Team  (63-42-3) 

FAAB Remaining: $98  FAAB Moves this week: Pablo Prigioni ($0)

6. Martyball – IFBL  (64-44-0)

FAAB Remaining: $83  FAAB Moves this week: n/a

7. I Ain’t No Jok(ic)   (61-45-2) 

FAAB Remaining: $41  FAAB Moves this week: Nene ($12), Lance Thomas ($3)

Things weren’t looking too good about halfway through the week, but my guys managed to put together a 6-2-1 win against a team that I would expect to beat most of the time. That London game, and it being the only game for ORL/TOR, really threw a wrench into my week. We overcame though, so no more complaints about that.

More injuries last week of course, which is becoming the norm. Ronnie Price had surgery so he’s gone, replaced by the always exciting Lance Thomas, woohoo! JaMychal Green is also gone as, despite playing well when he gets on the floor, he’s just not getting on the floor much any more. Nene has a ton of injury risk, but he’s a guy who’s definitely in the rotation for the rest of the year as long as he’s healthy. Couldn’t pass it up so he was my big FA pickup of the week.

My team has climbed into 7th place now, just two games out of the final playoff spot now. I’m also only two and a half games out of 4th place, so there’s plenty of room for improvement. Lets keep this train rolling guys!

8. Scurry to the Left  (59-47-2)

FAAB Remaining: $98  FAAB Moves this week: n/a

9. Niko-Cola  (56-50-2)

FAAB Remaining: $85  FAAB Moves this week: n/a

10. Hardenoutherr4apimp  (56-52-0)

FAAB Remaining: $82  FAAB Moves this week: n/a

11. High as Greg Kite (54-51-3)

FAAB Remaining: $13  FAAB Moves this week: Jarrett Jack ($53)

12. Hard-N-Tha-Paint  (54-53-1)

FAAB Remaining: $20  FAAB Moves this week: Tyler Ennis ($0)

13. Heat Apologist  (52-55-1)

FAAB Remaining: $40  FAAB Moves this week: n/a

Didn’t see that one happening. Beat a playoff bound team, 6-3. Aided by the Demi-Godzilla known as jimmy buckets, solid across the board production, and, most importantly, by my competition getting hammered by injury. Won 3ptm thanks to olynyk (8) and Gordon and hood (9), and then trading hood away. Won blocks thanks to Bogut (7), and traded him away. Won assists, at least in part thanks to Larkin (13) and traded him away. Of the three, Hood is a keeper, Larkin is borderline at $11, and Bogut is a rental. In return, I received a 23 year old, $5 Sullinger, and two 19 year old, $1 projects in Tyus Jones and Vaughn. All three are in crappy situations, with time shares and deep depth charts, but the upside is there. I won’t belabor their potential, I believe slim did in a previous post, but $1 players open up a lot of possibilities. Just ask the $1 draymond owner. After losing Al Jefferson and mike Conley, I knew I was in for a rebuilding, and I figured I would act early before the market was saturated. I’m set up for next year, with a large amount of money for a few spots. I’m looking at you Simmons. Having said that, I’m not done with moves. Donald Sloan is available. I sent offers out and received some luke warm interest. All the guy did was have 29 assists to 8 to, 17 rebounds, and shoot nearly 50% for the week. He’s no superstar, but he is the guy right now. I’m not necessarily campaigning for him, but if a contending team needs assists in bunches, he’s available. I could move a keeper plus Sloan for a better keeper. Conley is available too, but I don’t need to move him as he still has a fair keeper value.

14. Foreign Affairs  (48-60-0)

FAAB Remaining: $91  FAAB Moves this week: n/a

15. Hoopus Alleyoopus  (46-60-2)

FAAB Remaining: $38  FAAB Moves this week: n/a

16. The Nature Boy  (41-65-2)

FAAB Remaining: $80  FAAB Moves this week: n/a

17. Pete Nice – Razzball (37-69-2)

FAAB Remaining: $83  FAAB Moves this week: n/a

18. The Chosen Ones  (38-70-0)

FAAB Remaining: $12  FAAB Moves this week: Ronald Roberts ($0)

19. No Glove No Love  (35-73-0)

FAAB Remaining: $65  FAAB Moves this week: n/a

20. Cigar Smoking Monkey  (33-74-1)

FAAB Remaining: $100  FAAB Moves this week: n/a

  1. Phranque (pronounced Frank) says:

    Hi J.B.
    Watch much football this weekend? It was almost Dickensesque…”A Tale of Two Halves”. Watch out though….it appears that ARIZONA’s got Higher Powers rooting for them.

