The 2010 Roto Fantasy Basketball Top 100 dropped Monday and hit you a few times, now you walk with a limp (you a’ight). Today it’s the same thing, but different. Now we’re looking at the 2010 Head-To-Head Fantasy Basketball Top 100. Everyone except for the cross-eyed guy in the back. He never really looks at anything in particular. The difference between roto and h2h – like former president George W. Bush – is simple, but important. In roto, every category is equal and a small statistical hole today is a deep chasm tomorrow. In head-to-head, every week is a new beginning and there’s no ceiling on your player’s best attributes. Think of it as the difference between the popular vote and the electoral one. I left the original 9-cat projections on this list as well, despite most H2H leagues using fewer categories. I do it because I care. Here’s the 2010 H2H Fantasy Basketball Top 100:

1. LeBron James – 2010 Projections: .512/.785/1 3ptm/28 pts/6 rbd/6 ast/1.5 stl/1 blk/2.5 tov
2. Kevin Durant
– 2010 Projections: .482/.889/1.5 3pt/29 pts/7 rbd/3.5 ast/1 stl/1 blk/3 tov

3. Chris Paul
– 2010 Projections: .480/.853/1 3ptm/20 pts/4.5 rbd/11 ast/2.5 stl/0 blk/2.5 tov

4. Dwight Howard2010 Projections: .600/.594/0 3pt/18.5 pts/13.5 rbd/2.5 ast/1 stl/3 blk/3 tov
5. Pau Gasol – 2010 Projections: .530/.800/0 3ptm/19 pts/10.5 rbd/4 ast/0.5 stl/1.5 blk/2.5 tov
6. Josh Smith – 2010 Projections: .515/.640/0 3ptm/17 pts/9 rbd/5 ast/1.5 stl/2 blk/2.5 tov
7. David Lee
– 2010 Projections: .540/.795/0 3ptm/22 pts/12 rbd/4 ast/1 stl/0.5 blk/2.5 tov

8. Dwyane Wade –2010 Projections: .490/.770/0.5 3pt/23 pts/5 rbd/5 ast/2 stl/1 blk/2.5 tov
9. Kobe Bryant – 2010 Projections: .453/.839/1.5 3ptm/26 pts/5.5 rbd/5.5 ast/1.5 stl/0.5 blk/3.5 tov
10. Brook Lopez – 2010 Projections: .525/.810/0 3ptm/19.5 pts/9 rbd/2.5 ast/0.5 stl/2 blk/2.5 tov


11. Dirk Nowitzki –2010 Projections: .477/.885/1 3ptm/24.5 pts/8 rbd/3 ast/0.5 stl/1 blk/2 tov
12. Amar’e Stoudemire – 2010 Projections: .530/.780/0 3pt/24 pts/9 rbd/2.5 ast/0.5 stl/1 blk/3 tov
13. Danny Granger – 2010 Projections: .455/.860/2.5 3pt/25.5 pts/6 rbd/2.5 ast/1.5 stl/1 blk/2 tov
14. Carmelo Anthony – 2010 Projections: .460/.825/1 3ptm/29 pts/6 rbd/3.5 ast/1 stl/0.5 blk/3 to
15. Tyreke Evans – 2010 Projections: .473/.779/1 3pt/22 pts/4.5 rbd/6.5 ast/2 stl/0.5 blk/2.5 tov
16. Al Jefferson – 2010 Projections: .515/.724/0 3pt/22 pts/10 rbd/2.5 ast/1 stl/1.5 blk/2 tov
17. Rajon Rondo – 2010 Projections: .495/.669/0 3pt/15 pts/5 rbd/9.5 ast/2 stl/0 blk/2.5 tov
18. Deron Williams – 2010 Projections: .474/.807/1.5 3ptm/18 pts/3.5 rbd/11 ast/1 stl/0 blk/3 tov
19. Stephen Curry – 2010 Projections: .450/.880/2.5 3ptm/22 pts/4 rbd/4 ast/2 stl/0 blk/2.5 tov
20. Chris Bosh – 2010 Projections: .620/.770/0 3pt/18.5 pts/9 rbd/2 ast/1 stl/1 blk/2 tov

