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9/19 – Russell Westbrook v Damian Lillard


San Antonio Spurs Team Chicago Bulls
SG, SF Position (Y! Eligibility) SG, SF
2014 Results
12th 9-Cat Rank (Total Value) 15th
6th 9-Cat Rank (Per Game) 8th
64 Games Played 65
31.8 Minutes Per Game 38.7
21.4 (T-93rd) Usage Rate (Rank) 20.6 (T-112th)
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Ah, the big boys. Remember when they used to say you should build your franchise around a center? I actually have no idea if they said that, Patrick Ewing and Hakeem the Dream were peaking before my time! But it did seem to be the focus of the NBA, as then it shifted to Shaq and his Kazaam-type activity. Now the big slow C is the way of the past, with fantasy’s best C a do-it-all wet dream of gorgeous fantasy-a-tude. I’m just making up words I’m so in love! The best microcosm of this shift has been the oft-commented Luminescent Lithuanian, who is so hard to rank if the Raptors keep their big fellah mired in a 26 MPG role. We want to stretch the ball more! Ugh, frickin’ rotations and less minutes going around! Matty’s Minutes Men article is just depressing, I want to see guys go 40+ again. I’m getting rambly – Monty Python get on with it! – here’s the top C for the 2015-16 Fantasy Basketball season:

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Bring the powah!  In one of the more shiftiest of positions in the NBA, we now embrace the stretch-4 as if small ball is the cure-all for everything in the NBA, and have thrown out the twin towers philosophy.  No more Monroe and Drummond and 800 pounds worth of NBA center clogging the paint!  The NBA is getting more versatile, and I think we’re seeing it more with all the ways a PF can help you in fantasy.  Dimes from LeBron, treys from like half of em, a lot of rainbow line threats…  It’s as variant as Johnny Depp’s characters in Tim Burton movies!  Oh wait, they’re all weird/bumbly/creepy, that’s completely wrong…  It’s as variant as nationalities in the NBA!  Love that FIBA had so many NBA players participating, so fun…  Anyway, the point is (if there ever was a point to this open), that PF can fit a lot of builds, and can band-aid some stats late, so it’s not a positional necessity.  I might have made up a completely new term there…  Here’s the top PF for the 2015-16 Fantasy Basketball season:

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The big wings!  Not to be confused with the big wigs.  Not to be confused with the big Whigs.  No William Henry Harrison here!  We got history jokes!  Continuing our week of tiers, which I think is probably in the 2nd tier of preseason weeks of content, it’s time to group our small forwards.  Certainly a misnomer since guys like Giannis are 7-feet, and the multi-cat guys certainly aren’t small in production.  I’m certainly small in interesting opens!  Intro-ing these tiers articles is tough!  I lump this intro in the “Undraftable in 12ers” Tier.  Here’s the top SF for the 2015-16 Fantasy Basketball season:

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The Razzball Hoops Pod is back, and joining me today is our new writer Adam to co-host and we break down the H2H playoff schedule, since Slim is in H2H analysis withdrawal…  His H2H playoff post is so friggin’ good!  We then go through a few of Adam’s sleepers and busts, review his RCL draft, then wrap up what we’ve been watching at the movies.

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Yeah. It goes like this right here. It’s the return of the writings of Slim! That reminds of an Outkast song, and that song reminds me of 1998. If you don’t remember it was the year we learned there was yet another way to be disgusted by a cigar. That near, far, wherever you are you probably found yourself at some point rooting for the most unlikeliest of protagonists, Billy Zane. And of course it was the year the ‘Blue Screen of Death‘ truly became a meme, long before anyone knew what a meme was.

Gangstaaaaa… It’s the return… turn…

In the NBA draft that year there were 3 guys drafted that are still playing and should one day be in the Hall of Fame. I’ll give you a hint, the top 3 draft picks were Michael Olowokandi, Mike Bibby, and Raef LaFrentz, and if you were playing fantasy basketball back then you might have gone all-in on one of them. Give up? They are Vince Carter, Dirk Nowitzki, and Paul Pierce. Pick number 5, 9, and 10 respectively. That’s not to say great players aren’t drafted 1st, but the only thing guaranteed when you are first overall is a whole boat load of money. Something about the use of the word ‘only’ there doesn’t quite feel right.