    Anyhow….I’m worried about TYREKE…a) His may wheels fall off; b) Nawlins chooses to close him down in pursuit of draft ping pong balls, or c) TYREKE gets traded and becomes the last kid to show up to the birthday party.

    So…I’m thinking of trading him and IBAKA for McCollum/Monroe.

    Question 1) What’s your prognosis for TYREKE ROS?
    2) McCollum’s stats have been flat for a week or so…..cause for concern? What do you expect from him ROS?
    3) Thoughts on IBAKA- for MONROE?

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Phranque (pronounced Frank): Hah of course I did man! I may have hit the beer a little too hard to get too nervous at the second half 🙂

      Yup, he’s a sell high for me too, mostly due to scenario A. 1 – 3s and 3pt% seem a little high, other than that I think he can replicate what he’s doing barring injury 2 – Yup, I wrote about him in the daily notes, worrying his legs are starting to give out – lower FG%, lower steals, maybe the rest about the same 3 – I’d still take Ibaka, I think you’re giving up a tad too much in your deal

  2. Xsaliden says:

    Just missed the window with late work last night so I’ll post my Recap here in the comments section, don’t want to miss two weeks in a row.

    Foreign Affairs Recap: The comeback loss thanks to Mighty Joe Young!!!

    After almost all week wondering how badly I would lose but a massive Sunday out of my young pg corps headed by Mighty Joe Young!!! with his 15 and 7 won me assists, he looked fantastic playing with Myles Turner and while he still is a long term project as a fantasy player with the pacers back court still in front of him but this was a huge step forward for him and makes me comfortable that he could turn out to be a great depth piece for my team with his $1 price. Mudiay me give you counting stats me kill you % and to(7!!!) got me 3 stls along with a solid set of 5 stls from the young lakers guards helped me get second straight comeback to make things look respectable and hand my team a 4-5 loss.

    Looks like I have successfully transitioned from mediocrely good to mediocrely bad which isn’t nearly as fan base infuriating with an Auction draft format.

    I went after Jarrett Jack in FAAB this week thinking while he makes little sense for my team if he recovered and even only was a passable backup next season he could be a good trade asset at $1..clearly I wasn’t the only one with my weak $2 bid getting crushed by High as a Greg Kite’s $53, really need to stop lowballing these free agents so badly, but hey still have a lot of money if we finally get our midseason breakout player that’s still on the wire….come on d-league.

    I go up against 1st place HateUs this week so I don’t think im going to quite sneak out a competitive defeat this time but hey you never know what might happen.

    Well I’ll leave it at that this week and I think I’ll do a team rundown next week since we are over the halfway mark and are nearing the trade deadline in little over a month.

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Xsaliden: Hah nice! Yeah Joe Young def made the most out of some run. And yeah, there will be some nice options for Faab as it goes on – cheering for ya this week!

  3. manosun16 says:

    14 team league and I’m sitting comfortably in first place. Guy offered me his Durant, Porzingis, Wade, and Thad Young for my Hayward, Ibaka, Beal, and Crowder. Scared about the injury risks that Durant and Wade bring but on paper it seems like a deal I should accept. Thoughts?

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @manosun16: Oh I’m definitely doing that! Weird he offered, I mean that’s some crazy value plus by far best in deal getting KD!

  4. hardentfu says:


    Points League, 18-teamer

    Would you accept his Irving for my Wiggins and Randle?


    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @hardentfu: Hmmm, seems risky with Kyrie a possible DNP candidate down the stretch… I’m likely holding since such a deep league. ANy time!