21. Al Horford – 2010 Projections: .540/.777/0 3pt/17 pts/11 rbd/3 ast/0.5 stl/1.5 blk/2.5 tov
22. Gerald Wallace – 2010 Projections: .480/.740/0.5 3ptm/17 pts/8.5 rbd/2.5 ast/1.5 stl/1 blk/2 tov
23. Steve Nash –2010 Projections: .490/.915/2 3pt/19.5 pts/3 rbd/8.5 ast/o.5 stl/0 blk/4 tov
24. Carlos Boozer – 2010 Projections: .526/.729/0 3pt/19 pts/10 rbd/2.5 ast/1 stl/1 blk/2.5 tov
25. Joakim Noah – 2010 Projections: .512/.735/0 3pt/12 pts/11 rbd/2.5 ast/1 stl/1.5 blk/2 tov
26. Andre Iguodala – 2010 Projections: .451/.735/1 3pt/18.5 pts/5.5 rbd/5.5 ast/1.5 stl/0.5 blk/3.0 tov
27. Andrea Bargnani – 2010 Projections: .449/.789/2 3pt/20.5 pts/7 rbd/1.5 ast/0.5 stl/1.5 blk/2.5 tov
28. Stephen Jackson – 2010 Projections: .419/.800/1.5 3pt/22 pts/5 rbd/4.5 ast/1.5 stl/0.5 blk/3 tov
29. Derrick Rose – 2010 Projections: .480/.797/0.5 3pt/21.5 pts/3 rbd/7 ast/1 stl/0 blk/3 tov
30. Marc Gasol – 2010 Projections: .555/.690/0 3pt/16.5 pts/10 rbd/2.5 ast/1 stl/1.5 blk/2 tov

31. Tim Duncan – 2010 Projections: .521/.731/0 3pt/16 pts/9.5 rbd/3.5 ast/0.5 stl/1.5 blk/2.5 tov
32. Russell Westbrook – 2010 Projections: .440/.785/0.5 3pt/17 pts/5 rbd/7.5 ast/1.5 stl/0.5 blk/3 tov
33. David West – 2010 Projections: .488/.861/0 3pt/20 pts/8 rbd/3 ast/1 stl/1 blk/2 tov
34. Jason Richardson – 2010 Projections: .444/.700/2.5 3pt/23 pts/5.5 rbd/3 ast/1 stl/0.5 blk/2.5 tov
35. Joe Johnson – 2010 Projections: .440/.810/1.5 3pt/22 pts/4.5 rbd/4.5 ast/1 stl/0 blk/2 tov
36. Troy Murphy – 2010 Projections: .481/.783/1.5 3pt/15 pts/9.5 rbd/2.5 ast/1 stl/0.5 blk/1.5 tov
37. Brandon Roy – 2010 Projections: .469/.790/1 3ptm/22.5 pts/4 rbd/5.5 ast/1 stl/0 blk/2 tov
38. Kevin Martin – 2010 Projections: .425/.857/2.5 3pt/26 pts/4.5 rbd/2.5 ast/2 stl/0 blk/1.5 tov
39. John Wall – 2010 Prediction: .454/.777/1 3ptm/16 pts/4.5 rbd/6 ast/1 stl/0.5 blk/3.5 tov
40. Luis Scola – 2010 Projections: .506/.771/0 3pt/17.5 pts/9.5 rbd/2.5 ast/1 stl/0.5 blk/2 tov