Return… Ganstuhuhuh… It’s the re…

It seems so easy to see when you’re talking time traveling, something mind unraveling. Get Down. It’s a whole lot harder to do here and now using some funky combination of math, logic, illogical fandom, a random number generator, and of course the occasional dart throw. For some reason though, after about an hour on 350 (or about 176c) it develops a creamy caramel colored crust. Once it cools, just cut it up and consume. So here’s you’re 1st taste. Slim’s, I can’t believe I’m writing this in 3rd person, RCL playoff schedule post.

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Ah, the poor poor SG for fantasy…  Often the ThrAGNOFfiest of the wings – the empty cat specialist scorer, the waiver wire player who scores 30 points and everyone grabs them then they’re terrible again for a few weeks…  Lookin’ at you C.J. Miles!  Luckily Yahoo is pretty slutty with their position eligibility, slapping two positions on most players and keeping SG from being the barren wasteland it could otherwise become.  I’m hoping at least one of my SG eligible guys is actually more a PG, as the PG runs hit you harder than lunch at Chipotle.  I MISS JON STEWART!  Here’s the top SG for the 2015-16 Fantasy Basketball season:

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[Re-posting to the top to keep the comments open and the RCL blood flowin’!]

Chug some Pepto-Bismol, down some glasses of milk, and be sure there’s a lot of toilet paper because we’re back with the Razzball Commenter Leagues!  That’s right, after embarrassingly not coming close to the RCL title last year, I burned out my insides beating a hot wings challenge for reigning champion Akron Lebrons.  At least it was only a day of pain, not a month-long shaming of having High as Greg Kite shaved in my head.  Well, now that I’m married, that latter one is definitely out…

And now it’s your turn to beat the best fantasy basketball community around in the RCL leagues, and immortalize your 2015-16 season with a spot in the RCL Hall of Fame!  Not only does your banner fly forever, but 1st place will win a $50 Amazon gift card, along with the JB YouTube shaming video.  I think the eating challenge went really well last year – after, well – the head shaving wasn’t too legible…  So this time I’ll do a volume eating challenge of the winner’s choice somewhere in the NC area, but nothing disgusting!  I’m not chugging a jar of mayonnaise, aight!  I’m thinking 5-pound burrito, 72-oz steak, 30 happy meals… whatever you’d like!  2nd place gets a prize this year as well, with a $20 Amazon gift card.

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It’s time for tiers!  And with PG, it’s top-tiers or fears.  It’s top tier or Britney Spears!  Top tier or…  Or…  Eh I got nothing for a PG who rhymes with that…  Top tier or your team takes it in the rear!  Yes, PG is rife with a precipitous falloff after the first class, with a dive off a cliff that is like the third act of The Abyss.  Underrated movie!  Ed Harris is the man.  And sure, I guess some omniscient underwater aliens (…are they aliens?) could do enough to resurrect your team from the depths, but I’m not going to pass on the top end guys and hope for a deus ex machina ending.  Well, the ending wasn’t quite deus ex machina, but it wasn’t the best…  And I doubt waiting and relying on Rondo or the rookies will result in any sort of happy ending…  Poor phrasing!  Here’s the top PG for the 2015-16 Fantasy Basketball season, and we’ll be putting together positional tiers based on Yahoo position eligibility every day this week:

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Jump Ball A Matty Series PNG

Piggy-backing off of Slim’s (in?)famous “Slim vs. Slim” series of years past, I’m going to be writing a number of articles pitting two players with similar ADPs against one another. The format will be slightly different, but the goal remains the same – provide fantasy owners some food for thought to better inform their decision if faced with these two players come draft day. It’s not a groundbreaking idea across the fantasy sports spectrum, but I’ve always found it to be a good way to help avoid a coin toss scenario once the clock starts ticking. So in lieu of a long-winded introduction, let’s just get down to brass tacks, shall we?

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