  5. The G says:

    16team 9cats… Redraft

    Which side do u like:
    Anthony Davis/Pau Gasol for Boogie/IT2

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @The G: In a vacuum I’ll stick with Brow side, but if IT side needed a PG/can take on a ton of TO, I think it’s solid for that team as well

  6. Tyler says:

    Hey JB appreciate your opinion on these trades, which side wins and are they veto worthy:

    1.) Deron for Monta
    2.) Deron + Kaminsky for Monta + Schroder
    3.) Deron + Kaminsky for Monta + A.Bradley
    4.) Deron + Kaminsky for Monta + Collison
    5.) Deron + Markieff for Monta + A.Bradley
    5.) Deron + Markieff for Monta + Collison

    its a 16man h2h league btw

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Tyler: 1. Monta 2. Monta 3. Def Monta 4. Monta 5. Monta 5again ha 🙂 Monta still. None are veto worthy, I never veto. #3 is most lopsided though, if that helps 🙂

  7. Threekola says:

    M. Barnes

    1) Whactha think of the team? Made a few trades lol. I dropped from 1st to 8th place due to injuries and decided to make some changes.

    2) I have Dipo and Elfrid…do you think they both start together soon? If not, should I get rid of the one that you think doesn’t start? Or maybe just the wait and see approach? I’m guessing the latter, cause…Skiles…

    3) Any changes you would make as far as needs?

    Thanks JB/SLim

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Threekola: Top 6 look insane! Looks like you BLK are there but big men are light, probably need some more rebounding.

      Haha SKIIIIILES! I think if Elfrid has a few huge games as Dipo comes back, I might try and sell.

      • Threekola says:

        @JB Gilpin:

        Haha thanks mayne. I include Oladipo in my “beast top 7” least potentially. I bet he starts again when he returns. When he starts he’s a monster, peroid. You think he’s back by this week?

        I still have Eflrid in my IL and picked up Smart. Ima try to flip Barnes/Aminu + Schroder/Smart for the best big I can get. If I neeeeed to, I’ll do eflrid and Barnes/Aminu for a solid big, maybe Gortat..? I still have hope for a Elfird matching last years numbers Post ASB though. Eh.

        Thanks as always.

        • JB Gilpin

          JB Gilpin says:

          @Threekola: Meh, he’s close, Skiles factor hurts him. Eesh I dunno, weekend at earliest but kinda doubt it. Yeah I like Elfrid too, I wouldn’t sell too low

  8. Mark says:

    In a 12 person, 9 cat h2h. Who would you rather own this week? Trey Lyles, olynk, Jeremy Lin, aaron Gordon, Dion waiters, mason plumlee

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Mark: Definitely would depend on needs. For just this week I’m probably leaving out Gordon since I dunno if we can trust his role yet. Loving Olynyk’s minutes, I’d go him, if you’re punting FT then Plumlee is solid

      • Mark says:

        @JB Gilpin: would you rather have olynk or Amir Johnson?

      • Mark says:

        @JB Gilpin: also. Is Norris Cole worth a pickup now that Gordon is Gona be missing time? I would have to drop Amir Johnson for either pick up.

        • JB Gilpin

          JB Gilpin says:

          @Mark: Probably olynyk, I like the multicat more, but it’s sooooo close. Meh, not a big Norris Cole fan, only would if dire 3s/AST need

  9. ByeFelica says:

    The freaks are off the leash. (It hurts)

    I thought about how valuable Ish Smith can be as a $1 keeper so I gambled taking him and Horford (yes he’s expensive) but not too expensive compared to some of the other 1st rd players. I figure i can get a few more years of solid production and if not i can always move him.

    Now if Smith isn’t starting for Philly next year then the trade isn’t as good as I imagined. I’m still going to have a decent amount of cash to spend in the draft next season so things are looking pretty good for 16-17. Especially knowing what I know now, after playing in the league. I have a better idea what i need to do.

    Hard-in-da-paint – out

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @ByeFelica: Yeah it was a good trade for both of you, I dunno if I coulda given up Giannis though 🙂

      Keep it hard in that paint! Or ummmm, yeah…

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