41. Darren Collison – 2010 Projections: .460/.845/1.5 3pt/17 pts/4 rbd/8 ast/2 stl/0 blk/3 tov
42. Kevin Love – 2010 Projections: .455/.804/0.5 3pt/16.5 pts/13 rbd/2.5 ast/1 stl/0.5 blk/3 tov
43. Baron Davis – 2010 Projections: .409/.795/1 3pt/20 pts/3 rbd/8.5 ast/2 stl/0.5 blk/3 tov
44. Jason Kidd – 2010 Projections: .435/.815/1.5 3pt/8 pts/5 rbd/8.5 ast/1.5 stl/0 blk/2 tov
45. LaMarcus Aldridge – 2010 Projections: .500/.770/0 3pt/18 pts/7.5 rbd/2 ast/1 stl/1 blk/1.5 tov
46. Mo Williams – 2010 Projections: .439/.880/2.5 3pt/21 pts/3 rbd/6.5 ast/1 stl/0.5 blk/3 tov
47. Anthony Randolph – 2010 Projections: .440/.813/0 3pt/16.5 pts/8.5 rbd/2 ast/1 stl/2 blk/2 tov
48. Blake Griffin – 2010 Projection: .560/.656/0 3pt/17 pts/8.5 rbd/2 ast/1.5 stl/1 blk/2.5 tov
49. Paul Pierce – 2010 Projections: .460/.845/1.5 3pt/19 pts/4 rbd/3 ast/1 stl/0.5 blk/2.5 tov
50. Danilo Gallinari – 2010 Projections: .440/.830/2.5 3pt/16.5 pts/5 rbd/2 ast/1 stl/1 blk/1.5 tov

51. Manu Ginobili – 2010 Projections: .444/.865/2 3pt/15.5 pts/4.5 rbd/4.5 ast/1.5 stl/0.5 blk/2.5 tov
52. Zach Randolph – 2010 Projections: .479/.771/0 3pt/20 pts/10.5 rbd/1.5 ast/1 stl/0 blk/2.5 tov
53. Antawn Jamison – 2010 Projections: .458/.709/1 3pt/22 pts/8.5 rbd/2 ast/1 stl/0.5 blk/2 tov
54. Paul Millsap – 2010 Projections: .522/.704/0 3pt/15 pts/9 rbd/2 ast/1 stl/1.5 blk/2 tov
55. JaVale McGee – 2010 Projections: .499/.680/0 3pt/15 pts/9.5 rbd/0.5 ast/0.5 stl/3 blk/2.5 tov
56. Monta Ellis – 2010 Projections: .458/.770/0.5 3pt/21 pts/4.5 rbd/4 ast/2 stl/0 blk/ 3 tov
57. Greg Oden – 2010 Projections: .560/.715/0 3pt/14 pts/9 rbd/1 ast/0.5 stl/2.5 blk/2 tov
58. Andrew Bynum – 2010 Projections: .565/.737/0 3pt/16 pts/9 rbd/1.5 ast/0.5 stl/1.5 blk/2 tov
59. Aaron Brooks – 2010 Projections: .455/.840/2 3pt/18.5 pts/3 rbd/6 ast/1 stl/0 blk/2.5 tov
60. Kevin Garnett – 2010 Projections: .490/.811/0 3pt/14.5 pts/7.5 rbd/3.5 ast/1 stl/1 blk/2 tov

61. Nene Hilario – 2010 Projections: .564/.698/0 3pt/14 pts/8 rbd/2 ast/1 stl/1 blk/1.5 tov
62. Chris Kaman – 2010 Projections: .494/.722/0 3pt/14 pts/9 rbd/1.5 ast/0.5 stl/1.5 blk/2.5 tov
63. Chauncey Billups – 2010 Projections: .425/.901/1.5 3pt/17 pts/3 rbd/5 ast/1 stl/0 blk/2 tov
64. Luol Deng – 2010 Projections: .461/.770/0.5 3pt/15 pts/6.5 rbd/2 ast/1 stl/0.5 blk/1.5 tov
65. Gilbert Arenas – 2010 Prediction: .425/.745/2.5 3ptm/19 pts/5 rbd/4.5 ast/1 stl/0 blk/2.5 tov
66. Rudy Gay – 2010 Projections: .460/.750/0.5 3pt/18 pts/5.5 rbd/1.5 ast/1.5 stl/0.5 blk/2 tov
67. Corey Maggette – 2010 Projections: .490/.830/0 3pt/23 pts/5 rbd/2 ast/1 stl/0 blk/3 tov
68. Andrew Bogut – 2010 Projections: .509/.591/0 3pt/13.5 pts/11.5 rbd/2.5 ast/0.5 stl/2.5 blk/2.5 tov
69. Andray Blatche – 2010 Projections: .477/.740/0 3pt/17 pts/7 rbd/1.5 ast/1 stl/1 blk/3 tov
70. Brandon Jennings – 2010 Projections: .420/.804/1.5 3pt/16.5 pts/3 rbd/6.5 ast/1.5 stl/0 blk/2.5 tov

71. Roy Hibbert – 2010 Projections: .525/.759/0 3ptm/14.5 pts/7 rbd/2.5 ast/0.5 stl/2 blk/2 tov
72. Yao Ming – 2010 Projections: .531/.840/0 3pt/17.5 pts/8 rbd/2 ast/0 stl/2 blk/3 tov
73. Emeka Okafor – 2010 Projections: .540/.601/0 3pt/12.5 pts/10 rbd/1 ast/1 stl/1.5 blk/1.5 tov
74. Tyrus Thomas – 2010 Projections: .440/.696/0 3pt/14.5 pts/8.5 rbd/1.5 ast/1 stl/2 blk/2.5 tov
75. Eric Gordon – 2010 Projections: .450/.800/2 3pt/19 pts/2.5 rbd/3.5 ast/1 stl/0.5 blk/2.5 tov
76. Jameer Nelson – 2010 Projections: .450/.850/1.5 3pt/14.5 pts/3 rbd/6 ast/1.5 stl/0 blk/2.5 tov
77. Channing Frye – 2010 Projections: .441/.799/2.5 3pt/13 pts/6.5 rbd/1.5 ast/1 stl/1 blk/2 tov
78. Robin Lopez – 2010 Projections: .570/.720/0 3pt/15 pts/8 rbd/0.5 ast/0.5 stl/2 blk/2 tov
79. Devin Harris – 2010 Projections: .450/.805/1 3pt/18 pts/3 rbd/6.5 ast/1.5 stl/0 blk/3 tov
80. Andrei Kirilenko – 2010 Projections: .495/.755/0.5 3pt/13.5 pts/5 rbd/3.5 ast/1.5 stl/1.5 blk/1.5 tov

81. Hedo Turkoglu – 2010 Projections: .449/.766/2 3pt/16 pts/4.5 rbd/3.5 ast/1 stl/0 blk/2 tov
82. Raymond Felton
2010 Projections: .440/.775/1 3pt/13 pts/3.5 rbd/6.5 ast/1.5 stl/0 blk/2.5 tov

83. Tony Parker
– 2010 Projections: .510/.730/0 3pt/19 pts/3.5 rbd/6 ast/1 stl/0 blk/3 tov

84. R
ashard Lewis – 2010 Projections: .441/.812/2 3pt/15 pts/5 rbd/2 ast/1 stl/0.5 blk/1.5 tov

85. Ben Gordon
– 2010 Projections:  .434/.880/2 3pt/18.5 pts/3 rbd/3 ast/1 stl/0 blk/2 tov

86. Anthony Morrow
– 2010 Projections: .462/.880/2.5 3pt/16 pts/4 rbd/1.5 ast/1 stl/0 blk/1.5 tov

87. Carl Landry
– 2010 Projections: .522/.811/0 3pt/15 pts/6.5 rbd/1 as
t/1 stl/0.5 blk/1.5 tov

88. O.J. Mayo
– 2010 Projections: .445/.895/1.5 3pt/17 pts/4 rbd/3 ast/1.5 stl/0 blk/2.5 tov

89. Ray Allen
– 2010 Projections: .465/.920/2 3pt/15 pts/3.5 rbd/3.5 ast/0.5 stl/0 blk/1.5 tov

90. Jamal Crawford
– 2010 Projections: .437/.850/2 3pt/19 pts/2.5 rbd/3 ast/1 stl/0 blk/2 tov

91. Marcus Camby
– 2010 Projections: .489/.550/0 3pt/7 pts/10 rbd/1.5 ast/1 stl/2 blk/1 tov

92. Jrue Holiday
– 2010 Projections: .440/.765/1 3pt/13 pts/3 rbd/6 ast/1.5 stl/0.5 blk/3 tov
93. Lamar Odom – 2010 Projections: .475/.710/0.5 3pt/11 pts/9 rbd/3.5 ast/1 stl/1 blk/2 tov

94. DeMarcus Cousins – 2010 Prediction: .540/.645/0 3pt/15 pts/7 rbd/1 ast/1 stl/2 blk/2.5 tov

95. Trevor Ariza – 2010 Projections: .449/.690/1.5 3pt/14 pts/5 rbd/3.5 ast/2 stl/0.5 blk/1.5 tov
96. Andre Miller 2010 Projections: .435/.825/0 3pt/15.5 pts/3.5 rbd/6 ast/1.5 stl/0 blk/2.5 tov
97. Samuel Dalembert – 2010 Projections: .519/.715/0 3pt/8 pts/9 rbd/0.5 ast/0.5 stl/2 blk/1.5 tov

98. Caron Butler – 2010 Projections: .433/.836/0.5 3pt/15 pts/5 rbd/2 ast/1.5 stl/0.5 blk/2 tov

99. Marcus Thornton – 2010 Prediction: .462/.819/2 3pt/16.5 pts/3.5 rbd/2 ast/1 stl/o blk/1 tov

100. Nicolas Batum
– 2010 Projections: .505/.855/2 3pt/12 pts/4.5 rbd/1.5 ast/1 stl/1 blk/1 tov

  1. John says:

    Looking at Lopez and Amare’s projections, why is Amare ranked higher here?

  2. Adam

    Adam says:

    @John: Good catch. He shouldn’t be. This is what happens when I threaten my dog with no dinner until he finishes the rankings for me.

  3. Nathan says:

    I’m curious about Andre Miller. The dude is a career 46% shooter and barring last season’s tumultous situation, he hasn’t shot under 46% in the last 8 years. He gives high FG% for a guard, high FT%, good pts, good AST, great STL. Everything about the end of last year points to him having a bounce back year this year. You even mentioned in the roto rankings that he could be good this year. So why the low ranking?

  4. brad says:

    adam, a few weeks ago you advised i keep jrue instead of javale. (h2h points)

    here you’ve got jrue almost 40 spots lower. is jrue’s upside that much higher that choosing him still makes sense? or has mcgee’s stock been rising and should i go with him now?

  5. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Nathan: I’m perhaps not as convinced as you that Miller will bounce back all that much. I don’t think he’ll shoot 46% from the floor this season, and if he does, it’ll likely be because he’s scoring fewer than 15 points a game. Also, he’s a guard that offers no long-range shot.

    @brad: Yeah, it was a close call when I recommended Holiday over McGee a few weeks ago (but not at all close between McGee and Beasley). I’m definitely leaning toward Vale now, especially in H2H.

  6. brad says:

    @Adam: yeah i’m totally wavering. convinced that whichever one i don’t choose will blow up and the keeper will fizzle.

  7. Adam

    Adam says:

    @brad: A lot of it just depends on who else is being kept by other teams in your league and your philosophy toward building your team. It’s possible that Jrue is a smarter keeper for you than McGee. But in a vacuum, I’d settle on JaVale.

  8. AnotherFalstaff says:

    Adam – Great stuff. I hope my leaguemates don’t find this site. Will you be doing 1st and 2nd round draft pairings? My league is H2H 9Cat. Thanks!

  9. Adam

    Adam says:

    @AnotherFalstaff: Nice of you to say, but you can understand why I wouldn’t be too broken up if all your leaguemates found this site, right?

    Look for draft pairing sometime in the next two weeks.

  10. d2bnz says:

    Interesting ……I may have tumbled upon the reason I didn’t win either of my roto leagues last year when getting off to a huge early lead ……..I used both Morrow and Ty Thomas to chase 3pts and Blk’s respectively , and now I note that you rate them in H2H and not Roto’s 100……if I had even a shred of honesty I’d admit to the injuries suffered by Kev Mart and Oden as being nearer the truth and waste of a sixth round pick on Spencer Hawes .
    After 3 seasons of Kev Mart , I rate him down where you have Monta Ellis , no doubt you have endured the same BS as me ……In fact lets trade.

  11. Adam

    Adam says:

    @d2bnz: Don’t be too hard on Speed Racer. He was the league’s best player the first two weeks of ’09 before missing two months with an injury. By the time he returned, nothing was how it was when he left.

    He may never realize his full potential, but he’s still better than your draft’s 56th pick.

    … Maybe.

  12. Yoni R says:

    hey adam,
    i am currently trying to set my keepers for my h2h league right now and am having a hard time deciding on who to keep. my keepers are aaron brooks, d-wade, lebron, gerald wallace, marcus camby, j-rich, lamarcus aldridge, joakim noah, and george hill. my others players are nene, t-will, jason kidd, and taj gibson (obviously not him). who should i keep out of them? anyone i shouldn’t keep out my current keepers? HELP!
    any thing you give would be much appreciated

  13. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Yoni R: Need a little more info. Are you able to keep ALL the players you listed or just a few? If so, how many?

    Right now, without Kidd, you look a little short on assists. You might switch Hill for Kidd.

    You might also consider dropping Camby for Nene, depending on how your team shapes up and where your holes are.

  14. Yoni R says:

    i can keep all my current keepers so thats e aaron brooks, d-wade, lebron, gerald wallace, marcus camby, j-rich, lamarcus aldridge, joakim noah, and george hill. I can also keep one more. Also what does nene give me that camby does not?

  15. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Yoni R: Nene will give you better percentages, more scoring and for my money, a peace of mind that he’ll see the end of the season.

  16. Noah says:

    I just stumbled upon this today while trying to get my fantasy basketball fix. I’m at work and they recently blocked and I have to resort to “blogs”. You’re writing is top-notch. If you don’t get paid for this, you will soon. I read quite a bit and you have a talent and wit that many of these fantasy writers/analyst’s would kill for. I’ll be back for sure.

    I just couldn’t help finding your comment above hilarious. “Nene will give you better . . . peace of mind that he’ll see the end of the season.” The only two guys that you could be talking about, that make that sentence anything other than sarcastic and funny, and allow you to keep credibility, are Marcus Camby and Greg Oden.

    Spot the die-hard Trailblazer fan in the room. Yes, right there, that guy that took Oden in Round 2 last year (Lopez, Oden) because he wanted him so bad, and he was certain that he could make up for the reach using his superior FFB knowledge and talent. Guess how all of that worked out? It’s hard to be a homer and play FFB. I’m determined to wait until at least Round 4 this year on Oden 😛

  17. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Noah: Thanks for the kind words. Let no one say Blazers fans aren’t gluttonous.

  18. New Jersey Jeff says:

    Any other major differences in H2H? I notice you’re valuing big men much more highly. Thanks.

  19. Adam

    Adam says:

    @New Jersey Jeff: Generally in H2H, it’s easier to make up for a punted a category (or two) than in Roto. Being extraordinary in one stat counts for much more in H2H than one point in the standings in roto and big men are generally outstanding in FG%, RBDs and BLKs.

    Another major difference in H2H is your ability to mold your team to match-up better with your opponent depending on who you start and who you sit.

  20. Randy says:

    How can you forget about Jeff Green? He should be in the 50 – 65 range.

  21. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Randy: If I were to update this list today, he’d be on it. I’m just not as sold on him as others. I’d put him closer to 65-80. Personal taste.

  22. ThE sHiT says:

    @Adam: When were these rankings last updated?

  23. Adam

    Adam says:

    @ThE sHiT: Haven’t updated the H2H rankings.

  24. ThE sHiT says:

    @Adam: I’m using your top 100 and top 200 for my draft. I already moved up Kleiza. Moved Boozer and Murphy down some. Anyone else I should be moving up or down?

  25. Adam

    Adam says:

    @ThE sHiT: Hibbert and Cousins. Pretty sure I’m going to reach for one or both in some upcoming drafts. I’ve also cooled on Morrow and Frye. Move them down.

  26. ThE sHiT says:

    @Adam: I like both Hibbert and Cousins as well. Was never too hot on Morrow or Frye.

  27. New Jersey Jeff says:

    Adam: I wonder if you could possibly update your top 200 (H2H in my case). Some of the original rankings seem pretty off at this point. Monta Ellis at 56, JaVale McGee at 55, Anthony Randolph at 47, Raymond Felton at 82, John Salmons at 110, Michael Beasley at 114 are just a few and don’t include the injured like Bynum, Oden, Boozer, etc. I’m sure you’re extremely busy, but I just wanted to check in and see how people feel about some of these guys. Jeff Jaffee

  28. Adam

    Adam says:

    @New Jersey Jeff: I’ll do my best. I can’t swear to it though.

  29. the pizz says:

    Hey Adam

    I’m in a 9cat h2h and have decided to punt ast and kinda stls
    Picked up pau lee tyreke j-rich
    Pretty happy with rest of roster but I grabbed baron Davis in the 5th as an asset. Any chance he actually starts the season well enough that I’ll be able to trade him for a better fit (west, horford)?

  30. Adam

    Adam says:

    @the pizz: He’s actually performing well (relatively speaking) this preseason. His FG% is shizz as are his turnovers, but what else is new?

    I’d be surprised if anyone is willing to give you Horford for Davis, but it’s possible to get someone like West. Kinda depends more on other owners’ outlook on Baron more than his actual performance.

  31. John says:

    “I’ll do my best. I can’t swear to it though.”

    Well, I’ll tell you right now if I don’t see some updated rankings I want my money back!!!!

    Wait, er….nevermind

  32. Adam

    Adam says:

    @John: Hehe.

  33. JJ says:

    Hey Adam,
    You’re doing good things here…thanks. Quick question – I’m in a H2H Points league where Points, Assists, and Rebounds are point for point while steals = 2 and blocks = 3.

    Any insight on strategy and/or sleepers?

  34. Adam

    Adam says:

    @JJ: Hibbert, Cousins, Hickson, Varejao, Wes. Johnson, Taj Gibson, Amir Johnson, Delfino.

  35. A says:

    i hear the update H2H ranking chant from the audience

  36. Adam

    Adam says:

    @A: Damn. The audience must know how easily I succumb to peer pressure. This is how I ended up with that tattoo of a dolphin on my ankle.

    I’ll try to have an update out before the weekend drafts.

  37. A says:

    YESSSSSSSSSS, never thought about looking at H2H this way, was gonna go with standard roto rankings. my eyes have been opened thank you

  38. Ray says:

    …my god, my god, is that…that’s New Rankings coming out King! Business is about to pickup!

    (I have no money but I have wrestling analogies to offer)

  39. New Jersey Jeff says:

    Adam: Thank you so much for the H2H update. I doubt it was worth having to listen to Vicki Carr (you must have pounded your knuckles and knees on her poster), but it is very much appreciated. Your list is much more in line with the current lineup changes and emphasis, and you look like a genius from this corner. What a guy! (Unless you’re wrong.) NJ Jeff

  40. Adam

    Adam says:

    @New Jersey Jeff: Ha. Thanks. Here’s what I’m willing to guarantee this season: there will be players on this list I’m totally right about and players on which I’m way off.

    Now, *I* already know who they are. The added fun for you will be spending all season trying to figure it out for yourself!

  41. New Jersey Jeff says:

    A couple of top 200 questions for everyone. I was very impressed with Wes Matthews in the playoffs last year. Does anyone else think he has top 150 value? Jason Thompson is another with top 150 chops if he gets decent PT, in my humble opinion. Any opinions on Anthony Tolliver, Daniel Gibson and Hakim Warrick. They make my top 200. NJ JJ

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